Eternal Courage

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Chapter 13: A Calm Symphony

Anastasia’s powers once again had become out of control. Vines reached and stretched all over the ground. The audience grew nervous as the vines reached higher but Saku was rushing on his way. Saku arrived at the entranceway to the stands but could barely see as thick vines covered the gateway “Anastasia!” as he ran he hit an invisible wall “ow…” and staggered backwards rubbing his head frantically

Saku reached out and a light green transparent barrier, appeared “dam is this is the barrier that Sophie spoke off” he then saw the vines slowly closing off the entranceway and out of frustration pounded on the barrier “Dam no good…what do I do now?” he then heard something land on the floor “huh?”

Saku saw the blue envelope he was given before “That’s what Lexi gave me” he saw the burst card had fallen out “Burst…” he was flipping it over “hmm, hmm…huh? Yes!” he took the card and pressed it on the wall “burst open!” the wall simply shattered “Sweet…I’m coming” Saku slid under the remaining shrinking gap of the ivy wall, at the bottom, as it closed behind him.

Saku found himself in a vine-like forest, the whole place alive as Vines constantly moved and pulsed. Saku looked at it “jeez this is bad, I can hardly see the sky” he had to jump and avoid the vines which constantly moved around but then to his surprise “Kieran…I would say how nice to see you…but I’ve changed my mind” Kieran was completely restrained by the vines, so badly, he could only move his lips, nose and eyes

“Saku…I take it you worked out I’m not one of the good guys” said Kieran sarcastically

“What gave you that idea? Mochi told me you’re the one who imprisoned her”

“and what if I did?”

“I don’t time to waste with you right now. You’ve got some explaining to do after this” Saku left Kieran to manoeuvre the viney-maze.

Saku was having difficulty traversing through the green maze “I’m just glad these aren’t the thorny kind otherwise I would be in trouble” Saku pressed his hand on the vines “now to find her…just focus…annnndd that way...” he turned to the direction of the centre “and…a thick wall…of course” Saku sighed as a thick wall of green blocked his way “I got to…carve a path” Saku aimed out his hand and shot out a beam but saw his beam wasn’t doing much “come on”

From the stands, the vines were covering most of the ground, making it hard to see anything. Only a few could actually see through. Marina and scarlet were two of those “Anastasia’s power is going erratic again” said Marina

“tell me about it” said Scarlet “At this rate we could build a conservatory in the stadium” she then noticed a flash of light “huh…look there through the gap” Scarlet and Marina saw Saku firing at the overgrowth “how did he get in?”

“maybe he had one of those burst cards?” said Marina “they allow one to interrupt a fight but they aren’t allowed to fight anyone. So they can act as shield for one person but not fight the other for example” Scarlet saw him shooting a beam at the wall

“it looks like he’s trying to reach Anastasia but he can’t get through” said Scarlet.

Saku was getting frustrated “dam…I can’t get through. No…I won’t…give in” he shot another beam but again it didn’t even cut the vines “No…Dam IT!” his hair flapped and Marina noticed a red flash of light “Ahhhh!” Saku shot a third beam with anger

“Marina…Marina look!” Scarlet pointed at a hole that Saku’s beam seemed to be burning open a gap “he’s like…melting the vines” a circular hole began to form where Saku’s beam fired “he’s…made a hole” Saku noticed this too

“What the…ah never-mind” said Saku as he ran and jumped through the hole as it regrew behind them. Marina was fixed on that red flash

“it was a brief moment but…I saw it. That red flash…was the red aura from before. And he burnt through those vines. As if…his beam was…” Marina then gasped. No…it can’t be.

Saku was still running through the vines when he saw her “Anastasia!” she was on her knees, terribly shaking underneath a solid green moving dome “Anastasia…I’m here” Saku got down and grabbed her arms

“no…no not again…please not again”

“Anastasia…please tell me…what about the Black Tulip terrifies you so much” she then looked at him her eyes “That tulip is the reason for your fear isn’t it? Please tell me…” Anastasia regressed back down and continued shaking “she’s too terrified to tell me!” Saku then heard the growing of vines and looked to see the area enclosing on him and his exit now blocked “At this rate we’ll be crushed” then from the side of him a black tulip sprouted “there it is again”

Saku looked angrily at the flower “dam this thing” Saku held out his hand producing an orb of energy “I’ll blast it away” but then flower started to glow “What the?” as he retracted his hand the glowing stopped “o…kay. Did the flower respond to my energy?” he held put back out his hand, producing a white energy ball, to which the flower responded with a white glow

