The Arcane Order

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Sweet, Sweet, Revenge

The Gate Lord backed up until he nearly made contact with The Great Gate. He smirked like I haven’t yet realized something obvious. That’s when I finally realized, The Gate Lord wanted me to fight him!
I hesitated, “Um, Gate Lord, sir, do you make everyone you meet, or, er, test, battle you?”

“Why, yes, I do. Are you questioning my ways?”

“Well, no, but if you battle everyone that enters, and you’re still alive...”

“Ah, child, this is not a battle to the death! That comes after we spar! For now, I test your skill, and analyze your abilities. You will only suffer serious injury, if anything. Do not worry!”

“Wait, why would you have me suffer serious injuries, and then battle to the death? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” I knew I was risking a lot by ‘questioning his ways’, but his logic made no sense, what so ever. Besides, my life was on the line, and who am I, not to defend it?

“Are you-” He paused, then started tapping his chin. “I have never thought of that... You are wise, child, I will give you that! But are you strong and agile?”

“Um... Yes?” I lied.

“Actions speak louder than words!”

The Gate Lord readied himself into a battle stance. I did the same. I’ve made it this far, and I’m not letting some metal jerk ruin that for me. But you didn’t want to be here in the first place, I argued with myself, Shut up!

Assuming we were both ready, The Gate Lord unsheathed a mace from his back, and slammed it on the ground in front of him, shaking the whole room. Before I could react, he began running straight at me! His mace in mid air, ready to swing, I managed to leap onto the wall. I ran along it, quick enough to end up behind the the Gate Lord, before he noticed my position. I leapt onto his back and wrapped my arms around his neck, locking him into a choke hold. Suddenly, anger filled me. This thing had used the word ‘spar’ to describe his actions of the pass few seconds. This was his definition of spar? He nearly squashed me with his bladed mace! His skin was cold to the touch. I don’t know if that meant he couldn’t breathe, or if this was just because he was made of metal, but I decided it was because he couldn’t breathe. He fell to his knees, and almost squashed me again when he fell onto his back, however, I was able to flip myself around, and land on his chest. He struggled to rise, but I placed my knee on his neck, and forced all of its weight into his throat. I have never scene this side of myself, nor had I known I was this capable of unleashing it. Under my knee, suffered a giant man made of metal. I reached my hand into the air. I didn’t know what I was doing, but at the moment, that didn’t matter. I wanted revenge. Not just on The Gate Lord, but on all of everything that had happened the past few days. Being kidnapped, stolen from my home. Forced to risk my life, multiple times. The only answers I had to make sense of any of this, the only logic I had to look to, sounded like a story, or legend. Being lied to, told I’d be answered any questions I had, and then laughed at, as if I were a minority to all of this, as if I knew nothing. This was my chance to avenge myself.

I felt the hilt of a dagger appear in my hand. In the split second I saw it before using it, I was able to make out that its blade was made of a dark red crystal, like the one that made up half of The Great Gate, but the hilt was made of the same material that made up The Gate Lord. Without thinking, I drove the blade into the giants’ chest. As I lifted my knee, I remember him murmuring his last words.

"The Blade of Blut Verloren...”

I watched The Gate Lord Dissolve to dust, until there was nothing left of him, as if he had never existed in the first place. I looked back down at my blade and whispered, ”Entlassen." The blade dissolved into a puddle of... blood? I thought nothing of it at the moment. All I knew was I felt much better. I've read books, and seen movies where a character would seek revenge for something such as a lost mother, but in the end, once they've had their revenge, they realized that they only felt worse, or never wanted revenge in the first place. I felt the complete opposite. I felt fulfilled, as if I had achieved something great.

I turned around, unaware of the fact that the young farm child was still standing behind me. He looked at me, wide eyed. I instantly felt guilty.

"Hey, are you ok? I didn't mean for you to see that..."

"It's ok," He replied calmly, "He was scary."

I sighed with relief. I may have just taken down a seven foot, metal giant, but the last thing I wanted to do was scare the living soul out of a child who has probably gone through everything already I had.

Behind us stood the two armed men that stood beside The Great Gate when I had first entered the room. I stood to face toward them, ready to dodge anything they might throw at me. Instead of threatening to fill me with arrows, the leaned over and bowed, as if I were some sort of royal subject.

"Please," One of the men started, "Pass through The Great Gate. We would humbly like to welcome you to The Arcane Order."

"Um, thank you?" I bowed back in confusion.

"Please, follow us." He started towards the gate. In union, the men stomped their feet, and at once, the gate split opened, allowing me entry.

What was on the other side, had surprised me greatly. In front of me, stood a crowd of twelve children with just as many men, wielding the same, strange kind of bow that the men behind me held at their waist, split in half, and standing on either side of the crowed. The woman leading the crowd, winked at me. She wore that same pirate outfit, that I felt I have seen so many times. Melodie! The men sheathed their bows, and all at once, everyone applauded, like I had just scored the winning touchdown at a football game! I had never been celebrated before, so this made me feel kind of awkward. I didn't necessarily like the attention, and most of all, I had no idea why they were clapping, besides, I had just slaughtered The Gate Lord, who I assumed they respected at the least! Melodie then left me in shock.

"Welcome home, Master Zane."

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