Rainbow Island: Book 1

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Darkness Emerging

A cage swings on the edge of branches, a spider emerges from a wall of dark light onto a branch which leads to a small opening revealing the frame of a figure laying prostrate with hands and ankles in chains. Far below the cage the tail of a giant snake creature slaps the rough waters splashing them for miles into the skies. As the tail goes down the body of a woman emerges, her clothing formed with seaweed which ran along her legs that joined into one connecting to the humongous frame of a giant beast that seemed to raise the waters with its weight. The spider observes the scene and says its piece;

“Iy, Iy, doh get too idle pal, we have work to do, you see that lady down there? She thrives on idleness, especially your kind, doh give she an excuse to cut you lose, or else you will be in for the time of your life and not the good kind.”

“Who is you?”

“Boy do you really need ah history lesson? Leh we just say I travel far and I appear to you in this version because it is the only way you will understand. Only you can see me boy and we have to hurry before the forest man return with supper, yuh know the dril, something to keep you fresh until you kill over into the loving arms of that ugly beast of the deep. Yes I say ugly, doh be fooled by that deceiving witch.”

“This must be the first stage of dying, hallucinating talking spiders with smart mouths.”

“We doh have time for dreams boy, this dream was manifested ages ago now is your time, grab this staff, break your chains, get on your feet, destiny awaits...... Ah yes you feel it right? What does it tell you?


“Say it proud boy!”

“What is this?”

“Just feel it doh fight!”

The figure that was once prostrate had broken its chains and now stands looking down on the waters on the edge of the forested regions.

“Now unleash it! Unleash the beasts of the dark realm, you are their master!”

The dark wall now covers the skies, it alerts the animals of the forrest, Papa Bois is hastily running on all fours to Jaakobah’s location, as he arrives he is thrusted by force that slams him to the floor.

“Yes boi, that is it, feel the power, you have it.”

From the depts of the ocean Mama Lo shrieks as dark figures surround her in the waters, she is blinded by a darkness even she has never known.

“Now boy, return to the Kingdom and take what it yours.

He enters the cloud of darkness now camouflaged by the nights sky. A ball of fire parades its way through the forest dancing near leaves and twigs though not expanding its blaze. It takes the form of an old lady preparing to greet Papa Bois.

“Long time loverboi?”

“The old hag of misery you finally make yuh return.” He responds in an angered tone.

“It is my time now loverboi, doh worry when the work is done it have plenty space for you between meh legs.”

“Going in there was my greatest regret, do what you came to while you have time.”

“We have the time in the world, loverboi, this dark and gloomy world, our prince is here”

“Our prince may have arrived but we have a king.”

“In training.”

“He has more power in his right thumb than all the creatures of the dark realm”

“Is that so, well, it that case...(she flicks thumb and index finger creating a small flame) ....we’ll just have to out the little light within him.”

“You can try, but once he realizes what he is there is no stopping the universal light within.”

“You think he can save you?”

“I know he will.”

“Well let’s see if he can save you now.”

“You know I am not alone, I am never alone.”

The trees in the surrounding region begin shuffling, walking on branches, crawling in the dirt, and skittering through bushes are varies species of mammals, poisonous reptiles and insects narrow in on the figures before them creating almost a darker tint than the night had already created. Bats covered the skies blocking the oxygen causing the Sucuyant’s flames to get smaller. Their screeches are deafening to the air causing the old lady to kneel covering her ears.

“Leave this place before my mercy dwindles.”

“I will return stronger, mark my words, when the work is done.”

“The light will always beat the dark”

“If there were no dark there would be no light.”

The old lady disappears into ashes, reappearing on the outskirts of the forested regions and begins roaming the stoned pathways of Kingstown appearing as innocent as an old Queen.

“I must get to the boy!”

The spider that created the evil falls in the waters of Trabago and dies.


Swirls of dark energy hover above the castle in the wind forming arms like shadows that enter cracks in the structure that are not seen to the eyes. Jaakobah in his glory floats tantalizingly looking on at his work. The shadowy arms swerve and bend through the halls ways in search of the perfect candidate to perform the deed. It spots his sister Deidemia who’s hatred can only be matched by her assailant. The dark shadows enter the mind instructing her of what must be done.

“Kill them all!” It whispers.

She rises at the sound of the voice and makes her way to the king’s chamber grabbing a rusted blade from the sheath of a knight watcher’s costume that was on display. Her movements are like the wind, her feet like clouds never land, her hands like a snake sliders through the space of the magnificent door left unguarded for the evening. The darkness covers her frame as she stands before the king and the queen in their slumber and does the dead. There were no screams just minor struggles steeped in agony. It was quick, it was the best way to die, when the shock reduces the pain.

A firefly that was forgotten, enters the prices chambers, it’s light illuminates at rate that made it appear brighter than usual. Almost like a warning, as if something was coming.

“Out of all the faces to shine your light, why me?”

It continues to flash incessantly as the prince holds it in his palm.

“This is not usual.” He pauses.

The dark light enters the room while the prince observes from the deformed ceiling that formed little crests for his feet and arms the enter as he observes the shadowed figures entering his chamber. He climbs toward the door way that stretched to the ceiling and uses his agility to twist and flex his way across the palace walls and ceilings. He sensed that something was foul in the air, a stench of iron that only blood could emit. He was at midriff when he discovered the origination of the scent confirming his suspicion but deeply darkening his mood. There they were, the guardians that took him in an abandoned child laid out on bed, corpses unaware that they were dead or who their killer was. The tears flowed, but there was no time to morn, it was time for him to leave the palace, a force had entered that he was not ready to handle and it knew. A window shatters alerting the darkness, he is too quick, he makes his way to the forested regions, the only beast he could think of was Papa Bois.

“I will let you have the night brother.” His darkened eyed Jaakobah observes from above.

The dark energy exits Deidamia, she is reminded of the dead she had done and the one she was about to do. This was her first taste of death by her hands. The tears flowed, not for remorse, but for disbelief. The blackened figure of Jaakobah floats and land behind her in dimly lit hall where the prince was crowned. He places his hand on her shoulder, she looks up;

“So weren’t you coming to look for me sister?”

She looks toward the figure but is in disbelief at what she is seeing.


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