Eternal Courage

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Chapter 16: Released Restraints

The whole stadium was now been filled with rumours…scary ones. Marina’s declaration had spread like mice reaching the ears of everyone in the stadium. Everyone had heard a slightly different variation but all got the same message. If the match continues…they will all be great danger. At the centre was Saku in agonizing pain. A severe burning pain was spreading out his whole pain consuming him, almost completely.

Sophie felt helpless as Saku was reduced to his hand and knees clinging to his chest. Kieran was at one hallway, his body was trembling “My body…won’t stop shaking. What is this…fear? No it’s a warning. Something’s coming. Something big” Marina had an angry look as she spoke to Aries

“didn’t you hear me!? If you let this match keeping, your brother’s life is at stake” Aries looked a mixture of scared and dumbfounded

“What are you talking about?”

“I know the truth. I know the truth of the incident that happened at the Stritos estate ten years ago. I know why it occurred…and the shameful secret you have kept hidden for all these years. And if you don’t do something…look forward to round 2” Aries looked shocked “I’m going to go gather his friends” with that Marina set off again.

Akihiko was stirring “What…was that? I was caught completely by surprise…that little git” Akihiko then looked at Saku “What’s the deal with him…a heart problem?” Akihiko then felt a tingling feeling “Oh…such pain, his whole body is almost screaming…yes…yes” Sophie heard his voice and turned to him

“Akihiko…I forgot about him” Sophie then stood in-front of Saku “I’ve got to protect him. I won’t let you near him!”

“So you won’t let me little lady” as Akihiko stepped forward moderate-sized balls of fire formed in-front of him “then you’d better start trying” Sophie began making gusts of winds to either guide the flames away or peter them out “interesting…you’ll make for an amusing opponent” Sophie looked back on Saku

“don’t worry I’ll protect you Saku”

Marina had made it to Saku’s friends who all looked worried “Marina” said Anastasia “What’s going on?”

“there’s not much time to explain but…we need to stop the match now” said Marina “Everyone in this stadium is in potential danger”

“Why…is Akihiko that bad?” said Jessamine looking at the match “I mean Sophie is handling herself just fine” Sophie was still deflecting and blowing away fireballs

“It’s not Akihiko that’s worrying me…it’s her” said Marina gravely looking at Sophie “listen we have to stop this”

“We can’t” said Mia “a match can only end if one team loses and no-one can interfere a barrier is shielding the whole stands” in her gut Marina knew this

“then…we’d better hope it doesn’t get worse”

Akihiko was beginning to get frustrated “This fire…is the result of intense pain and yet…it’s meagre. Why is it so small?” Sophie looked determined

“Saku…Saku talk to me” Saku appeared to be slightly calming down “are you alright?” he looked at her with painful squinted eyes “there you go…just look at me” as Saku felt the pain start to subside…he felt a fierce throbbing in his chest. The result made him almost scream out in pain falling to the floor.

Saku’s cry seemed to create a strong wing which could be felt at the back of the stands, and was so strong people were nearly getting blown over. Murmurs were now escalating

“did you feel that?” “yeah it was so strong” “and It came from Saku” “so that does mean that Marina could be right?” “You mean about the dying part?” As Sophie rushed to Saku, Akihiko heard all the fearful rumours and seemed to bask in it

“I can hear…see it…and even taste it. The cold embrace of fear…it’s so…exhilarating. So much so…I can do this” Akihiko raised one arm high and formed a large pointed crystal of ice, six feet long and thick “let’s see if you can dodge…no let’s see if you can deflect this” Sophie turned to see Akihiko throw the spear of ice.

Sophie immediately got up and started throwing blades of wing which didn’t even crack the ice”It’s so thick. I won’t be able to smash it and it’s too heavy to send away” Sophie took a quick glance at Saku “and he’s in no state to dodge. All I can is veer it away” Sophie flexed her body summoning all her power as the ice spear closed in. Then Sophie thrust out her hands blowing, almost, a hurricane at the ice spear.

