Eternal Courage

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Chapter 11: Honour of the Sword

It was only a mere day from the tournament to select the representatives for Green B.U.S. Saku was training hard with Ivy who was teaching him one last thing. Ivy was trying to teach him how to fully utilize the aura-coat in the training hall. Saku could still only produce one aura-coat glove and was trying to make a second one. Sweat was dripping down his face as he concentrated “keep going Saku” said Ivy encouragingly “You’re not far off” Anastasia and Mochi were watching from a distance. Saku was trying to produce a white light around his second hand “there it is now mold it!” the white light became to form a shape but then Saku fell forward.

Saku was on his hands and knees, sweat falling off his face. Ivy patted him on the shoulder “easy there. Take a breather. We’ll call it a day” Anastasia walked over with a towel in hand as Saku sat on the floor

“Here you go Saku”

“Thank you Anastasia” he found the tower was cool and moist “Oh this nice”

“I’d thought you like it” said Anastasia smiling “I dampened it for you to help cool you down” Mochi then presented Saku a bottle

“Here you go big brother”

“Thanks Mochi” Saku took a sip “apple juice…sweet!” he then began rapidly drinking the juice “This is my favourite”

“Big sister Aries told me it was your favourite so I made you some” she smiled sweetly showing her pink cheeks

“Nice one…little sister Mochi” he rubbed her pink hair making her giggle.

Saku stood up wiping his face with the towel “This aura-coat thing tires you out. Was it like this for you?”

“Ohhhh yes” said Ivy dragging out the word “I literally collapsed when I first did it” she then looked a bit sad “well, I regret to say this is my final lesson”

“I know you still have your own training to do”

“That’s right. And since I don’t plan on losing I’m going to the top and…regrettably I won’t have much time to much more training”

Yeah I know. Especially since your first to fight in the matches” she nodded

Saku took a few moments and then said “but can I ask you something?”

“Yes what is it?”

“Could you keep teaching me after the matches?”

“Well I could but I don’t think there’s not much more I can teach you”

“Well then at least spar with me? I quite enjoy training with you” Ivy looked surprised but then chuckled

“You really are something else. I haven’t met anyone like you” she then smiled sweetly as if thinking about something else “do you know that I’m an only child. So I’ve been thinking how ace it would be…” she then rubbed his head “to have a little bro like you” Saku felt at first uncomfortable but was reminded of Aries and smiled. Ivy put her hand down “well just keep going and you’ll get it”

“Okay, I’ll be rooting for you” Ivy had pink cheeks as she kissed Saku on his head making him blush

“I’ll be rooting for you too”

Saku watched her go as he spoke to Anastasia “well that’s the end of today I think. I’m beat”

“You have been working hard” said Anastasia with her hands behind her back

“Yeah well, I just wish I had more time. I could do a lot more” said Saku sulking

“Don’t worry big brother” said Mochi encouragingly “You can do it” Saku smiled as he looked at Anastasia

“Why don’t we practise for a bit Anastasia? It might be worth getting some practise”

“Yeah…I suppose your right” Anastasia sounded unsure as she prepared herself. With Kieran secretly watching in the background.

For the most part Anastasia practised as normal guiding and forming her plants with twirls and waves of her cane. Until like before the black tulip appeared. Saku noticed Anastasia didn’t see the tulip straight away but as soon as Anastasia noticed the flower her complexion turned pale “no…no not again” Anastasia clutched her body and crouched down as her hair turned silver “no…no” just like before the flowers simply vanished and ugly green vines suddenly began becoming erratic.

