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After I placed myself together I exited the room only to see Michael, the bodyguard, at the door as quiet and still as can be. Their jobs must be boring to death.

"Hey wanna go grab a drink?" I asked him which took him by surprise. "I figured I should drink but everyone has dumped me so your pretty much my last resort."

He slowly shook his head and we walked away. At that point you must be saying I sounded like a complete slut. You try being locked away surrounded by nothing but vaginas, no one to bring you a dildo and had a teenage, virgin mind stuck in a grown body.

We walked into the living area with couches, a coffee table and a TV, nothing much to describe, only to be met by Justin shocked eyes.

He turned to Khissy. "Ohhh you little brat, what is she doing here?"

"What? I asked dad and he said yes she could go with a bodyguard. Take it up with him."

Richie, Steven and Kevin all just stood there with blank expressions.

"You little bi-" he stopped himself. "You just don't listen do you? I told you why she shouldn't leave and you just had to have you own way." He blew out an angry breath then turned to Steven. "Wheres dahlia? Call her."

"If you call dahlia I'm-" he cut her off.

"Call dahlia to come get her sister before I do something I regret." His voice venomous towards his own sister. Something that reminded me of back home.

"And you." He turned, to me his eyes red from fury. "You're going home." Before I could protest he angrily grabbed my arm and started pulling.

"Wrong move." I heard Kevin mutter.

I snatch the gun from his waist then fired it into the ceiling, little cement coming down on us. They all backed away.

"Gimme the gun Jordan." Justin begged, his anger still visible but there was a hint of shocked.

"I'm not leaving. Come on Michael." I shove the gun in my waist and went to the bar with Michael closely behind me.

I demanded Michael to sit with me and have a drink. He was kind of cute and funny. Really funny, he made me laugh nonstop. Until Justin walked over to us.

"Leave." he commanded Michael who got up immediately and left.

"You can't just tell my guy to leave."

"Actually he's my guy." I rolled my eyes. "I need to speak to you." He continued.

"Think you should do that with your sister." I sipped my drink. "You know when you talked to me earlier today I thought you were kinda cool but the way you just treat your sister you reminded me of my brothers." That's how they use to treat me.

"And look at you know, defending yourself." He quickly stated a smile on his face.

I shook my head at how delusional he sounded. "So what because she can't fight you gotta treat her like shit?"

"Its not lik-"

I thought I heard enough from him, "I don't want to hear Justin, go apologies to your sister and leave me be. I want to get drunk and freed." a stressed sigh left my mouth.

"I could help with that." He offered and I looked to his face to see him smirking.

Who did he think he was?

"I would fall for that right now because I'm a horny little mess if you hadn't just treated your sister like crap."

He looked at me and that's when I realized he was a little drunk. Not drunk enough that he didn't know what he was doing. Kevin and the red head walked over to us. She was really perfect no scars on her beautiful skin with her emerald eyes.

I didn't want to be around any of the three humans in front of me. The girl made me insecure, Kevin hurt me and I wanted to smash the bottle over Justin's head.

"Well," I dragged getting up. "I need to get wasted and fucked tonight." I turned to Kevin, ice in my eyes. "So I can finally grow up." With that said I walked away with Michael.

I was losing my purity and nothing on the face of the earth would stop me.

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