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Chapter 4: The Party

Jace Carson

35 minutes!

That's how fucking long it's been since I have been here waiting for those assholes to show up at Caramela ice cream parlor. Already being in a sour mood didn't help me holding on to my patience.

I'm fucking pissed.

Almost two days have passed since the awful dinner at my father's house and I'm still trying to get over it. Unfortunately, however the entire concept isn't new to me, it has always been that way between him and me.
The irony being, I never get to enjoy a proper family time without me being kicked out of it. That's our story at the end of the day. But there's just one regret, that; I had to leave Zac and Luke the way I did. They often have their vacations at my place, working at the tourist agency, their parents are busy the most during that time.

And of course there's another regret, I wasn't able to devour the damn blueberry cheesecake. I did pity myself at times. But I ain't gonna let these thoughts enter my mind again, I'm done replaying this shit over for two days in a row.

I've been sitting here for almost an hour now, even the waiters have been giving me pity looks. Where are these shitty assholes? It's extremely stupid to wait for someone when you yourself are to give them a treat. It's almost afternoon, these fuckers won't even pick up my damn call.

That's it!

Just when I am about to leave I see two familiar figures approaching the parlor. I wave at them to catch their attention which is thankfully successful as they start walking towards the table.

“Hey, man” Ash makes a move to give me a cool fist bump. I so want to hit his face with that of my own fist. “Don't you 'hey man' me, I've been waiting for you guys for over an hour now” I snap, he looks at me wide-eyed. “Whoa! ... what crawled up your ass?” One thing I hate and that's when people make me wait. “It wasn't my fault this idiot forgot to fill gas, and we had to drive half-way back” Nathan smacks Ash at the back of his head.

“Hey, It was an honest mistake” he says slightly offended.

“Are you guys done now?” I ask bored.

“What has caused you to be all grumpy today?” Nathan notices immediately.

I clear my throat. “How about the fact that I waited for an hour and then finally you guys decide to grace me with your presence?” I lie... well partially.

“Okay... now let's not spoil the ice cream treat over here” Ash says attempting not to get on my nerves since that could further sabotage his treat. I smirk at that and give them a nod. We all settle.

“What have you been doing these days no phone calls for me?” Ash pouts sickly.

“I've been busy” I reply rolling my eyes.

“Busy with Alexis?” he asks with a smirk, wiggling his eyebrows creepily. I freeze for a second.

How did these guys know? Not that I was with her or anything.

“Me and her? Are you kidding me?”

“Do you think we're really that stupid?” Nathan raises an eyebrow with a bored expression.

“We want all the details, I saw you guys sitting together on the field with your hand in hand and those loves struck puppy eyes” Ash said faking disgust and overly exaggerating, as if he and Nera didn't suck faces every time they see each other.

With an irritated sigh, I narrate the entire incident to them obviously altering the detail of me ogling her. “That girl is so into you” Nathan says after a while. “She is not into me, it was a pleasant conversation. I think?..” I say with uncertainty.

“Why do you underestimate yourself so much, dude you look just somewhat... one step below me, except for the short hair though.” I smile at Ash's attempt on complementing me. “This girl Alexis, obviously wants to get into your ...”

My mind immediately catches onto the hint as I see flashing images inside my head. “Okay ...that's enough now. Stop!”

“Now enough with the talks' somebody get me an ice cream, I'm starving” Nathan says as the waiter comes by with a small notepad. Ash orders a large ice cream sundae with berry jam, Nathan settles with a simple chocolate and banana sundae, as for me I am good with a large scoop of butterscotch, chocolate and vanilla topped with berries and bananas and simple apple smoothie on the run.

“Jace, Mason's having a party today at Bodega bar at 8, you're coming right?”

“Sure” I shrug. Nathan and I've known Mason for a very long time. The popular trio of Oakville high school with chicks swarming all around us, that's what high school was to the three of us before we parted our ways.

I smile at the memory. Soon our orders were placed, and all three of us had been enjoying our ice cream except for Ash. He's enjoying way too much.


“Hey, keep your moans to yourself!” Nathan shrieks, disgustedly. But Ash only ignored him as he went on mindlessly. From the corner of my eye I spot a woman in her mid forties approaching seductively as she watches Ash “Ash eight o'clock!” I warn him as the woman walks faster to get to our booth.

“Dude it's 4o'clock now, not 8” he continues. Just when I give him my signature look, he grasps it but now it was too late.

