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I woke up with a killer headache but I didn't remember drinking anything that could cause that. I remembered everything about the night and I knew I wasn't drunk but my headache was trying to convince me otherwise. That night was still lingering on my head, the event playing over and over again and immediately had an idea had to why my head hurt.

I decided to get up but instantly regretted it, my thighs hurt like a bitch. It was the price to pay for finally growing up. That little pain I could handle; it wasn't that bad.

After a long, satisfying bath I put some clothes on and went into Khissy's room, her head perfectly on the pillow soundly asleep.

"Get up." I shoved and tussled her until he finally opened her eyes.

"Girl your glowing like you got some dick last night." I didn't even wonder how she knew that or what me glowing looked like, I just blushed which fueled her excitement. "Oh my fucking god, you did. Who was it?" she sat up.

She couldn't wait for a respond and she started listing names. "Justin or Kevin?"

"None of them." I replied with disgust I wanted nothing to do with any of them. Bunch of dogs.

"Wait don't tell me it was Richie."

I shook my head.


"Its none of those guys."

"Gimme the deeds. I wanna know who popped your cherry and I wanna know now." She butt jumped on the bed.

"It was Michael." I yelled.

She looked confused, clearly didn't know who I was speaking about. "Michael?"

"Yeah my bodyguard Michael."

"No way, hes super macho how did you manage that for a first timer."

"It hurt the first few minutes like a bone broke inside me but after that it was pleasure and just more pleasure."

She got up and stretched. "I'm going to make sure you guys see each other every day."

"That's not gonna happen."

"Why you don't want to see him again?"

"Your brother fired him and had him killed in front of me. He yelled 'this is what happens when you fuck other men', but in his defense he was pretty drunk." I laughed cynically. People die no biggy.

"You'll never get to see the guy who made you free again. Those son of a bitches. Wait that means Justin knew."

"Yeah he caught us. They all did. They were looking for me and found us in the car, Michael on top of me. They dragged him off me as Justin tossed me my clothes. When I put my clothes on he opened the car again for me to see him shoot Michael. He then drove me home and went into his room." I gave her the timeline of last nights endeavor.

"Even Steven?" her face in disgust.

"No actually when you left he was pretty down don't think I saw him after."

"I just cant believe you had to witness that." She was genuinely remorseful. I wasn't I'd seen worse, I've had worse. I did, nevertheless, felt anxious that Justin and his guys saw me naked. There went my vulnerability.

I wasn't one for being shy but someone seeing me naked is just one of the things Ill never get over especially when I was going to be seeing them every day. Especially when they're of a different sex.

"Oh I better tell you now. I wont be here as of-" she was interrupted by Justin's incoming.

The look of sure innocent on his face told me he wanted to speak to his sister. I didn't know why but his kind and warm smile made my inside melt. Although I brought myself to remember that he had treated his sister like garbage last night but I left them closing the door that separated mines and Khissy's door.

I thought about going back to bed but my feet lead me outside to wander the compound. The building, two floors high, was in the middle of hibiscus and tobacco grounds. There were high walls that surrounded the compounds hibiscus lining it and at the backyard was tobacco, heaps and heaps of it. The front was paved with concrete and a bird fountain in the middle, in front of the doors.

On the exact second floors balcony one could see the sea and the sunset. One could also see my fathers billion-dollar hotel to the far left on the beach. It made him the most money than any other of his business. Police, FBI, reporters, journalist and even celebrities would pay for a room just to sit around and see if they could catch a glimpse of father. Just anything to finally put a face to the name of Movado, the godfather- as they called him.

Unfortunately for them father never left the confide of his home unless he got word from an inside personnel that his home was going to searched. He would pack up and head to St. Catherine to my grandparents. I could remember the many pain and torture I went true the first year in prison when I couldn't and didn't tell them who my father was or what he looked like.

They would even ask what my mothers real name was for as far they could tell she was Ingrid Blefin from Montego Bay, who died when I was born. Father had them all insane. Running after leads that was a dead end. After a year of illegal torture, they gave up maybe they thought I really never saw my father or they just thought I was a lost cost.

I found myself in the corridor of my room in front of the room next to mine. For some random reason I stood there staring at the wood.

"If you want me all you have to do is knock pretty girl." Justin walked over to me a smile on his dick ass face.

"Last person who called me pretty girl very nearly died." I looked at him to see his mind wander off then came back to me as I walked to my room.

"Pretty little girls shouldn't brag about things like that." He walked into my room before I could close the door. "I apologized to Khissy." His eyes soft and actually caring.

I couldn't understand why he was being so different from how he acted when we met. He didn't care or wanted to days ago, he only wanted to be off with his girlfriend and lock me away in my room. Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

"And you're telling me this because?" I turned to walk away but he grabbed my hand and swung me back to him. So close I could feel his breath on my forehead. His eyes searching mines.

In such brief interventions I remembered him seeing me naked and wondered what he thought of it or if he even remembered.

"Why you gotta act so rough and unbothered all the time?" and as if he answered his own question. "Don't even tell me that was how your raised. Its not an excuse."

"I actually think I'm an open person just not towards jerks and bullies." I didn't really hate him anymore for his little actions towards his sister since he apologized.

"I told you I apologized, and after your little stunt last night I think I should be the one pissed." He held me tighter his eyes dark almost as if he was keeping in some anger of some sort.

I kept my eyes to his, empty of any emotions I had. He had no claim over me, whether my intended or not.

"You just couldn't wait until our honeymoon could you. I bet it wasn't even worth it." The low rough way he spoke mad me shiver. Dumb hormones. "I bet it wasn't what you expected for your first." And I knew instantly Khissy had told him or he was just smart.

"I looked at him, It was alright you know before you killed him." Sarcasm clear.

"People have to pay for their decisions. He was to keep you safe but instead he chose to-"

"He was keeping me safe. Safer than you've ever made me." I literally whispered the last part so how he heard was beyond me.

He brought his lips to my ear. "I could change that all. After I'm done you go be sleeping for the rest of the day."

"As fun as that sounds I'd rather not. Leave." I got out of his embrace before I did something with him that I would deeply regret. He smirked in my direction before he left.

His arrogant ass thought that I would trip over his smug actions right after I was satisfied the night before.

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