Vigorous Heroes

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Five guys with Superpowers? What could go wrong? Five boys sneak into a government building and end up in an accident that gives them superpowers.

Action / Scifi
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"Everything's impossible until somebody does it."

Bruce Wayne - Batman


Austin's POV

I peered across the lawn at a grayish government facility from behind a wall. James tossed a red bull from his backpack and watched it explode as it hit the floor with force. Brennan, Connor, and Nolan snickered as I held my fingers to my lips.

"Shit! That stuff is expensive." Brennan's eyes widened.

"You'll get over it." Nolan's thick English accent blended with American as he spoke.

"Shut up, guys." I moaned. "Follow me." I signaled to them as I carefully walked across the grass. It felt cold, wet, and long. Almost as if it hadn't been cared for in days.

We stopped in front of a doorway, and I adjusted my beanie on my head. Bringing out a key card from under my cap, I sighed as I slid it in the lock.

"This better work."

"What exactly does your father do," Nolan asked. I slid the key out of the lock, and the light on the door lit up as I pulled down the handle.


A front desk, almost like a lobby desk, sat in the middle of a room. Nolan brushed off the multiple pens and pencils and made himself at home. Brennan looked at Nolan with a disappointed stare.

"Dude, that's pure vandalism." James's voice echoed off the walls. Connor rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"No shit, Sherlock." Connor flicked Nolan's ear.

Digging through the paperwork on the desk, I came across a map. I flipped the paper right side up and began naming off parts of the buildings. Mumbling off the last bits and pointed off to the right.

"Whatever they're doing must not be that important, " Brennan grimaced, flipping a cup on the desk.

"He's some kind of scientist. I don't know what for, though, " I paused, and my finger redirected down a hallway. "I say we go that way."

"How do you know that's the direction we want to go in?" Nolan huffed. I rolled my eyes and moaned. "Fine, you lead the way, Nolan."

Nolan stepped forward and led us down a narrow hallway. I slipped the key card into the lock on the first door we spotted. It buzzed before a green light flashed above, and it unlocked.

"After you, " I gestured into the room. Brennan, Nolan, James, and Connor walk past me, filing inside the room.

Dozens upon dozens of test tubes lined the tables in the room. My eyes scanned the many floating shelves in the background as I weaved past tables.

"What did you say your father did again?" James asked.

"He's a..." I thought for a moment, "Scientist. Do not touch anything, guys, " I instructed.

Brennan held a beaker full of liquid on the left side of the room, flicking it. He groaned, and all of us diverged.

Nolan peered into a rat cage filled with filthy dead rats, and his nose bunched from the incredible rotten stench.

"Did your dad ever bring you here?" he asked.

"A few times when I was younger."

The boys and I searched the room. Nolan, on his phone, snapped photos. He backed up into some sort of laser, and suddenly, it hummed to life next to Nolan.

"I didn't touch anything." Nolan threw his hands in the air.

"Don't move, Nolan," Brennan commanded. Nolan didn't move a muscle.

A bright beam pushed out of the laser, hitting Nolan first, then zapping the other guys and me. My eyes fluttered, and I collapsed to the floor; heart thumping to a slow pulse, and everything faded away.


"Fuck, " I cursed. "That one hurt."

We rubbed our sore, pounding heads and survey the room again. A loud alarm wailed in the distance; Our pulses stabilized. Buh-boom. Buh-boom. Buh-boom. We pulled ourselves to our feet and swiftly rushed into action, out of the room. A shiny flashlight illuminated the darkened hallway from the opposite end. We panicked.

"Which way do we go?" James was a heartbeat away from a full-blown panic attack. Brennan pointed off into the distance.

"To the exit, dumb-ass."

All five of us ran, followed by two security officers, slowly closing the distance between us.

With shaky hands, I slid the key card in the door, and all five of us raced outside, bolting across the lawn, reaching the yard's border, and hopping a wall parkour-style on the opposite side. We ran down a small parking lot and caught our breath before breaking into laughter fits.

"In all honesty, your dad will kill us when he finds out what we did, mate." Nolan took a seat on the curb and deflated against the grass behind him. Cop cars pass by at a rapid pace into the facility.

"I know. My dad is going to kill me first." I acknowledged, holding my head in my hands and my fingers melted against my face. The street light above flickered unexpectedly.

"I'll meet you guys tomorrow. I have to get home."

