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Khissy and I talked about Kevin and his new personality and how good looking he was- you know the regular stuff girls discuss about guys in secret. After a while I felt drowsy from the long, unpleasant day I had so I left her and went to my room to have a bath.

The bathroom was nothing over the top. A toilet to the left, a sink the opposite of it and a glass shower. Our bathrooms back home were more sophisticated than theirs, then again we were much better.

Once I finished my bath and washing my panty, I dressed in Kevin's blue shirt that stopped at my mid-thigh and his Tom and Jerry underpants. After I dried my hair and was heading into the bed someone rudely barged in.

Justin. His face regretted not knocking. For once I saw something other than ice and annoyance in his blue eyes. He roamed my thighs with those blue eyes and licked his lip. Stupid boy.

"What?" I placed my hands to my side and scrunched up my face.

He finally looked at my face. "We shouldn't sleep in different room."

"We're not married yet." My left eyebrow raised. And I really hope we didn't marry until ten more years. I wouldn't want to have to sleep with him knowing he had a girlfriend and also I didn't want him to be my first. My eyes were set on Kevin weirdly because six years ago I would've rather die than have him even look at me.

After a couple of seconds of silence, he spoke and broke my thoughts. "So who was that guy?"

"He used to work for my father." I walked towards the door and held it ready to shut him out once he got too much for me to handle.

"Are those his clothes?" he asked and it took me off gaud. I was prepared for something a little over the top but not that.

"Is that all you want?" I ignored his fucking interrogation.

Not wanting to hear whatever he had to say I closed the door in his face. Once I laid on the bed and was no longer angry my mind wandered to Kevin and how gentle and caring he got. I wondered if stupid Justin hadn't disturbed us if he would have fucked me. I would've loved that- I think.

Who cares about a little pain. A girl like me has had worse. Gun shots, bows of arrows, knives, swords, batons, a good sturdy fist and car hits. I've had them all.

My second night out of prison and I had to spend it in someone else's home. I hated Carlos and my brother but him more than most. I wished father would see that I was just as valuable as they were. Who went to prison for six years? Who killed four drug lords at age fourteen? Who was the best with weapons?

I saw no reason why I wasn't as cherished as they were.

After turning and twisting in bed I finally found comfort and went to sleep. Somehow Kevin crept into my dreams. To be clear it wasn't a PG dream. We were having a fight sex, if that was even a thing.

I woke up feeling rather giddy inside then remembered the dream. It was only a dream and I wished it wasn't. I wished it was real and happened every night or whenever he wanted.

Stupid girl, I thought to myself as I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror. What looked back at me was terrifying. A fat, out of shape girl with black thick hair that reached her shoulders, brown eyes and pathetic written all over her face.

How did I expect father to appreciate me if I looked like a pig who couldn't protect herself or anyone? That must have been the reason he made Carlos marry off like a goat, because I looked like mother- a housewife.

It was at that very moment my old aggressive thoughts kicked in. I needed to start intense, kickass training. I hopped into the shower and had a bath. When I was finished and dried myself, I returned to my room and found Khissy on my bed.

Rested and relaxed.

"Don't you people knock around here?" I asked as I dropped my towel in front of her and got dressed.

"Girl guess who talked to me this morning when I went to the refrigerator?" her face looked happier than a little kid who won a trip to Disney land.

I shrugged my shoulders and she continued. "Steven and it wasn't just a normal hey and meaningless flirting, he fricking said he liked me."

"Your lying?" I asked and sat beside her. She shook her head. "O my god. Are you going to..." I paused and nodded my head hopping she'd pick up what I was getting at.

"I mean I have a current boyfriend and Dahlia already wants to fuck Steven."

There was a brief silence.

"But I don't care about any of those facts. Ammo get with him." She stared at the ceiling.

"That a girl." I responded and she turned to me.

"And what about you?"

"I got a reckoning this morning I have to find myself. This." I pointed to my body, "has to go."

Her eyes went wide. "you weren't always like this?"


"What about kevin?"

"Kevin is ok I dreamt about him last night but I have priorities, missions and a task to succeed for my father. I have to get my old self back."

She looked at me clueless as if I spoke another language.

"I have to start training again." I told her and she went into more shock.

