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A month passed of me hiding from Justin, training on Thursdays and Fridays with Kevin -every day, except Saturday, without him- and going out on Saturdays with Khissy. Khissy and Steven had been on a role fucking nonstop. Clara woke up and wanted to beat my ass, unfortunately I never really left my room for fear of bumping into Justin. Next week would be the wedding I wasn't looking forward too.

No word from my father or my family. Not one of them came to visit me. I did see Carlos here but it was strictly business. All the anger I was facing was diffused into my training day and night. The fat I had was gone. I was myself again. Ruthless, focused and prepared.

I even trained Khissy a little. She was able to properly hold a gun and fight with it, no bullets. Even she lost some weight but she was bigged bone so it didn't look as if she lost a lot.

I was in Khissy room texting. She bought me a phone and updated me on new slangs and apps. There was Instagram for celebrities and pretty body whores. Then tik tok which I liked. Reddit I found boring along with twitter. Apps where pretty much lame. I did however took a liking to WhatsApp and Messenger. I liked texting and flirting with boys.

She and I laid on our tummies on her bed. We had plan to train in two hours so we were in sports bra and shorts. I liked Khissy calling her a best friend was an understatement. She was my family, my home girl. While texting, Justin barged in his eyes wide from our outfits.

"I need to speak to you." He looked at me which made Khissy chuckle.

"I'm doing something." I refused to look at him. What we did was great but somehow proved that I was a slut.

The tension was so strong not even a Sumari sword could cut it, only a sexy albino could.

"Well I have to use the bathroom." She walked over to the bathroom and her brother's face looked confused after looking at her body.

"You've been avoiding me. Is it because of the last time." A lovely smirk on his face. "I had to get up and do business. I'm sorry."

"No actually that's not it." I got up and head towards my room because the chance that Khissy was listening to our conversation was 100 percent.

However, I should have stayed put because as soon as I got up he started to yap.

"You've been training haven't you? You and my sister. I told you I would have allowed you but you never listen. If you show up to the wedding looking like this." He pointed to me body. "They'll know you've been training and your brother instructed that you shouldn't."

I was texting on my phone ignoring him. If he thought he could treat me like his sister he was clearly a mad individual. Even she, now that she was trained, wouldn't have took such treatment.

"And what? My brother scares you?" I asked sending a text to Matthew.

"Anyone would get a little tussled if the godfather's children gave them orders." He said a slight humor in his voice. A slight one.

"What did you want Justin?" my head never leaving the phone.

He sighed then did a manly stand from his slump. "You need to do a dress fitting for the wedding. I realized you don't wear makeup so I didn't know if I was to hire a makeup person." I had to admit he was a little cute when he didn't know things or when he was uncomfortable.

"Of course I wear makeup stupid I just didn't get to jack any into my bag when I ran away." I stared into his eyes.

He looked around the room in an uncomfortable way then started to approach me but I remained still. I wasn't like the last time, I had intense training, the old me was back and he was going to get to know her.

"You're... you're going to need to act pregnant at the wedding." His god like structure rested on my bed.

"What are you-"

"Carlos wants you to be pregnant. He said if our deal is to be sealed he must be positive that you are a legal housewife. So I told him you are so no alcohol or cheese at the wedding and definitely pick a dress that makes you look fat... caz right now you're everything but fat." He whispered the last part.

That motherfucker I had for a brother was getting on my last nerve. If he kept pushing it, I was going to do something senile whether or not he was father's trophy. He didn't want me to train for my own betterment and out of the big blue he wanted me to pop out babies on command. And where was father and mom, why were they allowing all of this to happen?

I'll tell you why because Carlos had a penis and I had a vagina. In other words, Carlos was the strong head of the family and I was the weak embarrassment which was only good for trades and marriages. This world suck. But why was I even here, why had I stayed this long?

Again I'll tell you why because weeks ago I was stupid and soft, waiting on my father to change his mind about me. To come and rescue me. To see this was not what I wanted. But he wasn't going to and I was no longer the stupid mush I was weeks ago. I was JORDAN THE FUCKING JONES and if it was a bloodbath my brother was looking for I could conjure up one for him. Even if my entire family had to die.

"So is that all?" I asked icily even I was sure those frosty looking breath left my mouth.

