The Prophecy Of The Four Kings

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Long ago a prophecy foretold that four boys, Aster, Barak, Levant and Polaris, would be born with immense powers and that eventually each one of them would become kings of their own kingdoms, However the clan they were born into was not a powerful one, And before that they would be challenged and put through trials, as gods would conspire to take out those who gain to much power, and many other countries would also gain a lot of power, all the while being at each others throats, How will these four boys overcome their trials and tribulations in order to take what is theirs, In a world of many fantastical beings, with elves, dwarves, demons, monsters and gods

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

In the middle of the night a feint cry could be heard, the child had just been born, before his mother could even hold him he was taken out of the room and into the temple’s courtyard and placed at the base of a large imposing statue. The clan elders started chanting and thunder clouds started to gather over the temple courtyard, the lightning flashed and crackled over the statue.

The lightning bolted down and raced towards the infant and when it hit the child it created a small crater. Seconds later another child was brought out into the courtyard and placed in front of another statue next to the first one and again the elders started chanting and a cloud formed above them and the rain began to fall, both children’s cries could be heard throughout the temple.
the Grand matriarch walked forward and said,

“The child of lightning is known as barak, and the child of water is known as polaris”

She returned to her quarters, the elders then returned the two children to both their mothers hands.

A year passed by and both boys grew up healthy and both were regarded as future leaders within the clan, and then it happened, a loud cry in the afternoon that shocked everyone present, and an aid ran into the room in which the boys and their two mothers were playing, shouting

“another one, another one has been born”,

and the mothers picked up their children and raced to the courtyard where the elders were, and as the elders cleared away the other child was in the courtyard at the bottom of the third statue which had been engulfed in Orange and blue flames.

And like a phantom the grand matriarch appeared and announced the child’s given name, this one was called levant, child of the sun.

The other boys were drawn to Levant quite literally like moths to a flame and they would spend their time playing around his crib until the time came when he could walk and he joined them in their play, levant had grown to about a year and the other boys a year older than that.

And then on one glorious morning another child had been born, this only a year after Levant’s birth, this one did not come as a surprise but what surprising was this child did not cry not a peep, the elders didn’t seem worried, they placed him before the fourth and last statue and they began chanting, the earth began to rumble and trees grew towards the infant.

The grand matriarch appeared and said “the prophecy has been fulfilled, this child is the last of it and his name shall be aster” and like that she disappeared like a dream.

Just like with Levant the three boys had been drawn towards aster, and would always play in his room whenever they got the chance,

a couple months after aster’s birth, the two eldest of the boys were outside of aster’s room playing in the stone garden, when Polaris cried out and when the adults came barak was standing there with a blank expression on his face and lightning coursing around his hands.

They looked at him puzzled, they had never seen a child awaken their powers so early, Barak’s mother pushed through the crowd to look at her son with the lightning dancing throughout his small frail arm,

she quickly picked him up and carried him home, while rushing towards her house she came across Polaris’ mother,

“quickly, go and see if your son is okay”, she said to her, mot even hesitating or slowing down, Polaris’ mother rushed off towards the crowd,

Months later, both Levant nad Polaris had awakened their powers, and all three of them were praised as prodigies and geniuses within their clan and it was expected that within the coming months that aster too would awaken is powers,

And just as expected it happened, the clan saw this as a sign that these four were special and had them enlisted in the most prestigious of combat and educational schools that they could afford,

as they saw, this was the beginning of something great,

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