"Why would you need to train? Hello daughter of Movado here." She pointed at me.

"That's not how it works back at my home. My father made me do everything the boys did and I loved it."

I really did love it. I was fit and could defend myself from others. It was amazing not having to wait around for men to do things for you or protect you from every living thing.

"Well you could train with Steven and the boys in gym. And it would be a good opportunity for you to keep an eye on him for me and listen to stuff they say inside there."

I turned to her in confusion "Why don't you just come along."

"Jordan your home and mine are two different places. Me and my sister are not allowed to do anything but eat, sleep, clean, wash, cook and shit. We are daughters of the drug lord not members of his gang." She seemed rather happy with that.

I could never be. I didn't plan on being some housewife anytime soon and hoped that Justin didn't want that either. If he did I would have to kill him in his sleep.


"I can go today right?" I questioned.

"Yeah. When your done you can find me in my room." She walked to her room.

I hauled on a red T-shirt with super bowl in brown and yellow on it and a underpants. They were all I got. When I got to the gym it was empty. At 5 in the morning I didn't expect anyone to be honest.

Before I went to prison I used to spend my life in the gym from 3a.m to 11p.m I was used to being alone. It was how I operated, that didn't like being around people while training, I just like training by myself more than half of the day.

By 6:30 people started coming in when I was already sweaty and was on the bicycle.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing in here?" a tall guy with brown hair said with his towel over his shoulder. "Does Justin know of this?"

"I don't know and I don't care." I responded with an attitude.

"Down now missy I just want to make sure Justin is ok."

"Well he is." I lied.

The rest -two white dudes with blonde hair, the tallest of them had green eyes and the other blue- stared at me and smirked.

"When Justin said he was getting a wife I thought she would have been really fat and ugly. Right Steven?" the tallest asked.

The brown hair one answered who was Steven, Khissy's lover boy. "Yeah I guess." He threw his towel aside and started on some weights.

Soon after the Carla girl came and her face went angry seeing me. she looked at the men then at me again. If it made her that angry to see me training imagine what she would do if she saw me all fit and shapified. She'd blow up.

"What is she doing here?" she asked Steven who ignored her.

"Aum I'm right here." I bit back which made her aggravated and the guys to laugh.

"I'm not blind pretty girl" she rolled her eyes.

I must have wanted to test out my fighting skills or I just really wanted to hit the girl but I felt myself move from where I was to where she was. Acting on her dumb instincts she broadened herself as I approached her.

"What was that?" I asked gripping the towel in my hand.

She stepped closer, "You think just because you're gonna marry Justin that it gives you eternal protection and happiness."

"No only when I fuck him." My face devoid of any emotions. They guys all laughed but kept their eyes on us.

She couldn't hold her anger against any more. "You little bitch." She grabbed me by the hair which hurt like a motherfucker. The guys got up and rushed to us to pull us apart but I punched Carla in the gut and wriggled from her hold before they could move us.

I held her by the head then kneed her in the face. Her nose bleed like the river Nile. She was tough, she touched the blood then gave me a hard blow to the face. I fell to the ground. I kicked her of her feet then got on her. Punching like crazy. I took the towel off the ground, wrapped it around her neck then got up heaving her neck by the cloth.

Her face purple and I could see the life slowing leaving her as Justin barged in completely shocked. He rushed over to us and roughly tried to tug my hand from the towel. He failed and I gave him a punch so hard pretty sure he saw stars. The guys held him up.

Damn I was still good.

Accomplishing that I won and that I was still great at killing I let the towel go to watch her face flourished with life. She coughed, her eyes wet as Justin walked her out.

They guys turned to me a smile tugged at their lips. The blondies fist bumped each other laughing.

"Damn shorty I didn't know you could fight and that good too. Carla is one of the best here. Did you usually train back home?" Steven asked still taken back by my little show.

"Maybe." I walked back to what I was doing earlier. Punching the bag.

"Richie I wonder if she's better than Justin?" the tallest white guy asked.

Before Richie could answer Steven butted in, "Hey Jordan we're going to do physical combat you want to join? Floyd is going to need a partner." He turned to the shortest guy.

"Really bro?" Floyd asked and they all laughed.

"Yeah I guess." I answered throwing the towel down.

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