Curiously Saku continued holding his energy sphere while the flower glowed, the bright glow caught the attention of Anastasia as it gently illuminated the area around then. Then at its brightest, the tulip bloomed and showed what looked like a rose, the inside flower a radiant snow-white. Saku looked at it “wow…look at that” Saku gently plucked the flower “it looks…so lovely” Saku brought the flower to Anastasia “here…have a look”

Saku took one of Anastasia’s hands, which timidly shook, and gently placed the flower in her palm “the flower…it bloomed” said Anastasia looking quite shocked

“Listen there’s something I need to tell you” said Saku making her turn to him “Anastasia, look I don’t know what kind of stuff you’ve been through but I want to be there to help you. You came to help me…when no-one else did…and now it’s my turn” Anastasia’s eyes widened and became teary eyed “Your one of my precious friends…” Saku then gently embraced her “and…always will be” .

Anastasia could feel a well of happiness rise up through her as she felt Saku’s hold her in his arms. Tears welled up in her eyes then out of fear gripped tightly onto Saku…crying, her hair turning blue while Saku just smiled. Then as she wept Saku noticed more black tulips begin to rapidly sprout from all around them “Anastasia…look” Anastasia opened her eyes and saw more of them appearing, her eyes shook but then she noticed they all started to glow

Saku with one arm up was producing a large sphere of white that made the flowers one by one all bloom a radiant white. Anastasia leaned back and looked at all the flowers blooming before her “they all…blooming” said Anastasia looking all around her seeing glows looking akin to nightlights “there…so beautiful” said Anastasia in wonder

“well…so are you” this surprised her as she looked at Saku who instantly became red and nervous “What is I mean to say is…you do look nice and all” Anastasia blushed and smiled as her hair turned blonde before she held Saku’s hand

“Saku…thank you so much” she had a radiant smile “Now I know that…I don’t have anything to fear anymore. Now that I know your there with me” as she relaxed the vine-maze simply began to vanish from existence leaving nothing behind.

The whole crowd could now see clearly as the vines disappeared before them. Saku stood up “well so much for that. I’m just terrifically glad you didn’t make a thorny forest” Anastasia gave a meek smile “here…I’ll help you up” Saku helped Anastasia up to her feet as hair turned back to its brown colour

“Oh wait Saku. How are you here anyway?”

“Oh because of this” Saku displayed the burst card “This allows me to enter a fight but I have to remain neutral. I can’t damage anyone but that doesn’t stop me helping them” Anastasia smiled “well you might as well continue the figh-” Saku was cut off by a fireball which sent him flying to the ground.

Everyone gasped as Saku landed with a mild crash laying still on the ground. Sophie was the first to respond “Saku! He’s not even shielded!”

“That Kieran” said Mia angrily “is not who we thought” Anastasia continued to look when Kieran spoke

“bulls-eye” Anastasia turned to Kieran who had his arm “Quite a good shot if I say so myself” Anastasia turned to Saku as he laid still, smoke coming from his body

“why did you shoot him?” Anastasia turned to Kieran annoyed “He has nothing to do with this fight and he’s not even shielded!”

“And your point is” said Kieran coldly “I could give two bits about that meddling git! He just had to come in all heroic…” Anastasia hung her head “he got what he deserved”

From Harvey’s position he too had a tone of annoyance “That was low and dirty blow. Saku couldn’t defend handle himself” Clara then noticed Anastasia’s hair turn jet black

“uh oh. She is beyond ticked right now Harvey. I just hope that fire guy is ready to eat dirt” Anastasia with glaring eyes looked at Kieran

“You dare to hurt my friend out of ego!” Anastasia created her long cane and stood ready “You’ll regret hurting Saku” Kieran prepared two fireballs

“Are you going to make me pay? Then prove it” Kieran launched two fireballs but to his surprise two thick vines rose up taking the shots without a problem “What?” as Anastasia gesture forwards and arcs one of the vines whipped round and swiped at Kieran knocking him off his feet. Harvey then had a smile on his face

“she’s overcome her fear. I hope that Kieran is ready for it”

Kieran was still flying through the air but using his flames like propulsion he slowed down until he stopped “dam that hurt” but he noticed ground came up under his feet “What the?” he looked down and saw he was on a vine “Oh no” as Anastasia rose her cane up, the vine ascended from beneath Kieran sending him up in the air. After a quick rise Kieran was sent upward but then he saw a second green thick vine whip downwards on him slamming him into the ground.

