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After my encounter with Justin, the stupid, I went to Khissy's room. She was all smiles as if she won the lotto or a trip to see Jesus. Her pale cheek bones lit up with life, which was rare as the girl was an epiphany of no emotions.

"What has got you all smiles?" I asked nearing her bed.

"So many things."


She sat up in bed to face me. "One I'm not going to marry the meth Gods of the south, dahlia is going."

Meth gods of the south? Khissy marrying and leaving me all alone here? Where was I when all of this was happening?

"When did this all happen and who are the Meth Gods of the south?"

"Last night when you were upstairs he told me I had to marry them but now hes saying Dahlia is more mature and mentally ready." She dragged the last part trying to make me see as she did. She and her sister were twin. "Meth Gods of the south have been around for 4 or 5 years now. They built a reputation for themselves making people fear them."

"If not for your father's legacy they would be most feared but seeing as no one knows who the heck Movado is, he could my father or Justin or the Prime Minister for all we know. Meth gods have a branch in Los Angeles but Jamaicans seem to be more knocked up on meth than other place."

"What's the other reasons for making you so happy?"

I didn't know what the heck she was talking about; they didn't seem like a threat or anything to be worried about. I was simply glad she was not leaving.

"I know you and Justin kicking it off. He likes you." Her eyes glowed with excitement. Weird girl.

"What are you talking about. He has a girlfriend and he most certainly doesn't like me. He's just flirting mainly because I'm pretty sure his girlfriend is still sick so no sex for him."

"I know my brother Jordy and he likes you in a more than sex way." Her adorable black mickey mouse blouse clung to her body.

I really didn't want to discuss Justin's weird new personality and him liking me. I wanted to sleep. Unfortunately, I never got what I wanted in life so as soon as I went to my room and laid down, ready to close my eyes, Justin barged in. He wasted no time in getting on the bed gripping me where he can, his hands under my shirt. Stupid enough my body reacted with an unexpected moan.

I thought they said once you had sex your body would be under control along with every hormone within it. They must have lied or my body wanted more. Greedy bitch. He removed my shirt, my chest bare and his eyes never left them until I pushed him away.

If I slept with him, I would be a whore. Somewhere deep down said it wouldn't be like that as he was my intended. I thought if I slept with him without any emotion it wouldn't count as being a slut. My body was wanting it, he was wanting it. He didn't seem junk or anything so he was in his right mind.

I crashed my lips to his and wiped the confused look off his face. He removed his own clothes and I did the same, eagerly as if I was the most desperate prostitute ever. He put me on my back and came up between my legs. His skin brushed against my thighs which sent pleasure to my belly.

He hovered over me trying to get me to look in his eyes I refused. I wanted him to serve me not find feelings from what we were doing. He gave up and started kissing me, trailing down my neck to my collar bone then to chest. He stayed there for quite a while. His left hand trailed down to my lady part and he rubbed his finger on my clitoris. It drove me off the edge of the world. I arched my back, moans spewing from my mouth nonstop.

He didn't seem to want to stop, when I finally looked at him he had a smirk on his face. Bastard. Even when my eyebrows were literally tearing from me creasing them together he continued to rub. He knew what he was doing was frustrating but he kept teasing me.

As I opened my mouth to beg, he spoke. "Brace yourself baby girl this aint go be like your first time. It's gonna hurt."

To me he was just bragging but when the first stroke hit me I could've sworn my back was broken. I arched it so far it pained, my toes felt it and curled. Even my head was affected for I was sure there was a headache forming. The worst part was that it wasn't even the full length.

So when he pulled out -with a scream from me- and pushed in again tears came to my eyes. I gripped the blue sheet in hope of some comfort but none came and I tried to squirm from him in a chance to get a break or better prepare myself. But he held my hips firmly under his body and with every thrust my vertebrae pushed its boundaries of being a 360 angle.

I screamed his name on the top of my lungs, his and Jesus. Knowing fully only one of them was crushing my insides. He clapped his hand over my mouth in attempt to shut me up. At that point I couldn't see, tears were flowing uncontrollable. Michael hadn't made me feel any of that.

May he rest in peace.

Just as I thought this was the end and I could finally stop he flipped me on my knees, him behind me. With no time to spare he began beating into me, hitting my a, b, c, d, e, f and g-spot. My breast jerked up and down. I screamed still not used to his length and width.

My hands couldn't hold up my body anymore and I flatten out, breathless. His determined ass lifted me, by my hips, and placed me on it. Putting me up and down, up and down. I was pretty much lifeless, my head flung back on his shoulder.

"I bet he aint never made you feel this way. You aint never felt this safe." His lips on my ear.

"Yeah I don't know about that." I just didn't know when to keep silent hence I paid the price. He lifted me high off him then dropped me on it. "Fuck." I screamed. It jerked me in my breast.

He smirked against my back, clearly satisfied. "That's what a sharp mouth get you. Got nothing else to say?" he kindly asked but I learnt my lesson and remained silent.

He took himself out of me and I dropped onto my pillow, couldn't move to save my life. I couldn't even stay awake. My eyes and body gave in and I dozed off.

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