The Arcane Order

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The Truth Slaps me. Literally

I wasn’t so sure if this slang talking, pirate had the answers I was looking for. The only reason I decided to listen was because I couldn’t find plane tickets back to California, on top of mountain which was very inconveniently located for people like me who’ve been kidnapped, and need a way back home.

When the old lady sat down, I thought I could see, just maybe, a glimpse of sympathy in her eyes. Maybe she really did want to help me. If that was the case, I had no other choice but to listen.

“So,” She started, “Where should we start?”

“First of all, who are you, and how do you know my name?” I seemed to be asking that question a lot lately.

“Well boy, I’m the girl of your dreams!” She started chuckling.

“Very funny. Are you a pirate or something? Why are you dressed like one?”

“Pah! Do I have big ol’ beard, and a patch on my eye?” She snorted. I wanted to reply, ‘No, just peach fuzz’, but I didn’t want Grandma to give me a woopin’.

“Ok, so you’re not a pirate-” Before I could finish, she leaned over the table and started spitting words at my face,

“Darn right, I’m not! Insult me like that again and I’ll bop ya upside the head, got it?” Instead of letting me squeal my answer, she continued, “Anyway, you wanted some answers. Let me warn you, the truth ain’t pretty... I brought you here because-”

I cut her off, ”You brought me here? You sent Bob? Do you know how many times I almost died? My parents could easily press charges against a stunt like that!” I felt kind of silly talking about taking her to court. I’ve never said anything like that, nor did I ever really care about the subject anyway. I really wanted this lady to pay. It just didn’t seem right that she could send someone to kidnap me (even if it was a giant tortoise), and get away with it! Someone was bound to find out about this anyway... Right?

She stuttered, “Zane... About your parents...”

“What about my parents? They’re on a business trip in San Francisco, it’s not like anything could have happened to them-” I heard a whistle in the background.

“Oop, tea’s ready!” She got up to grab the tea off the stove.

I didn’t really have a chance to study the room until now. When the old lady asked me follow her, she led me to a small cave near a cliff on the peak of the mountain. It had a small wooden door that looked as if it would fall off its hinges if pulled any harder than she gently opened it. The inside of the cave was very dark until she lit a small lantern that was placed on the middle of a small table. In front of the table, was a large bonfire that strangely seemed to have nothing to fuel it. To the left of the bonfire, was an old green sleeping bag that was stuffed with hay. The whole set-up of the cave, reminded me of a mid-evil home in which peasants would live in.

The old lady sat back down with a tea pot, “Anyways, let me properly introduce myself. My name’s Melodie, And my students call me Mrs. Mell.

“Students?” I asked, “Aren’t you a bit old to be a teacher?”

“Old? Boy, I’m a middle aged woman compared to the Alpha!” She developed a face that looked as if she caught herself saying something that she wasn’t supposed to mention.

“I’m just not gonna ask.” I decided, “So who exactly do you teach?”

“A large group of children, about your age. They call us the Jagers!”

“Wait, doesn’t that mean ‘hunter’ in German?”

“Very good, child.”

“So is that like your mascot, or-”

She started busting out with laughter, “BAHAHAHA! Mascot, Zane, you’re hilarious!” She wiped away a tear with her finger.

“Well if hunters aren’t your mascots, that would mean you teach fifteen-year olds how to kill animals. And you’re an old lady.”

Melodie leaned over the table and slapped me right across the face. “Call me an old lady again, and I’ll go and get the belt!”

“Yes ma’am!” I quickly straightened my posture and folded my hands into my lap, maybe as a show of respect.

“Glad we’re on good terms now. See Zane, we don’t just hunt animals. I don’t need to teach kids how to skin themselves a bunch of rabbits. I need to teach them how to survive. Not in the wild, Zane. I’m talkin’ ’bout the Possessed.”

It was my turn to start laughing. “BAHAHAHA, Possessed? Ma’am, you’re crazy! There’s no such thing as Possessed!”

“Oh, I’m crazy alright, crazy enough to whip your behind! Now shut it, child, I’m talkin’ to ya!”

“Yes ma’am!” I seriously don’t know why I kept doing that, she was a scary old lady!

“These students I teach, Zane... They’re no average kids. Everyone’s born special, Zane, but the truth is, ain’t no man is born equal to another... What I mean is, We’re all born with skills, and talents, but some of us are born so unique, we’re destined for a greater purpose. And if that thick skull of yours hasn’t caught on yet, you’re one of those people, and that’s why I need you here!”

