Eternal Courage

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Chapter 18: The Hope Within Despair

It was dark and gloomy time. The sky was covered by a thick blanket of black, with the world being bombarded by the gentle drops of moisture which fell from the heavens to the land below. On the ground were two small groups of people and only signs of life for miles around. The first group were comprised of Mochi, Mia and Aureline who were following splatters of blood which littered the grass and tree-bark of the woods. Aureline noted something very worrying “the frequency of this blood splatters is increasing…and so is the volume”

“How far did Saku get like this?” said Mia thinking about Saku’s condition “he can’t be much further now”

“but…how do we save Big brother?” said Mochi from the rear

“we’ll work it out Mochi don’t worry” said Mia with a reassuring smile “we have to…” Aureline caught the last words and had a determined face

“Saku…We will save you”

The second was Saku alongside an unconscious Jessamine. Saku looked round the forest for any sign of help to assist Jessamine…who was in critical condition “dam…there’s no sign of life anywhere. And even if I could carry her…she won’t make it…and neither will I” Saku then looked at his hands “That means I’ve got no choice”

Saku looked at her chest area as it stuck upwards. Saku was very anxious and sighed “of all the people, it had to be someone like her. I don’t know, it could've been a boy, a young girl or at least a relative. Instead I get a beautiful and well-endowed girl that could give Aries some competition” Saku then felt a sheer pain in his heart “Ahhh…ahhh. Dam…I don’t have to time to be courteous. If I kick the bucket here…she will die as well” Saku shook his head “Right, got to suck it up and do it”

Saku placed a hand on his chest working out where his heart exactly was “so…if my heart is here…then on Jessamine, It’ll be under her left breast, just a little off from the centre. So on the inner side” Saku looked at his hand and then to Jessamine “I’m really sorry about this…but I don’t see any other choice”

Saku gulped a large of volume of air and ,with a great sense of awkwardness, began almost forcing his hand to her left breast “come on…come on” his hand was a mere inch “almost…there” but he couldn’t will himself to get closer “dam…only a little more” a strange force (namely embarrassment) seemed to hold his hand in place “no it’s wrong...but if I don’t then…ahhh” once again he felt the sheer pain, greater than before, making him lurch forward. As the pain subsided…Saku was greeted with great shock and absolute embarrassment.

Saku, a bright red, could feel the warmth and softness of her chest in his hand. Saku looked at his hand…on her left breast and gulped again “I…really did it didn’t I?” he could feel her heart weakly pulsing through her body “and I got it in one try” he placed his second hand over his first “sorry about this Jessamine. You can slap me later okay” then his aura appeared. His aura flowed upwards around him, now a bright red, which he channelled along in his arms into Jessamine’s body.

Saku was concentrating “Sorry again Jessamine. I’m being as gentle as I can” he saw colour slowly coming back to her body “it seems my aura is agreeing with you…that’s good. That eases one worry” Saku continued pouring his aura energy into Jessamine “So…this is how I go out? A scary beast…and a pervert” he chuckled to himself “not the way I wanted to be remembered”

Saku then looked depressed “At least I can take comfort in the fact I did help someone…before I die. All my life…has been a disappointment…for me and everyone around me. In the past I was a talentless nobody and a shame to the Stritos family and now a beast that even my own family is scared of. Those girls Sophie, Anastasia, Aureline, Mia…and you…could do so much better than me”

Saku then looked down at Jessamine who was slowly improving “I mean you’re all talented, beautiful, curvy…and kind. I mean…you’re all a guys dream” he then looked up to the rainy sky with the rain sliding down his face “and all I’ve done…is drag you all down. You can all do so much better than me. At least if I go. You can all become the great aura fighters…I know you can be”

Jessamine looked fully restored as a warm beige colour returned to her face. She was breathing normally and her heart beat was frequent and strong. Saku removed his hand from her breast and stood up…now hardly able to stand up straight “well…I’m off” Saku lost his balance and stumbled backwards into tree. As Saku breathed weakly he turned opposite from Jessamine as his vision blurred again “well…after a few moments you’ll be fine. Just head south from here…and you’ll see the academy”

Saku then slowly made his way, going from tree to tree into the forest “it was nice…knowing you Jessamine” Jessamine was stirring from her sleep and opened her eyes slightly to see Saku looking back at her “tell them…I enjoyed my short time with them” Saku turned back around and slowly walked away. Jessamine looked at Saku with a desperate face and tried reaching out

“no…Saku” her body wasn’t fully responding “don’t go…please!” but it was no good as Saku had already vanished into the forest.

