Rainbow Island: Book 1

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Into The Dark

As Akin grew so did his traits and soon the whole Island knew his name. He formed a close friendship with Papa Bois the protector of the forest and together they protected the natural surroundings, especially the flora and fauna of the forested regions. It was inevitable that the boy was on his way to becoming Prince and the villagers within the region could only stand aside and witness his assent to the throne. Akin’s humanitarian efforts made it near impossible for Jakoobah to assume his usual mischief in the region especially in the forested areas and this fueled the hate and jealousy that already inhabited his being. There were many days he plotted with his sisters to kill the boy though making it appear like an accident. His sisters were not as cold blooded as him though they were all worthy opponents in any battle. His youngest sister Kafa was always a mystery, she was much like her mother the queen they were almost like sisters in their appearance, both strikingly beautiful but deadly if need be. She never said much, part of which stemmed from a personal affection she felt towards the soon to be prince. Jakoobah, his youngest brother Devland and elder sister Deidamia all felt betrayed by a father who put his trust in a rejected child to rule his kingdom.

This feeling of betrayal did not stop the big day that was fast approaching and when it came it happened at night, when the earthen aircrafts arrived with the support of fireflies to witness the crowning of the first prince in two hundred years. It was a sign that the king had accepted his faith as an aging man who must pass on his responsibilities to more abled bodies. His other siblings supported by the queen stood before him yet facing the crowds of creatures that attended. This was the day they all knew was coming, a day when the affairs of the island will be taken in another direction, a higher level of sorts. News even travelled distances unknown seeping into to forbidden regions along the Oronico coast where Akin’s mother Iselda dwelled. From her dwelling in the woods she cried a smile of elation that her boy had completed the first milestone of his journey but her mood darkened because the gift of foresight had granted her visions of the obstacles that were in store for him and the first one that was preparing its showing this very night.

" A toast to the prince of Kingstown!”

A minimal pause fallowed by jeers and finally laugher as Jakoobah stood on a podium seemingly in a good mood for the evening.

“Too much red wine for this one.” Deidamia whispered to Devland with laughter who did seem to already have couple in is bowels.

Glasses were raised in the populated hallways as a sign of respect for the new prince. Begrudgingly the prince raised his as well constantly observing the gesture which was unusual for a man filled with so much hate on his best days.

“And to you meh brother may your days be unlimited in the universal kingdom.” Responded the Prince with a smile showing that he caught his bluff.

“Speaking like a King already I see, he still alive not so?”

“He is a prince worthy of any Kingship and I am confident that he will be my replacement when the time comes.” responded Jinga.

“Ah let the man talk my Lord, he’s the Prince God damn it!” A drunken Jakoobah retorts with a hint of spite in his tone.

A subtle but growing murmur begins among the audience, Jakoobah continues,

“Ah man ruled by another man, how can this be?”

“That’s enough Jakoobah” shouts the queen.

“Aight meh lady, you said yuh piece, I’ll be on the outskirts where I belong, the son of the King, imagine that!” He leaves with a rye smile while the murmurs shifted to more usual conversations. He is followed by Akin toward an opened porch that overlooked the landscape of the Island.

“Is there anything that will make this easier for you to accept?”

“I dreamt of this day, not for you but for me, we all did, you stole this from us, I will never serve you, you’re a thief.”

“The throne is there for whomever is worthy!”

“The throne is there for royal blood! Not some vagabond that was found in a tree! Ah, yes you think I ent know? Ah ha ha, yes a little boy from the neglected regions with a witch for mother.”

“Do not talk about her that way!!”

“Yes she is ah obeah woman who belongs to the same obeah women that curse this land, you is ah curse little boy just like yuh mother.”

“I say stop!”

“What now, dont lose your composure prince you do not want to spoil yuh big night.”

“I think you made sure of that already Jakoobah.”

“You think yuh mother care about you boi, you think she stop horing around the place for a little insignificant reject like you? Prince or no prince you still a dirty little unwanted shit.”

“Yea big talk from a man considered to be an outcast by his own father, you can’t even do the simple job of being a son, if you had you would be where I sta....”

A dark figure flashes across the platform grabbing Akin by the neck and taking him to the ground.

“I will kill you now and we shall see who rules today.” A blade draws closer to bulge the eyes of the prince who is too swift, he released the palm around his neck while slipping between the legs of his assailant landing in a similar position. A serum slips from the pocket in a scuffle it is grabbed by the wrong hands, a gas enters the prince’s eyes causing blindness. The sound of a blade scrapes the stoned floors, a small audience gathers by the opening, the blade reaches the sky and descends towards it’s final blow. The spotted creature of the queen enters between blade and victim twisting the blade in the opposite direction barely missing the assailant’s neck. These is a long pause before any words are spoken. King Jinga enters the scene.

“You no longer have the privilege of being called my son, from this day onward you are banished from this kingdom for what you have attempted to do is an unforgivable offence. Guards! take him away!”

Leaning towards his face.

“You will spend the rest of your days tied to a cage on the edge of the forested regions where you will be under the watchful eyes of Papa Bois and his wife Mama Lo, I am sure she must have some interesting games planned for you. I have raised you form a boy to man, I raised you with love but you were filled with hate and this is what has driven you to be the man that you are today which you are barely. I hope you find your happiness in confinement”

Jakoobah is dragged away on his knees, there were no words no tears just a long steer with glassy eyes filled with blood.

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