Kieran grimaced as his second warning came up “where is this coming from? Before she could barely stand up…” then just as he looked up a thick branch from a tree came down on him. Kieran rolled out of the way but saw the same branch coming down on him. Anastasia was making vertical waves to do this until eventually Kieran thrust his hands upwards making a burst of flames singing the branch.

Kieran got up and saw a single brown tree with two long thick branches “she…did all that with one tree?” Anastasia looked strong and confident “her…whole atmosphere has changed…due to him?” he said looking at Saku stirring “he is not walking away from this one” Kieran produced a orange sphere to which a ring of flames circled round it “all right have this…Pyre Tornado!” Kieran threw the sphere which drooped lazily downwards but as soon as it touched the ground it sped up. Anastasia prepared herself but to her surprise the sphere kept whizzing past her

“where it is…going” she saw to her shock the sphere going to Saku “Saku!” Saku was getting up to his knees “look out!” Saku saw the sphere rapidly encircle him he only had enough time to shield himself from the fierce tornado of fire.

Anastasia could only watch as vicious flames engulfed around Saku until it dissipated showing Saku had been lifted high in the air falling to the ground. “Saku! Hang on!” Anastasia twirled around in a circle. Then from the ground a very large flower, about 20ft tall, with two very long draping leaves appeared. Saku landed on one of the leaves and slid down safely to the ground. Anastasia ran over “Saku…are you…alright?” Saku was still shielding himself but after a moment he uncovered himself confused “You’re okay!” she said with great relief. Kieran noticed this

“yeah…I am. Thanks for the soft landing” she smiled in relief “but I was surrounded by flames…and I don’t even feel warm”

“well at least your fine” her hair then turned black “but he won’t be” Kieran was still dazed but shrugged it off “Saku stay close to me” Saku nodded and stood with Anastasia “alright Kieran…it’s about time you were taught a lesson”

“then bring it!” Kieran produced his flames and threw two fireballs forward.

Anastasia rose up her cane and sent it left to which a vine sprouted out and curved left blocking the flames. Kieran looked annoyed “those vines are too resistant, right that’s it” Kieran tensed his body until an orange aura surged upwards. In terms of shape it looked a roaring flame. Kieran then starting rubbing his hands frantically until they caught fire.

Unlike before the flames had a blueish shade and Kieran seemed to be having trouble “I didn’t want to resort to this…but I’m slightly angered. Alright Princess…have this” Kieran thrust out his hands “Thunder…Flash!” a beam of fire burst out of his hands. The flame was orange around the edge and blue as it came to the centre. “and I wouldn’t bother dodging I can guide this one”

Anastasia guided two vines upwards to block the beam but the beam hit the vines and burnt through them. Anastasia tried again but like before the fire beam went through it. Saku watched as Anastasia continued trying to block it “This isn’t good…blue fire is a lot hotter than normal flames” Anastasia was still twirling her cane “I know it’s a bad time but how does that cane work?”

“It’s not quite the cane” Anastasia said forming a another barrier “the vine and plants are made up of my aura which I guide with this cane. I could do it without but I find this easier”

“how do you do it?”

“imagine as if you painting a picture” Saku stood up “just follow my movement” her latest barrier got burnt down by the still approaching beam which was almost upon them.

Sophie looked worried “Saku, Anastasia get out of there!”

“even if they move” said Mia “Kieran said he can guide it” they all looked while a wide grin appeared on Kieran’s face

“Time for a grilling!” then Anastasia raised a hand upwards making another vine. Saku closed his eyes and mimicked her motion raising his hand

“imagine as if…I’m painting a picture” said Saku to himself as he guided his hand to left at the same time as Anastasia. As Saku performed this action

“Sophie…” said Mochi pointing “look” she pointed to the vine that blocked the flame but the vine didn’t even appear to burn and finally blocked the blue flame.

