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Rouge- Angels of Death

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The story of the real authority in town.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

White walls.

The same white walls I've been staring at for the last three weeks. To many that may seem like a pathetic amount but for me.... three weeks in this hell is three weeks away from causing trouble. Let me explain.

Two weeks ago..

I was aimlessly walking around, when I heard a scream. Now screaming is not really an unusual thing for me. But in this area it was rare.

It was a quaint little closed off community. Quite a nice area to live. Good security. I had just visited an old friend of mine, and this was the last thing I was expecting to hear.

I stood and debated whether or not I could be arsed inspecting or not. But for the good of human kind, I thought 'fuck it' and went to inspect. Using only my super hearing. Wink wink. I traced where the screams were coming from and I found a sight that really just infuriated me.

A girl.

Huddled up against the wall. She was a scrawny little thing, with long brown hair and big blur doe eyes. Giving her the image of a deer caught in headlights. Her clothes were half torn of her, she looked absolutely terrified.

Now in the grand aspect of things a girl is the least of my worries. And on a regular day i would not have felt any remorse just walking away there. In fact i would feel nothing at all, emotions are for the weak.

It were the other members of the party that made me see red. Seven large towering men. All creeping towards her as if she was their prey. They seemed to get more excited the more she whimpered and cried.

I had been in her position once, as had many others before me. If i couldn't save myself I made it my duty to save others.

I settled on a surprise attack, and silently slithered my way into the alley, the shadows my blanket of safety. The girl spotted me first. I silenced her with a look.

The first guy was the easiest to get out. I hit him hard enough that he crumpled immediately. he was in the back of the group, so I caught his body and dragged it up to the side. The rest were harder to get.

In all honesty, I don't remember much other than, waking out of my haze with blood all over me. The girl was sat in a small ball in the corner, now naked.

I bounded over to her, before carrying her to my car. I always keep spare clothes in the back, my clothes were to big but hey, the worked. Before in knew it , we were pulling up at her house. A small house, nothing much.

I left just after I had taken her inside to her worried parents, sat with her while she recovered somewhat back to normality. Took the thanks that were forever spewing out of her mouth. Not really understanding the emotions, or why thanks were needed.

That is how I ended up here.

Stuck in Happy Hills Juvenile detention centre. And let me tell you it certainly does not live up to it's name.

I was charged with three charges of assault, three charges of attempted murder and one charge of actual murder. All to save one puny little girl.


The plus side is i'm getting out today. Even though i was supposed to be in prison for life. All my charges are cleared and am finally fucking leaving. I need something new to fuck. All the worthy inmates have already had their share of pow wow from me.

I am excited to leave. To continue with my mischief.

One day to go.

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