The Lone Wolf

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"I'm just a lone wolf who lost everything he loved." My world, sanity, personality, family, broke as the world was thrown into chaos when the hunters took over. My name is Luminex and I'm hunting down the bastards that destroyed my life, "If I go down I might as well take you with me, but you ain't going to paradise you're going straight to down to eternal suffering"

Action / Fantasy
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My Life Is Different . . .

Now you would expect the title to be something like The Fierce Werewolf, or The Unexpected hero. No . . . I'm not fierce and I am not a hero. I'm just a lone wolf who lost everything he loved. My name is Luminex. I am a werewolf with a white tail and white hair. Multi-colored eyes, green, yellow, and blue. I have two katanas given (Ahem or to say I took it) by my father. I am not your average type of werewolf. My parents say I'm one of a kind. The other kids call me a mutant. To be honest I don't know who I am. My brother Jet is the only person who understands me. We look like twins, except for the fact that I am a year older than him and he has icy blue eyes. Although Jet looks tough on the outside he is actually a teddy bear on the inside. He easily gets scared and hates the cold. On the other hand, I may look like a cuddly person you could pet and hug, (I DARE you to try that) but I'm a person who will bite back. I also love the cold and hate hot days. In my city, there are three main types of people: The Kind, the Jerks, and the Traitors. The Kind is those people that are really nice, they offer people that are living out in the streets a place to stay. They will cook food for communities, and do anything else that helps out with other people. The Jerks on the other hand are . . . you guessed it, jerks. They will set fires on purpose, harass the little kids, steal things and make everyone's life a living hell. The traitors . . . well, we don't like to talk about them. They join a human organization called WH or the Werewolf Hunters. They try to get into our city and cause mass genocide. They want to kill us because they think we're "imperfect" or the "glass in a smooth and clean beach" whatever that means. Luckily we have a great security force. We put a stop to it every time. My father calls them "Idiots" since they don't learn when to stop. Speaking about my father, he works in the WSF or Werewolf Security Force. He is a commander, Jet doesn't think much about fighting hand-to-hand combat. He is more about bows. Pathetic if you ask me. My mom is a gentle and sweet woman. She cooks the best burgers in probably the whole city. Jet is more a fish guy. I know right? I don't know any other single werewolf who likes fish. I told him he should live in Cat town. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the other two sides. There are the werecats and the werefoxes. Werecats are more on the magic and healing side. The werefoxes have machinery and guns and big vehicles. They're experts with guns. Enough talking, let's jump back maybe about 8 years to when it all started.

------------------------------8 Years Ago---------------------------------

"Oh, where has your hyper brother gone off to now?" Father asked, rushing through the house with his uniform on.

I sat on the floor watching my father rush through the house dressed for combat. I didn't know what he did most of the time, all I knew is that he captures some bad guys trying to get into our city. Whenever I asked why they were trying to get in. He would always reply, "Maybe when you are older Luminex, now isn't the time to explain." Well, I am older, I'm eight, I should be old enough to be with Father fighting the bad guys.

I sighed, getting up. "I will find him, Father. Don't worry."

Father kissed my cheek and rushed outside. Mother sighed.

"Can't believe he's the leader of the army, he is always late. Anyways go find your brother he may be watching the archers."


Mother looked up from her cooking. "Don't be like that now, both of you at least like one thing in common: Combat."

I shook my head. "No, using bows is like being scared and being far away from the enemy."

"Possibly, but it's still fighting right?"


Mother gave me a stern look and I stopped talking.

She went back to cooking. "Go find your brother, tell him I'm making sushi and burgers."

I nodded and headed out of the door, imagining all the burgers I could eat. Little did I know . . . that was the last time I would be seeing home.

I stepped out and breathed the cold winter air. It was snowing, I had only had shorts on. Mother tried so many times to get me to wear a shirt. I hate shirts it feels so uncomfortable, especially for my tail. Also, I'm used to the coldest weather so it really doesn't matter.

I ran across the street heading towards the archery camp, where the soldiers practice with bows and arrows. I passed Mr. Mures' yard. I loved his yard, it was full of flowers and shiny rocks. I passed a fast food shop. The smell of meat hit my nose. I stopped and stared through the window. I was about to step in when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around just in time to see a person with black robes turn into a dark alleyway, as they left their wallet fell out and onto the floor.

"Hey! Wait up, you forgot something!" I ran towards the wallet and picked it up. Then I ran off into the dark alleyway.

I eventually met a dead-end. It was dark and gloomy. Suddenly the shadows bent in from of me and the person with the robes appeared. I blinked and the person was gone.

"Hello? You forgot your wallet."

A voice came out of nowhere. "Oh, yes my wallet. Thank you for being so kind to return it to me."

I looked around, no one. The voice was male for sure. It was deep also. The person appeared in front of me. He took off his robes revealing me, but with pure red eyes.

I grinned, someone had to be messing with me. "Woah, it's like I'm looking in a mirror but I look evil!"

He nodded. "Ah, you see me? That means you would make a perfect host!"

I laughed nervously. "Wait- what now?"

He flew towards me and the last thing I remember before passing out was his red eyes, it seemed to be burned into my mind. Then I was out.

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