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Ben Cody is a librarian and you're not. Ben Cody appears in the oddest of places, at moments that are, to say the least, highly disruptive. Especially, if you're trying to run a government, or pretending you are. This, funny, high-energy satire, set in the recent past, thrusts a mild-mannered librarian into the center of the dysfunctional chaos that threatens to engulf us all. And what is it that Ben Cody does, you ask? By simply appearing wherever he likes, whenever he likes, Cody begins to unravel a society ravaged by lies and half-truths and driven apart by politics and religion, social media tribalism, and the unrelenting drum-beat of 24 hour a day cable news channels. Luckily, Cody finds allies in his quest to return the country to something approaching normalcy. And given the political climate, one thing is certain, he'll need them because his enemies are a rogue's gallery of politicians and government officials intent on his destruction and as the President finally says, "We'll make sure he's the last librarian..."

Action / Scifi
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