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At least I knew I wasn't the only one who wasn't too fond on the marriage. Even though the thought of running away didn't cross my mind I realized how great the technique was. No girl no marriage, but deep down in my nether regions I really hoped they found her so that my business could boom.

After two hours- I thought it would've taken the entire night- they brought her back. Chubby, dark skin girl with thick eyes brows, brown eyes and a smirk on her face. Three muscular dudes surrounded her, the tallest throwing her to the ground in front of her brothers. The dudes walked away and she stood up.

"Ammo get you guys. One by one when you fuckers least expect it." She glared evilly at the dudes then turned to her brothers who also had smiles on their faces.

Strange family.

"Oh sister, we praise the weed god for your safe return. I hope they didn't bruise you badly especially for that little stunt you pulled." Carlos seemed to have a little wrath for his sister.

"I want to speak to dad." She clenched her jaws.

"So sad but dad doesn't wish to see or speak to you after trying to kill yourself." me and dad looked befuddle at each other.

Just how sick was this girl?

Dad cleared his throat and they all looked at us.

"Oh right. Jordan this is Justin your intended but you already know that." Carlos spoke and looked at a bag pack beside her foot. "And since you already have pack I see no reason why you shouldn't go now."

The room grew quiet as we watched her actions. Her head low and she looked at her brother upwards, as if straining her eyes. She looked from side to side then she quickly took up the bag and dug her hands inside. She dropped the bag in disappointment which caused Carlos to laugh.

"You didn't think we would leave it in there. Just how stupid do you think we are."

"I mean if she ran away here what's to say she won't run away when we get back to my home. Wouldn't it be better if you kept her here for some time?" I tried to but in.

Carlos eyes went dangerous. "no she leaves today there's going to be a lot of changes around here of which she won't be a part of." He sounded almost desperate to get rid of her.

"Fine let's go then." Father and I got up but she remained in the same spot.

Carlos inched closer to her which made her breath stiff and her eyes wander. "Go Jordan you wouldn't want to disappoint dad would you?"

She looked up to the ceiling then walked out the door.

Movado was really the GODFATHER. Out there having his kids mentioning him in almost every sentence.

Father and I went around the back of car and she opened the door of the front beside the driver only for her brothers to stop her. Smirks on all their faces.

"Wait Jordan won't you say your final goodbyes to Kevin?" Lando, I think, said making way for the black hair boy we say earlier today.

He strutted over to her and the way he stared at her made it more than obvious how heads over heels he was for the girl. His green eyes dug into her brown ones and she opened her mouth as if to say something but he stopped her.

"I'm sorry it's like this." He whispered into her ear and I barely heard. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a hug. A hug which she seemed to wanted badly and one that made me very uneasy.

As if Lando could see my face expression he called out, "come now Kevin wouldn't want her husband to beat her on her very first night would you?"

He let go off her and she came into the car then it drove off leaving Kevin to stand there like a lost child.

Once the car drove up to our building I see Clara outside with my sisters, Dahlia and Khissy. Both of them with skin and hair like the sun and they were fat. Dahlia and Clara who were besties stood beside each other their arms folded across their chest and Khissy stood with her ever so often numb face.

Nothing could please that girl.

Father and I came out of the car first then Jordan with her bag hitched to her side. Dahlia and Clara came towards me.

"So this is the bitch you chose over Clara?" Dahlia whispered into my ears.

"Please tell me that what I've been hearing is a lie." Clara looked at me and when I didn't answer she ran off. I ran after her yelling to Khissy to show Jordan around. I looked around in time to see her roll her eyes and father shook his head and walked off.

I couldn't let Clara be pissed off like that without talking to her and giving her an explanation. I found her in her room tears spewing from her eyes and curled up in bed.

"Clara please listen. This wasn't my doing. Father set up the whole thing and by the time I heard what was happening I realized it was Movado's daughter so I was caught in a fish trap." The GODFATHER'S name caught her attention. She looked up at me with wide eyes.

"You mean the drug God and mafia King daughter is downstairs?"

"Yeah. It was too late to change, didn't want to upset the man. I promise I'm only going to marry her and nothing else... and maybe put one of my son in her." I grabbed her hands.

"I didn't know he had kids?" she seem to have been thinking about something different.

"Yeah three boys and her. I didn't even see him. They treated her badly."

"Well as long as you don't love her, I'm ok." She smiled and got up then pushed me down unto the bed.

A smirk on her face as she removed her clothes then started on my pants. Once she removed them she sucked my dick to oblivion. Once she was finished she climbed on top of me then eased herself down. I grabbed her waist helping her to bounce up and down.

The sound of our bodies crashing filled the room. I laid back easy as my dick went in and out of her without trouble.

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