Eternal Courage

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Chapter 15: Suspicions give Birth to Worry

The fifth Match was to very shortly start with the crowd on the edge of their seats as the next contestant was Lexi Stritos. Lexi was a fan favourite, for her looks and attitude, so mostly everyone was ready. However a sort of fight was already brewing on the stands…between Jessamine and Anastasia. For some reason the two seemed not to get very well along.

The two were a mere inch from each other, with gritted teeth and glaring eyes arguing over something…which made Saku rather nervous. “if anyone should be sitting next to him…it should be me” said Jessamine pointing to herself with her thumb

“if anyone it should be me. You only just met him an hour ago. Why the sudden interest?” said Anastasia just as annoyed

“The reason…” Jessamine then turned pink “is none of your business” Mia looked a bit surprised

“I’d always thought that Anastasia was the respectable brought up type. I didn’t picture her to be like this” Sophie didn’t look bothered

“I had a feeling this was going to happen sooner or later. You’re quite popular ah Saku?” said Sophie in a snarky comment. Saku could only give a nervous laugh as he rubbed his head

“I’d like to know why exactly they are arguing though”

“well that’s obvious” said Sophie “for top seat that’s all”

“No I knew that. That’s not what I meant…ah nevermind”

Sophie and Mia couldn’t help but laugh at Saku while Aureline stood up “Aureline what’s up?” Aureline looked a bit nervous

“Saku…can I…sit next to you?” Saku looked surprised but then turned to Anastasia and Jessamine two still arguing. Saku then hurriedly nodded. Aureline took a place to the left of Saku “I just thought I’d help you out a little” as Aureline sat the two arguing girls reached a conclusion

“how about we simply ask him who he prefers to join?” asks Jessamine

“yes why not? Who better to ask than Saku himself” agreed Anastasia then as they both turned they saw Aureline taking the available seat.

Both Jessamine and Anastasia looked a bit defeated as Mia spoke “You were too slow both of you. If you spent more time agreeing than arguing you would’ve made it” said Sophie casually. The two looked a bit disheartened

“she’s right” said Anastasia sitting next to Mia “but as long as it’s Aureline I don’t mind…I suppose” Anastasia partially sulked

“Well…as long as it’s not you” said Jessamine in a sarcastic mood making Anastasia turn to her

“I couldn’t agree more” said Anastasia to which the two pouted and looked away. Saku breathed a sigh of relief and leaned a bit to Aureline

“Thanks for saving me Aureline” whispered Saku to which Aureline smiled and nodded.

Mia looked at everyone and observed everyone’s behaviour. “Everyone feels…so much different from what they originally were. As she thought Mochi came running to the group who quickly sat on Saku’s lap speaking happily to him and the girls. Anastasia is free from the fear that haunts her, Mochi looks so happy and Aureline…especially is different. Aureline has finally broken free from her prison and is taking it step by step” Mia then pressed a hand over her heart.

“Even I feel I can express myself so much better” she said to herself “And it’s all thanks to Saku”

The Headmaster then called out to the audience “the fifth match is now ready to begin. From Blue academy of this region is Violet Varsaci” a girl with long dark hair and purple eyes walked in from the left. She appeared to wearing a boy’s black jumper over a white shirt with a grey skirt . She looked well built with a large bust as she walked to the centre with a sense of toughness and strength. “And from the right we have one of the Stritos’ Lexi Stritos” as Lexi wandered in Saku rubbed his face. Lexi was wearing a skirt and rather loose white t-shirt which showed off her curves.

Lexi was completely uncaring as she waved her arms and stuck her bouncing chest out to the audience, particular the males. Saku groaned “for crying out Lexi! This is getting ridiculous” even Jessamine groaned

“I know she’s got a nice body” said Jessamine “but she making herself stand out like neon sign”

“Has she always been like this Saku?” asked Aureline curiously to which he nodded and groaned “And…is she doing anything wrong?” this made everyone flinch a little

“Well…technically no” said Saku awkwardly “It’s just…she loves attention. It comes with fame”

“Saku…” asked Sophie “can I ask a weird question? Imagine for a moment if she wasn’t your sister. What would your reaction be to Lexi? You know as a boy meets girl perspective”

Saku looked down as Lexi who lapped up all the cheers “well…for a start I’d walk away. I don’t think I’d like it”

“Now that’s something I wasn’t expecting” said Jessamine “so why is that?”

