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Clara's face was badly damaged. She might even need plastic surgery for her nose and cheeks. Her lips were cracked open and her eyes purple. Her neck was red or whatever that colour was.

Overall she looked terrible and it took me more than a minute to come to terms that Jordan did it. When father said they had a wife for me, I was thinking of a shy, weak and humble woman. But so far I've seen the girl runaway, try to kill herself, flirt with her father's henchman and now almost, very nearly killed Clara.

And how did she even know how to fight? It suddenly occurred to me that I knew nothing about the girl. Father just needed our business to boom and her family was best. Heck they were great. But she came with a price.

As our private doctor took care of Clara I decided to have a talk with the fucking GODFATHER about his daughter. If I was ever going to marry the girl, I needed to know things about her to communicate or understand her more.

I jumped in the car and looked at myself in the mirror. My face was bruised. She packed a fucking mighty punch. I smiled weirdly. I started the car and drove to the GODFATHER'S business area/home.

Once I parked and entered the living room. Carlos and Jay came downstairs. Two guards behind them whom Carlos ordered to leave. Jay sat and Carlos motioned for me to sit as he did too.

"What could've been so urgent you came without calling." He smiled.

I looked around just hoping to get at least a snapshot of Movado but he was nowhere near. "Your sister. I, well she nearly killed someone dearly to me and I just realized I know nothing about her."

They looked at each other clearly pissed.

"How does she know how to fight or to use a gun?" I asked but they looked at me as if that was the stupidest question of the year.

"She was trained like everyone here" he stated obviously. "Before she went to prison for six years for her reckless behaviors. We thought she would have forgotten how to fight."

I opened my eyes in shock. She went to prison for six years? She was well trained by the deadliest mafia not to mention her father was the fucking GODFATHER. I thought she was raised like my sisters or other girls whose father had such power but I should have known that almighty Movado wouldn't have his daughter grow like some weakling.

"And you guys couldn't tell me that before I brought her home. She almost killed the girl in our gym."

What I said had them to their feet. "No no no fucking no. You can't have her in a gym or any training area. Don't allow her to train or else your about to let out a side of her that we don't want." It was safe to say they were scared especially Carlos.

Yet another thought came to me. If she very nearly killed Clara after six years of no training, then imagine what she could do if she trained once again.

"Bro did you hear me? You can't let her train no more. Find a way to keep her in your room just anything but training. Let her know how a dick feel, distract her from training. Once she starts training through the night then she's lost and we won't be able to control her."

They walked away leaving me jumbled. How could Jordan have her brothers so scared? What would happen if I let her train once more and what did he mean to let her know how a dick feel? Was she a virgin?

Of course she was a virgin, she was in prison her entire teen.

I drove home with the world on my shoulder. I had three business interval with crazy meth God's from the south, a gothic sister to marry off, a beaten up girlfriend and a literal kill machine to deal with. Thrills of being in charge.

Clara was still unconscious in her room. I returned to the gym to find Richie on top of Jordan and Floyd staring at her ass. If I was to be honest, I felt jealous. Why? I didn't know myself.

"Hahem." I coughed to get their attention. She used the opportunity to elbow Richie of her back. Yep he had internal bleeding for sure.

"I'm sorry to say Jordan but your brother has ordered that you not train in the gym or ever." That came from my mouth in a manly way but the way she looked at me made me shiver like a little afraid boy.

Sweat running down her pearl of a skin as she pointed her index finger at me. "You told him?" she looked around as if searching for something to kill me with.

"I had to"

She smiled and took up her towel, her shoulder angrily brushed against mine as she left. Man if it hurt. Floyd and Richie had their eyes on her ass the entire time and it didn't help that she was in a T- shirt and underpants only.

"Why you eyeing my wife." It came out angry and yet again I had no reason why.

"Dude you're just marrying her don't act as if you want anything to do with her. Or do you want Clara to kill you?" Richie asked. The three guys and I have been friends since childhood before my father recruited them from petty theft and selling weeds to bigger business. They were honest with me no matter the circumstances and I took a rating to it.

"That's even if Clara lives." They all laughed at Steven's comment.

"I'm marrying her to better our company and bring my children." I replied with gritted teeth of which they didn't even notice.

"So Clara can't do that?"

"This isn't up for discussion guys, don't engage with Jordan." Demanding in my voice.

"Chill" Steven yelled.

I turned to walk away then turned back around. "Oh and if she tries to come here to train, don't allow her to" I walked away.

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