Rainbow Island: Book 1

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Lady of the Night

The theme is red, it mixes with the smoke and wood supported by glass bottoms nesting spirits that intoxicate the souls of men and some women who are able. In what ever century this scene remains painted in a capsule of time which never remains. After the ramping and raving have settled they leave in groves one clutching the other to support the poison within. One usually strays, on this night to the land of those that once lived. They live on mountains, in a space where their energies can be facilitated.

A lady awaits the visit of the disorientated men that are guided to this place by the demon that lives in their flask. The more they consume, the braver they become to climb the lonely rise until they see the woman dressed in the theme for the evening, half her body standing behind a stone covering the long lost life of one who once lived. Everything to be desired is on display and this draws him to her. The blue devils admire from below as he climbs to his final resting. They approach but watch from afar because these are the moments they die for, it is celebrated, another empty body to posses with the blue blood that is formed by fire and shadows.

He is salivating at the sight of the woman in the red dress, legs extended and finger urging him to come closer to her chest. His blurred vision ignores the hidden leg of a horse who’s sound is concealed by the softness of grass and dirt. They embrace in vice and sweet sour fluids that are unbearable to smell when one comes to his senses. By the time he does it is too late, she consumes his soul and hopes off into the night, his ears hearing the clocks as she sprits away. The blue devils approach the vacated frame of a man that knew very little. They begin the ceremony. The blood of the youngest is shared in a pot that is infused with shadows that do not follow their bodies. The man is folded and placed in the pot and by midnight he is ready. He does not know himself, his eyes see, but is mind is possessed by the darker realms. His skin is blue and his home is the dark.

This is how blue devils are born.


With each step infecting the soil beneath and before him the shadowed figure of Jaakobah enters the forested regions with movement that kills all in his way. All creatures scamper at the sound of his feet crushing greenery. He halts in observation of what is before him touching a tree that shrivels and shrinks.

“Something coming.” Papa Bois rising.

“Yes and fast.” adds Kafi

“It is him.” Akin concludes.

“He is coming for you Papai Bois, he is my brother, let me handle it.”

“I will alert the beasts of the field.”

“I’ll guard this area.”

Light jogging transitions to full sprinting , on branches, onto swinging vines and floating fig leaves only be halted by dry, darkness and death.

“Listen to your mind Jaakohbah, do not let the Trickster take it.”

“Jaakobah is here and this is what I want, this is my dream being fulfilled by the true Master of the Universe.”

A leap of faith is taken, a leap that is covered by a dark blanket expanding from staff in Jaakohbahs hand.

“You are not strong enough prince, you still have much to learn.”

“I will not let you destroy this place.”

“It is the only way to birth the new world.”

“You will take us all to the realm from which you came and I can not allow this.”

“Then suffer like the rest.”

From the shadows a slivery beast forms that injects Akin’s chest darkening his veins sucking the life force within him.

“Foolish boy, dying on behalf of a beast you know very little of.”

The sun is blocked by a shadow only visible by the eyes corners. Legs appear strangled around Jaakohbah’s neck, they sing to the song of Kafi’s inner thighs shifting the bone structure and facial movements of her assailant. The darkness retreats and the two embrace in a struggle for survival. Kafi is fast and difficult to handle while Jaakohbah fights to grip an understanding of what was happening to him. Akin lays unmovable by the dark particles that now inhibit his being attempting to destroy his soul. The monkies arrive to aid Kafi in her struggles, Papa Bois stands in the distance readying his charge. The primates release, Kafi heeds the signal and Jaakohbah feels the force of the jungle mans horns.

“Seems like you have much to learn yuhself, trouble boi.” Remarks Papa Bois as he looks over the frame of the paled assailant.

“You might be right, but you lack understanding over the power within me, it has its own mind.”

His hand form a blade that aims to strike the beast looking over him but is received by Kafi who sees the blow before all other eyes. All are in shock even the one who did the deed but his shock quickly turns toward in a grin as we watches his sister disintegrate into ashes that are swiped up by the dark light that was in his blade.

“What have you done!”

“Poetic justice I assume. I was man that was exiled by his own father but now the daughter he loved so dearly is trapped in locked in a world of endless torment.”

The stunted frame of Akin can only watch as his beloved collapses before him. A defining roar of rage echo’s throughout the forest as Papa Bois raises a club to strike the man that killed so mercilessly but by the time he lands he is gone leaving a smog of dark dust. He looks behind him hearing the muffed voice of Akin, he is bad shape. He lifts him on his shoulders and takes him the part of the forest that still remained. His eyes focused on the trees which stretched to the skies for one of them held the force of life creating the fruit made from the energy. It was hidden even from him and only made available through special prays which he did.

“Forces of the universe, show me the way to the light which shines endlessly to the perfect say, the light that brings life unquenched and end to sufferings and death.”

These words are repeated until forest was no longer a forest but pools of light around a tree which seemed to reach endlessly above. Akin’s body is laid beside it. Papa Bois reaches his hand toward a sappy liquid which oozed out onto the twisted wood. He claps his hands in prayer then rubs the liquid on Akin’s head and temple, eventually covering his face. The mind of the weakened travels to another place.

“Akin!” A soft voice calls and echoes.

He turns to notice a shadow surrounded by light coming towards him. The voice calls again but this time there is a familiarity. The darkness of the shadow is removed.


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