Saku shot the flower with an energy beam and rushed over to Anastasia “Anastasia…Anastasia, it’s okay now. Look there’s no flower see” Anastasia checked to where the flower was before to see it had gone “It’s alright…see?” it looked like she was convincing herself it was fake

“yes…yes your right there’s nothing there” her hair returned to its brown colour and the plants simply dissipated. Saku helped her to her feet

“I think we’ll call it a day it’s grown rather late now” Anastasia gave a light nod “come on Mochi we’ll go get you some hot chocolate”

“yay!” she said jumping in the air. Saku was in thought as he guided Anastasia along

“For a brief moment she continued as normal but…as soon as she noticed the black tulip…she looked terrified. There’s a connection…but what?” as the three walked away hidden behind a corner was Kieran with a satisfied grin on his face

The next morning came quickly for Green B.U.S academy and the tournament was now in full swing. Outside the academy on the campus was a cube shaped stadium. The audience was comprised of mostly the other students who could skip school to watch. Others included teachers and a couple of parents. The 1st match was already underway with Ivy and Jason going full throttle. Jason was using two yellow aura swords against Ivy. Ivy was using her aura-coat consisting of two gloves and arm pads.

Saku and his friends, who were sat together, were watching before their matches. They were sat near the back at the top. Saku cheered on Ivy “Go on! Dodge it…now hit” it was quite an even battle

“it looks like this fight may take a while” said Sophie while Saku yawned “What’s the matter didn’t you sleep well?”

“not really. But don’t worry I’ll be fine for the match”

“Alright if you say so” said Anastasia but she noticed “hey have you seen Mia? I saved her a seat” as she spoke her name Mia appeared “Oh there you are” Mia had a troubled look on her face

“What’s the matter?” asked Saku curiously. Mia looked strangely hesitant

“may I…speak with you privately?” Saku looked perplexed

“yeah okay. Girls I’ll be back in a little while okay” with also a perplexed look Sophie and Anastasia nodded.

Saku followed Mia to the empty corridor in the stadium. Mia was rather quiet “What’s the matter Mia? What’s eating you?” Mia fidgeted and then opened her mouth but was interrupted by a rude voice

“Oh…there she is” Saku turned to see a rather carefree girl approach “I’ve been looking for…my good friend”

“Amethyst” said Mia simply. Amethyst was a student from a different academy but in the same region. She had long dark hair, a strain dyed violet with purple eyes. She wore a similar uniform but her jumper had being dyed purple. She had a slender body and looked quite pretty “What do you want?”

“Oh…not a lot. I’m just here to talk to the guy there”

“who me?” said Saku pointing to himself

“of course you handsome” said the girl and for some reason Saku didn’t flinch to this “I have a request to make of you” Amethyst put a hand in her jumper pocket and pulled out a slip of paper with assist “I’d like you to join me”

Saku for the second time didn’t react to this rather carefree girl “ about it? With you on my side…we’d certainly win” Mia stepped forward

“Why the sudden interest Amethyst?”

“well…I’ve heard rumours of a Stritos boy who could do amazing things. And…so naturally I thought he’d be good…especially considering who my opponent is” this seemed to annoy Mia “so how about it?”

“Saku don’t do it…she’ll only” Saku gestured his arm out stopping her with a reassuring smile

“You are aware that…your opponent is one of my close friends” Mia seemed to react to this while Amethyst looked unconvinced

“You can’t be serious? I mean…friends with her?”

“Why…is there a problem?” said Saku somewhat annoyed

“No, no problem” said Amethyst shrugging her arms “I just didn’t think that the lone swordswoman would stoop so low to make friends?” her kindness was merely a façade “well…I’ll see you later” she said with a grin before leaving.

Saku watched her go “I wonder I didn’t react to her comments. She was faking it…although I don’t know how I knew”

“I’m quite surprised myself” said Mia “maybe it was intuition” she said jokingly but then her expression dropped

“Mia, what’s the matter? You can tell me right? Or is it a private?”

“no it’s not” said Mia shaking her head and ponytail “It’s…just…awkward. We’re both what you call…friendly bounty hunters. We search for wanted people and track them down. We both worked alone and had different methods. Amethyst cared only for results, not the people. She also lacked discipline so would often get into trouble”

“so…why does it bother you?”

