The Arcane Order

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I Crash an Arc

We slowly sailed toward the city. Although this arc was absolutely gigantic, so was the Leere. I figured we had about five minutes before we crashed into the city, completely destroying either the dock, or the boat. I wasn’t very excited to find out, because if we did wreck the city, I wasn’t sure if insurance would cover that, especially after what happened with The Gate Lord.

I walked towards the front of the ship to join Melodie while she dramatically gazed over the water. After standing y her for a good fifteen seconds, she finally spoke.

“Zane, do you know why we use a boat to cross the Leere?”

“Er, because you don’t want to swim?”

“Well, that and something else. While the Leere looks like water, it actually acts like acid. Remember, the only thing connecting the island from earth, is The Arcane Bridge, meaning this ‘water’ isn’t actually apart of your world.”

“So you’re saying that it’s called the Leere, meaning void, because it separates the world from the order?” I knew Melodie was a teacher, but why can’t we have a recess? At this point, I’ve done PE, foreign language, history, and now science! Cut me some slack!

“Exactly, see, those normies and their fake logic think that the void is just an empty nothingness. They don’t understand that touching this stuff could disintegrate your arm in a moments notice!”

“Wait, then how are we sailing in it?”

“Well, ya see, you built this arc out of a sacred material called Unbesiegbar. It’s the only thing that is immune to the Leere, but no one knows how exactly. Legend says it grew naturally on the island before we chopped it all down and built our city. The only thing wrong about that, is that The Arcane Bridge was made of plain ol’ oak wood that was-” She screamed.

We were so interested in our little conversation, that we forgot all about the fact that there was a giant island ahead of us that we were sailing straight towards! The arc went straight onto the land, scraping against the sand, and crashing into a district of buildings that I assumed was the board walk. Lucky for us, the bot took no damage, but however, took out the buildings like they were lego structures. We both went tumbling down until we hit the back end of the arc. When we finally stopped moving, Melodie got to her feet, dusting herself off and yelled, “WHY DIDN’T Y’ALL SAY SOMETHIN’?”

I looked around, waiting for someone to nervously yell back. “Um, Melodie? There’s no one on the boat...”

“I know, I ain’t blind!” She started back up the boat until she reached the bow. “Get up here, Zane!”

I stumbled upwards. “Where do you think they went?”

“I dunno, figure it out!”

“Wha- I figure it out? They’re your students!”

“That don’t mean they’re my problem!”

“Isn’t that exactly what that means?”

“Child, it means what I say it means! Now go-”

A loud thump struck behind us. Three figures of different colors, now stood at the stern. Neither one had a face, or any physical features what so ever, but where human shaped like shadows, except they were all different colors. The one on the left was shaded forest green and held a crossbow across his chest. The one on the very right was colored dark red, with its hand on a dagger that was sheathed at his waist. The one in between these two scared me the most. It was shaded pitch black, and held a war scythe in each hand.

“I’m gettin’ too old for this...” Melodie turned around and leaped off the boat, leaving me to fight these things!

“Aw man...” I can’t say I was surprised, just disappointed in my luck. First I crash into an island, almost everyone disappears out of nowhere, then these freaks randomly pop up, then I’m abandoned by an old lady!

I ran straight towards the figures, and slid beneath the middle ones legs. Before it could turn around, I palm struck the back of its head. It only rubbed the place I stuck and turned around like, what the heck was that for? Before it could react any further, I struck again, right in its featureless face! It toppled back, dropping the scythe. I scooped it up and swung at its neck as hard as I could, decapitating it. Its head came off clean, but instead of blood, the things body was filled with... nothing. It was empty and hollow, as if I had just cracked open a Russian nesting doll.

I still had two more to deal with...

“Ya know, I have no idea what you are, so what abut I call you Philly,” I pointed at the green one, “And you Bill?” I faced the red one.

Apparently, Philly felt insulted, and aimed his crossbow straight at my forehead. Just before he could pull the trigger, I threw my scythe right into his chest, impaling him. He looked down at the blade stuck into his heart, and threw his arms in the air, like Seriously man? Philly fell onto his back.

Bill slowly lifted his head from his dead friend. He unsheathed his knife, raised it in the air, and ran at me like a maniac. I simply side stepped and stuck out my foot, sending him toppling into the floor. His knife flew into the air, and I snatched it. This time, he raised his face from the floor, and faced his head towards me. I he had eyes, they would have been pleading for mercy. I launched the knife into his back, and his head fell limp, making a loud thump on the floor.

I heard slow clapping behind me. Melodie sat criss-cross on the floor, with a smug look on her face. She rose. “I’m impressed!”


“Yeah, yeah, save it for later. Just be happy that you survived your final trial!”

“T-TRIAL?” I was furious! “That was a trial? Do you know how easily they could have killed me-”

“Nope, not one bit! Seems to me, you’re still in one piece, but they ain’t!” She pointed at the dead bodies on the floor.

“Zane, they didn’t even have a chance! You tore ’em apart like paper, and shoot, you did it with style too!”

“Then what happened to everyone- Where’s Bongani?”

Melodie pointed up with her chin. Above us, was the same crowd of men and children that Bongani and I had followed earlier! Each person was crouched down with a hand on the ceiling in front of them. Melodie waved her hand, triggering everyone to leap off of the ceiling, and onto the boat. Everybody bowed in union once they all landed.

“Zane, you have an audience!” Bongani ran up beside me, and gestured towards the shore, where an even larger crowd stood, looking up in amazement.

Someone in front stumbled when I turned around to see them. He put his hands together and bowed. “Erm, congratulations Master Kane!”

“For what?” I replied, confused.

“For, completing your trials, and claiming your position as Th Heart of Arcane, of course!”

The whole crowd applauded

“Dummy!” Melodie broke a chunk of wood off the bow, and threw it at the man. “He doesn’t know that!”

“Ow- Sorry, Lady Melodie...”

“You oughta be!”

“Woah, woah, woah! Know what? What’s this ‘Heart of Arcane’ huh?” I interrupted.

“Zane... I promise, I’ll tell you later, just not now... If I tell ya now, you might go haywire just tryin’ to process it!”

“I’ve waited long enough, don’t I deserve to know?”

“Fine, fine... Come with me. I’ll answer every question you have. You’re right, you do deserve to know. Please, follow.”
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