“So you’re telling me...” It took me second to process my thoughts, “I’m a Jager?”

“Not from the looks of it. Our clan is divided into two parts, see-”

“I’m sorry, did you say clan? There’s a whole clan of you crazies? And I’m supposed to be one of them because I’m ‘special’?”

“Would ya look at that, something made it past your skull, and into your head! Now let me finish! As I was sayin’, you are no Jager in the first place. You seem to have a skill only worthy of an Assassin!”

“Assassin? You mean a crazy murder that takes the lives of people based off a biased opinion? I’m good, Grandma!”

“First of all, don’t call me ‘Grandma’! Second of all, it’s not people we’re after, and you need to get that straight! We have no grudge against Normies, in fact, they’re nothing but distractions from our work, so stop talkin’ about ‘people’! Like I told you in the first place, it’s the Possessed we’re after.”

“Like I told you, I don’t know what that is!”

“Right... My bad. Let me explain some history! Long before Christ was even thought of, Three clans rose from nothing with the same goal in mind: To spill the Sensemanns blood, and kill death once and for all! Now, you may be thinking, why three different clans? See, these people were very different. The first to rise were the Attentaterin, Assassins in English. The Attentaterin were made of females, because at the time, only woman were born with the abilities that they had wielded. These woman were able to do crazy things, like shed smoke from their skin, walk on walls, and could even fill their enemies with such fear, that their eyes rolled up into their heads, and that was the end for ’em. These people were led by a woman called Adina. The next clan to rise were the Jagers, my kind! This group was made of men, for the same reason the Attentaterin was made of woman. These men could do things like command wild animals to do their will, create rips in time to summon objects, and were led by a man named William. What these men were known for best, was their ability to craft such magnificent items, not only magnificent, but magical someone might say, or best known as enchanted. How these objects were really enchanted, was with sacrifice. Not the violent kind, but the kind found deep inside someone. A man would find a talent within him, and channel such energy to an object, that the item obtained the talent. For example, the first television was created, when a man called Phil, a jester, or entertainer, channeled his talent into a square box! Over time, the normies figured out how to wire somethin’ together so they could be lazy ’bout it, which led man to forget about this power all together! A more powerful object such as an impossibly sharp sword, or dagger, would be created when a strong and powerful man channeled his strength to one of those items. He’d lose his strength, but his sacrifice would be remembered, and his strength would be passed down for millennia. Any who, the last clan to rise, was the Besessen. Possessed in English. These people had no abilities, and called those who did in the other clans, The Abilitated, and that’s what you are, an Abilitated! Anyway, all these people had were weapons, and therefore, were hopeless against the Sensemann. One day, in a battle against the Abilitated, the Sensemann felt himself overwhelmed, and possessed the Besessen, and that’s how they got their name! He called his new minions the Sensenmenn, beings who, being descendants of death himself, could easily kill a man. The Abilitated would have no chance against the Besessen unless they fought together, and that’s just what they did! They weren’t able to defeat death permanently, but they were able to kill the Sensemann . What they didn’t know was that he had a lieutenant who would carry out his work from then on. In the end, there were billions of Sensenmenn, who served The lieutenant. Not After long, The Lieutenant was crowned Sensemann, and death became contagious. After a crooked soul dies, the soul itself becomes a Sensenmenn . Now that is what we are out to get rid of. The Sensenmenn ! After the Attentaterin and the Yeagers banded together, They called themselves The Arcane Order. As long as we stand, our lifelong mission is to keep order throughout life! We have to make sure the Sensenmenn don’t overpopulate, because if that happens, humanity would cease to exist! Do you understand?”

My eyes were probably wider than they’ve ever been, because it felt like they were about to pop out of my head.

“Is all of that- Is all of that true?”

“Nope, I just wanted to have story time with a random child I found on the peak of a mountain! Yeah it’s true, dunderhead! Now, get your butt up. If you don’t believe me now, I’ll just have to prove it to ya!” She got up and walked outside, and I followed. She walked to the edge of the cliff, and I stood beside her.

I looked straight down. The only thing at the bottom, was dead trees and a field of dead grass, but somehow, I knew that couldn’t be it. There had to be something more, and there was one way to find it. I jumped.

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