Brennan pushed his lips together and blew a hot breath. "Yeah, me too. My dad's making tamales with Tina and won't stop texting me." Brennan pats his phone against his palm.

"Good luck. I should head home too, " Connor admitted.

Nolan nodded, agreeing with us. "So should I. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

We sat there in silence for a moment, and as soon as Brennan walked off, we parted from each other off to our homes.


James' POV

My eyes fluttered open. I hovered high above my bed, roughly five feet and halfway to the ceiling, feeling the airbrush my bare chest and boxers. I flipped in the air, facing my bed below me, and my stomach somersaulted. Objects floated in the air around me. If I looked alarmed, I was terrified.

"Shit, " I cursed, trying to steady myself. "How am I doing this?"

I flipped to my back again and tried to balance the shaky feeling in my body by counting out loud, taking deep breaths each time I recited a number. It's just like my therapist taught me. Outside my doorway, Jamie, my annoying little sister, pounded the door. Ugh!

"Get up, loser. Mom and Dad told me you would take me to the bowling alley today." I facepalmed in the air and regretted it a little bit.

"I'm fucked." I mumbled under my breath, focusing on my deep breathing again. My eyes shut to the door. "I'm preoccupied at the moment. Besides, the bowling alley doesn't open until ten."

I looked down at my alarm clock sitting at my bedside and shifted in the air, holding out my arms to stabilize myself again. The clock read 10:05 am.

"It is ten, dumb-ass," Jamie growled. Jamie huffed behind the door. "I'm coming in."

"Wait!" my voice cracked as if I was still going through puberty. "I'm not feeling like myself... I'm, uh, naked?" It was the first honest thing that came to mind as I glanced down at my boxers and socks. There was a brief moment of silence, then she kicked her foot against my door, and it swung open.

"You're bluffing. I'm coming in."

I closed my eyes and focused, hoping my sister didn't notice me dropping to the bed with everything else. My room was a mess. Jamie had her hand covering her eyes as she stepped into my room.

"You promised," she whined, stomping her foot. I moaned. Dear, overlords.

"Not today, Jamie. Get out of my room."

Jamie huffed. "Fine, I'm getting mom," Jamie pouted and walked out. My head pounded, thump-thump, thump-thump, and as if her nearly breaking down my door wasn't enough, her annoying, little voice appeared in my mind.

"Dumb ass doesn't even pay attention. I'm selling his stupid phone on eBay." I checked my nightstand, and to my surprise, my phone was gone.

"Jamie, give me back my phone," I yelled. I pulled the sheets from my torso, walked to my dresser, pulling out sweats, a white tee-shirt, and a black hoodie, and slipped them on fast before racing out of the doorway after my sister.

"Mom!" Jamie yelled downstairs as I approached her. I ran down the steps to meet Jamie in the living room, her eyes trained on me.

"Jamie, give me back my phone!" I mandated. Jamie rolled her eyes and tiffed. "I don't have your stupid phone, doofus."

My head pounded again; Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Jamie's voice appeared in my head again.

"Maybe I'll give his phone to Gerard?"

"You're a total brat, " I growled. "I'm not letting you sell my phone to your stupid nerd friend, Gerard."

Jamie froze, her mouth pulled open in shocked confusion, then she screamed, bloody murder. I covered my ears.

"Mom!" she tried again. My mother rubbed her eyes, peeking into the living room's doorway.

"What's going on? Your father is trying to sleep in before work?" She stressed.

"I told her I don't feel good today, and she demanded I take her to the bowling alley. When I said no, she took my phone—" I was interrupted by Jamie and her annoying voice.

"You have no proof." She whined. This time, my mom's voice pounded my head.

"Harrold and I never get any sleep." Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

I glanced at my mom for a moment, amused.

"I don't have your stupid phone." Jamie screeched loud. I moaned.

"I know you have it, Jamie." Jamie pouted.


"Did you take his phone?" She questioned her. What was the point? The room was silent; Jamie's eyes dropped to the floor.

"He was mean, mom, " Jamie whined. My hands thrust in the air out of frustration. N

"Oh, come on!" My mom was mad too.

"Calm down," she said to me. My mom looked at Jamie this time.

"Your brother needs his privacy, Jamie. He's seventeen and almost an adult. I've asked you numerous times not to take his stuff."

"Thank goodness," I mumbled. I spoke too soon.

"You're still taking your sister."