“Hey, babe looking awfully sexy today?” she gives him a seductive smile plastered on her painted red lips. Nathan is in shock to comprehend what's happening but I couldn't miss the glint of humor in his eyes. It takes everything in me to hold my laughter in as I watch Ash's pale face, who I bet would give anything to trade places with even the street dogs. His expression is priceless while he's struggling to make up an answer.

“I umm... I am...” at this point she begins to run her blue nailed fingers on the nape of his neck causing him to choke on his ice cream.

He looks towards Nathan for help who's almost ready to end his misery, but I tell him to sit back. I certainly couldn't let him end this, cause I was indeed enjoying his misery way too much.

“lime ...klechon” he attempts in a chocked voice. But she continues running her fingers endlessly as they now venture dangerously close to his chest and inside his beige t-shirt. “What?” she asks hovering her lips to the shell of his ears.

“I'm taken” he says quickly after recovering from his mind-numbing state.

“Oh!” she reverses her hand back feigning embarrassment. But not even a second later, she whispers something his ear while slipping a folded piece of paper into his white jacket. Nathan and I share a look, the woman strolls away leaving Ash dumbfounded.

We look at him expectantly waiting for him to overcome his momentary lapse.

“I lost my appetite” are the only 4 words that comes out of his mouth “Wait... that's all you have to say?” Nathan gets into a fit of laughter.

“Trust me you don't wanna know what my innocent ears had to bare, I understand getting asked out by girls but what's with the horny oldies?” he then shuffles through his pocket to get the paper out “That's her card, 'in case of emergency' as she puts it.” he makes finger quotations, shivering slightly.

“What's wrong with people these days?” he pouts after a while. “Can't a man as gorgeous, sexy and handsome such as myself even enjoy an ice cream at peace. Is it too wrong of me to even ask for this?” he wipes a non-existent tear, dramatically.

“Don't flatter yourself, she was just desperate that's all” Nathan spills cold water over his dumb thoughts.

“Why didn't you guys do something while she was trying to take advantage of me?” he says clutching the front of his jacket, protectively. “Stop being a whiny teenage girl, you can take care of yourself” Nathan rolls his eyes in boredom.

Ash was always the one finding opportunities to boast about himself but a single remark from Nathan deflates him like a balloon.

After a few glares and arguments we parted our ways back to home.

Ever since I came back I've been stuck on my TV binge watching The Big Bang Theory whilst gathered in the mess including all kinds of jams and spreads my fridge has ever known, I have a sweet tooth that never minds evoking me, hence the huge stack of Nutella occupying my kitchen.

The next few hours pass by quickly. I finally give up on sulking around and decide to take a shower. The feeling of warm water cascading down my scalp always gives me sense of comfort and relief. After the shower I decide to put on a plain white shirt with a body fitting gray blazer, a black jean with an analogue blue dial metallic watch. I head down my parking lot towards my ford and drift off to Mason's party.

On my way there, I hum along to the songs of Justin Bieber, who is one of my favorites along with Taylor Swift. Half an hour into the drive, I see the bar coming up. Pulling down to the corner of the street, I make my way to the bar.

Upon entering inside the first thing that hits me is the pungent smell of alcohol mixed with cigarettes in the air. In the center I could see people dancing and grinding with each other at the beats of the loud music. The party seems casual enough but the only thing that made it unusual was the fact that it's Mason's party. The guy has a record of throwing best parties ever since I've known him. Games like truth or dare, beer pong and shit like that weren't his forte, he would simply get the most expensive wine collections out to celebrate the time.

I decide to get myself a drink while keeping an eye for familiar faces. There were a lot from our high school, most of them I knew waved at me in acknowledgment. I order myself a glass of apple crisp vodka while sitting on the bar stool. The bar is huge with dim lights that brought out the brown interior, the country theme easily detectable with the woodsy decor, a beautiful glass chandelier hanging in the center of the place reflecting golden rays of light. It was very fine indeed.

While sipping my drink, I see Ash dancing with his girlfriend. His moves so pathetic that I bet even a sick frog could pull off. His girlfriend Nera, struggling to keep up with his weird dancing. I shake my head at that sight.

“Jace...” I hear a familiar female voice behind me. My eyes widen at the realization of the person in front of me.

“Kristin, what are you doing here?” I give her a hug. Kristen, Nathan's baby sister used to hang out together with us during my high school ventures. She was the only permanent girl in the entire female population that came and went by since nobody ever made a move with Nathan by her side.

“Just accompanying your boyfriend” she gives me smile and I couldn't help but laugh at her silly joke. “You're looking gorgeous today” I say looking at her strapless red dress that hugged her figure quite well, the curves of her body showing off.

