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After my time with Clara I went to my room to look for Jordan but to my surprise she wasn't there. I went to Khissy's room and she wasn't there either. My heart went to my throat. I knew Khissy when she met new people and just hoped she didn't take Jordan out.

I walked to the guys who worked out in the front and asked if they knew where my sister and Jordan are. They said they both left on Khissy's bike.

I definitely had a heart failure. I jumped on my own bike and decided to check out Khissy's favorite place. Donald's Chicken and chips restaurant. She was at the back with some guy who had his hand in my sister's pants. I shoved her away from the loser.

"Where's she?" I gripped her arm.

"she was here a while ago I swear."

"If anything happens to her ammo forget you're my sister Khissy." I barked and I realized how savage it was but that was the least that would happen if we lost her.

We searched the compound thoroughly but no Jordan. Khissy decided to check the bar and I went behind her. Low and behold was Jordan with the nigger from her home in a steamy conversation and I went livid. For some reason I didn't like the way he looked at her, held on to her or the way she wanted to stay with him.

She didn't even budge when Khissy called, the nigger had her hooked. In anger and jealousy -I think- I released a bullet upwards hitting the ceiling. A few folks walked out and the rest remained.

"Let her go bro or I swear." I pointed the gun at him but he remained composed.

"Wait I know him." She braced up on him and her eyes went wild when her ass touched his front. The fucker smirked.

"Tell him to let you go." I barked and hoped they didn't hear the possession in my voice.

"I told you I know him." She continued.

I walked closer to them and I could smell how wet the dude made her, pretty sure he could smell it too. "I don't care I need to keep you safe Jordan." And he rolled his eyes.

She thought for a while then turned around to kiss him and wriggle from his hold. "I have to go Kevin,"

He raked his hand over his face then placed them into his jeans pocket. Motherfucker thought he was going to get some Jordan pussy tonight. Guess not.

At home in the corridors outside Khissy's room door I decided to clear my mind. I couldn't exactly piss the girl off so I took it out on Khissy.

"Why would you do that? You know she have a tendency to run away and harming herself, yet you still brought her out." I barked at her and she became shocked as if she didn't know.

"I didn't know but she'll never do that you guys just placed her in a bad position. Anyone would have done the same." She said with sass.

I groaned, "You never understand things Khissy, I'm going to tell dad you endangered MOVADO's daughter." She clearly didn't understand the estimate of the situation.

"Fine and I'll just tell him you hit me." She smirked.

"You wouldn't?" I questioned my sister and she didn't answer. Realizing she was serious and that I couldn't tell father I rushed off to my room.

I waited for almost two hours for her to come into our room but she didn't. I knocked on Khissy's door.

"Go away"

"Where's Jordan?"

"Next door. Now leave pervert." I knew what that meant.

I opened the door between mines and Khissy's room and wished I had knocked. She was standing right in front of the door in a guy's T-shirt and boxers that fit her every curve and round touches. She had a few chubbiness going on but she was still packing some sexy.

"What?" she looked at me with disgust.

"We shouldn't sleep in different rooms."

"We're not married yet." She spat and I realized her point.

"So who was that guy?" she walked towards me and held on to the door.

"He used to work for my father."

My mouth decided to just speak without thinking, "Are those his clothes?"

She twitched and her nostrils flared. He was definitely her man but he never fucked her before. I laughed inwardly when I realized I took his girl before he could fuck her. The look he gave me in the bar as if he were a dangerous man and now I have his girl that he can't touch.

"Is that all you want?" she questioned ignoring my question. How do I tell her I want to fuck her right now? Virgin or not.

"Yeah ammo-" she closed the door in my face probably to go think about her man.

If Clara could read minds I would be dead.

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