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When Khissy said apartment I thought of a one room but the guy had the entire building to himself with a fucking Olympic size pool in his back yard. Not to mention the Olympic size pool was flooded with people in and around it. Almost half of the rooms lights were on and I heard moaning. Dancehall songs were playing and couple of times they would drop in some R&B.

We walked over to a mini bar to the right of the yard near barbecue stands and igloos. I sat beside Khissy as 'Bless' by Shensea and Tyga played. She ordered Smirnoff, I took what she took. I haven't been to a party since I was 15, I didn't know what's popular now, I didn't know what was the latest slang is or the best place to hang out.

It might sound promiscuous but I should've fucked when I had the chance those years back. Now I'm a 21-year-old virgin in a world where no one wanted a virgin so I was stuck being stressed and horny all the time.

"Hey you made it." Khissy and I turned around to see Steven and the guys from the gym. He walked over to Khissy and pinned her to the bar then whispered something in her ear that made her face light up.

She got up, his hand around her shoulder, "I'm gonna get something." I knew exactly what she was about to get. Lucky girl.

Floyd went over to some naked girls over at the pool. Richie sat beside me. "Nice to see you in actual clothes and not trying to kill me." he joked.

"That could be arranged." I smiled.

"Hey easy now. I'm just kidding, I'm too young and too good looking to die." He paused staring at me a little. "How did you manage to convince Justin to let you out?"

I smiled then looked around. As I opened my mouth to speak he cut me off. "Oh my god he doesn't know. Khissy, she's gonna be the death of us all?"

"It's good I have a bodyguard." I looked to my left to show Richie. He looked at the guy then turned to me, a smirk on his face.

"You could've just asked me you know, I would have been your bodyguard right through the night." I couldn't help but blush at his comment which made me a wee bit aroused.

In the middle of our silent stare Kevin walked up to us, his jaws clenched with a forced smile on his face. Richie turned to him then embraced him in a manly hug and hand shake.

"Bro... your finally early for a change." Richie sat back then looked over to the pool at a red head. "She's been sitting there all night by herself."

Kevin looked at the girl with no emotions in his eyes then bit his bottom lip. Without even acknowledging my presence he walked over to the slim figure with perfect teeth and posture then scrunched down beside her. Probably whispered sweet angelic words in her ear that made her giggle nonstop.

How could he? I know we weren't together but I thought we kicked it off at the bar. I thought he wanted me, in every way possible. He was ignoring me and fraternizing with the stupid red head in my presence.

He was crawling up my neck 6 fucking years ago.

Stupid girl, I thought.

Richie was staring at me with a crazed expression. "Wanna get a room?" I bravely asked.

I was planning on throwing my virginity to Kevin but turned out I had a change of mind. He obviously though I was a little girl or that he was too mature for me so I thought why not just grow up as well.

He scratched the back of his neck, "Aum Justin kind of..."

"Oh come on." I dragged him towards the apartment. Room 93 was the first empty room we could find. I pushed him inside trying to take my clothes off faster than the speed of sound. He had a resistance in his attitude.

"Really Justin warned to stay away from his wife." he remained at the door watching my every movement.

I walked towards him unbuttoning his shirt. "First off I'm not married yet and second off I belong to no one." my lips sucked on his jaw as my hands removed his belt.

What I was doing was just trying to prove to myself that I was big enough or mature enough.

His senses kicked in as he started to remove his own clothes and mine in the process until we were completely naked. He looked over my body with an almighty smile on his face which told me that he like what he saw

Eat that Kevin, I thought.

He stood there for a while, his hands on my hip contemplating as to whether he should do it or not. His eyes roamed my body one last time before his face said 'fuck it' and he hoisted me up, my legs around his waist then placed me on the dresser.

That was it. I was finally going to be rid of that enormous stress and also the belittlement that I got for being pure. I wanted it so bad it hurt. Unfortunately, it was going to hurt for longer as someone barged in, their eyes to the ceiling.

His black hair almost covering his green eyes. "Steven wants you, said Justin is at the party."

"Damn." Richie took his hands from me then proceeded to put his clothes on. "I'm sorry Jordan I have to go." He walked to the door. "Come on Kevin." He walked pass Kevin who still hadn't look my direction but I could see a small smile on his face.

I was left alone in my horny thoughts.

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