Despite the strength of her hurricane all it did was slightly veer away the ice spear to its left. The spear went, just, past her and landed with a smash away from them. Saku looked to his right through grimacing eyes and saw the ice spear but then…his eyes transfixed on it. Saku saw a trail of blood trickling down the ice, Marina panicking as she saw Saku’s his line of sight “Saku no” she called out “don’t look at her!” but it was too late as he looked at her…his body froze.

The spear had still clipped Sophie’s arm leaving a deep cut, her blood flowing from the wound and dripped on the floor. Sophie then held her arm and collapsed to her knees “it hurts…it hurts so bad” Saku heard her words and felt something begin to snap inside of him

“Oh it hurts does it?” said Akihiko coldly “of course it hurts…and I love it. I enjoy the feeling it gives me…it’s so wonderful” Akihiko then began preparing another spear of ice “but I must have more” Saku could feel a roaring emotion begin to overfill his body to the point of exploding “and I will enjoy every bit of your suffering! Ha, ha, ha, ha” Saku then turned to Sophie and his eyes widened…as he saw a tear fall from her face…his eyes followed it to the floor…until it landed.

Suddenly the pain left Saku’s body, and he felt slightly numb and empty…as he stood up. Saku walked towards Akihiko with a hung head not looking at him until stopping at the centre “Oh you’re ready for a second round are you?” Akihiko was about to throw it “then you’ll have a piece of…this” he threw the spear at Saku but as i reached him…the spear simply cracked and fell to piece. It was then as Akihiko’s eyes met Saku he felt his whole body go numb “Ahh…ahhh…those eyes…there’s nothing there. Nothing at all…no pain, no fear…only…anger” then suddenly like a volcano Saku’s aura erupted all around him.

Saku’s aura appeared to just explode out of him. Everyone hung onto the seats as Saku’s aura raged all around him. Like a vicious tornado it spiralled all round him whipping up the very ground around him. Sophie felt herself blown backward by his aura while Akihiko tumbled along the ground. Everyone in the stands were all gripping onto the seats. Anastasia tried looking at Saku “What’s happening to him?”

“Its…broken” said Marina “the seal has been broken”

“What does she mean?” asked Anastasia

“I don’t know” said Mia “I’ve never felt…anything so powerful before” Aureline was shaking

“It’s the same feeling…from before. From where I nearly touched his hand” everyone turned to her “it felt…so full of anger and yet it felt…empty”

“guys the aura is changing colour” said Mochi looking at it.

The aura around Saku was changing in shape as it flowed upwards. It was slowly forming an upwards stream but had grown so strong the very earth was shaking and debris began rising from the ground. Saku then crossed his arms and tensed his whole body. Then with a cry of anger, a force of such strength carried across the stadium. The ground cracked and shattered, Sophie and Akihiko were sent hurtling into the wall and everyone who watched clinged for dear life until…nothing.

As quickly as it began the force suddenly dissipated. As everyone turned to the origin…all had the same look in their faces…that of fear. Saku stood engulfed in an upwards surge of aura, a crimson red with black flecks that made the very ground around him blow away and his clothes flapped rapidly. There was no emotion in his face at all and his eyes almost appeared soul-less and empty.

Akihiko cringed from being pressed into the wall but as he looked on “What…what is this?” Akihiko got up “This power…is feels…so cold” Akihiko then looked ecstatic “anger…anger, so overflowing with anger it’s unreal. It’s like a never-ending supply of sheer anger” Akihiko then made a flame in his hand “yes…such power…it’s amazing” but then to his shock a searing pain covered his hand “Ahhh…ahhhhh” he felt the flame burn his bare hand and it wouldn’t go out “Ahhhh…it burns…it burns” he wacked his hand on the floor putting out the flames but then stared at his hand…it was burnt badly.

Akihiko then looked for the first time dumbfounded “his anger…is overwhelming. I can’t control it…why?” Saku gave no answer “That has…never happened. But the fear…is another thing. Fear is now in big supply from everyone here” Akihiko prepared another large thick crystal of ice “so have this!” Akihiko watched as the spear went towards him. Then as the spear reached Saku…it simply melted in liquid “What?” then the liquid simply evaporated “no…this isn’t right” Akihiko clenched his fist “Right screw this!” Akihiko darted forwards “I won’t lose like this” Akihiko then went to punch Saku but Saku simply yelled creating a strong force sending Akihiko tumbling along the ground.

