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My days were now spent in the gym or building a spliff (a joint or whatever you Americans call it.) Made of good, old Jamaican weed (ganja) - best on the planet.

Movado rarely had any jobs for me but I made sure to check in with him every day in case he did. I was currently in the living room playing grand theft auto and eating St. Mary Banana chips. Everybodys favourite.

I was enjoying myself until Carlos walked in.

"I have to something for you today. A meeting with the Meth Gods of the south is going to go down in the town next week I want you to gather some men and raid that motherfucker. Bring back as much meth as possible."

"Unfortunately I can't." I smiled a little. Giving him the answer he didnt want was just too satisfying.

"What do you mean you can't?" the creases in his forehead evident.

"Your father has demanded that I work for him."

"What? No thats Jays job. Fuck." He marched off to his fathers office and I followed him.

He charged in without a knock, "Is it true father? You gave up Jays position?" Movado didnt answer and he continued. "Father." He whined like a bitch.

Movado raised an eyebrow at his dramatic son, "And what if I did?"

"I wanted Jay to have the job but you gave Kevin. Just fucking give our company to the whores on the street or mother then." His sarcastic voice on the two last noun made his fathers eyes go red.

Movado took out a pistol (his favorite one with his wifes name on it.) and pointed it at Carlos.

"Watch your mouth boi, I might allow you to do as you please and treat your women like shit but remember that I still rule and you'll have respect to the woman that bore you."

He stared at his father as if to dare him to shoot but you could see he was scared. Movado was never afraid to discipline his seedlings in his own way and Carlos knew that. He may have been a cold and ruthless man but he valued his wife a lot, she was the gem of his eyes.

Carlos remained quiet. Thought I saw tears at his eyes.

"Since you're so caught up on your brother." Movado sat down and put the gun away. "Where is he? I havent seen him since the evening of the ceremony to give you the company."

"He was here just yesterday and this morning." Carlos intervened for his brother.

"And where was he the entire time?" Movado asked but seemed to already know the answer. "In his room with his thots right?"

Carlos looked to the left and refused to answer which meant his father was right.

"And you barged in here asking why I gave the job to Kevin." He pointed on me which made Carlos realize I was the room. "Go son and worry about important matters at hand. If jay wanted this position he would have made effort and next time you speak of your mother in such tone..." he didnt finish as he smiled it out.

Carlos left angry and Movado turned to me.

"Hows Jordans training doing?" he asked.

"To be honest I haven't stared yet. Was planning on tomorrow." It was the truth.

"I haven't seen her either, she must be really pissed at us. Probably won't speak to us until next year." His face was stern.

The telephone on his desk rang and he picked it up with his right hand on the transmitter part. "I have to take this so I'll see you tomorrow." He removed his hand and started talking.

I didn't have an appointed job with him tomorrow he must have just gotten used to seeing me every day when I checked in with him. However, I was more than glad that I didn't have anything to do because I had a party to attend that my friend Steven invited me to. His parties where known to be wild and loose. Filled with erogenous girls and alcohol. At that point I needed a party like that, with naked willing girls and alcohol.

Mafia jobs were made for men but better suited for women in the sexual way. See women could work and be stressed for a long period without getting flared up, they had control of themselves. Men, however, did not and are easily triggered. Its a sad life.

I went back to playing and eating until I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was 6:30 and dark outside. Usually I would be late but due to me being desperate and thirsty I decided to go now. I had a bath and got myself into a black denim and white T-shirt with a black Clarks.

My white Mark X car pulled up at the front of the four story light-blue building. The music could be heard before I even excited my car. I could've walked to the town but I just couldn't have bothered not.

I entered the building where two set of brown leather couches, a dark wood coffee table and a flat screen TV was. There were a lot of people around just having a great vibe. Steven and a chubby albino girl entered from the back.

"Are my eyes deceiving me?" Steven asked his hand never leaving from around the girl. She must be a new comer to his parties, I have never seen her before.

"Desperate times called for desperate measures." I replied and he grinned. The girl dragged him towards the elevator before he could say anything.

I shook my head then entered the backyard. As usual, the pool was crowded with half naked girl and guys around it trying to seduce them. Smoke erupted from the barbeque grills that was operated by Betty and Veronica. Right next to them were the bar which, by surprise, Jordan and Richie sat. He made her laugh and smile which made it clear she was enjoying the conversation and she wasn't in a bad situation.

I figured she was safe seeing it was her fiancés employee party. She was dressed like the albino girl I saw earlier with Steven but she rocked the outfit better, way better. Seeing her made me fall into deeper desperation and thirstiness but I couldn't do anything.

