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For Alex Lorence being invisible isn't as easy as it seems to be lately. She lives life on the edge. "I am merely a stranger to those oblivious around me. That's untill....everything changes. I now hold on to fate as to what will come next. What could possibly go wrong if one found out about my true identity? Cross my heart hope to die...right?" BUT I MET HIM. I just knew that I had never met a person like him. He masks his emotions like a king while everyone obeys and bows down. He never stands down in front of anyone except when I push his buttons he lets his guard down. For some reason, I was that person who questioned without getting consequences; severe consequences as in... death. Would I be that lucky person or was my punishment yet to come? _____ "How do you manage to not have decay-" "It's called brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day... you should try it." I say but he rolls his eyes. "I do brush!" I laugh at his response. "I meant the lollipop silly..." I continued chuckling softly until he comes to a stop at our destination. I finished my lollipop and was ready to leave but Mythias pulls me towards him. He kisses me softly then demanding entrance as he tastes me. I tugged his incredibly soft hair as he kissed me hungrily but I pull away. We look at each other until he plasters on another smirk. "You said to try it"

Action / Romance
Krystal Davon
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I walk out of my apartment in my grey sweater and jeans while I struggle to hold the bucket of ice cold water. I creep along the hallway to the door opposite mine and unlock it. I slide against the polished wooden floor in my anklet socks as I enter a lounge and walk straight to the small hallway and enter the open bedroom door.

A huge smile forms on my face when I get close enough to Jace. My best friend and partner in crime. I let out a sigh as I tip the bucket on his bare back since he was laying on his stomach.

“Whatta FUCKKKK!!!” JACE whines as he rolls out of bed and rubs his green eyes. He stood there with his blonde hair soaked and panting as if he ran a marathon. He stares in shock and I fall into laughter while snapping a quick picture of him in the process.

“Just so you know, you asked for this Lexi” He narrows his eyes at me and lunges forward like a predator catching it’s prey. Luckily I dodge to my right and see him groaning on the floor.

“Get up lazy ass we have got shit to do today” I say while crossing my arms over my chest. To be honest it was his fault. Last week he had specially made slime and poured it on my head. I smelt of borax a whole weekend. Not fun.

“Shut up motherfucker” He says in a harsh tone while leaping off the floor heading towards the bathroom.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed today” I say while stretching the someone sarcastically and earning a glare from him.

“I’m leaving in five.” With that Jace slams the door and I make a run for it to my apartment room. We shared a corolla although I need to buy a car soon. When he says five, he means it. Once I went down to the car park 4 minutes late and he already ran off to work so I had to take a cab. Such an idiot.

I leave on my grey sweater and put on a jacket on top with my navy blue converse. I manage to put my hair in a messy bun while pulling out strands to cover my fair skin face. Remembering I had an interview today, I put on a bit of mascara, top eyeliner and nude lipstick. Before stepping out with my brown backpack I quickly put on my grey contact lenses over my baby blue eyes.

I jog downstairs and see Jace in the car revving the engine. I laugh as I get inside and we both head to the traffic that would lead us to work. Ewww. But you gotta do what you gotta do. With that in mind Jace and I end up singing work from home out loud not minding the many stares around us.

We both sign in at the reception and hop onto the elevator leading us to our site, the assistance building. We were having a visit from our ‘boss’ as he calls himself. Our CEO hardly ever showed up though the president (second rank to CEO) was intimidating enough with his pressed suit and clean hair cut.

I was really nervous to say as Jace slips into the sound system room. He was a DJ and a sound technician for our company when we held charity events and galas. I on the other hand was a photographer, easy and simple.

I had no idea our original photographer Jim, had moved to Washington D.C which left an open space for assistant photographers like me. I was told to come for a meeting with a model I had worked with. Her name was Bella Wingham, she was perfect in everyway.

The shoulder length dirty blonde hair with dark blue eyes which lit up her plump red matted lips. We both exchange ‘hi’s’ and turn to Mr. Wallace’s office up a short flight of steps.

Just as an awkward silence befell unto us the assistant of Mr. Wallace rushes to us while placing a pen in her slick bun. She knocks before we hear a ‘come in’ and the three of us enter. I had never been to his office which was twice as large as our small comparted booth like rooms that we shared. There was a mahogany red desk in which he sat behind.

