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Turned out Richie was supposed to be handing out drugs to the rookies (members of an organization who did the little road jobs like selling goods on the streets or in this case, a party.) But instead of doing his job he wanted to rob a girl of her purity. Before Justin continued he looked at me with a quizzed expression.

"What are you doing here?

"I've always been at Steven parties." I said in my calm and manly voice. He turned to Steven demanding an answer.

"You don't remember me telling you of a guy who supplies us with weed on Christmas for free. This is him. Hes always at the parties you've never seen him caz hes always coming when the party is almost over." Steven talked fast.

Justin however gave a short glare when which told me he wasn't very fond of me. Well if my wife to be (whether I loved her or not) grinded her ass on another mans dick, I'd be pretty pissed too.

He turned to Richie. "Well its still early so you can still hand out the stuff." Once again he turned to Steven who had the albino girl stuck to his front. "Try not to impregnate her she has an engagement not too far from here."

The albino girl flared from Steven and stood up straight. That's when I realized how much alike she and Justin looked.

"What no, I am not getting married ok." Her voice strong and demanding but that would soon change.

"You cant have everything you want Khissy." He spoke through gritted teeth.

"No I'm telling father. You cant do this." She still stood strong.

"Listen." He nearly barked. "You're marrying one of the meth Gods of the south and no one can change it. So go bawl to father all you want."

Her got wide with shock and realization, but so did all of ours as well. Meth Gods of the south used their own products and they treated women/girls like pet and valuables. They took as many women as they wanted for their own sexual desire and nothing more. Women don't handle business or get to go out, their roles are to do domestic work, fuck and bring forth children.

Its just not a place I would want to send my sister if I had one.

The Khissy girl gave a slight scream, "No you cant, Justin no. Please no." she begged maybe knowing what I and everybody else knew of the Meth Gods.

"I'm sorry. Its done." He turned his head from her.

"Come on Steven." She held his hand ready to walk away.

"Stevens not going anywhere and neither are you. You think I'm stupid, you and that psycho girl are alike, I let you go out there and then you run off to god knows where." Justin remained calm and composed which made her even more upset. Had a feeling he was talking about Jordan.

As Justin was fitted on giving more orders Jordan and her bodyguard came downstairs, his eyes glancing at her behind every few seconds.

When Justin saw her a shocked expression zoomed over his face and he turned to Khissy. "Ohhh you little brat, what is she doing here?"

Khissy smiled now, "What? I asked dad and he said yes she could go with a bodyguard. Take it up with him." She had her brother angry and he seemed to couldn't do anything about it. She seemed to liked that.

Either his sister -whatever way they're related- finally got on his nerve or he always treated her like waste.

"You little bi-" he didn't finish that. "You just don't listen do you? I told you why she shouldn't leave and you just had to have you own way." He turned to Steven and sighed heavily. "Wheres dahlia? Call her."

"If you call dahlia Im-" he cut her off.

His face stern and stressed "Call dahlia to come get her sister before I do something I regret."

"And you. You're going home." He was talking to Jordan but allowed his anger to get a better of him and he angrily grabbed her arm and pulled her.

"Wrong move." I said in monotone and no one heard. If I knew Jordan, and I did, she didn't like people touching her in an angry or aggressive way.

She quickly grabbed the gun from his waist and fired it into the ceiling. From the effect little white paint and cement came floating down. They backed away from her but I stayed put. She wanted to shoot Justin not me.

"Gimme the gun Jordan." Justin said a rage of anger still visible.

"I'm not leaving. Come on Michael." After putting the gun in her own midriff she walked out into the back with her bodyguard behind.

When she walked out Penelope came downstairs. At the same time Justin ordered Richie to find Floyd and hand out the goods. Steven called Khissy's sister and Justin mind was set on getting her home that he waited in the lounge area at the indoor bar to keep an eye on her.

Penelope and I sat across from Khissy while Steven went to sit with Justin.

"Are you okay?" Penelope asked, care in her voice.

"Yeah. Why?"

"You seem a little different." She smiled.

"I'm fine." I tried to reassure her.

"Well you wouldn't mind giving me a ride home." She gave a cute grin.

I thought about it for a while. Did I want to give the woman who left me for more money I ride? She did change into a complete whore when she met Mr. Athlete. But there was this feeling that said there was no harm in giving your ex, one of the few women you ever had feelings for, a drive home.

"Yeah but I'm not ready yet."

"Neither am I."

Another albino girl looking almost exactly like Khissy came storming into the building. Dahlia. She marched over to Steven and Justin, who looked drunk. He staggered a little over to Khissy and pointed at her.

"Get her home now?" he turned the bottle to his head. Dahlia nodded and lead her sister outside.

Penelope watched along without the slightest idea of what is happening. Her innocent to everything was kind of cute. In his semi drunk state Justin went out into the backyard.

After a few minutes of silent sitting Penelope said, "I'm ready." Her head rested on my shoulder.

"Okay I'm going to tell Steven that I'm leaving."

Truly, I never needed or ever told Steven when I left his parties but I wanted to tell Jordan. I figured if she was around any of them I could tell them I'm leaving and, out of decency, tell her too. It wouldn't look as if I was trying to get with her.

She nodded and walked out behind me. Once I stepped on the grass I saw her and Justin at the bar with her bodyguard to the right of her. He was clearly enjoying the conversation but she, on the other hand, was not.

I walked closer to them, Penelope still following behind.

About four feet away I could start to hear what they were saying.

"I could help with that." A smirk on Justin's face

Jordan looked at him in disgust. "I would fall for that right now because I'm a horny little mess if you hadn't just treated your sister like crap."

She stared into his eyes until we approached them. Her eyes diverted to me and Penelope but mostly roaming over Penelope. Almost as if she was jealous of Penelope but I wondered why.

Sure Penelope skin was flawless and she had a big behind and gorgeous eyes with stunning red hair. But that was all she had, except for when we were together and she had shown care and compassion. Jordan had cuts and scrapes, big brown sexy eyes, dark hair, a small waist, a nice ass and personality which she tends to hide from people, even herself.

Not even to mention she wasn't a gold digger.

"Well," she got up from in front of Justin his eyes never leaving her. "I need to get wasted and fucked tonight." She turned to me, her eyes dark and cold. "So I can finally grow up."

She left with her bodyguard. Her words stung like a deep wound that just got alcohol thrown into it. I think she wanted more experience but I never meant to drive her away to the point of hating me, again. And surely didn't mean to belittle her or make her feel incompetent.

However, it seemed as if that was exactly what I did and it started to eat me alive.

"Wheres Steven?" I asked for surely he would want to know why I walked over to him and his fiancée.

"Out taking care of some stuff."

"Well you can let him know I'm heading out." I turned from him with Penelope at my side. I wanted to get her home but at the same time I wanted to make sure Jordan didn't sleep with her bodyguard or anyone.

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