Jessamine was forced to wait for her body to regain its strengtb, slowly getting to her knees “Saku…I had no idea you felt that way. And now…you’re off to go die” Jessamine was literally forcing her body to stand “No…I won’t let you” she got to her feet but nearly fell forwards into a tree “I won’t let you die alone!” as she was about to push off

“hey it’s Jessamine!” she turned round to see a the Mochi pointing to her with a surprised Mia and Aureline “Jessamine…it’s you” Mia was shocked


“look I’ll explain later but Saku is about to die” although Mia and Aureline knew this, fear was in there faces

“which way did he go?” said Aureline quickly

“This way” Jessamine said “and you’ll have to go without me…I still can’t move fully yet” Mia though took Jessamine’s arm over her neck

“Come on…we’ll go together. None should split up…in this place”

Saku’s strength had near but all gone, for he could hardly walk going from tree to tree. Saku’s world was becoming constantly blurry “just…a little…further…then…I can leave everyone alone” but it was then he tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground. Saku weakly stirred as his vision began to fog over “just another minute…now” he used whatever strength getting to his hands and knees, and crawled into a clearing.

The clearing was just a simple field of thick grass, unshielded by the canopy of trees from the heavy rain still coming down. Then…as Saku reached the centre…he stopped, his body…having now reached its limit “That’s it…I’m done” and with that he simply dropped and rolled onto his back.

Saku, near unable to move, just looked up at the black sky as the rain peppered his soaked and tried body “well…this is it. Not long now” Saku could feel the wet drops of the rain falling down his face “well at least now. I won’t hurt anyone…ever again” and then he just closed his eyes waiting for the end…his tears joining the drops of rain as they gently landing on the earth.

The first group was still running through the forest when Jessamine, who could now move, stopped. Mia wondered why “Jessamine what’s the matter?”

“I’ve found him! There!” said Jessamine pointing to the sprawled out Saku “Come on” all four of them rushed over to Saku with Mia picking him up in her arms

“Saku…Saku wake up!” Saku was completely motionless as she shook him “Saku…” Aureline checked his pulse

“I can’t feel anything” Aureline then quickly pressed her ear on his chest “he’s alive…but barely. He’s very weak and extremely cold” Jessamine then knelt next him and held her hands out producing a gentle flame bathing Saku in its warmth

“This should help warm him up”

Mia rested Saku’s head on her lap as Jessamine continued to warm him up with Aureline and Mochi crowding around him. Jessamine looked very depressed “I can’t believe how far along he dragged himself…just to make sure he wouldn’t be a burden to anyone else” Aureline turned to Jessamine

“What do you mean? And what happened to you?”

“To answer the second question, shortly after I vacated the citizens, I got knocked on the head…pretty hard. The only thing I remember…is this needle in my arm…then it felt like my whole body went dry. The next thing I remember…was Saku saving my life. As he helped me…he said some things…and…it’s heart wrenching”

Jessamine quite depressed “he believes…he doesn’t have a place in this world. Saku sees no value in his existence…at all” this shocked the girls “he even said, he once was a talentless nobody and sham…and now he’s this fearful monster that his own family are scared of” Mia and Aureline hung their heads “What…made him think like that?” Aureline then answered

“Have you heard of the incident involving the Stritos estate?” Jessamine nodded “well short story was…Saku was the one who caused the fire and as a result his family opted for an aura seal on his powers” Jessamine looked a mixture of angry and sad

“how…cruel. No wonder the poor guy feels…so useless. But…do you what the really sad thing is…he believes…he’s dragging us down” Aureline then looked at him

“in his heart…" said Aureline "he probably just believes himself to be a sort of crutch to the rest of us. He probably thinks…he’s not worth our time”

Aureline looked down sadly at Saku “He has never once dragged me down. If anything…he was the up who brought me up…from my dark place” Aureline then pressed on Saku’s chest “Saku…come on…don’t give in” Saku wasn’t responding “come on…” then his eyes twitched

“looks his eyes moved!” said Mochi “Big brother come on wake up” Mochi said shaking him to which he weakly opened his eyes.

Saku’s vision was slightly foggy as he looked at the dark sky “Whose…there?” he then followed the sound of the voice…and could make out the fuzzy image of Mochi “Mochi?” Mochi nodded “What are you…doing here?”

“It’s not just her” Saku turned to his left saw another person…with bright red hair “It’s me Jessamine. I’m here too…and so are Aureline, Mochi and Mia” Saku saw their general shapes

“Aureline, Mochi, and Mia too? What are you all…doing here?”

“We’re here to save you Saku” Saku heard this voice directly to his left next to Jessamine

“You’re…here to…save me? But…why?”

“Why?” said Mia above him “because we aren’t going to let you die”

Saku’s eyes widened as he heard this while Mia spoke “everyone back at the academy is so worried about you”

“Yeah” said Mochi “we searched for you…all through the forest”

“Why? Why try so hard for someone like me?” Saku then looked up to the sky “My whole life…has just been a disappointment…for me and everyone around me. I mean…look at me…I can’t move…or even see your faces”

“Saku…” said Mia sadly “why are you doing this to yourself? I mean we won’t have come looking for you…if we didn’t care about you”

“she’s got a point you know” said Jessamine “why punish yourself so much?”