“well yeah, Lexi is…curvy, confident and strong” Saku looked like he’d forced himself to compliment her “but…I don’t like the fact she automatically assumes those qualities give her friends. I prefer someone who you can talk to and get along with…like all of you” all the girls had a look of respect “And if they look good that’s a bonus” which turned to embarrassment

All the girls had slightly red faces except Jessamine who looked impressed “That was quite a bold statement” Saku looked a bit confused as did Mochi

“Why what did I say?” asked Saku

“Yeah what did he say?” asked Mochi. Jessamine sighed and smiled

“No nothing. Anyway how does she get away with this?” asked Jessamine

“She won’t” said Mochi “look over there” Mochi pointed to Aries who made Jessamine shiver with her happy but scary expression “Big sister Aries will be giving Lexi discipline” Jessamine looked at Aries and her body

“it kind of Ironic that a girl with that look frowns on Lexi the most”

Then with a moment the match begun. Within only a moment the two charged their auras. Lexi hands were covered in green electricity while Violet’s aura…was violet, ironically, and the two began exchanging blows. Both of them were of an aggressive nature each one frantically punching at each other. Both were fast and quite relentless each one randomly hitting one another. Anastasia looked quite impressed “unlike most show-offs she has actually got the skills to back up her confidence”

“Yeah…that is one good quality about her I suppose” said Saku admittedly “I mean I fought her first hand”

“What you actually fought against her?” said Mia with some surprise

“yeah I did…but I lost”

“He did great though” said Sophie “he even broke through that plasma shield of hers”

Jessamine physically jumped, even Mia reacted “You were able to break through the plasma shield!?” said Jessamine to which Saku nodded with a bit of embarrassment “but at the academy I’m from that move is infamous for its power and impregnability” Mia nodded

“I heard the same thing” said Mia “I heard that the plasma shield could block anything. How did you do that?”

“Well…” Saku clenched his hand and produced the aura-coat glove “with this”.

They all looked down at Lexi who was not more on the attack attacking with her electronic gauntlets. Violet still did her best but Lexi either out-powered her or defended with her plasma shield. Aureline looked at it as it did Mochi who look happy “This is the same light I saw back then in that dark place” said Mochi “but what’s the plasma shield?” Saku turned to the fight

“just wait for it” Violet had a fist bathed in purple and went dashing at Lexi who raised her hands upwards and clenched them which produced a green electric like wall “there it is” Violet punched the thick wall “It’s hard as heck and…shocks you at the same time” Violet was staggering backward as green sparks jolted along her

Jessamine looked between the shield and Saku’s fist “interesting, so you smashed the shield with an aura-coat. I can tell from looking at your glove, it packs a punch”

“well…this glove is all I can do right now” said Saku raising his other hand “I haven’t yet learnt how to expand it” Aureline was looking at it with great fascination. Aureline raised a hand near it

“it feels…almost as if it’s a warm fire” but then as she approached his hand, she immediately recoiled.

Everyone was rather wary of Aureline’s sudden recoil “Aureline…what’s wrong?” asked Sophie as Aureline looked quite afraid

“Aureline what’s the matter?” asked Anastasia also worried

“Oh she’s not quite ready yet” said Jessamine with an idea “You know for the hand holding stage. She was trying her luck” this had light-bulbs over everyone’s head…except Mochi who just tilted her head

“It’s alright Aureline” said Saku with a pink face “I don’t think I’m ready yet either” Aureline was still a bit down but nodded. Then the head-master called out

“Wfolks that ends the fifth match” the whole group looked down to the stadium.

Violet was face-down on the ground, looking to be knocked out while Lexi gave her usual fan-service. Lexi then turned to Saku with a big grin but Saku and Mochi pointed to the right with grim faces. As Lexi look in their pointed direction, Lexi turned rigid as she looked at Aries who appeared to be flexing her hands. Lexi then bowed to the crowd and left casually while Ms Reapa helped carry Violet out.

