Rainbow Island: Book 1

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A young prince must save an island plagued by forces unleashed by a man possessed by them. Language: Standard English, Trinidad and Tobago Creole. Look out for daily updates:)

Action / Fantasy
Keston K. Charles
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The Island

In a place at sea where boulders meet a fairy maid washes her hoofs by the salted waters. A mermaid appears, she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. A half breathe like him, part human part something else washing the little particles of dirt off her glistening nails.

" Hey beautiful”
She continues silently, ignoring the familiar gesture. It is the same as yesterday and the day before this. The mermaids loved the fairy maids and the fairy maids loved men, it is the fact of life. He sees that she is annoyed but persists.

" Enjoying your freedom I see, did you know that there was such a day when these very waters were surveyed by the great snake of the deep? A creature that forced men to be its groom for all eternity?”

She looks up.

" Ahh there she is, I see I have caught your gaze.”

“Do continue you fish of the deep”

“She speaks? I am amazed, yes of course my love”

" Who is this creature you speak of?”

" She was my mother and she lived in a time when Kings and Queens ruled this land, when an evil force ran rampant and there was a great war that ended empires and ending more as we speak.”

" Well I wish she was alive so I can tell her how much of a rude creature you have become”

" You want to hear the rest of the story or not?”

“Not sure I must be home before the sun is gone, unless you promise me something?”

“Anything for you dear.”

" I hope to be highly entertained, I am known to have a short temper, do be warned I have killed for much less.”

" Yes we have heard of your petty ways. I assure you that by the end of this story you will fall deep into my arms and we will swim away into the sunrise.”

“Yes I know, if only fairy maids could swim”

Now listen good and listen close, while Mama Lo roamed the seas around the island a powerful empire that has existed from the beginning of time ruled. King Jinga, his queen Kaffa and his four children Jaakobah, Devland, Kafi and Deidamia were the latest edition of the throne. Something interesting happened to this monarch and it happened when a little boy was born.

Around the time when the king’s children were only babies another child was born from the neglected regions. He was named Akin by a mother who after receiving a vison of his future left the boy abandoned in a tree near the walls of the King’s palace. He was spotted by a servant of the King who was a fair king and took him as his own. He was named Twigs because of where he was found.

As the boy grew he exhibited many unusual traits for his age. At seven he was already quite agile and when he spoke to plants, animals and insects they responded. The King grew found of him and this made the King’s oldest son Jakoobah jealous. Akin’s abilities were unexplainable but Jakoobah’s wickedness was just as unexplainable as his.

Trabago could boast the most unique and beautiful species in the world but Jakoobah killed them so he could hang them up in his temple as prized possessions. A Caltibre Tigress plastered the wall of his temple like a trophy, a tiger, Agouti and razor leaves mix breathe. It was a creature which lived in the ocelot district where the queen was from. There were reports of large fires in the forest within the the district that Papa Bois occupied. Nobody ever saw who did it but most suspected Jakoobah. It took some persuasion by King Jinga to convince Papa Bois from sending his creatures down on the palace. Papa Bois was known as the protector of the forest and if any man was found hunting in his region he will be hunted killed and fed to his many children.

Jinga was concerned with maintaining balance in the realms. This balance was portrayed throughout the island of Trabago. It is an island that lives in harmony with nature. Trabago was formed over a powerful stone which fuses everything in nature. Plants, animals, insects and humans were all combined creating new living organisms that populated the lands. There are no light or dark shades of brown skin like the older generations but yellows, greens, reds, blues, purples and pinks. The Queen was a mixture of Ocelot and human and her skin was a blue shade with black spots. Her eyes glowed yellow but changed color as she pleased. King Jinga was a vibrant green and his children a mixture of greens and blues and black spots that they inherited from their mother. Kafi was the closest in resemblance to Kaffa the queen, she was agile and agressive as her as well, she was born with a warriors spirit. On the island houses were formed with stone, vines, clay and dirt. The king’s palace had the most beautiful and rare stones on the island, it was truly a thing to behold. At night the stones of the great walls illuminated throughout the region. Giant grasshoppers and wasps were used as transport, some creatures had the ability to form crafts from the dirt and vines from trees to travel across the island.

As Akin grew he started remembering things from his past. He was not sure from where these memories came but he had vivid dreams of a woman with red hair like cotton, much like his, rainbow colored skin and the most piercing blue eyes. He remembers the woman speaking with him though he couldn’t remember what she was saying. He told Jinga and Kaffa the dream, but neither of them could make sense of it. When he was about thirteen he told the king that he would like to be called Akin, he was not sure why he requested this but it was a name that was constantly on his mind.

Jinga became more impressed with Akin as he aged, he was the most impressive of his children and showed great potential to be prince. He was respectful to servants, kind to animals and most importantly treated the environment with respect. The king will usually stumble upon him in the gardens surrounded by all types of birds and mammals that sat in between flowers that swayed harmoniously in the breeze. Each species was at attention, awaiting his commands. Papa Bois observed the boy from the shadows, he vowed to be his protector though not mentioning this to the king. He saw something in him that only the instincts of an animal could sense. He had a force within him, a universal light force that few have been trusted with throughout the existence of the world. When these beings came forth they usually came to create great shifts in reality.

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