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I had a hard time after the party. Penelope called and asked to live with me, she couldn't tell me why all she knew was that she needed somewhere safe. I declined; she couldn't give me a reason and I hadn't been to my apartment in years. It wasn't necessary and I was always at the big house. I trained there, slept there, ate there and did business. It was home.

Of course I slept with her before I left. When I realized the sun was going away I decided it was time to get to Jordan. I had plan to speak to her and tell her about training with her on Thursdays and Fridays. Let her know she would get some small equipment and also just make sure she was alright.

When I got there it was empty and the albino girl, Khissy, was outside by the fountain. Her eyes got big when she saw me and I explained to her that I needed to see Jordan. She said Jordan was forbid from training and I wasn't to be seen here.

She snuck me into the house and up to a corridor with rooms, I presumed, behind the doors. She went in and closed the door behind her. I looked around just to take in my environment. The blue walls that had brown doors within them. Six brown doors to be exact.

The door Khissy went into opened after the longest while.

"Kevin is here." She came out to me and waved for me to come inside.

"Wait." I heard Jordan's voice, a little pain to it. "Khissy I don't have on any clo-"

Khissy had a mischievous smile on her face. "What was that?"

"Never mind." Jordan rolled her eyes but Khissy continued.

"Anyways. This is not supposed to happen so if anyone knocks don't let them in cause I'll get in deep shit. She left into another room which was separated from Jordan's room with a brown door.

I turned to Jordan in bed, snuggled beneath the big, white sheet. She looked different. I couldn't exactly say how but she did. She stared at me then got up slowly with the sheet still clung to her which told me she was naked. She hopped to another door to the right, when she opened the door I realized it was a bathroom.

She came out of the bathroom in my pink t-shirt and a checkered underpants which looked really good on her than me to be honest. However good she looked didn't stop the reality that she had bruises on her thighs. That's when I really wondered what happened to her the night before. No one told me why Justin brought her home and I hoped what I was thinking was just me being silly.

That's when I realized she indeed looked different she was taller and had a glow, an after sex glow. I hoped it was just due to my over thinking that caused her to look so.

"What happened last night after I left you at the party? You look different, taller, brighter."

She glared at me with a feisty attitude. "I just slept well."

"You look quite the opposite of that. You look-" but she decided to cut me short.

"Is that why you came here?" she braced against the wall away from me.

Her thighs grabbed my attention and I had to divert my eyes to hers. She even seemed distant, two days ago her body ache to be touched. Again I told myself to relax.

"Your father wants you to start training." She smiled at that.

"Daddy wanted me to not train up to yesterday. And now he just magically changed his mind." Her pretty face then filled with confusion.

"Yeah. I'm supposed to bring you some small equipment and see you every Thursday and Friday." My eyes darted to the rest of her body then back to her face.

In inspecting her body, I realized she had bruises on her neck as well. Her fucking neck. I rushed over to her and pulled her towards me, looking at her neck that was filled with little red marks. My blood boiled thinking of someone hurting her.

"What the fuck is this? You have bruises on your neck." I nearly shouted as the matter was serious but on the contrary she didn't think so.

"She smiled. They're bites."

"What?" she rolled her eyes. "What happened last night?" I demanded.

"I helped myself with Michael." I looked at her in confusion, who the fuck was Michael? She answered with a roll eyed again. "My bodyguard."

I thought she would have better sense than to fuck her bodyguard. What if he had some disease. Or worse when Justin was at the party. How could she. Yes, I didn't want to be her first but I also didn't want her to be with anyone else. I couldn't stress that enough. However, I couldn't allow her to see how fuck up what she told me made me.


"But, these aren't from last night. There from this morning." She seemed strongminded to get a response from me and I hoped my face didn't betray me.

"It was Justin so it was safe that time." She had the fearlessness to smile her pretty teeth.

I just didn't want to believe her but she was bend on getting it through my cranium. Not only did she have sex lest night but she had it this morning too, with a complete different man. I didn't care if the second time was with Jesus.

At such point I felt sick and disgusted, even though I knew I had no right to. "You know they have a word for that. A whore"

"How dare you." Her eyes with fire that only made me wanted to hug her. "You completely ignored me the entire night and went with Ms. perfect." Just the idea that what I did hurt her so bad made me melt a little. And how could she think of Penelope as Ms. Perfect when she was standing in front of me looking sexy as fuck in a T- shirt and underpants.

"What, you should enjoy yourself and I shouldn't?" that hit me to a point of no return. I knew I was being irrational and unfair because I fucked anything in a skirt. "You don't own me Kevin I'm free to fuck anyone I want, when I want. You're just you, a jerk from all those years only now you've learnt how to fuck with peoples emotion. GOOD FUCKING JOB." She literally yelled still managing to look cute.

She stood there still and statue like. "Leave. Ill see you Thursday." I moved to the door to leave but not before I heard her do something black girls do. Movado wife, would always do it when we did something wrong and she couldn't be bothered anymore. "Calling me a whore like your red head bitch aint a slut. Stupid bitch."

I knew that sound. Jealousy and she wore it well. Jordan was jealous over me with a girl she was ten times better than. Yes, that was beyond satisfying to know but it made my head spin when I figured that I might have pushed her to screw her bodyguard last night.

And before I knew what I was doing I had her pinned to the wall, under me. Her little face shocked by my actions. You don't understand a lot of things.

"Explain I think I would." She now seems interested.

"I can"t be seen fraternizing with you Jordan. Justin could choose not to marry you because of me which might ruin your fathers business but you don't make it easy. I've always wanted you now your back just looking at you is a complete turn on so I try not to." I tried to explain without sounding emotional. That's not the manly way.

She stood underneath me in all her Jordan glory. I couldn't help but touch her if only just her clothes. "You cant even begin to comprehend the things that run in my mind when I see you. How I bulge my fist to not touch your skin. So I get with other girls caz I cant have you. But now you make me know you feel the same way. I cant resist."

My fingers run down her chocolate thighs and I wanted to get under her clothes. Her skin against mines was right, they blended. She brought herself from her daze and removed my hand from her. Unlucky.

She also moved from beneath me. "You need to go. I'll see you Thursday with the equipments. Cant train without those."

She was in thought but I was lost. I was turned on and needed a place to stick my noggin. It was going to be a problem training her, especially at night. I wanted her and now she wasn't a virgin I had no restrain. I wanted to touch her again. Unfortunately, Khissy stopped me.

"Time to go." She pointed out but I took a chance to look at Jordan. Her eyes looking upwards.

Khissy sneaked me off the compound at the backyard. There was a camouflaged gate in the wall. Great that would soon become my very own secret door.

I know it was a very hypocritical thing to do -seeing as how I just spoke against it with Jordan- but I went to Penelope's. Jordan gave me a boner and those really hurt so Penelope was my best choice.

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