Rainbow Island: Book 1

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Jungle Fever

Two breaths panting in one motion as leaves and dirt part the ways for quick footsteps that are unaware of their soon connection. One lost but the other is on a journey to the safe haven of the forest where the beast of the land rests his leafy beard and muscular hoofs simultaneously protecting the animals that he created with the snake of the deep. Leathered worms with tongues which manifested poison slivered on earth, on trees and in the skies, gliding as they jumped toward branches afar. Diamond eyes looked through the darkness, gazing toward the two specimens, one familiar, the other obviously a warrior of sorts, her nurtured soul illuminating amongst cubs whose cries trapped their mothers in their tracks.

“Boy!” a voice echo’s in the darkness, a suffocated one responds.


“Yes I know boy, I see she too.”

“She? Do you know what is happening to this place?”

“I know and I see it before but not like this. Ananse has returned and he has brought the dark wall with him.”

“What! Ananse?”

“My brother, what happened, he is not who he was, in truth he is in a worse state. something has taken him.”

“The dark forces have taken him, he is the gateway to all evil which now populates this land. There is a history you were never told.”

A thump is followed by a gentle shake and gasp of expiration as the leapordized form of Kafa embraces Akin under his arms into his chest. Tears pouring from her face.

“Oh Akin it is horrible, just horrible, mother, father they’re...”

“I know.”

“I thought they killed you too.”

“Who me?”

He releases her arms from his chest grabbing her hand which is followed by her body and face with eyes that stare into is. Her eyes that were once blue are now bright pink.

“I am the prince Trabago, no one can harm me, even if they try.”

“Then why did you run?”

He looks beyond her eyes as if confused by the question.

“The force, that was in him it felt......I ent know what it was but....it felt stronger than anything I ever felt.”

“So you were afraid?”

“No I was not, but I knew what ever that was I was not ready for it, which is why I cam here.”

“And what about you, since when the king’s princess is brave enough to enter the forested regions?”

“I just ran to a place no one could find me, I also felt the strength of the force, I narrowly escaped it, everyone’s dead, my parents, all the guards, Jaakohbah, Develand and Diedmaia have all banded together under whatever force has taken over our brother. They tried to convince me to join them, but I just could not, there is no honor in what they have done. Oh.. hey Papa Bois”

The dark figure of the man nods in acknowledgment, then steps forward.

“I have a story to tell”

“As we know before the light there was darkness, a nothingness that stretched to each corner of the universe. It is an omnipresent force created and ruled over by the Master of Darkness. Out of the darkness came the light which was ruled by the Master of the Universe, who held in it’s hands the power of creation. The Master of Darkness became jealous of the light and vowed to control it. So everything that the universal master created the darkness contaminated until the Master was forced to lock the dark energy away in a realm that was far away from creation. Some dark forces remained but without the connection to the forces of the dark realms they had no real power. Trabahgo was built an a stone filled with life force energy, according the legend this stone was placed here by the Master of the Universe. It has been foretold that one day the dark forces will return, that a man will rise from a kingdom who’s stature will match the wickedness of the Master of Darkness. His body will be used to unleash a host of dark forces on this island, awakening the ones which lay dormant. This island is rests on the most powerful energy in the universe and once this man rules it there will be no hope for us all.”

Thunder stumbles as if just above, a sharp light flashes across the skies. In the distance, in the direction of the palace a cloud of unusual darkness forms.

“It seems this man has arrived”


A rumble seemingly hits clouds as the gods rearrange their positions in the skies creating sparks which slide effortlessly across. The scene turns until focused upon three figures gazing towards the man floating on a cloud deciding the matters of their compensation.

“So what it is man? You have something for we?” Asked the old lady.

“I second, we not about to take orders from that old trickster when this thing is done.” added the man wolf.

“I ent know bout yall but I glad not to be in that place anymore, I aint need nothing.” replied the horse footed lady.

“You aint need nothing but a pole between yuh leg, doh feel we ent know what you glad for. I know what I want, and I aint bowing to no Ananse, that will be a disgrace to my people and where I am from. We doh worship nobody.”

“Ol woman what people you talking about, you ol like the mountain, I sure all your people dead by now. ”

“People fade but the laws remain.”

“When when you live long enough to see them fade what is the use of the law? What is the the use of a law that has no people to make sure it is enforced? You have nothing to stand for ol woman, nothing but that cane in your hand.”

“At least I have too legs to stand on as well eh.”

“Ahh at least you finally learn to tell a joke.”

“Who say I jokin?”

“Oh we will see who joking when a break yuh rusty little hip!”

“Yuh better go lubricate you dusty cu...”

“Sukia doh go there na, Ladybless, have some dignity.”

“The world really upside down when the voice of reason belongs to a dog that was once a headless man. Three of you, I have received the plan for the ages, I am prince of this realm, my plan is not divine but it will be fulfilled according to the scriptures of past centuries. You were brought here for a reason, to stir up forces that rest dormant on this island. From here we begin our quest to rule the world and from here the galaxies and from there the wider galaxies, until we rule all of the universe. You are all vying for one position, to be seated at my right hand when the take over begins. Who ever impresses me the most will be there. Now, this island has four main regions. There is the Oricono territory, The elephant tribe, Blue Devil’s Valley, and the forested region. In the latter region there is a beast that controls it, he has the appearance of a man at first but when he turns he is an animal just like the rest. Leave this region to me, I have a personal fight to settle with this monster. ”

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