Kieran looked a bit dumbfounded “That’s…impossible” he then fell to one knee “how did they?” Anastasia was staring in wonder

“the vine…it’s changed” Saku opened his eyes and saw that the thick green vine was now a bright white “Saku…your aura merged with mine” Saku was dazed but then remembered the fight with Mia

“it happened before with Mia. When my aura merged with hers, it made her sword stronger” Saku looked at his hands “but…again I don’t know how I did it. Maybe when I performed the same moves, I guide my own energy and melded it with your plants”

Saku then saw a cane in his face “here take this” he turned to Anastasia “It’s my spare cane, why don’t you borrow it?” Saku looked confused “if you perform when I do, maybe we could do it again. This will help you control your energy” Saku nodded and took it

“when I look at you performing you remind me of a conductor guiding an orchestra. You know with strings, violins, drums the whole thing” she smiled and blushed

“well girl conductors are known for their grace and beauty” Anastasia curtsied and giggled “but although normally conductors perform solo…why don’t we do a duet? If you perform with me, we’re more than likely able to produce those plants again. And since it’ll be technically me controlling the plants…you won’t be infringing rules”

“Okay then I’ll try and keep with you”

Kieran stood back up and prepared himself “That was unexpected. Dam I’ve got to try and end this now” Kieran began throwing one flame after another.

“alright Saku” said Anastasia “follow my lead” Saku readied himself “now left” Saku and Anastasia together made another white vine which blocked the fire “now forward” as they both gestured forward the vine forward whipping at Kieran who narrowly jumped out of the way. As Kieran was getting up he felt something coil around his foot, Kieran then got lifted off the ground and then slammed against the ground over and over.

Marina having witnessing the event looked quite curious “his aura merged yet again with someone else” at this point both Saku and Anastasia were making circles making the white vine spin Kieran around “This is…most peculiar”

“Why is that?” asked Scarlet

“the aura within a person is unique to them…or in some cases their families. For two auras to merge means that their auras are very similar. In traits, powers and or natures. Such as in the cases of siblings, or parent and child”

“And what’s your point?” said Scarlet

As Marina gathered the words the duo made the vine throw Kieran away making him land in a clump “for two different people to merge their auras, not of the same bloodline,…is extremely rare indeed. But Saku has merged his aura with both Mia…and now Anastasia. Which is impossible”

“And those are two are beyond different” said Scarlet “Mia is a weapon user and Anastasia is a earth user. But from your saying…”

“Saku shouldn’t be able to” finished Marina

“so that means…algo está mal con Saku. Something is wrong here” as Kieran got up, unsteadily Marina thought

“For two aura’s to merge their natures and traits have to be very similar. For Saku to merge with two completely different auras must mean. As she thought she gasped. No they wouldn’t…would they? But if they did...that would explain…and then when

“Scarlet listen…there’s something very important I need you to do for me”

Kieran was getting up very shakily “This is beyond belief. I’m being trounced…by an opponent, I should be trouncing” Kieran walked out as Saku and Anastasia stood ready “Right that’s it screw it” he crossed his arms “I’m bring out my full power” Anastasia saw this

“alright Saku it’s time for the finale” Saku nodded

“Okay then lead away” Anastasia and Saku waved their canes upwards and then thrust then forwards. Suddenly from behind Kieran a large tree burst forth from the ground surprising him. Then branches burst out and coiled around Kieran restraining him. His whole body remained tightly bound to the tree as white flowers bloomed at the end of the branches and tops of the trees.

Everyone stared in amazement as the large tree which stood at 15ft covered in white flowers. Kieran couldn’t even move as Anastasia walked towards him “I think…it’s best if you call it quits here” Kieran looked like he had been slapped and his face turned red with anger but he groaned and swallowed his pride

“I…submit” Anastasia looked quite happy

“there’s a good boy” as the tree simply vanished and Kieran landed on the floor. The head-master called out

“Kieran has given up folks” said the head-master “Anastasia Michaels, with some surprising help, has triumphed over Kieran in what can’t be called a spectacular match. So let them hear your applause” claps, whistles and applause all rained down and echoed through the stadium.

Anastasia looked in wonder as the audience clapped and cheered

“they are all cheering for you” she turned to Saku who clapped himself “You did great” Anastasia looked at Saku and beamed a sweet and gentle smile “Now as the great conductor you are…you should bow after a performance” Anastasia shook her head

“Only if…my partner…” her hair turned blonde as she gestured out her hand “will bow with me” Saku took her hand and both bowed to the audience. Harvey and Clara were clapping but then Clara noticed

“Harvey…look” Harvey noticed Anastasia’s hair turning red from the bottom up “she was right after all…about Saku”

“Come on Clara, let’s go meet them” with a nod they both headed for bottom. As Saku bowed he turned round and saw Kieran had gone.