Mochi placed her hand on her chest “alas poor Lexi, we knew thee well”

“You make it sound like Aries is going to murder her” said Mia curiously to which Saku grimly replied

“Lexi will wish she was” said Mochi which surprised Mia “put it this way, if you ever make her angry…you’ll die from fright” as they took this in, the Headmaster called out

“the sixth match will be begin in half-an hour. Between Marina Tydes and Aries Stritos” Sophie then stood up

“Well that’s gives us some spare time” said Sophie “I’m going to go some drinks for all of us” Saku then gently pushed Mochi off

“I’ll join you, I mean there is seven of us” said Saku “So Mochi you stay here with these nice girls okay”

“Okay” said Mochi smiling while doing a soldier salute

“It’s alright Saku” said Mia “we’ll look after her” with that the two left the girls. Whilst Jessamine and Mia spoke to Mochi, Aureline looked at her hand

“What…was that…feeling? For a moment…when I touched his aura glove…it burned”

Saku and Sophie had to head back to the academy itself to get the drinks. Sophie looked rather nervous “I’m not looking forward to the next match Saku”

“Oh yeah…it’s Akihiko” Saku thought back to the fight “his fight still send chills down my spine. He seem so possessed by bloodlust it was scary. So you leave that guy to me” Sophie looked at him

“are you sure about that?”

“Yeah you fight against his partner…Chloe I think and I’ll fight Akihiko” Sophie then smiled

“That would be a great relief thanks Saku” the final drink popped out from the machine as Mia came round the corner “You be careful Saku”

“Don’t worry…I…will” Saku felt the pain in his chest swell up again.

Sophie and then Mia rushed to him “Saku…Saku what’s wrong!?” Saku held his chest and was breathing heavily as a lot of pain consumed his body

“Saku…where’s the pain?” said Mia worrying

“I don’t know…in my chest. It feels…really bad” Saku said but after a moment Saku felt the pain go away as his breathing returned to normal “there we go…it’s gone now”

“Saku…are you sure you’re okay? That looked really painful” said Sophie as she saw the lemonade can in Saku’s hand was slightly dented from him squeezing it so hard

“Yeah it was. These pains are getting worse every-time and they always occur at my chest. It feels like…I don’t know a warning”

“Saku why don’t I have a look?” said Mia “You may have an injury from one your previous fights”

“That would be a help” said Saku

Saku took of his jumper and undid the top buttons of his shirt showing his bare chest. Mia had a look “well…” asked Saku curiously

“I don’t see any bruises” Mia then pressed a hand on his chest “does this hurt?” Saku shook his head to Mia “then I have no idea” Saku undid his buttons back up and put his jumper back on “You might want to get a medical check-up”

“I’ll do it after the match. I feel fine right now, so there’s no need for concern”

Sophie and Mia looked relieved as they divided the cans between them. “well let’s get back Saku” said Sophie “I don’t want to miss the second match” said Sophie and with a nod the two headed back. At the same time Kieran was waiting by a wall when a garbed man approached him. Kieran heard a whisper and nodded


“What’s interesting?” said Chloe who approached him “What have you been whispering about?”

“I’ve been looking into that mansion incident that high leader spoke of and…it’s weird. I’ve tried asking him but he won’t say anything. And the amount of information…is extremely scarce which is very strange”

“Yeah I know” Chloe appeared to shrink to her normal height “with a fire of that magnitude, and especially at the Stritos’ you’d expect the information to be easier to come by”

Kieran folded his arms “It’s almost as if…everything has been swept under the rug. To be kept away from prying eyes”

“well” said Chloe feeling her now white hair “What could they be hiding? I mean…it almost sounds the Stritos’ are keeping something secret”

“I’d like to know what myself”

“Well to kill my curiosity, have you found anything out?”

