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Little beams of lights

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Amber, a young adult with powers and a tragic past facing a mental battle with her amnesia and her last family member who has gone missing; she then embarks on a journey with some friends, but there is some twist and turns along the way as she is determined to restore her memories and rescue her aunt from a secret organisation.

Action / Fantasy
Sky Da Costa
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Little beams of lights

I first wrote this book when I was 14 and then at 18 I decided to edit it and put it out into the world. It wasn't until I was editing that I realised how naive I was because the majority of my characters were Caucasian, due to influence from the books I read. I have changed it and made the story have more diverse characters. Also, I changed it to a more meaningful name that has multiple interpretations.

This book is to my parents, who know I have always had a passion for writing ever since I was little, even though at times it nearly faded, but it has recently grown, during the circumstances of lockdown, which has made me evaluate things. This book is also directed at young people, to assist and ignite their imagination during this difficult time during the lockdown and I hope this book helps teach them different things and life lessons. This book tackles many topics and some may not be as obvious as others, but it ranges from racism to diversity, to bullying, to mental health and physical illness, from homelessness and mainly tackling stereotypes. For people who love fantasy, romance, comedy, mystery, thriller, action and adventure all combined in one. Some parts of this story are close to my heart and I hope some parts of this story can relate to people.


February 2016

I was in the coldest place in Russia. I lay on the roof of a wrecked and weary house. As I watched the birds flying in the sky, a huge chunk of ice fell from an oak tree and onto the blanket of white, fluffy snow. I just woke up stranded here. My fingertips were numb and tears were streaming from my eyes due to the weather. The wailing wind blew air into my frosty face.

I could only remember a tiny bit from the night before. Agents from the secret organisation, Blackout, chased me and I dashed here quickly as I could. I got up and bent my knees while I rubbed my hands together.

"It's freezing" I muttered under my icy breath. I shifted a black curly lock of hair out of my golden honey coloured eyes. The noise of strange footsteps and a deep voice hurdled around in my aching ears.

"Hello!?" a man asked curiously. "Who's there?"

As quick as a beam of light, I shut my dizzy eyes and disappeared...

My name is Amber Richardson and I am nineteen years of age. I was born in England but I travel around the globe. I have a special gift that allows me to teleport. There are others out here with this power, but the thing is, the more you use your power the more likely Blackout is going to find you. They have high tech systems and other secret tracking facilities that detect where teleportation power has been used, so I only really use it if I'm in great danger and there's nowhere else to turn. Also, if you use it too much it may cause physical pain. All magic and power come at a cost. When someone uses their power, you see a quick flash of light and then they're gone. I heard if a person with powers passes away, a light surrounds them and then fades, as to say that their soul is leaving the body.

I used to live with my aunt and parents in the suburbs. My Aunt Priscilla, who is in her late thirties and has never married, didn't focus too much on finding a wife or husband or having kids, but just wanted to travel and be adventurous, a feminist and my inspiration. She is from my dad's side and she knew about my special power; also my parents did. Neither of them had it though. I don't know how I got it but my dad used to say because I'm special and it's a gift. My mum was Hawaiian. She tried to teach me the Hawaiian language once but I was a stubborn and lazy child, I regret it now though. My father, who was born in England but had some family members who were from the Caribbean. I could imagine my parents; my dad, a tall intelligent and patient man, with a beard and glasses and my mum, had the kindest heart and bravest, with the most beautiful hair and brown eyes. She also had dimples like me and was very passionate about life. Both my parents were spontaneous, fun and were living their best lives. It hasn't always been easy though; as they met when he went on a holiday to Hawaii, with some friends. Her family was really strict and didn't like them hanging around. They thought he was a bad influence. My mum showed him her culture, the music, food and he loved it all. She decided to go back to England with him, we're they were to be wed. However, due to this, her parents disowned her which was devastating, but she never regretted going. My mum moved for love and hope. She also loved animals and was very eco friendly, into looking after the earth and so was my father. My aunt was a vegetarian. So our family became a small family of four, but we did have friends too, or at least they did. My Aunt Pris, the bubbly spiritual aunt with the cool moves and bright coloured quirky clothes and had a strong taste for indie music (a bit of a hippie but with ninja skills), was actually the one who gave me my name, she said as she saw my eyes she had to give me that name and also amber can be used in gemstones, like the necklace around my neck. I have had it since I was little and never take it off. Both my parents, Roselani and Leonardo, who were in their forties died four years ago due to a car accident, which was probably on purpose set up by Blackout, as my family refused to cooperate with them. Their deaths really impacted me but I'm a lot stronger now. I haven't properly cried about it in a while. For some reason, some of my memories are fuzzy and unclear.

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