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"You're marrying her and that's final!" dad barked. If I didn't know better, I would have said he was still running the business but he wasn't. I was and he still didn't allow me to make every decision by myself.

"And what do you propose I do with Clara. Should I just throw her aside?"

"Well now that you mentioned it." I remained quiet that he could have choked that out. "She has no ties or big family Justin. We need this Jordan girl."

"I know father. You know I love this business but why marriage? Why cant I just get engage to her then dump her once the deal is settled?"

"Because Movado isn't just some drug lord, he's the fucking GODFATHER." and I shook my head in understanding.

Movado the unseen and untouchable. The boy who built a drug company at the age of sixteen and reached world recognition at age twenty. No one knows how he looks except the people who work for him. He never goes to meetings or outside, he sends his men in his stead.

They once had pictures of him as a teenager but since he got money he did a little altercation to his face with plastic surgery. His institution in Mexico makes the most money but the one here, in St. Ann Jamaica, is where he resides or so he lets people to believe.

Our company, Bacco drug cartel, has only just raked in twenty-six million dollars last year which is not good. Tobacco doesnt really draw the crowd as it once did. So father and I, mostly him, decided to join our cartel with another, only just to find out he wanted me to marry.

I already have a girlfriend, Clara, who can be very over bearing, selfish and unfaithful but she's the only one who ever showed interest without wanting to get money or a place to be drug queen. Not to mention once I break this news to her she will certainly break this Jordan girl neck. Which weirdly made me turned on. Dangerous and badass girls made me weak.

"Go get dressed Justin we have to reach there by five, an hour from now. Where something flashy we might Movado today." He trailed off leaving me in thought.

Marrying the daughter of the GODFATHER wasn't good. I couldn't afford to let her even feel stressed or angry. She would have to be pleased at all times. I walked to my room and into the shower.

I hope she wasn't a virgin because virgins scare me especially ones belonging to Movado. What was I thinking of course she had to be a virgin stored away for a special occasion like this. She was probably soft and emotional not even liking when people shout.

What did my father get me into?

"What are you thinking about." I turned around to see Clara, her eyes on my body.

"You and that purging milk body you got naked in front of me." She stepped inside the shower and I made room for her.

Shower sex was best.

After our bath and our clothes were on she demanded to know where I was heading to looking all prince like and shit. Her words not mine.

I told her I would explain once I get back but truth be told I hoped when I got back that she would forget and I could hide Jordan in other room until I found it possibly to explain to Clara.

Once I got into the car and shut the door dad started. "What took so long?"


"Did you tell her?" I felt his eyes on me but I looked away.


He inhaled and kept boring me with his stare. "so you fucked her instead."

My face shot towards him in disbelief, how did he know that.

"Love bites on your neck and jawline. Lets just hope no one there sees them cause we need this deal."

I didn't want to let father or the business down but our body wants what it wants.

The car drove through a dark abandoned alley then under a tunnel before opening to a big mansion fitting for the GODFATHER himself. The car came to a halt at the front of the mansion and the driver of the black Mercedes, which was their car and driver, turned to us and told us this was the stop.

We stepped inside to be welcomed by a homie vibe and atmosphere. Everything a home has they had it except for the many built people walking around with stern faces. Three guys who looked alike came towards us, a smile on the one with the cornrow face.

"Your late." He smiled. "I'm Carlos, this is Lando." He pointed to the darkest on who clearly worked out the most. "And this is Jay." The tallest of them.

"I'm Justin and this is my father Bounty Killer. Wheres the boss Movado?"

"Sorry Justin I'm the new boss around here and besides no one sees Movado. Please take a seat."

And we all did. And began chatting about the importance of the joining and the paper works. You know, stuff you probably don't want to hear about.

Carlos got up, "Well since we all have the same understanding we can call down Jordan now." We all shook our heads. He turned to his brothers, "where is she by the way?"

"She's been in her room all day, I didnt see her come out." The Jay guy spoke.

"KEVIN." Carlos shouted and a tall guy with black hair rushed out of nowhere.

"Yes?" he breathed.

"Get Jordan." Carlos ordered and they all smirked when he left.

I wondered what it was about but let it slide when Kevin returned saying she wasn't in her room and the window was broken. We all rushed to her room father staying behind. I didnt even know why I was scared. I mean if she left or died I wouldn't have to marry her but then our business would still be in dire need of help.

"Where is she? Find her." Carlos spoke. But the look on their faces seemed as if they had anticipated this from her but were stupid enough to not take precaution.

We walked back to where father was and they left us with a reassurance.

"We'll find her and bring her back."


By now you must understand the P.O.V's, at least I hope you do. I honestly don't know where I'm going with this because love and romance isn't my gimmick. Guess being 17 and never being in love might get boring and cause curiosity.

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