“Only a statement from a witness who was there at the time. The guy was apparently scarred beyond belief…by flames and fear”


“all he spoke of…was the feeling of cold amongst the scorching flames and…red eyes”

“Cold…amongst scorching flames? And red…eyes?” said Chloe whose hair changed to red as if in response “I don’t quite follow”

“And…I’ve got the gut feeling, we don’t want to know”

“yeah…I’ll agree with you”

Sophie, Mia and Saku had arrived back the stands as the sixth match was already underway. Anastasia looked to them “hey there you three. You’re missing the action. Come quick get a seat” as Saku and Sophie shared out the drinks they saw the fight was still underway…but looked rather one-sided. Saku sat down in his seat (With Mochi getting back on his lap) and saw Marina riding on a wave of water, continually trying to attack Aries. Aries however was waving around her aura hammer breaking apart the waves with ease.

Anastasia looked at the fight “I don’t think this fight is going to last very long. Marina hasn’t actually landed one real blow, well water attack”

“in terms of skill” said Jessamine “It’s clear how powerful Aries is. I mean look at her” Aries looked not to be even out of breath while Marina looked quite fatigued. Marina looked at Aries

“This isn’t good. I’ve got one attack left…might as try it” Marina flexed her arms and began forming a surge of water which encircled all around her. Marina then spread out her hands out upwards to which the water formed a large and powerful tsunami of water in-front of her. Marina then thrust her arms forward sending the wave of water.

Aries saw the wave coming towards her tightly gripping her aura hammer and jumped high in the air. Aries then somersaulted forward and began bringing down her hammer. The hammer smashed in the ground, sending vibrations all throughout the stadium which had the effect of splitting the waves down the middle. Aries then ran through the gap to Marina. Marina saw Aries coming and surrounded herself in a tube of water. Aries’ aura greaves appeared and with a powerful thrusting kick, which went straight through the water, struck Marina and sent her tumbling along the ground.

Marina was getting up off the ground but sighed “Oh well…I tried” Marina then raised a hand signalling her surrender

“well folks that’s the end of the sixth match” called out the Headmaster “Aries wins the match. The final match will start in around thirty minutes”

“Well Marina did her best” said Saku “but another one falls prey to the blonde demon”

“Her reputation” said Sophie “is well earned. Well…we’re next Saku”

“We’ll be…cheering for you Saku” said Aureline

“yeah big brother, we’ll be waving our hands and shouting to you” Saku smiled as did Sophie.

Down at the hallways to the stadiums, Aries and Marina were walking out together. Marina sighed “well as I thought, I stood no chance against you at all”

“I think you performed really well” said Aries with a smile “well I’d better get back to my seat. My little Saku is next and I’m not missing it” as Aries walked away

“Aries…a moment” Aries turned round confused “Aries…what are you keeping from…” she was cut off as Scarlet rushed down the corridor

“Marina…Marina” Scarlet was panting with a worried look “listen you need to come with me…now!”

“why I was just about to…” Scarlet quickly whispered in Marina’s ear “What the?” said Marina very surprised “sorry Aries I’ll ask you later” with that the two bolted leaving a confused Aries

“What was she going to ask me?” Aries then felt a shiver “What was that? Why do I suddenly have an uneasy feeling”

Marina had followed Scarlet to her room. Scarlet was trying to get her breath back as she frantically typed on a computer. Marina looked at the slight fear surrounding Scarlet “for something to worry you…has already got me scared Scarlet. So what did you find out?”

“well first of all…the first thing you asked to do. It does exist for good reason. If performed the user will either be crippled or die”

“That much I suspected. So it shouldn’t be used…but it has if my hypothesis is correct. And the second thing…”

Scarlet then stopped typing “do you remember the image of the fire from before? Well…I used another source, a pair called Ayumi_Chizu and Aurora_Skies”

“A Ayumi Chizu…and Aurora_Skies? Can I ask where do these girls or guys get their names from?”

“I don’t know take it up with them. Between this stuff they supposedly upload fantasy stories but anyway. They helped cleaned up the image…and look” Scarlet turned the computer screen round and Marina looked at it.

Marina examined the picture and a feeling of fear began filling throughout her “the one time I wanted to be wrong”

“So does this explain everything?”

