The Arcane Order

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I Build an Arc

I looked around. Still no bridge. Did I expect one to magically appear? Actually, I wouldn’t have been if one did, not after everything that had just happened.

I looked at Melodie and shrugged my shoulders. “Er, What exactly are we crossing?”

“Well, Master Zane, we were wondering if you could figure that out for us!”

This was the second time Melodie has called me “Master” and from what I could tell, Melodie was this all powerful being with a tea pot and belt ready at hand when needed. “What do you expect me to do, summon a nine-hundred foot bridge?”

“Good thinkin’! Now, what about givin’ it a try?”

All eyes were on me. I felt like that kid in a classroom that was supposed to show off a project that I didn’t do. I was lost, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do! Summon a bridge, eh? Melodie told me how Jagers were able to summon objects from the past, but that was an ability that only they had, and according to her, I was an Attentaterin, and didn’t have those abilities. What’s the harm in trying? I asked myself. Unfortunately, I also had an answer, Looking like a complete idiot in front of a whole crowd that thinks you’re their master for reasons you don’t even know. Whatever. “Melodie, Wasn’t there already a bridge here? How would the Abilitated make their way across?”

“Well, Master Zane, before The Arcane Bridge was destroyed by the Sensenmenn, a large ship would bring Abilitated across The Leere-”

“What does ‘leere’ mean?”

"Leere means ‘void’ in German. Anyway, The Arcane Bridge was actually a pirate ship that was summoned by the first Heart of Arcane-”

“Whats the-”

“Shut up, I’ll tell you later.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“The Great Bridge was a pirate ship summoned from The Golden Age of Piracy, by the orders very first Heart of Arcane. The ship was nothin’ special at first, just an old hunk of junk, until The Heart herself enchanted it... The Arcane Bridge, it separated our island from the Earth... It takes a great deal to do that, ya know. What it took her to cross two existences together is just a conversation to have later, but right now, you ’outta bring back what she created!”

Bring back... Maybe I did have to summon it, but how was I supposed to summon an enchanted pirate ship? I looked over the edge of the cliff, and in the water, floated large planks of wood, but the strange thing was that they looked new, as if they had just been thrown into the water. There were tons of them, at least a couple hundred. A whole ship load! That’s when I thought... If I couldn’t summon something from the past, what if I could build something new? I took a deep breathe, and slowly rose my hands into the air. It felt like something was tugging at my fingers, pulling them down. I closed my eyes and focused. Like when I summoned that blade, I didn’t know what I was doing, or at least how I knew what to do in the first place. As I tried to keep my hands still, the strange force crept its way up my arm, until I was struggling to stand up straight. When I opened my eyes, I was amazed at what was in front of me: A full scale arc floated in front of me. It was crescent shaped like a banana, hovering on its back. I watched as wooden planks floated into place, fitting into the boat like puzzle pieces. I was so shocked at what was happening, I nearly lost focus, and the arc almost dropped back into the water. Luckily, I was able to keep it in the air. As the final pieces floated into the hull, I felt like I was going to pass out from exhaustion. I had enough energy to gently set the boat back into the water, making a giant splash, before falling on my knees.

Bongani blended into the crowd so well, I barely noticed he was still here. He ran to my side with wide eyes, and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Zane, that was amazing! How did you do that? Can you do that again? Are you ok? Are you going to be ok? Should I get help? That’s an awesome boat!”

I never thought I would ever hear him talk so much. “Well, first I battled a whale on a tortoises back, ran up a mountain, almost got spanked by an old lady,” I heard Melodie chuckle in the background. “sunk through the floor, slaughtered a giant metal man, and then built an arc using the force. No Bongani, I am not ‘ok’, in fact, I think I’m either mental, or inhuman , maybe even a bit of both!”

Bongani just laughed. “Well, you’ve kept your attitude, I think there is still hope!”

I honestly didn’t know hot to respond to that, so I turned to Melodie, whose eyes were as wide as toddlers, who had just had their first caffeinated soda.

“Aw, don’t look so surprised Melodie! I only built an arc out of wood planks in under, what, ten minutes?”

She stuttered, like she’d just been electrocuted. “Y-you were only supposed to be able to build a- a raft-”

“Eh, raft, arc, what’s the difference?”

“The difference is, you were supposed to use your leadership skills to make this crowd of kids, help ya do it by hand!”

“I thought the Attentaterin were independent, like, you know, assassins.”

“Oh, you’re no Attentaterin, Zane... Not a Jager, not an Atterntaterin... We all knew it Zane, we knew it when you slayed The Gate Lord. Do you know how many people have done that?”

“Um, no one?”

“None! Zero! Nobody! The Gate Lord was created to be able to withstand death, gosh darn it, he was made of tungsten steel! Yet you pierced him like earlobe! We’ll forge another one of course, but it’ll take a while, because our black smiths were put into mental shock when they heard about what you’ve done to their finest creation! Now you’ve created an arc out of a couple soggy wooden planks!”

“So, what you’re trying to say is, I’m super awesome, and I have better magical abilities than you do? Take that, Grandma!”

“I told ya to stop callin’ me that! Child, you know I keep a belt on me, and I do it for a reason! Well two reasons, of course, you know to-”

“No! I mean, Yes, the obvious reason, we know.”

The crowd laughed, even the guards. For once in my life, I felt significant. I mean, I barely knew this lady, nor have I seen her do anything as awesome as I have, not to brag, but impressing her felt good, like I was impressing my blood grandma.

“Shut your trap! Any who, we ’outta set sail! Oh, and by the way, The Great Bridge was never destroyed, we just hid it on the other side of the island. It would take the Sensemann himself to destroy that thing! The Heart of Arcane enchanted The Bridge with half her life force, and you can guess how much that would be, considering she was literally called “The Heart”. Now, get on the boat!”

Everyone silently gathered into the arc. The guards stood at the sides, facing outward, while everyone else sectioned themselves into rows, on the middle of the boat. I felt kind of guilty. I really should have constructed some chairs too. Melodie stood at the mast of the arc with her hands folded behind her back. What an actress. Some how, within a couple seconds of everyone boarding, the arc began to move, and we sailed towards the city.
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