"I'm sorry for the way I left things that morning Jo. I wanted to talk to you, kept my hands around you even." A smirk escaped his lips. "But I had to go get some work done. You understand right."

"Yeah. There's the door I got stuff to do." I walked away to the bathroom so when he left was not known to me.

I didn't care about what we did anymore what was really at the precivore of my mind was my evil brother and his hatred for me. I never remembered doing anything to make my brothers hate me. Only that I woke up one day and Carlos was suddenly angry at me and it never left from that morning.

Even after I went to prison for him, missed out my teen years for him or that I got tortured. None of those things change the look of pure detestation I saw in his eyes every time he saw me. In fact, after I returned he seemed to have built up his resentment. It was now as mind blowing as the great wall of china.

I don't know how long I sat on the closed toilet for spinning the phone in my hand and staring deep holes in the wall but I do know that Khissy barged in with a smug look on her face and a towel around her shoulder.

"Get your ass out here" this crazy girl. "What did you and Justin talk about?" she asked once we in my room again.

"Nothing really. So what should we use today? 35lb?" I walked over the area where we had some decibels and little regular in-home training gears.

However, she seemed to be more interested in me and her brother than exercising. "I know you two got off some time back. I heard you Jo, you were pretty loud."

No matter how tough I was this red albino knew how to push me in the right corner and trap me between a laughter and a blush. There were literally no good choices and if I tried to go up desire would smile at me so I was stuck. Right in the little corner that she imprisoned me in.

"So are you gonna tell me what you guys discussed or am I going to have to pick it out of you?" she sat beside me on the bed knowing exactly that her innocent, piercing facial face was going to win. I needed to train to resist this girl.

And it was just like that, just think of Justin and then back to that night did I felt my lower abdomen throb. I could suddenly feel him inside me, the feel of his teeth against my skin. It also suddenly dawned on me that I was wet for stupid Justin all because his crazy sister made me remember things I deliberately forgot.

"He wanted me to do dress fitting." I smiled just faintly but then remembered the other things and they grew out my jaw to clench. "And I had to be pregnant for the wedding because my brother said so. You know your brother is a pussy. I am going to have a pussy for a husband. Just great."

"He's not that bad. Trust me if I were to married one of Movado's son I would get every plastic surgery possible just to be perfect for him. If he wanted to fuck me in the ass or get a threesome, I would do it with a big ole smile on my face even if I didn't want to. I wouldn't fuss about shit I'd the humblest and coherent wife ever."


"Because just the name alone brings shrills to my big bones. As much as you see me take you out and do some dumb shit with you I'm very clear to not over do it."

"So you're saying that's why he's trying his best to please my brother is because he's trying to protect himself and possibly you guys as well?"

"Yes exactly. Just picture them as not your family for once and they were about to get you for something so little you did to offend them. Anyways when are you going to get that dress fitting?" she went over to the bells and took up a 10lb, she was still going small.

I was busy contemplating what if I wasn't a part of the Jones family. I would've had a teenage life. I would've had tunne of sex and a stable man by now. All those sounded really good but I wouldn't be able to protect myself or fight or even look good. Because let's face it I had one of those bodies that just got fat from drinking water.

"Khissy am not so sure I should even stay for the wedding. I have a plan boiling in my head and I can't cook it out here."

"Like run away? Again?" she stared at me confused. "I mean I'll do anything to help you but Justin's heart would be crushed. He likes you. I would miss you."

"I need to get it done Khissy even though I'm still thinking on it."

"If you go... c'mon Jo if you go I'll go back to being quiet and depressed and miserable again. You're the reason Justin talks to me without looking stressed or bothered. As if I'm a burden to him. I can't go back to that stage jo I can't. I can't go back to not knowing what feeling felt like." She was pretty much breaking down and I just had to hug her.

I was an elite fighter not a stone cold bitch. She was a great friend to me, she was fun and caring I didn't want her to go back to what she felt was bad for her. I didn't even want to attached to anyone here because I knew I had a free, wandering mind and didn't like staying away from my family.

"I haven't made up my mind yet. And I probably won't." I lied.

I knew what I needed to do just not the exact time. I need to go home and see them. See fathers face when he speaks so I can see how really serious he was.

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