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Carlos had been working me to the abyss ever since he started to run things, literally not even twenty-four hours yet. I respected Movado, loved him even but his decision made everyone tired and out of their minds lately.

Carlos had me kill two guys who saw him do a drug exchange. Killing was pretty much nothing to me but at the rate he had me killing people sooner or later I'd have no soul. After I did as he asked I walked to my favorite bar. Dons Dineros which was right beside Donald's chicken and chips restaurant.

As I entered I saw Nakieth, an Indian bartender whom I usually get down with whenever I felt stress. Tonight was one of those times. She was looking at a girl who was sitting in front of her. The girl's clothes looked oddly familiar to me but it couldn't be.

They weren't stupid enough to let her go out by herself. Were they? As I approached the counter I realized it was Jordan. Nakieth asked her how old she was and she gave Nakieth an attitude.

"She's just twenty-one." I spoke and she looked around with those incredible brown eyes. "She'll have a Rum Cream and I'll take a cup of Wray and nephew mixed with Pepsi."

Nakieth looked at me and smiled but showed signs that she wanted to know how I knew Jordan. That was a problem I was having with girls I randomly slept with, they wanted more than I wanted to give them.

I looked at Jordan as she sat there like some lost soul. Even though she gained weight she was just perfect, at least in my eyes. "If you tell me you ran away again I might have to kill Justin myself.

How could he let her out of his sight? What if I hadn't seen her and some gang decided to... even the thought of it made me pissed. I knew she could handle herself but she hadn't trained in six years and she wasn't in shape.

"Why?" she smiled her pretty whites.

"Because we entrusted your life in his. If he let you get away without protection I'm gonna murder him." I searched her eyes to see if she felt anything for me other than the resentment I knew she had for me years ago.

Truth was years ago I was just a teenager acting on my hormones. All I wanted was to just fuck her and nothing else. I really did like her back then too but teenage guys just thought fucking was everything.

"Ok sir. I never got to thank you Kevin and it's not your fault I'm here it was my stupid, reckless behavior. And -" she stopped and laughed.

I looked at her trying to figure out if she really blamed herself or she was being sarcastic. She was known for her sarcastic ass back then. "And what?"

"And I promised myself to fuck you like there was no tomorrow." I nearly choked on her at how raw she was about it but Nakieth returned with our orders giving me a slight wink.

I took a sip of my drink. "I look forward to that someday." Pictures of her naked body pouring through my mind.

Without warning her hand traveled to my thigh and it felt just about right. I didn't want her to move it. "How about tonight?"

It was strange for the girl who rejected me all those years ago to be pushing on me now. I loved it but it was dangerous I didn't just want her to fuck me because she felt like she owed me. I wanted her to get to know me.

I looked at her innocent body that no one has touched and wondered if I were worthy. Girls that I slept with said I was big and I wouldn't want her first time to be painful beyond pleasure. "I know you're still a virgin JD and I want you to be ready."

She raised her eyebrows. "What makes you think I'm not ready now?"

"It's not like that it's just you should enjoy yourself, get back some of the years you missed. Am not going anywhere you'll get the dick later on."

"O my god you think I'm not big enough. You think your better than me now. Fuck this." She got up and started to walk away. Clearly pissed. I wasn't about to let her go so I grabbed her hand.

She didn't even know the vile things that ran through my mind. I smiled. "Trust me that's the last thing I'm thinking. I'm worried you won't be able to take the pressure I come with. I could never think I'm better than you when it's taking all my will power not fuck you right here on the counter top."

She rubbed her thighs together which made me smirk. My hand traveled to her waist and she bit her tongue. My mouth traveled to her ear. "I don't even have the power to kiss you."

Out of nowhere a fat albino girl comes up to us. "Jordan." But Jordan remained in the same place so the girl grabbed her arm and tried to pull Jordan away but I dug my hold into her waist.

Justin, her soon to be husband fired his gun and stared at us. Something told me he didn't like her being close to me. "let her go bro or I swear." He pointed the gun at me as if trying to prove a point. I've had so many guns stuck to my head that I've lost count. A group of women walked out of the bar, clearly the ones who weren't used to a little conflict.