There was a sofa with a coffee table to the left which overlooked the traffic below and to the right was file cabinets and a shelf. In front were three chairs lined in which the middle one was occupied by what seemed to be a tall man. Great. Awkward. Mr. Wallace motions for us to take a seat, as we do I walk to the right side of the man that sat in the middle.

I caught a glimpse of him and almost choked on my spit as I take my seat. Who was this Greek god sent from heaven? I looked over his bronze toned brown hair that was medium length textured with caramel brown eyes that was no doubt directed at Bella though without a second he turned and faced towards me.

I could feel my cheeks flush as his gaze burned through my features when I look ahead.

I slightly lower my head so that my long bangs could cover my cheeks only to hear Mr. Wallace break the silence that filled in a matter of seconds.

“Ms. Wingham and Ms. Adam, meet our CEO, Mr. Hale.” He speaks as Mr. Hale shakes his hand with Bella and extends his hand towards me.

I take his much larger and rough hand with my skinny long ones that almost disappeared while shaking his hand.

He narrows his eyes and I can’t help but wonder what he thinks of me, hopefully not noticing the minor details I have disguised myself with. He holds onto my hand for a while more than lets it go before speaking in a smooth deep voice.

“This is your best model and photographer?” He questions while pointing me as the model and Bella as a photographer. Well I did leave my camera to my assistant to set up but clearly Bella is the beautiful one. She even as a fucking perfect name to top that off. I am left to wonder yet again when Mr. Wallace breaks my train of thoughts.

“Yes Mr. Hale. Bella is a top model and Evie is the best photographer here” I lift my eyebrows at him when Mr. Hale nods approvingly and glances towards Bella.

“Send another photographer to me by the end of the day. Evie follow me.” He says briefly as he gets up to button his navy blue suit. I gawk at him when he says to get another photographer when I was instructed to follow him. The assistant adjusts her glasses beside Mr.Wallace while Bella looks pale when I hear a throat clearing.

“Evie is the photographer Mr. Hale” Mr. Wallace says while getting in front of his desk.

“Well then another model it is by the end of the day. Good day now Mr. Wallace” He says with a blank expression as I furrow my eyebrows at the buff looking bodyguard I noticed who nods for me to follow.

That was awkward...as hell. I leave with every worker staring at us clueless or more like the freaking CEO heading for the elevators. I feel my cheeks flush as Mr. Hale and the bodyguard enters.

I had grabbed my brown backpack from Jace as he casually walked passed knowing I go everywhere with it. He knew me too well. Before the elevator doors closed I hopped in to find my self facing the front awkwardly while hearing furious tapping on a phone. From the reflection of the door I see the Greek god typing away while seeing his jaw tick. Woah...he was definitely pissed.

As soon as we hit the ground floor, we were headed to a black limousine. The bodyguard held the door for him and I to get in. I slide and sit across from Mr. Pissed on the white leather seat. I was dying from this silence that could be sliced with a knife.

I was caught from deciding to take out my phone from my bag or take out something to eat from my bag. Yep, I kept food in there. Never know when you feel hungry...like I was...at the moment.

Mr. Silent was glued on his phone while I tried to aimlessly make things out of the tinted windows. Trees...mostly. If I guessed correctly. I stuffed both my hands in my jacket pocket which to my surprise I find a lollipop.

I then contemplate whether I should eat it or not when my fingers betray my thoughts and rips open the wrapper. I stuff the watermelon flavored lollipop in my mouth as I suck on it while moving it to either sides of my cheeks with my tongue.

It’s a habit. I start to think as to why this dumbass of a CEO decided to get a photographer moved to another of his companies. I’m interrupted with my genius, possible explanations (note the sarcasm) when I hear a loud cough.

Immediately I am met with his dark caramel eyes.

He narrowed his eyes on me when he simply asks “What is your name?...your real name Evie?” He seethes while stretching the name Evie. Oh well time for the next move. Which was a reckless thought but this motherfucker was on to me and I couldn’t let that happen. He was probably one of them.

Those people from my past.

I had noticed the car was slowing down as I took my chance and opened the door on my right without a second thought and hopped off with much courage....or what little I had of it. Take a leap of faith...right?

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