“Let me think…so that happened…then that explains the forbidden thing. Which in turn explains the…oh no. Oh no, oh no” Scarlet saw the fear in Marina’s face

“Marina…talk to me girl” Marina looked ready to sprint

“Scarlet we have to get back now. If we’re not careful…we could have a recreation of the blaze incident”

“Then get back there girl…I need a rest” Marina nodded and ran as fast as she could “Marina…what is it you’ve figured out?” Marina was in thought

“Aries…Lexi…you’re about to pay for the consequences of your actions…at the cost of your family”

Back at the stadium Saku was waiting by one the entrance ways to the stands. Sophie then emerged “hey there Saku” Sophie was in her battle outfit of her white and lilac bordered jacket dress with black jogging bottoms, she also looked a tad embarrassed “I’m ready”

“Wow” said Saku “That looks good on you” Sophie felt a hand through her hair shyly

“Oh thank you” her demeanour dropped “I’m a bit nervous Saku. This is my first time fighting in-front of a crowd”

“don’t worry you’ll be great” she looked happy and nodded “What about your yellow scarf?”

Sophie then embarrassingly pulled it out of her pocket “Can you help me please?” Saku neatly tied the scarf and placed gently on her bust “boobs don’t really bother you much they”

“Well…when you’ve got Aries has a big sister can you blame me?” as Saku finished Sophie just gleamed at him “What…what is it?”

“Oh nothing” as Saku pondered the head-master called out

“the time for the final match is now almost due. May the two pairs step forward” with a nod the two headed into the stadium.

Just as they entered the stadium Marina out of breath had just arrived behind them. Marina walked a few steps forward and found the green barrier blocking her way “Dam…I’m too late. I wanted to warn him before the fight…” he then stepped back “as things are, there is every chance it may not happen but if it does…we’re all in trouble. I’d better go find his friends” as Marina ran up to the stands a slightly crazy looking Akihiko was getting ready

“Aha…aha…I’m almost ready…ready to get satisfied” Kieran looked a bit dazed “hey…Kieran” Kieran snapped out of it

“sorry just deep in thought. Right, you know the plan. You are to…recruit you-know-who to our cause” Akihiko sniggered at his choice of wording “do what you want with the lady but we need him…alive. Emphasis on the alive” with that Akihiko stepped into the grounds.

As Saku and Akihiko stepped into the grounds they found Akihiko came in…oddly by himself. Everyone began murmuring even the Head-master called out “can both pairs please walk into the stadium? Chloe…Chloe you are wanted at the stadium”

Akihiko’s partner showed no signs of appearing as the minutes rolled by “if you do not make yourself known you will be disqualified…going once…going twice…and…gone! Well folks since Chloe did not appear she gives up by forfeit. The rules will still apply as normal. First of all damage is individual and one only loses if both give up or exceed their damage limits. Well…begin!” Sophie spoke to Saku

“How come his partner didn’t join him?”

“Don’t know Sophie but what bothers me more…is that fact Akihiko isn’t even bothered” Akihiko had a slightly psychotic smile “which doesn’t make much sense. After all in this situation damage is individual so…he’ll have to beat both of us separately”

Sophie then looked at Saku “so what should we do?”

“well we both fight well in close-combat” said Saku “so…one could fight him up close and the other supports with long-range attacks” Sophie nodded as the two prepared themselves. Akihiko then just laughed

“finally…I can get the satisfaction I have been yearning for. So…let’s see what I’ve got” Akihiko took a deep inhale through his nose “hmm…quite an odd mixture. I’ve got…mainly fear from the girl, a bit of confidence from you and…wait…a hint of anger” as Akihiko said this he shivered “What the? Never mind” Akihiko pressed his hands together forming spears of ice “let’s start” as the ice spears approached then Sophie jumped forward and swung her arms to the left making a gust of wind which seemed to just sliced the ice into many pieces.

Saku then ran forward and began attacking Akihiko. Saku punched Akihiko in the chest, then in his gut before sending him off the ground with an uppercut. Saku then grabbed his leg and after spinning him round threw him high in the air “Sophie over to you!” Sophie nodded and twirled round carrying a gust of wind. Using her arms Sophie guided the wind upwards, lifting Akihiko off his feet, before then guiding her arms down using the wind send Akihiko hurtling into the ground. Akihiko landed with some considerable force as he bounced a little off the ground.