Mia, who was normally a confident, strong willed girl seemed to regress to someone filled with regret and a bit of shame “Amethyst...didn’t care for those around her. She would often cut corners or use other people to get the job done or take credit. Amethyst was then confronted and made to leave. I was the last to confront her and asked her why she couldn’t get along with the others. She simply said…it was because of me”

Mia gripped her arms as she continued speaking “She said…she couldn’t stand the fact I was so much further ahead than her. Even though I did all my jobs solo like her. So when I told her why she just couldn’t get along with everyone else…she retorted” Mia looked to be in pain as she spoke “Oh like you have any friends either. You sit all alone on your high perch and you have the right to preach me…then…she left”

Saku saw her body language and felt a sense of sympathy “so a bounty hunter huh? You know, I can imagine you tracking down bad guys and making them pee themselves just from your sword” Saku mimicked the sword-waving and the terrified man. Mia looked in slight bewilderment but then chuckled and smiled “if I remember correctly you got an assist gift too right?” Mia looked as if she had just remembered and pulled out the paper

“yes I did it but…” she then looked at Saku’s smiling face “Saku…did you mean what you said? About me being a close friend” he gave an honest nod “then could you…partner up with me?”

“of course I could” Mia looked surprised by his quick answer “we’ll show that girl” he held out his hand in friendship to which she grabbed it and gently shook it “come on let’s go watch the match”

The first match was a close one but Ivy came out as a winner. Both Ivy and Jason were exhausted as Kieran and Ms Reapa guided them out. Saku looked satisfied “What a great match. It’s a shame I missed a bit of it”

“It’s okay” said Sophie “You didn’t miss much. And Mia you appear to have cheered up a bit”

“Oh is that so?” said Mia pretending not to notice as the Head-master called out

“well folks that ends the first match. Now can the contestants for match two be ready. Your match starts in fifteen minutes?” Mia stood up

“good luck Mia” said Sophie “we’ll be rooting for you” Mia smiled and head out. Saku then stood up

“where are you going?” asked Anastasia

“little boy’s room. Don’t worry I won’t be long” Saku heading to the doorway and proceeded to the empty corridor “they are both going to be surprised” he then noticed something strange “Ms Reapa?” he could see her walking ahead of him “but I just saw…her” as he looked he began to stagger.

Saku began to feel a strong burning pain in his chest. It wasn’t intense but felt very painful making him stagger and sway “Ahhh…ahhh” the pain then started to slowly subside “What is…going on?”

“What’s the matter with you?” he looked to see Lexi coming up towards “did you have something bad for lunch?”

“I…don’t know. It feels like heart burn but…they’ve been happening frequently” the pain then went away “and only last a few seconds” as he looked at Lexi “hey wait a moment…you’re wearing your jumper”

“Oh yes…I was wondering when you would bring that up…and there’s a reason for that”

Lexi took off her jumper and showed her shirt was undone at the top clearly showing the top of her bare chest. Saku noticed the buttons were missing “What the?” said Saku “What did you do? Go up a size during the morning?”

“I wish. I mean I might have gained a few centimetres” she said looking at her chest proudly “but I thought I’d try a bit of fan service for the boys” Saku then groaned and rubbed his face

“So you’re wearing a shirt too small for you” she nodded “Lexi I know you want to show off your…large bosom but please control yourself”

“Oh fine if it stops you whining” Lexi put on her jumper

“but that doesn’t fully explain the jumper?”

“She’s called Aries”

Saku understood perfectly as Lexi spoke “yeah she caught me red-handed and demanded me to wear a jumper. Anyway this is for you” Saku was handed a blue square envelope “Ms Reapa told me to give this to you. Well see yer” Saku watched her go in a run while he observed the envelope

“wait…Ms Reapa!” he looked round but saw no sign “was that really her? No it can’t be I mean, I just saw her guide Ivy back” he disregarded his thought “well let’s see what Lexi gave me” he opened his envelope and saw a card with the name “burst? What does that mean?” but before he could read it, the sound of applause from the audience reminded him of his departure “Oh Mia. The match will be starting now. I’d better hurry!” he pocketed the card and ran full-speed.

The headmaster called out “now for the second match to begin. From Green B.U.S academy we have Mia Anslette” Mia walked confidently into stadium with mostly everyone cheering

“go on Mia” said Sophie cheering but then she noticed Saku was still missing “Now where is Saku? I bet he’s fallen in” the headmaster spoke once again

“and her opponent from sky academy in this region” said the headmaster “is Amethyst” Amethyst walked with a mixture of ego and confidence “now listen up. Both of these ladies were given…the assist option” he tried to sound dramatic but once again failed. He coughed and continued “they were given the option of an assistant. Did either of you pick one?”

