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Voilence is the only answer in a world build of benelli and blood... __________________________________________ Jordan is little short tempered but behind that she's the most confused 21 year old. Probably the fact that she spent six years in prison for crimes she didn't committ. She also happens to be the fouth and only daughter of ruthless, world renown mafia king Movado who sells her off almost immediately after her return. Jordan had other plans in mind and will stop at nothing to show her father she can run the empire- even if she must kill her siblings and husband to this. Please leave comment as they help to make me a better writer. Also remember to vote if you like a chapter. Come and join me on the wild side. Let me kiss you hot in the pouring rain. Caz you and I, we were born to die. - Lana Del Rey

Action / Romance
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I have travelled this far from the pulsating men and women, the stiff heart aches, the frauds and even blood but through my life changing journey it hit me- and it was a motherfucking hard blow- that whatsoever I was running from was already waiting for me on the other side.

I couldn't escape it I just couldn't. It or rather they hang on to me like leeches on a blood thirsty hunt.

My past and the people who dwelled in it were also on a journey.

A journey to my future.

A future to which I had no control over. Fuck life.

I was going to face the arrogant, miserable life that the man upstairs- who constantly has a pick on me- bestowed upon me. My family.

After 6 years in prison for rampaging actions that I didn't commit I had a lot of thought as to what to do when my time was over; run as far away as I possibly could get or get some surgery done on my face and live around town with a normal life or just remain in prison.

If I ran away father would just find me and bring me back to his mafia business. Plastic surgery cost money and I just didn't trust which doctor would tell my father how I looked. The best one I saw was to remain in prison I mean it was a pretty good life. No one wanted to fuck with drug lord, untouchable, unseen and dangerous mafia God, Movados daughter.

Besides it didn't matter what I wanted it only mattered what daddy wanted. Daddy wants daddy gets.

So as I put on my purple shirt and grey joggers- what the fuckers locked me up in- my heart -at least what's left of it- wondered if I could make a run for it before anyone came to pick me up.

Two guards Hearne and Mr. Jones lead me through the corridors and my brain stopped planning an escape as soon as I saw a black Mercedes outside the fence. Of course he would have had someone come extra early to pick me up.

As much as I wanted to enjoy my freedom pass those silver fence I couldn't celebrate it as the car, like its color, brings death.

Once the car came to the finally of all final stops I hopped out and walked up the big building, I suddenly felt angry a bit. At my brothers, Jay, Carlos and Lando . At my father and mother, at everyone who let me missed out my teen freedom.

I stepped into dads study to find them all. My mom a fat black woman with serious figure problem, in my fathers lap who now has grey hair and evident wrinkled. My brother Carlos, shorter and browner than I was with his cornrows to the back. Jay grew and was now a fucking giant with built body and pink lips. Lando was also now a specimen and cut his locks off.

Wow everyone changed marvelously without me. Cool cool cool.

"Well look whos back. Short tempered Jordan." Jay, my archenemies, walked around me. "And look dad she gained like a 100lbs." they all laughed.

I mean they were true. Six years without stress I found eating to be a hobby.

"Check out those hands." Carlos added.

"And the belly fat." Lando.

Through all their snarky comments me eyes landed on dads face which was in deep thoughts. As if me coming from jail was the least of his worries.

"Thanks for welcoming me with open hearts and mind guys."

But mom just snickered. "You'll lose the fat honey get yourself freed and stuff like that." We all know what she meant by that. She wants me to fuck to the moon and back which she thinks will make me lose weight.

Finally, my dad opened his mouth. "She have to start training again starting tonight. Carlos"

"Nope can't do, get someone else to do it I'm not in the mood for every shit she's got stored up for 6 years waiting to ditch it out on someone."

"Fine get Kevin." And all my brothers looked at me with a smirk on their face. Kevin always wanted to fuck me right out of my virginity. Heard he'd rape if he got the chance.

When I didn't refuse or even try. They all looked at me with worried faces.

Mom butted in, "I'm sure she'll get her aggressive side back once she starts training again." her fat ass got off dad and headed out the door.

Once I left them and joined Kevin in the gym-our own gym- his first welcome was a wierd hug. I was expecting him to make major advances at me.He developed so much, his ass looking like a demi god. During our three hour training he kept his face focus on mine and I found it beyond eerie, I mean the guy didnt see me for six years, I'll give him until tomorrow. By that time, he'd probably want to show his true form.

I hadn't slept in my bed for so long that the next morning was like trying to wake a dead man.

"Hey sister girl." A beauty by the name of Darnell stormed in her pink braid lingering at her back. "I missed you so much, no one to watch my back and keep your brother Lando filthy hands off me. I mean he's been grabbing me in placing I didn't know I have. We fucked by the way and it was super and." she stopped herself after looking at my blank face.

"Sorry how are you? I really did miss you. Tell me everything." Her legs crossed.

"I went to prison and ate prison food, which is good by the way, and now Im back."

"Well at least we know they didn't break your sarcastic ass." And we both chuckled.

Darnell could talk for days without stopping or losing your interest and thats exactly why she was recruited here. She and I were pretty close whether getting my brother to stop harassing her or getting ourselves out of serious troubles.

She giddily jumped out of my bed and rushed over to my closet. "Todays the big day so have you planned what to wear." She flicked throw my old clothes. "Even though I'm pretty sure none of these will fit you."

"What big day?"

"No one told you. Today your father will be stepping down and your older brother will take over." She said it all without looking at me.

"What? Carlos? But he hates me he'll have me go on the most dangerous places." Not that I minded I liked a little danger every now and then but Carlos would endanger me every chance he got.

Well one thing was for sure, I was definitely not going to that celebration and I had just the excuse. My clothes couldn't fit.

Also I would have to stay out of sight to avoid Carlos. See I wasn't afraid of my brother, I was afraid of father who loved his sons. I wouldn't mind ripping the air from his lungs but I knew there would be a price to pay, father took pride in sons. They were his thropies. If there was a machine that could transform me into a boy I would have been transformed from the day I was born.

He never said he hated me being a girl but his actions were beyond clear.

I lounged about the living room area all day watching WWE smack down live, just enjoying myself for as long as I could.

As long as I could was about four hours. That's when they returned dad face was upset to see me home.

"And why didn't you attend the gathering?" he looked at the Tv. "And don't tell me you had to catch up the show after missing it for six little years."

Did he just say six little years?

Everyone who wasnt family went to their respected quarters.

"Actually I didnt have any clothes. They seem to have shrunk." And Lando laughed.

"Carlos your first duty is to get someone to get her new clothes and more training hours." He stormed off with mother leaving me alone with my brothers.

"Oh poor little obese sister. After Kevin brings you to the mall." he smirked at the other two brothers. "I'm shipping you off to the drug cartel of the west coast, Bacco drug cartel. You're going to marry Justin and create an alliance for your family."

What, was he out of his yellow mind? Marry? The one thing I didn't believe in. And to a complete stranger. For family he said? The same family-him to be exact- that allowed me to go to prison for their crimes?

I knew for sure that wasnt going to happen, they'd have to marry him to my corps.

"Of course brother. Anything you want." I placed through a smile which clearly upset him to oblivion.

I walked to my room with one plan in mind. To run away.

I most definitely did not return from prison to be put in one again.



So if you're confused, the title of the chapter is the P.O.V. I just kind of thought it would have been creative to do it that way. This was Jordan's P.O.V the next will be Justin's.

Remember if you like the chapter then,




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