At this time Marina had found Saku’s friends “there you are…ah” Anastasia noticed how out of breath she was

“What have you been doing a small marathon?”

“You could say that” Marina sat in Saku’s place “listen this is going to sound odd but…have you noticed anything strange with Saku recently?” all the girls looked between themselves

“nN…not that I’m aware of” said Mia “why may I ask?”

“I just have this…horrible feeling about this match” said Marina displaying the fear in her face

“If its about that Akihiko dude don’t worry” said Jessamine “It’s two on one. And I know Saku could take that guy on his own if he could”

“It’s not Akihiko I’m quite worried about” this confused them “for now let’s watch. We need to notice if anything odd goes off” with that they all turned to the match.

Akihiko got up off the ground, seemingly uninjured still with the same look on his face “hmm…strange, the feelings are vanishing. But not the worry so let’s try that” Akihiko crossed his arms and uncrossed so he became surrounded by a torrent of water “now have this” he thrust his arms forward sending a 12ft tsunami of water towards the pair. Saku however looked ready

“Alright Sophie on my mark” Saku held his arm and formed a large ball of white but Sophie noticed a slight tinge of red “now here we go” Saku threw the sphere forwards which exploded displacing all the water “Sophie go for it” Sophie then ran forward and began striking Akihiko.

Sophie kicked him several times and hit him with the palm of her hand. Then Sophie kneed Akihiko in the stomach making him fall forward to which she grabbed his shoulders and placed a foot on his gut before sending Akihiko flying with a circle throw.

As Akihiko was sent flying through the air Saku was preparing his aura attack and with a thrust forward of his hands a large beam burst forth hitting and carrying Akihiko through the air, past Sophie, smashing him into the arena wall. Akihiko appeared stuck for a moment before falling forward landing on the ground.

From the stands Jessamine looked confident “This fight is as good as done” said Jessamine folding her arms “From the looks of things Akihiko can’t fight and with two fighters who work well at long-range, he can’t get a move in” Mia looked on

“I had the feeling Akihiko had a plan” said Mia looking at Akihiko “his demeanour displayed complete confidence”

“it looks like I had nothing to worry about” said Marina “thank goodness” Marina then saw a can of lemonade in-front of her gestured forth by Mochi

“Here you go Marina” said Mochi with a smiling face “this is for one”

“Oh thank you little one” Marina popped the can but suddenly the can rapidly shook and jiggled around in her hand.

Marina let go of the can in shock making all the girls turn towards her. Anastasia looked at Marina “What happened there?”

“I…don’t know” said Marina still caught by surprise “here let me…see…what the?” all the girls wondered what she meant but then as she lifted up the can

“What…the…hell?” said Jessamine slowly as a thick cloud of steam was coming out of the can “That’s…steam! As in boiled liquid!”

“That’s not all” said Marina “look at this” as Marina tipped the can upside down…only a small amount of liquid lemonade poured out

“the liquid evaporated in the can?” said Anastasia “I mean it’s warm today but…not that warm. Everyone open your cans” all the girls opened each of the six cans but they all just fizzed with gas

“Only that lemonade was affected” said Aureline “so…what was difference with that can? I mean…mine is lemonade too” Mia then gestured out a hand

“Marina may I see it?” as Marina gave Mia the can she realised the difference “This can is dented…see? This is the can Saku was holding”

Everyone turned to her to which Marina brought up the question “Saku was holding that can? How did he dent it?”

“he was suffering from this intense burning pain in his chest” this brought up fear on Marina’s face “it look really painful as he squeezed the can” Marina looked pale

“Marina…Marina what is it?” asked Anastasia recognising the worry on her face

“listen very carefully. If this match goes screwy, everyone could be in danger. I’ll tell you what I know if it should happen…then we move” with that they all turned back to the match.

Akihiko was once again getting up off the ground with a happy face “yes, yes keep it coming. I can feel it…a deep rooted fear taking root” Akihiko looked at his hands “and my anger continues to swell inside of me” Akihiko put his hands to his side and tensed then. Then he held his hands out. Akihiko formed two large spheres of ice, one larger than the other. “now have these” Akihiko sent the smaller one to Saku and the larger one to Sophie.