Amethyst shook her head but Mia nodded “Oh did you now?” Mia whispered the name in the headmaster’s ear “Oh interesting. It seems only Mia chose an assistant” this seemed to surprise Amethyst “Alright for Mia and those watching here are the rules. First damage is dealt to both members, second if one loses so does the other and third. The assistant may only jump in after Mia has reach the fifty-five damage mark” all the crowd listened intently “well that’s the rules folks. As for who the assistant is…you’ll have to see” this made murmurs emerge from the whole audience “well…let the fight…begin!”

With that the crowd applauded while Amethyst looked puzzled “so the great honourable Mia actually chose a partner and who would that be?”

“You’ll have to wait and see” Mia put her hand out producing the long blue sword

“Yes we will. So which way will he come out from?” Mia turned and pointed

“From there” then as Mia turned round a purple static energy blast was sent towards her.

Mia only had enough time to shield herself from the blast. She uncovered herself as a series of boos came from the audience “well it looks like you’re not as fast as you use to be” Amethyst hand’s appeared to be producing purple static electricity

“Shooting someone when there back is turned is rather low”

“then do something about it” Amethyst shot several purple energy blasts at Mia. Mia ran forwards slicing through the blasts with ease. Then as Mia approached she swung the sword at Amethyst which appeared to go through her stomach.

Amethyst staggered back from the hit and winced, holding her stomach with her hand. Sophie looked on “when you receive a hit from a weapon user, with or without the glove, you’ll respond as if you’ve been struck by a hammer or blade. Amethyst better watch it” Amethyst shrugged off the hit

“I forgot how painful that thing can be. I’d better watch it” Mia swung at Amethyst again but she swiftly dodged it and jumped in the air. Amethyst then began shooting rapidly many energy blasts, Mia took the brunt of all of them but shrugged off the pain as she swung at Amethyst. Amethyst tried to dodge by flipping in the air but Mia’s blade caught her foot knocking her off-balance. Mia then flipped forward and drop-kicked Amethyst to the ground who responded by spinning and landing comfortably.

Amethyst rubbed her chest where Mia had struck her “dam, it looks like my attacks aren’t doing much damage” Mia landed on the ground “Time to get tricky” Amethyst put her hands to her sides and clenched her hands. Her whole body tensed followed by her hands being coating in fierce looking static purple electricity. Mia looked ready to defend as Amethyst thrust her hands forward. Suddenly many blasts, as if her hands were machine-guns, burst out of her hands in a thick stream.

Mia shielded herself with her sword but to her surprise the blasts curved upwards and missed her completely. Mia put her guard down “were you even trying to aim?” Amethyst then had a smug smile “What the…” Amethyst then clenched her hands,

“Your right…was I even aiming?” Amethyst then pulled her hands backwards in a downwards arc. Mia turned round to see all the blasts that had missed were now redirected back at her…and before she could react Mia was struck by a hailstorm of purple, engulfing in a cloud of dust and smoke.

Sophie looked at the cloud of smoke “Mia…is she okay?” the cloud dispersed to show Mia, although stood, badly wincing and was shakily standing, her body emitting purple sparks “That Amethyst girl is very sneaky” Sophie said not approving Amethyst’s tactic “She feigned all those blasts missing only to catch Mia off-guard” though she wasn’t the only one who didn’t seem to like it either.

Mia was haven’t trouble shaking off the damage, her body jerking from the plasma energy but shook her head and prepared herself once “I forgot…you have the power to influence your energy” said Mia to which Amethyst simply sniggered “but your blasts lack power”

“the little ones may be but…not this one” Amethyst put her hands out forward and joined them together by the wrists “so have this” a large sphere, about 5ft in diameter, formed in her hands. It was a violet colour rippling with sparks “have this…Violet Eclipse” she thrust the ball forward. The ball spun in a diagonal direction as it travelled towards Mia carving the ground in its wake.

