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After being knocked out and returned home only to be guilted to get married to some guy, I went to his home to be met by three girls. Two naturally fat albinos and a white girl.

The tallest albino and the white girl approached him. The albino whispered something to him and he talked then the white spoke and out of nowhere I saw her runaway. He ran after her and shouted to the other albino to show me around.

His father and the other albino walked away.

"Come. I'm Khissy." She said. Clearly by her numb face and many piercing she was a goth. I liked goths.

"Cool name I love it." I beamed at her.

"Says the girl with the name Jordan." She said sarcastically. "Yours is way awesome." She looked at my bag. "That's all you brought?"

"Yeah I didn't pack for this." I jogged my head slightly.

She studied my face for a while. "Running away." She said in a question-statement way.

"How did you know." I asked but she just shrugged her shoulders, laughed and walked away.

I caught up to her and we walked and talked and laughed. She and the other albino girl, Dahlia, are sisters to Justin. Dahlia and the girl who ran off were best friends and the girl was Justin's girlfriend too. I was thrilled to hear that which meant he wouldn't have time for me and I could see who I wanted and made my father happy at the same time.

Two birds, one stone.

Khissy and her sister didn't have the strongest relationship mostly because of their different lifestyle. Khissy was a goth and 'Dahlia was a whore', not my words.

Khissy was a bit of a rebel as well. She has been to Juvy six times, lost her virginity at fourteen and street fight whenever she got the chance. I was in love with the girl. She didn't talk much or stared much. Just the right amount.

She had a boyfriend in town but she liked a man working for her brother, Steven. He flirted with her and she with him but she didn't want to push things too far especially that her sister really wanted to get with him.

She finally took me to my room which was packed with Justin things and a couple of some girl stuff.

"Is this the only available room?" I asked.

"I think you guys have to be in the same room."

"Well we're not married yet so I can sleep in my own room. Take me to another room please Khissy." I begged and she did.

She gave me a room between hers and Justin and in front of Dahlia's. There was a door that lead to her room which I left open. I felt close to her. The room was nice. A big king size bed with light blue duvet, two night stands at each side of the bed, a closet to the left of the bed and a mirrored drawer next to it. Right behind the bed was a window with light blue curtains with dolphins.

Her room was just like mine only with deep purple duvet and curtains. I dropped my bag and went into her room. I plopped down on her bed.

"Hey you wanna go out into town?"

"Can I?" I asked and she stared blankly at me. "I mean I tried to run away they won't want me to leave."

"Girl come on." She dragged my hand and before I knew it we were on her motorcycle and then in town.

Town is exactly what you would expect. Noisy vehicles and people. Music at every shop and corner. A market filled with smelly, loud and arrogant environment. A quiet spot for couples. Food places with people rushing in and out.

She parked the bike outside Donald's chicken and chips restaurant. It was blasting with music and the smell of cum. We walked up the cashier and she ordered two chicken and chip. We sat on chairs that were lined in front of a TV. Once we got the food we went out.

There were big blue umbrellas with chairs and tables under them that people sat around. There was also a big TV outside as well. We found a umbrella at the back in the dark and sat. The TV was on MTV, Billie Eilish 'bad guy' was on.

About two minutes later a tall specimen walked to our table I could hardly see him. He came around me and went to Khissy then planted a kiss on her lips.

"Babe, this is Jordan my sister in law." She told the boy but he barely looked at me as he buried his face in her bosom with her giggling. "This is Steven." She told me through mini moans.

Not wanting to be the third wheel I decided to get up and walk about. I knew the town I just didn't remember every crook and cranny of the place. Six years is a really long time, I don't care what my father said.

Right next to the restaurant was a bar. Flicking lights, more blasting nude music, nude hoes and lustful men. I walked inside, some of the guys staring me to death, some calling to me. I walked straight up the bartender, a sexy Indian with curly hair.

Weird right?

She asked me what I wanted and I had a hard time choosing. They didn't offer me liquor in prison, I was underage. She looked at me weird then asked how old I was. I glared at the hoe and opened my mouth to answer.

"She's just twenty one." A familiar voice spoke and I looked around to see Kevin. "She'll have a Rum Cream and I'll take a cup of Wray and nephew mixed with Pepsi." He turned to me.

"If you tell me you ran away again I might have to kill Justin myself."

"Why?" I liked flirting.

"Because we entrusted your life in his. If he let you get away without protection I'm gonna murder him." He stared into my eyes and it marveled how someone could change that much. Kevin was a dick six years ago, always trying to get into my pants.

"Ok sir. I never got to thank you Kevin and it's not our fault I'm here it was my stupid, reckless behavior. And -" I laughed.

He looked at me puzzled, "And what?"

"And I promised myself to fuck you like there's no tomorrow." The bartender returned with our liquor.

He took his and tasted it. "I look forward to that someday."

"How about tonight?" I put my hand on his thigh.

He looked at me lust clearly in his eyes but he refused me with a chuckle, "I know your still a virgin JD and I want you to be ready." He remembered his little nickname for me but that did not surpass the fact he belittled me.

I raised my eyebrows. "What makes you think I'm not ready now?"

"It's not like that it's just you should enjoy yourself, get back some of the years you missed. Am not going here you'll get the dick later on."

"O my god you think I'm not big enough. You think your better than me now. Fuck this." I got up to walk away but he grabbed my hand.

A smile on his face, "Trust me that's the last thing I'm thinking. I'm worried you won't be able to take the pressure I come with. I could never think I'm better than you when it's taking all my will power not fuck you right here on the counter top."

His few words sent shivers to my spine and I swear I got wet. I rubbed my thighs together for just the thought of him inside me drove me crazy. He looked at my reaction and smirked. His fucking handsome face.

His hand traveled to my waist and I bit my tongue, "I don't even have the power to kiss you."

"Jordan." I heard Khissy's voice but the trance I was in had me in one place. Her hand grabbed mine and tried to pull me away but Kevin's hold dug into my waist.

I heard a gun go off and I turned to see Justin. "let her go bro or I swear." He pointed the gun at Kevin who didn't even budge, but the people in the bar did. Some slowly left while some just went back to what they were doing.

"Wait I know him." I backed up onto Kevin and felt what he was trying to keep down earlier. It felt huge against my backside.

"Tell him to let you go now." He barked.

"I told you I know him."

"I don't care I need to keep you safe Jordan." He walked closer to us.

Look what my father reduced me to. Letting a man drive me away from something I wanted.

I turned to Kevin and kissed him on the cheek then removed myself from his grasped. "I have to go Kevin."

He swept his hand over his face then tucked them into his pockets.

When we reached to my new home Justin started on us, mostly Khissy.

"Why would you do that? You know she has a tendency to run away and harming herself, yet you still brought her out." She faced Khissy whose eyes were now in shock.

"I didn't know but she'll never do that you guys just placed her in a bad position. Anyone would have done the same."

He groaned, "You never understand things Khissy, I'm going to tell dad you endangered MOVADO's daughter." He literally screamed my father's name.

"Fine and I'll just tell him you hit me." She smirked.

"You wouldn't?" he questioned and she didn't answer. He stormed off in annoyance.

We went into her room and started talking about Kevin

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