It took a couple of moments for Akihiko to stop tumbling but then got up “This…can’t be happening” Akihiko saw he was trembling “my body…it’s shaking” Akihiko appeared angered by this “No…No” Akihiko then raised his hand up and clenched “I won’t tolerate this!...ahhhhh” with great speed Akihiko thrust a powerful punch forward…but Saku caught his attack. Akihiko tried freeing his hand but Saku’s grip was tight “hey let go” then Saku tightened his grip “Ahhhh….ahhh” Saku grip grew tighter and tighter to the point Akihiko could hear his very bones begin to surrender to his strength “Ahhhhhhh” Saku then lifted up Akihiko by his hand and punched with incredible force in Akihiko gut.

Akihiko felt the force numb his entire body and it was so great he coughed up blood from the impact but Saku…wasn’t done. Saku kneed Akihiko, punched his head, kicked his chest and then head-smashed him to the ground. Saku saw Akihiko on the ground and simply picked him up by his foot and placed his palm on Akihiko’s chest. Then with a loud yell a malicious beam of red and black suddenly burst out of his hands sending Akihiko hurtling into the floor.

Everyone was genuinely scared at Saku’s new power and all turned to Akihiko who remained still on the ground. But then his third warning appeared signalling the end of the match to which the head-master called out…in a nervous tone “That signals the end of the final match. Saku and Sophie win…” but no-one was in the mood for applauding. Sophie and Akihiko felt the severe pain leave their bodies “so…with that all of you can relax” Saku however aura remained “so…that means it’s time to finish” Sophie looked out at Saku

“Saku…Saku are you okay?” Saku however remained set on Akihiko who was getting up

“That’s…impossible. He completely overpowered me…” Akihiko then looked at Saku’s eyes “Ahhh…ahhh. It’s like…the eyes of a bloodthirsty beast”

Saku glared at Akihiko and then roared. Saku bolted straight at Akihiko smashing him into the wall with a powerful punch. Akihiko coughed and gagged but then Saku began rapidly punching him. Every punch was hard and strong smashing the very wall around Akihiko. Saku then grabbed Akihiko’s head and threw in the centre but just as Akihiko hit the ground, Saku jumped on his stomach.

Akihiko coughed up blood from the sheer impact and saw Saku rise very high into the air. As he reached the peak of jump Saku then roared again and raised his hands over his head, charging them with energy. Marina shouted as loud as she could to Sophire “Sophie…GET OUT OF THERE NOW!” suddenly Saku rained down many large blasts of red and black down onto the land, scattering upon the ground. Akihiko saw the lights, vast and infinite freezing in place with Sophie in the grip of fear

“Sophie…we have to go” Sophie turned to Mia but then felt herself grabbed

“Mia!” exclaimed Sophie

“Go! Now!” with that the two ran as fast as they could to one of the entranceways but just as they reached in inside…a strong force blew them off their feet.

As the two looked up they saw many of the blasts pelt the ground with violent explosions of power “Mia…Mia what’s happening?” Sophie somewhat terrified

“I don’t know Sophie” Mia herself was shaking “I’ve never seen or felt a force this strong in my life. Come on we have to go to the others now. In the state Saku’s in he could potentially fire on everyone, we may have to get them to safety” Sophie gave a reluctant nod but quickly glanced at the blasts still raining down onto the land.

Saku was still firing the many energy blasts onto the ground, mainly in the arena but then with a roar of anger intensified his attack. His attacks quickened were now more random and erratic even hitting the stadium. Everyone began to flee in terror with Saku’s friends guiding everyone out. Jessamine was at one of the exits to the stadium swishing her arm to guide the frantic people out

“Yes come on…out this way. That’s it come on everyone move” she then thought back on Ms Reapa’s words

“You will be needed”

“Did Ms Reapa know this was going to happen?” the crowd began to thin “hey is anyone following you?” the last couple shook their heads “alright good now…” she then felt a blunt force to her head, knocking her out, Chloe behind her with a grin

“with this it marks the last one. I always say make the best use of a bad situation”

All the watchers had now exited the stadium leaving only Saku’s friends to watch from the seats of the stadium. Saku had now finished raining down his blasts to which the arena was covered in a thick cloud of dust. Anastasia looked on “do you think that Akihiko guy survived that?”