Mia with sword ready and blocked the blast head-on. Mia felt the electric nature of the special flow into your body making it hard to hold back “Come on Mia” Amethyst said arrogantly “where’s that strength your so fond off?” Mia gripped the ground with her feet and with a great effort deflected the ball right back the unaware Amethyst which hit her and exploded on contact.

From beneath the cloud of the explosion, it showed Amethyst with tattered clothes and on her back…but quickly got back up “dam…you. That hurt” her body was still sparking as she stood but Amethyst simply flexed her body “there we go” and the purple sparks simply dissipated “Oh…and it looks like I went past the half-way mark” she said as her first warning came up “and so has yours….with a little something extra”

Mia stood still jerking in place, ahe could barely move as the purple sparks ebbed from her body. Amethyst looked quite pleased “my aura mimics that of electricity so by taking it head-on…you’re a bit stuck” Mia gritted her teeth “so let’s try a second one” as she prepared a second sphere

“dam that girl” said Sophie in an irritated tone “she’s not exactly fighting fair”

“I know” said Anastasia just as annoyed “still her partner should be arriving shortly I wonder who it…is?” Anastasia then turned to Saku’s empty seat “hey…you don’t think?” Anastasia turned to Sophie who had the same idea.

Amethyst was finished charging her attack “well…it’s been fun. So long” she shot the second sphere at the rather helpless Mia. Mia could barely move from her place as the sphere came closer “ha, ha, ha…come on…dodge it” as the sphere approached suddenly a figure dashed through the floor and jumped high in the air. Amethyst didn’t notice the figure but heard a loud voice

“Ikari no…” she looked up to see someone with a white fist “Tattsui!” the person smashed the purple eclipse into the ground.

Amethyst shielded herself from the cloud of dust made but quickly uncovered herself “who’s there?” as the dust settled a familiar person was there “What the…you?” Saku was stood in-front of Mia with a white aura-coat fist

“You know I’ve got to say…you might be good” Saku had an annoyed look “but you’re fighting style stinks” Saku turned round as the paralysis on Mia wore off “are you alright?”

“I am now but…what was that…Ikari…thing you said?” Saku then looked embarrassed

“Ikari no Tattsui. Hammer of Wrath, I saw it in an anime once. I got a bit carried away though” Mia just smiled while Amethyst looked bewildered

“hey why are you here? It’s not your turn yet!” Saku gestured to the blue band on his arm with the word partner “What? You’re her…assistant?” Saku nodded.

This sent murmurs and a few cheers throughout the crowd. Amethyst looked confused “why? Why are you with her?” Saku looked perplexed by her tone

“You say it like I shouldn’t be” this seemed make Amethyst strangely smug

“Oh I see. So since I asked him, you thought you’d steal him?”

“nope, I volunteered” this was half true “any, let’s go” Saku dashed forward at Amethyst who began shooting purple energy blasts. Saku began trying to swerve them but they were that numerous he got hit by the odd one. They weren’t very powerful but forced Saku to retreat.

Saku re-joined Mia shaking off the energy blasts “It’s no good. There’s too many I can’t close the distance” Amethyst looked smug

“Saku” said Mia “why don’t you try a beam?”

“Okay it’s worth a shot” Saku tensed his body making his aura burst emerge “here we go” Saku joined his hands together and separated them producing the football sized energy sphere “and…there you go!” Saku thrust his hands forward launching a large white beam. Amethyst responded by rapidly throwing electric blasts at the beam.

The blasts seemed to be weakening the beam until it hit Amethyst with only light effect “That didn’t work” said Saku “She hardly felt that”

“Nice try Stritos wonder” said Amethyst flexing her arms “but I’ve heard all about your power. Why do you think I asked you to partner with me? Your power would’ve complimented me so much…but instead your saddled with her” Mia felt a tinge of regret “well let’s continue” Amethyst prepared a third and slightly larger eclipse ball “have this” the ball carved through the ground

“Scatter!” called Saku to which the two jumped apart from each other but as the sphere went between them Amethyst grinned

“nice try” she clenched her hands, put them together then apart which resulted in the sphere splitting in two smaller ones. The smaller ones caught Saku and Mia by surprised as the spheres hit them with an explosion.