Saku and Anastasia were walking through the entranceway “Wow Saku I wasn’t expecting you to work with me like that”

“it was rather fun though. That’s the closest I’ll get to being an element user” Anastasia smiled “still it was thanks to Ms Reapa I could get in there. I wonder if she knew in advance or something” he then noticed Aries come round the corner

“Oh Saku there you are” she had a lovely smile as she clapped “That was such an amazing match and such a spectacular finish. That tree was so beautiful” they both looked embarrassed as a familiar male voice spoke

“indeed it was”

They then both turned to Clara and Harvey who came to meet them, Harvey clapping “That was an amazing match. You two were in sync and performed like a duo” Clara walked to Anastasia and looked at her closely

“I watched you…all the way through” Anastasia looked nervous “You were wonderful out there dear” before she glowed to the comment

“Thank you Mother”

“You finally overcame your fear and controlled your powers with such grace and poise. I’m so proud of you” Clara then hugged Anastasia who held her mother back. Saku smiled and happy

“You remembering our own mother?” asked Aries to which she placed an arm around him

“I am…yeah” he replied

“Well you should know, she’d be proud of you too. I know I am”

Clara pushed back Anastasia “I’ll tell you what though. You commanded those vines with such power and veal, it was a sight to behold” Anastasia smiled and shook her head

“I can’t take all the credit” she then turned to Saku blushing “It’s all thanks to Saku and his kind words. It’s thanks to him I was able to beat the fear” Harvey turned to Saku, who upon seeing him looked ashamed

“Harvey…I’m…sorry for my outburst earlier sir.” Said Saku apologetically “It was…uncalled for and I’m really...” Harvey gestured his hand out and smiled

“if anyone is to blame…it’s me. I knew of your bond to my daughter” said Harvey looking apologetic “but I wanted to really test the bond you held and I heard the passion in your words”

Aries then stepped over to Harvey and bowed “I can only apologise for his rudeness” Saku was confused by her modesty

“nah don’t be” said Harvey “it was my fault for aggravating him so much although his words were rather…ironic”

“Why what did he say father?” asked Anastasia

“I believe his words were” said Clara smiling “he couldn’t care less if Harvey was king he was going to help our daughter” Aries then giggled

“he said that?” Saku was really confused “Anastasia you never told Saku did you?” asked Aries to which Anastasia looked a bit shy and guilty “I’ll take that as a no”

“Aries…do you…know Harvey and Clara?” asked Saku

“You could say that” said Aries cheekily “so allow me to introduce you to Clara and Harvey…the rulers of Genovia. A country far to the west”

Saku took a brief moment to take it in and…went in a state of shock. His body was tense and rigid “You’re…a king…and queen?” Harvey chuckled

“not quite. We’re not royalty but we do rule the region of Genovia” said Harvey

“Harvey and Clara Michaels” said Aries gesturing to them “are very respected rulers of their country. They rule and govern with very fair judgement”

“so that means…they are still sort of like a king and queen?” said Saku “then that makes you a princess” Anastasia nodded shyly

“my boy” said Clara who surprised him by hugging “I can’t thank you enough for your kindness in helping our daughter” she then stepped back to see Saku’s red face who was still dazed from the realisation

“the same from me my boy” said Harvey taking Saku’s hand and shaking it “You are owed a great deal for your bravery and goodness”

“but…I still don’t quite get it. What was the deal with that flower?”

“I think it’s fair we tell him Father” said Anastasia

Harvey then spoke “the black tulip is a special flower that only our family can produce. It harbours no power or real value, it more off…a display of the user’s power” Clara waved up hand producing a black tulip from the ground

“the flower displays maturity within us” said Clara “However the true task is making the flower bloom”

“So…how did I do it?” said Saku confused “it sounds more like a family thing”

“Not quite true my lad” said Harvey holding his hand to the flower making it bloom “the flower responds to those, who hold a strong bond with the user” the black tulip bloomed to resemble a white rose “Be they relative or friend. Like you with my daughter” Saku looked a bit embarrassed as did Anastasia

“Okay I get that part but…not the fear part” said Saku

Anastasia turned to Saku and with some difficulty spoke “the very first time I saw the flower I was happy. The flower showed I was ready to go out into the world but…on the day I saw the flower…we were” Anastasia’s whole demeanour turned slightly fragile and lacked strength “Attacked” Saku placed a hand on her shoulder to which she smiled in response.

“they were kidnappers” said Harvey continuing in an annoyed tone “they were trying to take Clara and Anastasia for their own nefarious deeds. The whole thing…was rather traumatising” Saku felt a large wave of sympathy towards Anastasia while someone began to approach them

“When Anastasia saw the incident, her fear must have responded with her power” said Saku “And since that day whenever she saw the flower…she remembered that event”

“I did Saku” said Anastasia sadly “but thanks to you” Anastasia had a wide smile “I have a new memory to replace it with” out of surprise she hugged him, while from round a corner a presence approached with card in hand.