“if he did” said Mia “I’ll give the guy a medal” as the smoke cleared…they saw Akihiko just barely fine.

Akihiko had blocked himself with ice…but the ice was so thin and weak…only the ice covering his major organs were still intact. Akihiko had his arms crossed but then his arms went limp as he looked up, only to see to his shock Saku was diving downwards towards him. Akihiko was helpless to avoid him as Saku raced closer to him but then at the last moment, Akihiko felt himself picked up just as Saku smashed his fist into the earth, enveloped in dust.

Saku had made a deep crater as he extracted his fist from the ground. Saku looked to his left to see Akihiko held by Kieran, who appeared…understanding of him “I understand it… everything now. That incident…all those years ago… at the Stritos Mansion….you were cause” Saku then began walking towards him “You know…I feel sorry for you. We may be enemies but no one deserves this…and worst…it was your family who has partially done this to you” Kieran then took a sphere as Saku sprinted towards him “if you should make it through this. Join us…and pay your bastard family back!” then the duo suddenly vanished from view as Saku reached them.

Saku began looking round for any sight of them but realising they had gone…went berserk. Saku roared in anger and began firing energy blasts randomly at the stands. Saku’s friends had to take cover from one blast but as they looked back…they saw something deeply unsettling. Everywhere that Saku shot…was set alight by red flames “these are flames of crimson? It feels…wrong” said Mia looking at them while Anastasia turned to Marina

“Right listen you’d better start explaining now!” demanded Anastasia

“yeah what the hell is happening?” added Sophie to which Marina simply replied

“What you saying…is the shamed or unfortunate secret of the Stritos’”

They all looked puzzled as Marina spoke to them “What you are seeing, that is as you’re watching Saku, is a power that we can only fathom. Something that the Stritos’ has been trying to hide for the last decade”

“Wait what do you mean?” asked Mochi who was terrified “What’s wrong with Big brother!?”

“Saku…has been engulfed by his own tremendous power” said Marina grimly “he’s being consumed by it and his buried rage. He will just randomly destroy everything, never-stopping until there’s only dust…or he literally burns himself out” this brought gasps to everyone

“but…there’s gotta to be a way to stop him” pleaded Sophie to which Aureline spotted two girls walking to the arena

“it looks like his sisters are trying first”

Lexi and Aries were walking into the arena. Aries looked concerned while Lexi looked serious “I never thought this would happen again” Aries said shamefully “I thought the procedure was certain to prevent this. I guess…that red gas from before…loosened it” Saku turned to them “he looks…so possessed”

“nah we’re just worrying over nothing. He’s too much of a softy to be this mad” Lexi then walked towards Saku “Saku! Saku!” Saku turned to her “hey come…there’s nothing to be mad about” Saku just glared at her “come on calm down” suddenly Saku dashed towards and thrust a punch forward. Lexi just managed to jump out of the way as Saku smashed the ground.

Lexi looked nervous as Saku turned towards her “Saku…Saku calm down” Saku however just roared with anger and dashed forward. Lexi began avoiding the attacks from Saku trying her best but Saku was faster than she expected…evidence by a punch that literally glanced her cheek “Saku…sorry about this but I am putting” she then kneed Saku “You down” then she kneed his chin sending him backward “You’ll thank me later” however Saku merely flipped and charged landing a powerful punch to Lexi’s face sending tumbling along the floor.

Lexi got up with split lip and stared at Saku “he’s…completely lost it” Lexi then focused herself “I’m really sorry Saku” her green aura gauntlets appeared “but I have to stop you” she then dashed forward rapidly hitting Saku with her fists, dealing physical and shock damage at the same time. Then with her last blow she punched Saku in his forehead great force…but all she did was send him backwards two feet.