One I was too big for a virgin, unless I wanted her to have more pain than pleasure. Two her husband to be was bound to come to the party, I wouldn't want him to see me flirting much less grinding his wife to be. At the same time, I didn't want to see her with anyone else but I couldn't come off as jealous in front of Richie.

I approached them, irritated as fuck, and tried my best not to even look at her. She didn't even make it easy as she was glowing in all her glory.

Damn the girl.

Richie got up and shoulder bumped me. "Bro you're finally early for a change." Then sat back down. He didn't even introduce Jordan to me which told me his flirting with her was a secret.

He did look over to the pool though. "She's been sitting there all night by herself."

I looked over at the pool to see Penelope, a red head with whom I dated two years ago, the one and only girl I ever got to know and dated. We left because we were both tired of each other, well mostly her. She met an athlete and he managed to rock her world better than I did. I mean, he was making a lot of money the legal way.

I walked over to her ignoring Richie and Jordan. Involuntary she was leading me on to rape her, even though it wouldn't be rape when she seemed to want it as well but it would be once I gave her a thrust. She would be begging to stop and knowing myself I probably wouldn't be to stop myself with her.

Penelope smiled upon seeing me. I hadn't seen her in almost 9 months. Last time we met she, her husband and daughter were registering into Movados hotel, Sundai a five-star rated, to the south of the town on the beach. I scrunched down beside her and talked in her ear from all the blasting music.

"Alone I see. Either Mr. I can run fast on the track can't run fast in the bed or he just likes sharing." I said and she laughed.

"Actually I'm all alone. Jacob is getting me a divorce." She kicked the water with her feet.

"Didn't see that coming at all. But you can't sit here fuming, its a party." I smirked.

"I know but I just found who I wanted to party with." she kicked water again and I took a chance to steal a glance from Jordan.

She looked confused yet pissed. I know I told her I wanted her at the bar but then I ignored her so I understood if she was angry.

I didn't want to hurt her, I didn't want to ruin the deal with her fiancé and Carlos but at the same time I didn't want her with anyone else. Yet that was what she was up to. She lead Richie into the building.

It was at that moment I wished her fiancé was there.

My thirstiness was at 100 percent but at that given time I needed to get her away from Richie but I also needed vagina and I needed it bad. I was trapped or that was what I thought.

"Lets go." I mentioned to Penelope and she was all smiles. These girls. I lead her to the building walking a few steps behind Jordan. They went into room 93 and her guard stood outside the door.

I figured she being a virgin and Richie probably being a little reluctant that they would take a while to get anything done. During that time, I could get a quickie with Penelope. No harm done and everyone gets what they want, well just me.

Room 99, 6 rooms away from Jordan, was the room we took. Penelope was still a beautiful body woman. No cuts, scrapes, or black spots. Even her stretch marks were perfectly arrayed.

Once I slipped inside her I felt a course of pleasure I haven't felt in long time. She had been keeping her legs close when it needed to. She wasn't loose and I hadnt felt that for the longest time. She had certainly fell back into my life at the right time, right before I was about to go crazy.

I tried my best not to look into her face, I didn't want any unnecessary feeling for her. Feelings that were once there but she decided to be a gold digger and threw them away. Those feeling needed to stay dead.

Not long after all my thrust and grab I came inside her. I quickly got myself together and left before she could ask anything. I passed room 93 and realized they were still in there. Either I was done really fast or they were doing something. I hopped it was number one and prayed on it as I rushed down to the living area.

Steven met me before I reached downstairs, his face pale.

"Bro can you find Richie for me Justin just came to the party and wants him." He patted my shoulder and I nodded. He sped back downstairs and I headed to room 93.

I was grateful that Justin came and gave me an excuse as to why I could have bombarded Jordan and her guest. Her bodyguard was at the door, his face numbed and bored. He stepped away once he recognized that I was no threat but a friend.

While opening I prayed to the weed god that nothing had happen. I didnt want to take her virginity but I didnt want anyone else to (except her fiancé) so she was going to die a virgin.

I opened the door to see I was just on time. He had her on the dress table, both of them naked, ready to drill the living day lights out of her. Once I've seen enough I turned my eyes to the ceiling.

"Steven wants you, said Justin is at the party." I stared hard at the white ceiling as my corner eye could see his grip on her hips.

"Damn, I'm sorry Jordan I have to go." He removed his hands from her then started on his clothes.

When done, he walked to the door. "Come on Kevin." He walked out and I behind him.

ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF ANOTHER CHAPTER. I wrote this listening to Talk by khalid- it was fun. If theres any mistakes I will try my best to fix them.

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