Highschool Sweetheart 2

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Same old story but, different adventures and, different heroes and villains

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 6. Devilbug

It was the second day of school, and we were going to music class. and, the teacher said "Hello class welcome back!" and today, "we are going to write a new love song." but In pairs and, not single "but, first, Does any of you have any ideas?" the teacher said, then we raised our hands. and the teacher said, "What is it Adrien and Marinette?" "Love in the sunset." we said, then we looked at Lila & Nara and they were asleep in class. Suddenly, Chloe ran into the classroom like in a hurry, but, she was just being rude, and said Marinette you get out of my seat next to Adrien! Now and keep your dirty hands away from my Adrien, Marinette! And she started to cry, and I yelled "Chloe I can't believe you! you just made someone that I loved cry, "you should be ashamed of yourself!" then she sighed and said hmm, what's the point I guess Adrien found another girl And I guess he doesn't love me after all said Marinette in the hallway she stammered A - Adrien I-I love you but I said sorry Marinette but I Already love someone else then Hawkmoth said love and that between the greatest of heartbreak a perfect time for my acuma's then he said "fly away little acuma and ease this broken heart!" The acuma flies to the bakery's window the acuma flies up to Marinette's room and lands on her miraculous and she put the earrings on And hawkmoth said DEVILBUG, I'm HAWKMOTH it appears that someone doesn't love you. well, I'm giving you the power to get rid of all the despair and hatred, And in return give me Silver Bug and Cat Noir's miraculous but she said "hawkmoth, do you want me to take care of Adrien for you?" she asked, and Hawkmoth said no DEVILBUG, stay focused take his miraculous but she laughed and said "hawkmoth you're the laziest villain ever because you always want other people to do your dirty work and not only that She said your ridiculous and so restrictive. and hawkmoth said in a angry voice "DEVILBUG you better take his miraculous or I will remove your powers!" and, I transformed into Cat noir I told the other heroes that I'm doing the MISSION by myself, And I warned them if they come they will get hurt, So I went alone and I came face to face with DEVILBUG, then, I said "You don't have to do this But we can get over this. "what do you say?" and hawkmoth said "Don't listen to him, It's a trick!" but she said to herself, "on one deal cat noir wants me to come back to him." meanwhile, on the other deal Hawkmoth wants me to take your miraculous. and I said "make the right choice," and "I know that it's in you somewhere." and I said I love you. after hearing that she said "I love you too Cat noir!" then, we kissed twice and Alya recorded the kisses But, Hawkmoth shouted "No!" it looks like love strikes again." "But, next time I will have their miraculous and, they will be nothing!" Then, we had ice cream at Jaya's. And we had the best time together. But, it was time to go. But, before we left with our parents, we kissed one final time. And we said our final goodbyes, Then we went home.

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