Saku looked at unaffected by her attacks “Something is really wrong. I definitely hurt him” evidence by the blood which ran down his face “but…he didn’t even feel it” Saku then clenched a fist which became embalmed in red “Oh no” Lexi quickly reacted and pressed her knuckles together “plasma shield” Saku’s fist hit the wall to her relief “there we go…” but then it simply dissipated “he broke…straight it hrough it” then with a powerful slug hit Lexi’s upper-chest sending her skidding over the ground.

Lexi came to the stop but was in bad shape as Saku’s last attack had hit her hard. Lexi felt her chest and flinched “he broke that shield with such ease. Also I bet if it wasn’t for the shield…my ribs would be dust, at the best a few are fractured” Saku then pressed his hands together in-front of him and slightly spread them to which a sphere of red with a black core began growing in size.

Lexi pondered what he was doing “Lexi!” called Mia from the entrance way “he’s ready to fire move!” Lexi however didn’t have time to react as Saku thrust his hands forward. Suddenly a sinister beam of red and black, with the force of a charging rhino, shredded its way across the land to Lexi. Lexi just had enough time to defend with her plasma shield as the beam reached her.

Lexi pushed against the beam as best she could but the force of it was overwhelming her. She could feel herself edging backward and her shield struggling to remain in place “dam…I can’t…hold it” Lexi looked at Saku’s face and felt a feeling of regret “What have we done?” her will and shield began to break apart as Saku’s beam continued pushing against her. Mia then shoulder charged into Saku, knocking him sideways which deflected his beam away, carving into the stadium before blasting into the sky.

Lexi barely held her shield together before falling forward to her knees. Mia had attempted to pin down Saku “Saku…please snap out of it! Saku come on” Saku however just yelled in anger blasting away Mia with a shockwave, though she straightened out and landed on her feet. All of Saku’s friends were now gathered as Saku got up still bathed in his crimson and black aura. Aries then collapsed to her knees

“What have I done? What have we done?” Marina then went to Aries

“Aries listen to me. Is there a way to reapply the seal on Saku?” everyone looked bewildered “Aries!?” Aries shook her head

“Once it’s removed…it’s removed”

“What are you two talking about?” demanded Anastasia to which Aries looked at her with a face of guilt “wait…are you responsible for this?”

“In a way…yes. Before he was so small and but now…he’s too strong” Sophie then looked at Saku

“Girls…Girls something is wrong with Saku”

Saku still had the same face appearing unaffected…but his body was telling a different story. Saku’s body was mildly trembling, blood oozed from his mouth and bruises were starting to form all over his skin. Aureline looked “his body…is breaking apart. Injuries are just appearing”

“Why?” said Sophie worried “no-one has really hurt him except Lexi with her punches”

“It’s Saku own power that’s doing it to him” said Marina “That aura that’s surging around him…is slowly killing him” this brought fear to everyone’s face

“then we’ve got to stop him!” said Anastasia in a determined tone “all we’ve got to do is wait for Saku to weaken”

“That won’t work” said Mia frankly “Marina did say…we have to stop him or wait for him…to burn out. She added…literally which means…until his life force wears off” Sophie then ran forward

“Sophie…Sophie!” called Mia

Sophie ran to Saku shielding herself from the force of Saku’s aura “Saku…Saku!” Saku turned to her “listen…we’re your friends. We’re not here to hurt you” Sophie gingerly crept towards him “Saku…it’s okay” Saku simply held out his hand “there…that’s it” but then threads of his aura began to swirl together forming a spinning sphere of energy “Saku…Saku…Remember” Saku eyes widened on Sophie but then narrowed as he threw his energy ball forward

“Sophie!” Sophie felt something coil around her which lifted her in the air which meant the ball missed her. The ball then collided into the wall…and obliterated a large circular section of the stadium.

Anastasia had coiled a tree branch around Sophie moving her out of the way. Anastasia put down Sophie and breathed in relief “That was close! What were you thinking?”

“I think…I got through” said Sophie “for that brief moment…his eyes looked human”

“then…there’s a chance we can save him” said Mochi

“yeah” said Mia “but we have to work…” Aries had gotten up and was walking towards Saku “together”

Aries had a face of guilt while Saku glared at her with great fury “Saku…I am so sorry. I’m so very sorry” Aries inched towards him “please…we didn’t mean any harm. I know…you must be so angry. So…since I’m the one responsible…take it out on me!” Saku as if on command appeared before her, kneed Aries in the gut, before then kicking her hard over the ground, , bouncing and tumbling stopping on her front. Aries was covered in scrapes as she looked up to Saku to see him staggering towards her. Saku then went forwards as he coughed up a good volume of blood but simply got back up not caring about his body condition.

