Rainbow Island: Book 1

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Forces Assembled

“Yuh need to focus boi”

A voice shouts from the shadows as a weakened Jaakohbah slams his frame against an awaiting chair.

“I am the most powerful being in this realm, should I be discrete about this?”

“You are the prince of darkness and you are the most powerful for now but when that boi learns what he really is you will be second best.”

“I don handle he already!”

“You think that going to stop him? Ha boi, you have so much to learn and you ent realize how much little time you have. The longer you take the stronger he gets.”

“So if you know what to do why you doh handle him yuhself?”

“Unfortunately my existence in the physical realms is short lived, I can only observe it through you, and intervene in brief moments.”

“Why me then?”

“Because you are me.”


“In the form of flesh, there is much that the king did not tell you. Before I became what I am, moons ago I was known as a trickster, an idle peace of darkness in the realms that the masters of the darkness and the light had little use for, unless or shapeshifting services were required. I was deployed to Ocelot region by the master of darkness where I met your mother and...”

“Wait...hold up! I am your son?”

“Not quite... as I said you are me, we tricksters, we have a way of multiplying, which is why we are usually locked away, but this was a special mission I was on you see.”

“So you impregnated my mother and the my father concealed this truth?”

“Ah yes the wonders and beauty of the fallen crown.”

“It all makes sense now, why I felt so distant from all of them, it is because I am not of them, I am of you!”

“This why you were choosen, just like Akin you have a power within you that you must realize before he realizes his. I might be evil but I ent stupid, light in its strongest form always beats the dark.”


As swift as the fall from grace is the fall into the endless darkness of the shadow realm. The newcomer hears voices and is unable to see what is happening around her. These voices begin as laughter transforming to murmurs in an attempt to direct the new soul that is falling into the limitlessness of its dept.

“Yuh have to catch yuhself girl, the light cah save you here!”

“Imagine what the end of your fall will look like.”

The mind of the fallen creates images of terror that reflected the voices that spoke, her mind creating a pool of water and muck that served little purpose in softening her fall. Vicious laughter follows, bouncing against the walls that felt near. They felt as grimy as the pool that she was in. As she raises from her seated position her head hits something solid, then her feet is crouched in by the floor, arms pushed in from the sides, she is encapsulated into a dark cube that floats away into a place unknown. Without time to rest she is shaken by a force so strong that breaks the cube, her feet touches the ground again, or at least what felt like it, her body stands erected, the darkness is lit by a fire that illuminates an unfamiliar red. The light shines on the walls which took the shape of a cave, on it’s ceiling a black dot forms from then from it legs emerge populating the massiveness of the cave walls. A leg steps forward that was proportioned to her frame, another steps forward doing the same, the other six legs shrink into the back of a man who stands in a plaid suit and hat.

“Where you expecting the.....Devil?”

The shivering frame of Kafi looks toward a man whose skin seemed to be touching the bones that highlighted his greased skin. His eyes as white as dried coals and and as the moon and the starts orbit the earth so were the veins that led to his darkened pupils.

“Broke your back? I see, we have worst provisions for you my child, you see, we despise your kind, you are the ones created by the one who calls Himself or Itself the master of the universe. The so called master created this weak shit.”

He spits on her face, pulls her hair and drags her toward the flame.

“Where is your God now, eh, where!”

He lifts her frame and throws her into the flame. She is transported to place that exists in endless heat, it is dark but lit by lines of lava. her spine is broken but some how she is still alive, she watches as her body burns but refuses to diminish.

“Brothers, we have our pawn.”

To be continued...

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