One Night

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Chapter Four

She came to him drenched with rain one day, she didn’t say a word and he didn’t have to ask with the bruises evident against the paleness of her skin.

The cut on her cheek oozed slowly replacing the tears he wasn’t sure she was shedding, the fleeting question of “why” flew across his mind like the flash of lightning from outside before it was gone replaced with the gesture of his hand for her to enter his home.

He gave her time to shower and clean herself walking in a moment later after preparing two cups of scotch to see her drying her hair, her focus far from him and everything else lost within the sounds of the rest of the world and the twinkling neon lights that painted a mosaic across her features.

She didn’t stir when he whispered her name as he bent toward her filling the silence with the words their bodies knew when they came together with an urgency that was terrifying and all consuming.

Thunder clapped as her arms sought him out tugging him close to her like a woman about to drown gasping in the air he breathed swallowing him whole feeling the mattress against her back, his hands tugged away the layers of her clothes like the crumbling walls she had put around her heart.

Unsaid words whispered between them with each cry from quivering lips and heaving breasts, the sweat that slicked their skin purred at the ministrations of her lover’s tongue and hands as he gripped her own pinning her to the sheets, her eyes sightless far away from everything but the intense feeling of his physical passion.

Their eyes whispering secrets the other would never say aloud, her soul curling into his own when she stared heavily into his eyes, her arms seeking as he sank into her and found that he was home. The words they would never say in every roll of their hips moving as one; I need you.

His hand found her own as he rocked into her and felt the edges of her surrounding him; blinding him with her heat. Don’t leave me, her teeth sank against his shoulder smiling when he grunted and drove himself harder, deeper.

Glutting himself on her like a starving man staring into her star struck eyes as she peered up at him with the hint of something he shied away from, focusing on the intensity of simply being.

In the thunder of their climax he stared down at her in awe as splintering desire broke him in two seeing the same electric charge quivered through her bones.

He bent to kiss her and ignored the little whisper that hung the heaviest between them, I Love You.

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