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Half way out of town and I was so hungry and tired. I couldn't stop to buy anything; the food places all knew who I belonged to and I couldnt take a taxi, they were the least reliable.

Once I cleared the parish I would have a forty percent chance to escape. The most down to earth place I could lay low was St. Thomas which was two parishes way. The odds beat the thought of marrying or staying with those god damned people called family.

I stayed in bushes or closed up areas as much as I could. There were eyes and ears everywhere. The only person who knew that I left was Kevin as he came in on me last night to tell me sorry for the times to push himself on me. When he barged in I was trying to open the window but after failing to talk me out of it and to come along he broke it for me. We definitely shared a moment and if I ever meet him again I'm going to fuck him like no tomorrow.

He didn't ask me where I was going he just gave me some money and some of his T-shirt and underwear because I didn't plan on carrying anything that belonged to me. I did realize that everyone changed but I didnt realize that Kevin did the most.

I decided to stop for a brief second near a load of filled dumpsters. To my dismay three bulky guys walked up to me, scars on all their faces and their black hair in Mohawks.

"Jordan daughter of Movado." The tallest of them said.

I stepped back and looked for a place to run because fighting didn't seem much of a choice. Three muscular guys against a fat, out of shape girl. The odds were bad.

"Just come with us. We have orders to bring you in by any means necessary, just to make sure your alive and fuckable for your wedding night."

I grabbed a gun from my bag, the one I had before I went to prison, and held to my head. See, I was beyond serious about Justin having to marry my corps. "Make any sudden moves and I'll do it."

They backed away and slowly the handsome one took out a phone and made a call.

"Hello. Yes, she has a gun and she threatens to kill herself. Yeah.ok sir." He touches something on the phone, the speaker button.

"Jordan dont be silly." I heard dads voice. "Now take the phone from the guy I need to speak to you." My father wanted to speak to me. Not every day that happens and he said it with such a sweet voice. I took the phone still facing them with the weapon to my head.

"What is it?"

"You wouldn't kill yourself for something as stupid as marriage right? I would've thought I raised you better than that. Guess you aren't the prized the daughter after all. Sad". He finished off leaving me in thoughts.

I really did mean something to him as well. I turned around to face the dumpsters my hand slowly dropped by my side.

"I didn't know I mea-"the words were knocked down my throat and the wind with it. My eyes slowly shut down as I blanked out.

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