Everyone watched on in worry as the two appeared to be struggling to get up. Sophie watched on from her place as the second warning emerged “they both look really hurt”

“I know, they are already past the seventy pain threshold” said Anastasia

“That’s because they might as well have got hit by the single one” said Marina who was sat behind them “remember damage is dealt to both. So say if the big sphere had the strength of ten, then the small ones were five, so dealt together make ten. This girl…is playing quite a sneaky game” said Marina folding her arms “It’s not that she’s fighting dirty…it’s more her…attitude” both Saku and Mia shrugged of the damage

“she…got us there” said Saku wincing “hey Mia are you alright?”

“I’ve been…better” she said getting up while Amethyst

“So much for a challenge” she prepared a fourth violet eclipse “well…this fourth one will end it”

Saku looked nervous “well…dodging won’t work. And deflecting it won’t be done without the shock treatment. And I don’t think I could do the hammer of wrath” he jerked “Right now”

“which leaves…cutting straight through” said Mia standing up “That’s all we’ve got” Mia produced her blue sword but it appeared dim

“It looks like your wearing thin” said Amethyst “now to end it” the fourth ball was launched to which Mia prepared to defend herself

“If only I was fresh…” she grimaced but then Saku held her hand “huh…Saku?”

“It’s alright I’ll help you” said Saku helping her with her sword “let’s swing it” Mia nodded and two raised the Mia’s aura-sword in the air. As the sphere approached Mia and Saku were ready to swing

“I wouldn’t try it” said Amethyst but just as pair swung the sword Amethyst noticed a bright white light “What?” then to her surprise a vertical slice was made through the sphere causing it to split into two followed by exploding.

No-one could see through the sky but saw a pale blue light coming from the smoke cloud. Then as the smoke dissipated they all stared in belief. Sophie stood up “whoa…look at that” what they were looking at was Mia’s sword, it had changed. Its blade seemed to have extended in reach at least to four foot long. The blade was white with blue patches while the handle remained it’s prominent blue.

Mia was the first to react “A Bio-merge” she turned to Saku who looked bewildered “Saku, your energy blended with mine”

“It…did?” he said confused “so…what it changed the blade?” Mia gave a simple nod as Saku let go. Mia felt the translucent blade in her hand

“it feels…warm”

“What…what is that?” said Amethyst in arrogance and confusion

“You’ll see in a minute. Saku run towards her after my mark…now!” Mia swung the sword in a wide arc which seemed to fire an arc of white energy, going towards Amethyst .

Amethyst looked confident “That won’t work” she began shooting the energy blasts at it but the arc simply sliced through them “What!?” Amethyst could only shield herself as the blast hit her sending her through the air. Then from above Saku with his pulsing energy sphere thrust it forward

“Aura Cannon!” called Saku as he hit Amethyst with a beam sending her into the ground.

Anastasia managed to recovered and saw another arc of energy been shot at her. She tried shooting at it but “my blasts have no effect on that arc. Dam it” Mia swung the white sword again making a second arc “Oh well…what you can’t destroy…” Amethyst thrust her hands out “You can redirect” Amethyst clenched her hands making the arc of white stop, then with a grin she redirected it into Saku blasting him high into the air

“Saku!” called Mia as Saku winced

“I’d be worried about you” said Amethyst firing an energy blast at Mia. Mia didn’t have time to react as the blast hit her, “have a few more” she was knocked back slightly by the blasts “now a big one” Amethyst with her hands over her head made a football sized energy ball and threw it at Mia. Striking her with it

Mia was knocked backwards and her sword was sent into the air. As Mia was getting up Amethyst was stood over her with an energy blast in hand “It’s over Mia” from above Saku had just recovered

“That hurt. Note to self. No energy blasts with a psychic girl” he failed to notice Mia’s sword coming towards him. Saku thrust his arm to his side in frustration “we’re kind off out of options…” he then felt solid hit his hand “here?” he looked to see in his hand was Mia’s sword “What the?” he wasn’t the only one confused

“he…caught Mia’s sword?” said Anastasia dumbfounded while Saku just stared

“I would ask but…I’m not bothered” he gripped the sword tightly “here I come” he dived downwards “incoming!” both Mia and Amethyst looked upwards to see Saku coming down “out of the way Mia!” Mia rolled out of the way as Saku landed slashing Amethyst vertically.