Her smile turns into a grin. She did look good...

“You don't look bad yourself” she says inspecting me from top to toe.

“So you're still with that Korean guy, what's his name? Momo?” I ask with a smile. “No, we broke up and his name was Monhio” she chuckles. I scratch the back of my head guiltily.

“Oh... anyway have you seen Nathan”

“Already missing him so much” she says with a teasing smile. “Do you like anyone else around here? I mean apart from my brother of course” she says with a sly smile.

Having had enough of her jokes now, I decide to play with her. “You..” I say it in the most charming way possible with a swooning smile and a glint in my green eyes. I could see the shock on her face at my bold answer.

“... You see that girl in purple blouse, I think she's cute” I continue pointing out to a random girl.

“Ouch..” She smacks my head, narrowing her eyes in irritation. I chuckle at that “Any guy that catches your eye?” I ask looking at the crowd.

“You...” she begins.

“Kris I've been looking for you everywhere” Nathan cuts her off, as he approaches us with a plain white T-shirt and denim jacket. “Don't you skip on me like that” he orders with a hard look.

“Relax I'm not a kid anymore” she whines, with a soft pout.

“To me, you are” he replies boldly leaving no room for arguments. Nathan was always so protective of his sister ever since childhood itself, I guess having a little sister does that to you. He was the reason why most guys stayed away from Kris in high school.

“And you..” he points an accusing finger at me, narrowing his eyes. I look at him in confusion but then it suddenly dawns on me and I give him a cheshire grin. Okay, so I may have walked away without paying for today's treat.

But I did say I was gonna make them pay for ditching me at the game. I just didn't think I'd do it literally until they came late!

“Jace, have you spotted Ash yet?” he asks instead, shaking his head at my stupidity. I point towards the crowd of sweaty bodies dancing.

“I'm up...” he gives me a nod “..and look out for Ash he was pretty pissed today” he adds with a smirk before walking away.

Well guess who paid up today then? I smile, heading to the dance floor to loosen up a bit.

Soon the music fills all my senses and my body begins to move on its own accord. Soon the surrounding people begin to scatter, making room for someone.

Amongst the crowd I could see a girl dancing with so much passion as if there's no tomorrow, swaying her hips to the melodious beats. Her golden brown hair moving in sync with her each move. She wears a metallic blue sleeveless dress that shows her perfect porcelain skin. Flat sandals which makes it seem like; she was the only one in this party without heels but that didn't make any difference with her slim tall figure. She's immensely gorgeous with the gentle features on her face, sharp contrasting jaw line, hooded smokey eyes, loose curls along the length of her shoulder, a layer of red lipstick on her plump lips.

After coming out of my daze I see that now a handful of people were gawking at her, it not her looks that make them stare like I expected but the way that she's dancing. She has officially acquired the second place for horribly dancing with Ash being the first. But at the same time it's as if she doesn't care about anyone around her and continues with whatever is on her mind.

I continue with my moves, getting lost in the body of the music once again.

After dancing my heart out, I decide to leave since it's already 2100 hours, a little late for me and I also wanted to continue with wherever I left with The Big Bang Theory. I leave the crowd to look for Mason, I haven't talked to him since I walked in here.

I search for him everywhere amongst the crowd of sweaty people, but he's nowhere to be seen. Finally, giving up, I'm about to leave when I see him busy making out with a brunette on his lap at the far end on some dark booth. I decide its best not to interrupt them and walk away.

On my way to the exit, I stop to see a crowd yelling “CHUG ...CHUG ...CHUG” I could spot Ash too amongst the crowd yelling on top of his voice like the slightly crazed teenager he is. On taking a closer look I see that; it's the same girl from the dance floor with beer bottles lined in front of her on a wooden table. It seems as if there's a beer competition with the muscular guy who stood on the other side of the table challenging her. Soon enough competition begins and the muscular guy starts picking up bottles hurriedly, chugging down an average sized bottle. But the girl, much to everyone's surprise hasn't touched a single bottle yet, she's popping her bones as if getting ready for a fight. The muscular guy is down two bottles already with the crowd yelling “CHUG ..CHUG.. CHUG” And in that swift motion the girl picks up a bottle and yells out loud,

“Let the actual game BEGIN”.


So my dear cabbages I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far and also stay hooked cause this only going to get more and more better as and how you get to know the characters. And I assure you this is not a slow pace book. Anyways...

So far how are the guys?

What do you think about the navy blue girl?

Let me know your thoughts on this one...

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