Escape! BOOK 1

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Daniel , a 36 year old sailor ., who was accused for a false charge of murdering a police officer , tries to escape from jail and take revenge on whoever had done this to him. A thriller and mystery series.

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Chapter 1

Another beautiful day for Daniel , a hard working sailor who earns very little salary. Though, he did not care about his salary , he cared about his parents and friends. He always used to call his parents and ask how the were doing , speak to them for a while , and then continue his job as a sailor. He was a merry and happy sailor. A girl named Sophia was in love with him. Many people asked Sophia to marry them as they were astonished from the young girl’s beauty. But Sophia refused and told them that she would only marry Daniel. One of the boys who was crazy love with her was Calif. Calif did everything to make her marry him , but nothing worked. Calif finally got tired of her refusing and finally made a decision to somehow make Daniel in prison. Soon , he got an idea. He went to a police officer’s house and stabbed him with a knife. He then ran to the police station , saying he saw Daniel killing the police officer. The police officer and 5 other officers went to their leader’s house as soon as possible. After seeing the dead body , the police officer started asking questions

Who did you see coming out of the house?

Daniel, a sailor , he had a knife with blood on it

What time was it ?

Around 7:33 PM

after asking a few more questions , the officer asked for a sketch. Calif gave a clear sketch of Daniel. The police officer put on posters that he was a WANTED suspect for killing a police officer. And the reward was 10,000 gold coins.

Daniel came out of the boat , Surprised to see 2 police officers beside him. The police officer said that he was accused of murdering a police officer. Daniel was in a total confusion. He begged the police officers that he did not do it. None of them believed him and did not listen to him.

Daniel was sent to a smelly and dirty jail. The next day , he was taken to the court. The attacking team said a lot of accusions to Daniel , but the defence did not even say a word. As so , Daniel was proven guilty , with his dad totally worried about him.


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