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I opened my eyes and wish I hadnt. My thighs and hips hurt like a bitch. My stomach felt cloudy. I was wrapped safely in a blanket, still naked, and when I tried to sit up I couldnt, my vagina was a definite tender house.

My eyes wander to the foot of the bed to see Khissy, a burning paper roll in her hand and a big bright smile on her face. "I had to wake you up." she waved the smoky roll of paper.

I scrunched my face and rubbed my temple. "Why?"

"Cause someones here to see you." The smirk never leaving her face. I remained silent but motioned with my eyebrows to know who. "Kevin."

"What...what is he doing here? Wheres Justin?" I asked but the mention of her brothers name only made her smirk widen.

"He said something about training and secret." She walked to the door, her hand on the knob. "And I don't where dumb ass Justin is but," she opened the door and stuck her head outside. "Kevin is here." Her voice a little faint.

"Wait." I sat up ignoring the pain. "Khissy I don't have on any clo-" the word stopped in my throat when Kevin walked in behind Khissy.

"What was that?" she asked smiling. Bitch.

I shook my head a death glare at her, "Never mind."

"Anyways." She continued. "This is not supposed to happen so if anyone knocks don't let them in cause I'll get in deep shit."

With that she went into her room and locked the door that separated our rooms. Just Kevin and Is awkwardness. He stared confused and some other emotion at me. It then occurred to me I must look like I got hit by a bus. I got up, the sheet around me and his eyes never leaving, and went into the bathroom –hopping as I did so.

Once I got into the bathroom I inspected myself. Damn I looked awful. My hair was like a mop, hickeys on my neck and shoulder, bags under my eyes because Khissy didn't allow me to sleep and my waist and hips slightly reddish. I had a bath and went back out in his underpants and orange shirt.

The clothes weren't even any help as they revealed every bite and bruise. He roamed my body, contemplating with himself.

"What happened last night after I left you at the party? You look different, taller, brighter." His eyes glued to mine.

"I just slept well." I gave with an attitude.

I had no idea why he was there. Where was his red head whore? He must have thought I have a short memory span.

"You look quite the opposite of that. You look-"

"Is that why you came here?" I leaned on the wall as he sat on my bed.

"Your father wants you to start training." The mere mention of my father was just joy.

However, I was confused. "Daddy wanted me to not train up to yesterday. And now he just magically changed his mind."

"Yeah. I'm supposed to bring you some small equipment and see you every Thursday and Friday."

I really wanted to train again and get back my skills so I ignored that my father was changing his mind a lot lately. Very much not him. Once father made his mind on something there was no changing it and I think that's why he took time to think a lot and make slow and safe decisions.

Deep in my thought of training again I hadn't realized Kevin walking towards me until it was too late. He grabbed my arm to further inspect my neck. If I was to be honest I liked the way he grabbed my arm, the way his breath felt on me and how angry he looked to see my neck.

"What the fuck is this? You have bruises on your neck." His eyes dark and in deep decisions. Poor little man not realizing they're love bites. And he said I was inexperienced.

"They're bites."

He pierced me with those green eyes. "What?" I rolled my eyes and ignored his outburst. "What happened last night?" this time with more authority.

"I helped myself with Michael." He didn't know who that was from his face expression. "My bodyguard." Again I rolled my eyes but this time with a smile as he was shocked.

"Ok." He said but one could tell he was bothered. I couldn't place why because he sure as hell avoided me last night. He had a good time with his red head.

"But." I was determined to push the boundaries. "These aren't from last night. There from this morning."

His face told me he was trying not to believe, searching for a reason as to why I would lie to him. He didn't find any and his face turned cold.

"It was Justin so it was safe that time." I smile but he was the complete opposite. His face turned stone and at any given point his jaw would break.

"You know they have a word for that. A whore/" he spat and I honestly felt it to my bones. Not because it wasn't true –because it was- but because I was earlier convincing myself I wasn't and he came and reassured me.

My anger flared and I spoke before I thought. "How dare you. You completely ignored me the entire night and went with Ms. perfect. What, you should enjoy yourself and I shouldn't?" at that point his face was starting to loosen. "You don't own me Kevin I'm free to fuck anyone I want, when I want. You're just you, a jerk from all those years only now you've learnt how to fuck with peoples emotion. GOOD FUCKING JOB." I yelled.

"Leave. Ill see you Thursday." I demanded not moving from my position. He walked towards the door and I began doing something almost every black girl do when their angry. I grumble-mumbled. "Calling me a whore like your red head bitch aint a slut. Stupid bitch."

He heard and rushed towards me pinning me to the wall. His eyes now soft and tired. "You don't understand a lot of things.

"Explain I think I would." My eyes also stained to his.

"I cant be seen fraternizing with you Jordan. Justin could choose not to marry you because of me which might ruin your fathers business but you don't make it easy. I've always wanted you now your back just looking at you is a complete turn on so I try not to." His words were nice to hear but I refused to let them cause an effect on me.

He played with the hem of the shirt. "You cant even begin to comprehend the things that run in my mind when I see you. How I bulge my fist to not touch your skin. So I get with other girls caz I cant have you. But now you make me know you feel the same way. I cant resist."

His fingers trailed down my thighs. I couldn't tell if I was crazy or just a normal woman but I felt giddy. I removed his hand.

"You need to go. I'll see you Thursday." I removed myself from his cage. With the equipments. Cant train without those."

Pure look of confusion and disappoint drained from his face. I just couldn't fall for his smug words like before. He'd just ignore me again when the time came. He reached out to me but thankfully Khissy came out of her room and approached us.

"Time to go." She showed Kevin out but not before he took a look at me.

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