If Justin was around I couldn't be seen flirting with his soon to be wife. It could damage the deal he made with Carlos which could ruin something for Movado.

"Wait I know him." Jordan rubbed her soft ass on my hard dick and hoped she didn't feel the length of it. It was then I smelled that she was wet. I wanted to move but my body was just a prick.

Her against me certainly angered him but he tried to keep his composure. "Tell him to let you go now."

"I told you I know him." She insisted and pressed against me even harder.

"I don't care I need to keep you safe Jordan." He inched closer and I struggled to keep my thoughts to myself.

If he wanted to keep her safe why the fuck was she here by herself in the first place?

She stood for a while in thoughts then turned to me and left a soft kiss on my cheek. She released herself from my grasped and I felt cold. "I have to go Kevin."

In frustration I ran my hand over to my face then flung them into my pockets. He left with her and I turned to Nakieth. A smirk on her face.

I waited on her to finish up her shift and we left to her home. She lived in a scheme where all the houses were weirdly painted and designed the same. She dragged me by the collar to her room with me wondering about Jordan. I tried to put the girl to the back of my head as Nakieth and I removed our clothes in a faster than light speed.

Her tan skin curdling under my touch. She laid on the bed opening her legs for me. When I slid in it was like putting your foot in a big shoe. She fucked a lot like a stray dog. Her moans were almost quiet because she wasn't feeling anything either.

I flipped her over on her knees in hope that I'd feel something but I didn't. Just nothing. Nothing at all only the blasting sound of my skin against hers as our body hit together. Me groping her worn out breast that she fooled people with when she wears cuff bra.

Other than those little pieces, our sex was nothing and felt like nothing.

I pulled out and she placed me dick in her mouth and that was the only time I started to feel the sensation. She licked and flipped my tip. I came in her face and drop to rest beside her.

I got up around five the next morning and left her asleep. When I reach home Carlos and his brothers were having a meeting so I went to see Movado.

He was in his study early in the morning as usual. His face at ease to see me. When I was six my father left to marry a rich woman and my mother died after from stress, maybe. I was living on the road eating from trash.

I remember one night after not eating for days I was in an alley and I saw some guys exchanging drugs. They saw me and carried me to Movado to die but he couldn't. He raised me like his kids you couldn't tell that I wasn't his son.

It was at fifteen, when we all started training to work, that I tried to distant myself from the boys. I was going through the phase were I wanted to find myself. And fuck.

"Hey Kevin boi where's jay?" he asked not even looking sleepy.

"He's with Carlos and Lando." I sat in front of him. "Do you want me to get them?"

"No he's been slacking off lately Kevin. You're going to have to do it for me."

I leaned in closer to him. "Anything?"

"I want you to work for me?" he proclaimed and I laughed. I was already working for him. "I'm not kidding Kev I want you to work specially for me. Just for me."

My mouth formed an o. He wanted me to just take and do things for him. Not from his son or his business. Just him. Which meant I would have little to nothing to do and I would be more than happy working for him, my practical father.

"Of course." I laughed once again. "Do I have a first task?"

"Well," he leaned back into his comfy dark brown chair. "Starting today I want you to train Jordan nonstop. Get her out of her room and on her feet. I can't imagine what runs through her mind. Going away as a teenage girl." He shook his head.

If he thought Jordan was in her room, then he didn't know that she's about to get married. Which meant that Carlos didn't tell his father and he probably wouldn't have agreed. I wondered if I should have told him or go get Jordan. It then hit me that Carlos was leader now and he had the right to do anything for his business and he must have seen something to gain from marring off Jordan. If I was to disturb it then I'd be in deep shit.

"I always knew you had a weak spot for her Kevin so ammo let it slide if you want to get serious with her. But only you." His face grew stern.

"Yes sir I will try my best to get her back into shape."

"Good. Now go I've got things to handle." He shewed me and I left.

What was Carlos up to?

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