Rainbow Island: Book 1

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The Root of all Evil

All is awakened at the scene of shed blood, Jaakobah, his distraught sister Deidamia, his brother Devland and youngest Kaffa approaching the group with piercing blue eyes. They matched her feelings which was one of sadness and disbelief.

“Do not tell me that you gave a shit about these slain traitors of the crown, what is going on in this place, do you realize what has happened? This king and queen sent their first born to be devoured by a beast, the most vicious of them all and you have the audacity to give them your tears?”

“You were sent for good reason, you tried to kill the prince.” Kaffa shouts

“What! What prince? You mean the abandoned reject that was found in a tree? That is your prince? Ok where is your prince now then? Where is he! You accepting this?

“He is right Kaffa. I do not agree with his ways but he is right, Jinga loved that boy more than all of us and you know it.”

“I loved him too.” she whispers to herself.

“What did you say?”

“I said, you..were...wrong!”

Her eyes turned a violent red, chest expanded, claws stretched.”

“Oh my sister you do not want to go there.”

The room darkens blocking the air that lit candles, she feels her body weakening.


“Something greater than you will ever be, you deserve to die just like him.”

With minimum strength left she grabs hold of his blade and lunges it in his lower abdomen causing herself to become free from his grip. The other siblings in support of their fallen brother attempts to hold her back.

“He is right sister, we were never loved as much as him” says Devland as he struggles to hold the fighting spirit of his younger sister.

“No, he is wrong, the King loved all of us, Akin earned his right to be prince and one day he would be king!”

Jaakobah is quickly healed by the dark energy dwelling within him as he approaches his sister she escapes. Like the prince she is very agile, a flip and a leap was enough for her escape the arm of dark light that was trying to grab her.

“If you support this man then you must die like him as well.”

“Joakobah don’t ! Leave her she will be dealt with in due time, you need to preserve your energy there is much work to be done.”

Deidamia and Devland are now possessed by a similar darkness but lesser in power and influence than their elder brother.

“Yess you are right, rid the bodies of this realm, we will soon be met by our most distinguished quests of the hour.”

With a grin Devland the younger brother of Jaakobah stands above the bodies on the bed. Playfully jumping on top of them as if taunting them to get up. ”

“Stop the foolishness you imbecile of a brother, what you trying to do sink them to another dimension? Stand back!”

Deidamia forms a darkness above which elevates the souls of the king and queen to the dark realms while their bodies turned to ashes.


From the master of the dark realms came the dark light forged among the in between spaces of the galaxies. From the dark light came the wall of darkness, this wall is the gate to the dark realm in which the dark ancestral spirits and beings inhibit. It is from this dark wall that the creatures emerge in the hallways of the palace.

The the muscular frame of a man with a coffin for a head emerges with chains around his waist. He kneels on all fours forging his frame into to one of a wolf. The creature is followed by a beautiful woman, all parts human but a for a right leg that is replaced by one of a donkey’s causing a limp as she walked. Another figure emerges but not from the dark wall which was now closing. She approached from another direction, it was the old lady who appeared in the forested regions with Papa Bois. Her skin is deformed from the fire she hides in it.

“You have no respect for elders. Why wasn’t I summoned in this place, I could have saved the walk.” She crumbled frustratingly.

“The master’s plan is above ours, there is a reason why you were there.” Responded the horse foot lady.

“Why to meet that old shit in the woods? ”

“And who is this one here? Is you who summon we? Do you even know why we are here?” Asks the old lady turning to Jaakobah.

“I just do what the voice tells me.”

“Do you even know who this voice is? Hmm, that damn trickster could never explain himself.”

“Listen too me, Ananse is his name, guardian of the dark light, a trickster that rose through the realms becoming one with the darkness.”

“You mean Ananse the trickster, the story I was told repeatedly as a child.”

“Yes apparently in these parts we are just stories, but no he is very real and deliciously dangerous.”

The wolf steps forward,

“It seems he has entrusted you with the inevitable task of ushering in the masters plan, for all of us who exist in the realms neglected. ”

“Oh so you think this is about you?” Echoes a voice an arms length above. The wall of darkness returns, the edges become rounder and rounder until spikes emerge that form legs, eight of them to be exact creating the image of a spider that is now both tangible and visible to all present.

“But I saw you die!” shouts Jaakobah.

“He never dies, he multiplies.” responds the old lady.

“You will learn in time, you have the rage but lack the wit. This will be fixed soon. For now let me explain what is un the agender:

I am in the final stage of my ascension to be the ruler of the galaxies and it is through the four of you that my dream will be accomplished. You three, Jaakobah is your master, he is me in the form of flesh and bones. You have been summoned to awaken the dark forces which lay dormant on this island.”

“Why this island?” asked the one legged lady.

“Because this one contains the most powerful forces known, it is from here the take over begins, in Trabahgo.”

“And what is in it for us, you think we ent know about your old trickster ways? When you get what you want, what is in it for us?” the old lady enquires.

“You will be free to roam this realm as you please, the dark realms will no longer be your prison.”

“What’s the catch.” She rebottles.

“We will be free to roam but he will be the ultimate ruler of all which exists, isn’t this right Ananse?” asked the wolf.

“Well we say no to that bullshit.”

“And what about me, I am I simply your vessel to do this deed?” Jaakobah interjects.

“You my boy will be the prince of all realms and together we will rule for eternity as for the rest of you, I leave you in his charge, your portion in the kingdom will be decided upon his final word!”

A large flame of blues and greens consumes the spider turning it into ashes as laughter echo’s and fades. The three entities of the dark stand horizontal to each other looking up toward Jaakobah floating on a cloud of darkness.

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