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I decided to drop Penelope home first.


She was begging and I thought Jordan would be fine due to the fact that I saw Justin walk towards the direction she went.

I pulled up at some fleabag motel at the end of town near a rich scheme. The paint on the orange wash-down building was peeling off. A handful of cracks were evident and the grass was definitely not greener on this side, more like browner and less lively.

She called to a guy, the motel owner I presumed, and lead me upstairs to a dirty brown door, the knob rusty as fuck. Even the 2 on the door that was supposed to be gold-looking was rusty or whatever that material was.

She really fell off the wagon. Something went down and her husband left her in the dirt. Poor, beautiful Penelope. I hoped she didnt think I would fuck her in the dump. I was a desperate sucker but not that at the end of my tether.

However, when she opened the door and revealed inside I instantly understood the term never judge a book by its cover. It was better than then rest of the building. A fluffy-looking pink rug covered the entire floor. The walls were painted in a light pink colour, her curtains where also light pink and clean. A double bed in the middle of the room with silk, pink sheets. A black dresser, wardrobe and tall mirror where lined, in that specific order, on the left side of the room.

I remained at the door glad that I brought her home and could go check on Jordan, she hadnt slipped my mind.

"Not coming in?" she asked, taking her red jacket off so that she was in her red one piece with mesh at the stomach. I knew what she was doing, laying out her web knowing exactly that a man has no control but luckily she didn't know that someone else was on my mind. So luckily for me control was evident.

My eyes tore from her body, "I have to get back to the party, things to do." I walked away and to my car.

Once I got back the party I realized it was my usual time of going to Stevens parties. A light crowd. Fast, explicit, gangster dancehall songs playing. I couldn't find Jordan just Richie, Floyd and Steven with three women.

Richie got up from them and came over to me. "Can I talk to you, bro?"

"Yeah what?"

He looked around clearly uncomfortable with what he wants to say. "About me and Jordan that was nothing. Id like if you could keep that between us."

I tried my best not to punch him over the fact that he didn't even do anything with her but I was still pissed.

"Yeah its good. Where is she by the way?" I looked around just hoping to see her.

"Justin took her home, he had to go sort out something."

I nodded my head satisfied that shes home and not in fucks way.

"Wanna join us?" Richie continued.

"I don't see why not." I shrugged.

He turned to the pool with a handful of girls and shouted to one of them then pointed to me. "Since I don't see Penelope anywhere just enjoy this one, eh?"

A curly brunette strutted towards me, her grey eyes filled with mischief. A smile marched to my lips as I took a beer from the bar and joined the others.

I had training with Jordan tomorrow in the night, a meeting to attend in Movado's stead with the Meth Gods of the south, and needed to find a way to get Jordan to go to Movado's family dinner without him realizing she wasn't at home.

I needed all the free time and pleasure I could get.


Were almost at chapter 20. In less than two months. That's the fastest I've ever written a story and did I mention I've never written any lovey-dovey story before. They're just not my thing.

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