Aries looked at the state of Saku “his body is falling apart…and yet he doesn’t notice or care” tears began to fall down her face “What have we done?” Saku was walking towards Aries, his fists bathed in red. Until suddenly a tree appeared from the ground coiling around his legs and body

“Saku…Saku!” called Anastasia “You’ve got to snap out of it!” Saku simply kept walking on as her trees caught fire, red fire, and turned to ash. Sophie stood in-front of him

“Please…come back to us” Saku just looked at her “You’fd our friend Saku, we don’t wanna hurt you” as Sophie looked into his eyes, tears began to form before she felt herself somewhat weakly punched aside to the group.

Mia went to Sophie who was shrugging off the attack “Sophie are you okay?” tears were in her eyes “What’s the matter?”

“His eyes…were so empty!” Sophie then covered her face “he is in so much pain…it’s unreal” as Mia comforted Sophie Aureline ran to Saku

“Saku!” she went round his back and put an arm around Saku’s neck and a leg around his restraining him “I won’t let you…go no further…” but just from contact she could feel her whole body burning. And Saku with a brief movement of his arms blew away Aureline.

Marina went over to Aureline to see her uniform burnt “his aura caused this?” Aureline looked to be fine, mostly

“his body…is so weak right now” said Aureline sadly “I barely felt any power. Pretty soon…he’ll just keel over…and die” everyone gasped but Mochi had a determined look who ran to Saku

“Mochi…Mochi come back!” called Anastasia

“Mochi!” called Sophie…but she wasn’t listening.

Saku, closing in on Aries, was now holding his hand out to which threads of his aura began swirling together to form another sphere of energy. Aries was not moving submitting to her fate “Do with me…what you will” however then Mochi arrived

“Big Brother! Stop!” to which he did…seeing Mochi had a determined look in her face “I’m here to help you” Mochi ran forward…and hugged Saku around his waist.

Mochi’s own aura seemed to kick him, being pink and sparky, as she held him. Mochi didn’t seem to be affected by Saku’s malicious aura as she spoke a little softly “Big Brother…it’s okay. I’m here…see” Saku looked down at her “do you remember me? When we first met…I was so scared but…you helped me” Mochi dug her head in Saku’s stomach and then looked up with tears running down her face “please…remember!”

“Saku!” called everyone of his friends to which he turned to them “please remember!”

In these words…something happened. Saku’s whole body went limp as his arms simply flopped to one side, the strong force of his aura…began to fade and weaken until dissipating. Mochi had noticed his aura had gone and looked up at him “Big brother…?” Saku’s whole angry vibe…had simply gone…leaving him dazed and confused as if he had just woken up from a long dream. Saku’s body was very frail, as he could barely stand and fell to his knees. Mochi supported him “Big brother…” Saku then just looked round the stadium.

Saku looked at the destruction of the stadium around him. The hole in the stands, the cracks in the floor, the countless craters all around and the red flames which still lingered. Saku then looked at Aries…and Lexi “I did…all this” he said quietly “all of this” Saku then looked at his hands “Jordan, Amethyst, Akihiko…Lexi, Aries…Sophie” Saku turned to his friends and then his hands “I remember…what I did to them” Marina looked very sad

“He…remembers all that he did. Unlike before…he’s forgot of nothing of what’s he done, and with his personality…I can’t imagine…just how miserable he feels right now”

“Can one of you…go to him please?” asked Aries with great pity “he needs someone…someone to help him…who isn’t me” Anastasia stepped forward

“I’ll do it…” Anastasia said “he helped me…when I was at my lowest. It’s only fair I do the same”

Anastasia walked over to Saku slowly and calmly “Saku…” said Anastasia to which Saku looked at her “Saku…is everything okay?”