"Mom, why?" I groaned.

"Because you've promised her for about a month and let it go for long enough, " She answered me. My fists bawled, and unseen powers surged from my body, rattling the chandelier in the distance. Jamie looked amused, yet my mom was a little frightened.

"Is this an earthquake?" Jamie questioned with enthusiasm. I took a deep breath, and the shaking stopped.

"No, dumb-ass. It wasn't, " I snarled. My mom ignored my last retort with a scowl. "Okay, fine, " I gave in. "But can my friends come?" My mom thought about it for a moment.

"Deal, " she affirmed. Jamie looked pissed. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't laugh or say something that would get me into trouble.

"Ugh, Mom, " she whined. "At least Austin will be there." The obsessive little brat mentioned Austin again. She had a crush; A toxic crush. My mom hushed Jamie. In what world would that work?

"You will not annoy Austin or any of my friends with your little crush, " I snarled. Jamie laughed this time.

"Mom, " she suddenly yelled again. My mom calmed her down. As if I wasn't necessary; brat.

"And you little miss, should not be stealing your brother's stuff."

James huffed, fishing for my phone in her pajama pants pocket. My mother walked off, and Jamie grinned wide and cynical.

"I don't know how you figured it out. I'm a lot quicker than you think, " Jamie snarled. It was nothing new with her. I ignored her little fit.

"Just give me my phone, Jamie." I held out my hand.

"Fine." She agreed, not before licking the front of my phone screen clean and stuffing it in my hands. Bleh. I groaned, cleaning my phone with my hoodie sleeve. "Do you know how many germs a phone screen has?"

"I don't care." Jamie acknowledged. I wiped the phone down my front one last time and reminded myself to buy a new one later. "Obviously." She walked off, frowning. I turned on my phone, checked the screen, and listened for the click as it shuts off.


Connor's POV

I emerged from my bedroom in plaid pajama pants and a hoodie, bolting down the top stairs and sliding into a seat at the table in the kitchen across from my brother Jared, tall and broad, resembling my father a little. Celia, my older sister, looking more like our mom, smiled, sliding a plate full of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon in front of me. I was hungry but not as excited to scarf down food at the moment.

"You seem like you're in a good mood this morning, " Celia chirped.

Jared smiled, stealing a slice of bacon from my plate, and pulled away from the table, where he washed his dish in the sink.

"Mom and Dad left a note. They told Celia and me they'd gone to pick something up, and they would be back soon." Jared informed me. I nodded in response, taking in a fork full of eggs, chewing and swallowing.

"So, did mom and dad give you an exact time?" I questioned my siblings. Celia shook her head. "Nope. They just said they'd be back."

The thumping of a heartbeat pounded my chest, my vision blurred before my sister and brother in front of me became translucent figures, their organs and skeleton exposed. My fork dropped, and I froze, unsure what to do. My eyes drifted, and my ordinary twenty-twenty vision returned while Jared persistently snapped in my face, their skin molding and sealing back together before my eyes.

"You okay, bud?" Jared asked, stealing my other piece of bacon from my plate. I was unsure and a bit unsteady.

"You look as though you've seen a ghost," Celia added. Jared snapped his fingers again and took the empty seat next to me.

"I saw something for sure, " I admitted, confused. I took a sharp, deep breath in, then out. "You know, on second thought. I'm not hungry." I felt as though I would hurl. I pushed my plate forward and jerked from my seat, walking out of the kitchen and upstairs, closing the bathroom door behind me.

"What the hell was that?" I mumbled out loud. My fingers slammed into the bathroom tile floor, and a jolt of light energy from my shaky fingers rocked the house. Jared and Celia looked at me from the doorway of the bathroom, their mouths slightly hanging open, but no words came for a while.

"How did you do that?" Jared suddenly asked. Another beam blazed from my hands into the floor, rocking the house again.

"Fuck!" I yelled. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Celia pushed past Jared and took a seat next to me, wrapping me with a warm embrace.

"It's going to be okay." She soothed me, but I wasn't so sure I was okay.

"Yeah, we promise not to tell mom and dad, " Jared reassured me. "Can you tell us exactly what happened?"

I took a long deep breath and frowned, diminishing against the back sink cabinet. My palms melted into my temples, and I rubbed them for comfort.

"I-I think I can explain, " I said. Jared and Celia were staring at me, and panic rose in my chest and lungs. What the hell was I going to do?
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