After a moment Anastasia let go and Harvey spoke “well my boy, we owe you a great debt” he spoke with great respect “You always be a friend of the Michaels family for your kind work” Saku felt embarrassed as he rubbed his head

“I’m just glad I could help” then the presence

“erm…ex…cuse me?” they all turned to see Aureline speaking nervously from behind “sorry for the intrusion”

“no it’s okay dear” said Clara “What’s the matter?”

“well…I wish to speak to Saku” said Aureline putting her hands behind her back

“Okay then. Give me a minute and I’ll come Aureline” said Saku. Aureline nodded and walked a little away from the corridor.

Saku turned to Harvey and Clara “well…it’s been nice meeting you sir and madam” Harvey and Clara nodded

“as it has been to you Saku” said Clara sweetly “I think Anastasia found herself a charming and good-looking friend. Don’t you dear?” Anastasia’s hair turned blonde as she spoke

“Indeed I do Mother” Saku felt a bit modest

“Well…Anastasia you’re very…good-looking yourself” Saku then corrected himself “I meant…beautiful looking, no that was corny” Anastasia couldn’t help but smile while Aries grabbed his shoulder

“go on Saku before you embarrass yourself more” Harvey and Clara smiled

“all right” said Saku turning back to Anastasia “I rather screwed that up” he then noticed her hair had gone bright red “Anastasia I think you’re feeling warm again”

“I’ll be alright after a rest” said Anastasia still beaming

“Okay then. I’ll see you in a bit” and with that Saku ran down the corridor.

Aries looked at Anastasia’s red hair “wow that’s a lovely colour. I remember Saku saying that your hair changes based on your mood” she nodded still with a red face “so can you tell me girl to girl what red means? Because Saku is a bit…clueless. So tell me what it really means” Anastasia gestured her closer and whispered making Anastasia go red “so that what it means?” she then rubbed her face “How clueless can he be”

“please don’t tell him” said Anastasia almost pleading

“wouldn’t dream of that. That and it’s funnier seeing him work it out” all four of them began to laugh. Harvey looked at Anastasia sweet smile and thought

Saku…you done a great deed. You healed a once great scar over our family. Thank you.

Kieran was in the hallway with an annoyed and mocking Izanagi “well…that didn’t go according as planned”

“Yes I know” said Kieran “credit to the Saku guy…yet again”

“Still” said Chloe “I don’t really think the Anastasia girl would’ve been much use. Before she was too unstable and erratic and now she has full control. She’s useless either way”

“but…I did see something…interesting” said Kieran “which leads to suggest…Saku might be recruit able to our cause”

“What makes you say that?” asked Izanagi

“well if what I think is true…which has to be proven…you’ll have to see”

Meanwhile Saku had made it to Aureline who looked a bit confused “hey there Aureline. What’s the matter?” she had her arms behind her back

“well…it’s my turn next you see…”

“Oh yeah you’re in the fourth match”

“Yeah well…I just wanted to ask…if you could…” Saku saw she appeared to be struggling and waited patiently “so…could you please” she then thrust her hands forward with a card in hand “fight with me!” Saku saw in her hands a card that read assist, and she had her head lowered as if worried of his answer

“well yeah of course” said Saku surprising “why the hesitation?”

“Oh it’s just…erm”

“You’re my friend Aureline” this surprised her “of course I’d help you” Saku then felt a burning pain in his chest “I mean…it’s only…fair…”

Saku was gritting his teeth, breathing sharply and holding his chest which Aureline noticed “Saku…Saku what’s wrong?” Saku leaned against the wall “I’ll just check your head” she felt his head and almost recoiled “whoa. You’re almost burning” after a moment his breathing slowed down “are you alright?”

“I am now. Dam that was painful” she rechecked his forehead

“well you feel normal. What happened?”

“I…don’t know. At first I thought it was heartburn but now it feels…weird. It more feels like…something isn’t agreeing with me…and I don’t know what” Saku stood up straight “don’t worry I’m fine and together we’ll do great” Aureline looked greatly relieved not at his lack of pain but more his sentiment.

“These pains keep getting stronger” he thought in concern “What is it a warning…or a premonition?” Aureline had a thought too

“His head…felt like he was burning. Was it merely a momentary ailment or something much worse”

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