“Anastasia…what…am I?” Anastasia knelt next to him “because I’m not a person…I’m a monster. I could feel it…all run through me. I can still feel it. It was boiling…and rampaging through me. I just…couldn’t do a thing to control it. I didn’t…I mean…and…and” Saku’s whole atmosphere began to just plummet

“shhh…Saku…it’s okay” said Anastasia softly “It’s alright now…” she then saw tears fall down to the ground from his face

“I’m terrified” said Saku in a very small voice as he enclosed himself “I’m just terrified. I can’t control it…and I…and I hurt…you my friends and innocent people. I don’t want to…do it…again” Saku’s will…then just completely dropped.

Saku’s whole atmosphere…had just fell to pieces. His whole being, consumed with pity and shame. Anastasia then gently placed his head on her chest before them just holding him feeling Saku shaking uncontrollably in her arms “shhhh…it’s okay…it’s okay” Saku just looked as fragile as a new-born child. “I’m going to stay with you…” Anastasia herself felt tears in her eyes, as she witnessed the state of him “please don’t be scared…please.”

Sophie looked at Saku and was crying herself “he’s…so terrified and so frail” Sophie then turned angrily to Aries “What did you do to him!?” Aries could look at Sophie with great guilt and shame “Aries!”

“Sophie” said Mia placing her hand on Sophie “I know now…isn’t the time” Mia then helped Sophie up “we’ll all tired…” Mia then looked at Saku still crying “and need a bit of time to recover” Sophie nodded “come on…let’s go back”

Mia then turned to Aureline who looked at Saku…with a painful face “Aureline…I’m counting on you” said Mia “if anyone can understand Saku…it’ll be you. Help Anastasia…take him back to the academy okay” Aureline nodded and walked to Saku. Marina had walked to Lexi who was still on her knees. Marina had a strange look of fury

“I hope you’re satisfied with yourself” Lexi looked oddly blank as she looked at Marina “No-one…no-one! Deserves what he got!” Marina then calmed down “but what’s done is done” Marina helped up Lexi supporting her “but you’d better be ready to explain yourself” Lexi only gave a silent nod.

Aureline made it to Saku who was still crying on Anastasia “Saku…Saku” Anastasia pushed him back to which he turned to Aureline “listen…I know it’s hard right now…but we’re not angry with you okay?” Saku didn’t respond “If anything…I know what you’re feeling right now. So let’s go back to the academy to rest…okay?” Saku gave a slight nod “can you help me Anastasia?” Anastasia took one arm and Aureline the other arm.

As they helped Saku up…they found him to be quite weak and slump “he is really weak right now” Mochi grabbed one of Saku’s legs “one step at a time Saku” slowly the two helped the frail and weak Saku, with Mochi helping his legs, out of the stadium passing Aries who just remained on her knees. Aries then slowly stood up and holding her arm…walked herself out of the stadium.

Kieran and Chloe were in the dark meeting room with only the high-leader present. Kieran looking strangely depressed “I really do feel sorry for Saku”

“Why is that?” said Chloe with a head of white hair “I mean…it’s not like you to show pity”

“Because…Kieran has worked out the great secret of the Stritos’” said the high leader “Ten years ago, a great blaze consumed their house…and most of our forces. And after that day…a tragic fate was placed upon Saku…one arguably worse than death”

“High leader…may I suggest we recruit Saku to our cause? He needs the chance for revenge against his family” High leader could be seen nodding “thank you” with that Kieran excused himself. Chloe was fiddling with her now red hair

“If Kieran does recruit Saku. With that level of power…we’ll be unbeatable”

“For Kieran…that power is a bonus” said the high-leader confusing her “but with that plan comes a problem. If Saku can survive…till the next day” Chloe was just left confused

The stadium was now open and ruined with oy one person was still there…Ms Reapa. Ms Reapa was stood at the top of the stadium...having witnessed the whole fight “In times of weakness, an individual will cave in to their emotions. They sadness, rage and fear all break out potentially causing havoc to everyone around them. But…it’s the aftermath…where one is at their weakest. Learning to accept your past actions…is by far the strongest feat…for anyone to overcome.” Ms Reapa then sighed “but for Saku…it’s going to take much more. To not only accept who he is…but just to live to see the next sunset”

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