Amethyst felt the slice vastly deplete a lot of her stamina at once, making her near lose her balance“how…how?” the sword in Saku’s handed faded out and disappeared “how did yo… do that?” Saku shrugged his shoulders as she went to no knee

“No Clue” he said

“don’t give me that!” Amethyst appeared to be angry but gave up “fine then answer me this. Why are you with her not me?” Saku was a bit perplexed by her question “she’s not exactly friendly, she’s no good at team-work and…she’s thinks she’s all high and mighty. Isn’t that right?” Mia had gotten but had a face of shame “see? So why?”

“Because…you’re wrong” replied Saku.

This surprised them both as Saku spoke “Mia is...very considerate of those around her and always thinks of others. Do you know how I knew that?” he then pointed at Amethyst “because she felt sorry for you” Amethyst flinched as if Saku hadshot her “You’re the one who’s high and mighty. You came for me not for my power, but because you knew of our friendship” Amethyst flinched for a second time “but it’s for much simpler reason…she’s my friend” he turned towards Mia “Right?” he said with an honest smile.

Mia appeared puzzled but smiled and blushed

“No…No” they turned to Amethyst as she appeared to get angry “not again” anger and envy filled her eyes “I won’t be shown up…AGAIN!” as she cried out many purple blasts of energy, that came from her hands, began swirling in circles like a tornado “Fine…since your so adamant…suffer this together” she thrust the tornado forward ensnaring both Saku and Mia. They became trapped within the swirling vortex of purple blasts but then the blasts fanned out, one by one, hitting both Saku and Mia.

Whenever one left, one replaced it. The two were helpless “yes, yes that’s it. You were weak to begin with Mia” said Amethyst coldly. Saku heard her words “You thought you were all high and mighty but looks who winning…me!” Saku’s anger began to grow “now, I’ll prove to everyone what a lonely and pathetic girl…”

“shut up” said Saku from within the tornado “shut UP!” with his call of anger the spheres all broke apart and vanished. Mia looked worse for wear as her body fizzled with purple sparks but Saku appeared to be covered in red sparks.

Mia looked at Saku as he stood strong while Amethyst looked annoyed “You’ve got some nerve! You’re already near your limit and I’m still under seventy” Amethyst thrust her hands forward producing a violet eclipse now seven foot “have this, Violet Eclipse” Amethyst looked confident as the sphere carved along the ground but Saku merely put a hand out stopping the sphere.

Mia watched as the sphere, in Saku’s hand, took a red tinge and the sparks spread across the sphere. Amethyst was getting nervous “alright…alright no need to…get hasty” but Saku with great force threw the sphere at Amethyst. She didn’t know what hit her as the sphere carried her and smashed her into the wall.

Mia looked up at Saku with his hand out and shivered. What is this feeling? “Saku…saku?” Saku then staggered and fell to one knee. “Saku” she got up towards him “are you alright?”

“yeah…I’m fine” Saku then looked dazed “What happened?” Mia was confused “won’t we surrounded by that purple tornado?”

“don’t you remember what happened?” Saku rubbed his head

“not…really” he then looked round “wait where’s Amethyst?” this really confused her as he searched round “wait there she…whoa” Amethyst was stuck in the wall from a deep indent “I…did that?” before Mia could answer back the Head-masters voice called out

“and that’s round 2. Mia Anslette wins” the whole crowd cheered “the next fight will be on in 40 minutes. So get ready” Saku was still dazed

“Saku come on” said Mia guiding him away “let’s go back” Saku nodded. What…happened? For that brief moment…I felt something…very cold. Marina had noticed it too

Those red sparks, matched that red aura exactly. And…I feel…scared. As Mia and Marina were left to their thoughts Anastasia only had worry in her mind

“I’m…next will I…be ready?”

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