Saku looked confident as he prepared his aura fist “might as well smash it!” Saku smashed the ice boulder which cracked and simply shattered but to his shock a ball of fire was contained within “What?” Akihiko clenched his hand which made the fireball explode. Saku was sent backward by the fire but not badly injured as he stopped on his feet.

Saku then called to Sophie as she prepared to hit the other ice boulder “Sophie move out of the way it’s a trap” Sophie heard this and jumped out of the way of the hurtling boulder. Akihiko however grinned

“I don’t think so” Akihiko pulled his hand upward which made the ice boulder spin in place and turn to Sophie. Sophie wasn’t expecting this and was caught by surprise as the boulder headed towards her.

Saku stood in its path “it seems my first one barely hurt you…so you’re assuming the second one won’t hurt right?” Akihiko with a snigger spread out his hand making the ice boulder simply break apart into small ice needles which Saku noticed were going past him

“Oh no…” but as Saku tried to move, his body was suddenly encased in ice leaving only his head exposed “Sophie…get out of there!” Sophie was helpless as she became quickly surrounded.

Sophie could feel each ice needle randomly cut in her causing her to cry in pain. Saku couldn’t move from the ice as he struggled “Akihiko…knock it off”

“no can do” said Akihiko “This is a match so I’ll hurt her how I please” Akihiko then appeared to be tapping on his glove “don’t worry your sorry face she’s fine but” a malicious smile appeared “not now she isn’t” as he tapped on his thumb a red warning message appeared which Saku read out

“Injury shield…deactivated!?” he then turned to Sophie. The ice needles were now shredding her clothes as she cried out “knock it off…ahhh” he then felt the burning pain in his chest “Ahhh…not now. Stop it!” all Akihiko could do was laugh at Sophie’s pain.

From the stands everyone became startled especially Marina “Akihiko cancelled out the injury shield”

“That means…he hacked into the glove” said Mia looking troubled “This Akihiko guy? Who is he?” Mochi then noticed something

“everyone…something is wrong with big brother!” they all turned to see Saku appearing to be in a lot of pain. Saku was wriggling as much as could

“No…No…stop it!” Akihiko was still laughing to which Saku felt frustrated as the burning pain spread throughout his whole “Ahhhhhhh! Enough…” the ice suddenly began to crack “STOP IT!” with a loud shout the ice broke apart all around him. Saku then began to stagger but shot an energy sphere at Akihiko. Akihiko looked at the small sphere

“That’s a bit pitiful isn’t it” however suddenly the sphere expanded massively “What?” and exploded with great intensity smashing Akihiko into the arena walls.

The small ice needles simply dropped and vanished leaving Sophie’s battle suit torn in many places. Sophie saw her second warning flash “Ah…ah…that really hurt” but then she turned to Saku who was clutching his chest “Saku…Saku…what’s wrong?” Saku was stood but writhing in pain “What’s the matter?” all of Saku’s friends looked worried as they watched

“What’s wrong with him!?” said Anastasia

“he’s clutching his chest” said Aureline “What’s the matter?” Marina knew

“Saku can’t hold on much longer” Marina then stood up looking terrified “listen we have to stop this fight now! If it goes on, everyone will be in mortal danger. We don’t much time hurry” the girls were all left dumbfounded while Marina ran around the top hallway coming out to where Aries is sitting “Aries…Aries!” Aries looked scared

“Marina!? Saku is…”

“Aries listen carefully…it’s coming” Aries looked a bit confused “don’t play dumb! Saku is in grave danger and you know why. If you don’t stop this fight now…Saku and many others could DIE!!” most of the audience around her heard this and began murmuring amongst themselves.

They all knew of Marina’s reputation so were all quite startled by her terrified demeanour. Sophie tried to help Saku but as she pressed her hands on his body “he feels…so cold. What’s going on?” Ms Reapa from the other hallway saw Saku

“Saku…I am so sorry for you right now. Because of your families selfishness and secrecy many people potentially come to harm. And what’s worse…no matter what happens…you’ll be suffering the most” Saku’s aura kept appearing as he writhed in pain on the floor.

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