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I marched to my new room angry than ever.

Why was Carlos stained on pissing me off? Why was father allowing any of this when he had wanted me to train? They must have had a meeting saying I didn't need to train if I was going to a depressed, pintsize housewife.

Well one thing was for sure I was determined to get my old self back, hence, I could train in my room. My mind was set on being fit once again and no one could stop it. Face the wrath of my fury. I would need a few things.

I got up and opened the door that separated mine and Khissy's room. She was on her phone texting and laughing her life away. Her feet kicking as she rested on her tummy.

"Whose got you so giddy?" I asked planting myself beside her.

"Steven. He's having a party at his own apartment in town tonight and he wants me to come. He wants to get down with me."

I shook my head in understanding. They were going to fuck, plain and simple.

"His party are always huge. He's friends with so many people its life threatening, you should come."

"Would love to but it seems they have me on complete lock down. I can't even train anymore."

"I think I can find a way for you to come... maybe with a bodyguard Justin would allow you to go out."

I nodded. I want to go out and do unwise, illegitimate paraphernalia. Maybe fight a little and philander. I wanted my old disturbing self-back. I wanted the six years I missed.

"I won't even ask him I'll just tell father that we're going out and you have a bodyguard." She ran out the room leaving me to my thoughts.

If I had a life like Khissy I wouldn't be in this predicament. My father would love me even though I was a petite girl. I would be able to be with whomever I wanted, but I'd be puny and defenseless. Just a woman with the powers of turning on a man and bringing little him into the world.

I laid flat on my back on Khissy's bed staring at the ceiling when I heard my door flung open.

"Jordan." Justin voice. He took a while before he came into Khissy's room looking around as he did. "Where's Khissy?"

"She just left." I ignored him and went back to staring at the ceiling.

He coughed. "I wanted to let you know I'm sorry that you can't train anymore, it was your brothers decision."

"You were the pussy who had to blab his mouth." Still staring at the ceiling.

"Jordan" he spat understanding. "You almost killed Clara single handily with a towel. That's assassin if not god like. I needed to find out more about you."

"So instead of asking me you ran like a bitch to inform on me even though it was more than clear I'm literally not a favorite back home." Of course I was angry.

"I simply wanted to know exactly how you worked. We're gonna be married and I'm gonna need to communicate with you."

I got up off the bed and walked to my room. "Not if I kill you first."

He laughed at me statement which clearly amused him that he tagged along behind me. "You wouldn't want to kill the father of your children?" he smirked.

I jolted around, "What that was not the arrangement."

Another laugh, "As my wife I can do with you as I please and once you get a first taste you'll be begging me to do as YOU please." Ok this was the first I've seen that side of him. Flirting.

What had gotten into him? I don't know.

"Listen you already have a girlfriend just get her to bring your ugly offspring caz that's not my task or responsibility. Besides I already have a boyfriend."

"You clearly don't understand what a wife means. Clara can have my children when she feels like but that's your job to unite the companies. And that boyfriend of yours will have to go, I do hope it isn't your father henchman because that would be sad for him after I report to his boss that he's ruining the agreement of our marriage."

If he wanted to make me angry he sure as hell did his job.

"I fucking dare you." I approached him. I knew nothing of his fighting skills but he was rude and not to mention testy. He smirked.

I lifted my left hand to connect to his head but he was quick, strong and assertive. He held my hand and flicked me on my back, should I mention it hurt like a motherfucker.

My hand held behind me and he on top of me on the floor. I let the pain slid in the back of my mind as I carried my feet to head and wrapped them around his neck. I drew them back, him with them.

He was running out of breath and I was okay with that. Any minute now he would be lifeless on the floor but unexpected he pulls out a gun then sticks it in my face. I lighted my feet's grip around, just a little.

When he thought I was about to let go I sparred the weapon from his hand then ran to catch it before he could. We both stood up. An angry death glare on my face with his gun now pointing at him and a smirk on his face.

"You've done well." He laughed. "I want you to do something for me. It's a deal with the Meth Gods of the south. You said you wanted to train I'll allow you to but we need your help." His eyes pleaded in a commander way.

"So all a this was just to anger me to see how good I was?" he nodded. "I was about to kill you."

"I realized. I also realized your brothers don't fancy you. I really did go to hear about you." He took his gun.

"And the children thing?" I asked almost fretting.

"It's what is expected from my wife but if you're not wanting then it's okay. I have Clara." Something about that made me feel as if he wasn't completely sure about his woman.

"Well I'm going to get ready for a party stay away from the gym for now, stay in here." He walked out and for a second I almost felt as if I've known him for a long time. The new side of him that he showed me was refreshing.

After having a bath, I decided to take a nap. Khissy came back beating me awake.

"My father didn't say anything just that I shouldn't leave the party with anyone I don't know." She spoke once my eyes were open. "Get up and get dressed."

"In what a shirt and underpants caz that's all I have."

She got off her bed and began walking to her room, "Damn girl come on I have stuff. Let's just hope they fit."

I tried on at least ten outfit but Khissy's waist and upper body was bigger. She had breast and I pretty much was walking around with some A cups. I tried on a ripped sky-blue pants that was ok but I had to wear a belt for the waist. So in all I was in Kevin's white tank top T-shirt, a sky-blue jeans and Khissy's white Reebok shoes.

Khissy decided she didn't want to out shine me so she wore matching clothes to mine. A white spaghetti strap blouse, sky-blue knickers and a white Adidas. We were twining.

She took up her phone and we snuck to the back door trying to hide from Justin. Once outside I was introduced to Michael, the bodyguard who was to make sure I didn't run away.

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