“Because I hurt everyone…and have no right to be among you”

Saku looked back to the sky “You all have been so nice to me, you supported me, taught me how to fight…made me feel for wanted. And how did I…repay you…” his voice quietened as a tear fell down his face “I attacked all of you. I destroyed everything around me, smashed Lexi, attacked you all…when you were only trying to help”

“Saku…that wasn’t your fault” said Aureline adamantly “You had ten years of stored power flow through all at once. No-one could retain their mind with that influx of power suddenly surge through them”

“it doesn’t excuse my actions. And even if it did…I My power…is cold and dangerous. I can now remember…the feeling of it…ten years ago”

“Saku…please tell us…what happened?” asked Aureline “All that time ago”

Saku closed his eyes and spoke “As I came down the stairs…and opened the door to the dining room …I saw everyone fighting…then I saw him. I couldn’t see his face…but he spoke four words…’you come with me’ But then my mother stood in-front me. My mom begged him to leave me alone and take her instead. The person without mercy punched my mother…and then sent flying into the far wall. As I saw her against the wall…it happened”

Saku looked towards the flame Jessamine was still holding in-front of her “I…just felt…this rage…at the person who had hurt my mother. I could feel it…building until…it exploded. I don’t really remember much after that…just this need to hurt whoever had hurt my mother. I didn’t care who got in my way…until…it faded to black. I came round a little…only to see these towering red flames all around me”

Aureline could see Saku shaking as he spoke “I’ll never forget…what I felt at that time. In amongst those flames…I was cold. Shivering cold. It was…terrifying. Then…it was all dark” Mia felt a feeling of sympathy and understanding

“so that’s why you’re so afraid of your power…and why you came all this way. You just wanted…to make sure you didn’t get anyone else hurt didn’t you”

“but there’s one thing you’re wrong about Saku” said Aureline “You haven’t being a burden to me, Mia…or any of us” Aureline then held his hand “Saku…in fact…you were the one who rescued me…from my darkness”

Saku looked to the shape of Aureline as she spoke “the village where I and Jessamine come from train’s aura-fighters in a tough way. They call it…the semi-year survival event. It’s a tradition everyone goes through at the age of thirteen. We partake in the event where we fend for ourselves for six months…in a forest similar to this one”

“the event is designed to enhance our natural instincts” said Jessamine “and…we aren’t strictly left alone. We have someone, always watching us, in-times of extreme danger. After six-months are up, we are then located and then taken back”

“But for me…” said Aureline quietly “no-one came. I spent almost a year alone in that forest. I nearly died to a bear, nearly drown going over a waterfall…and at some times becoming very ill and weak. It was then…I began to lose faith in humanity. I just assumed my family just abandoned me…and left me there to die. It was then…I started…regressing”

Saku could feel the warmth in Aureline’s hand but also the trembling. It was then Mia started to speak “it was then that I found her. Jessamine had noticed how long Aureline had gone missing and asked me to find her. When I did, she had already closed herself off to the world…and she became…how you knew her”

“So…” said Saku quietly “What happened to her…family?” Mia took a long pause and shook her head

“I don’t know. Her house…was empty of everything. No signs of life were left. We didn’t know if they were killed, kidnapped or if they abandoned her. There wasn’t a single clue...and still isn't to this day”

“Saku” said Aureline sadly “I had given up…on everyone. I had regressed so far into darkness…that I didn’t even want to find the way out. Until…you came along”

"but...I can't...anyone-" he was something different.

Saku then felt a different drop of water land on his hand. It was warm and gentle “You were…the light in my darkness" said Aureline crying tears of joy ”You kept reaching out to me, even though I slapped your hand back into your face. I even attacked you but that didn’t stop you. You saved me from my sadness…and gave me everything back”

“You saved me too big brother” said Mochi kneeling close to him “I was…so alone in that dark place. I was so scared…but then…you came along. You were so kind to me saved me from that place. Then when I found out I didn’t have a family…you were there with me”

"and me" said Jessamine "despite you bring in that condition you still tried to save my life. That's something I can't thank you enough for"

“And it’s not just these two you saved Saku” said Mia “it was all of us”

Mia smiled as she spoke “I was…beginning to think that I couldn’t get along with anyone, That I couldn't belong with anyone. But you were there and showed me what it means to have friends. You freed Anastasia from her fear and gave Sophie the strength to move on”

“And you saved my life Saku” said Jessamine “You barely knew me, and you were ready to pull up daisies…and yet you saved my life. It’s true we only met today but…your one of the most considerate people I know of”

“But…my power…it can…hurt people” said Saku “What if I…lose control again?” Jessamine smiled and spoke softly

“I don’t think…that’ll ever happen. The first time, you were a mere child. It’s natural for you to react like that. As for the second time, ten years of power surged through you by the sounds of it. Even the strongest dam would crumble under such stress. And as for your power…well…see for yourself”

Saku looked to the flame Jessamine held out…and saw it change bright red “That’s…the red flame…but it looks…different” said Saku looking at it

“This is the power you gave to me…to save my life” said Jessamine “It felt like…a velvet blanket gently embalming my body. Keeping me warm on a winter night” said Jessamine as Mochi held her hand towards her

“it does feels really warm” Aureline could feel it too

“it looks…brighter without a hint of malice or evil” Saku looked at the red flame in his blurry world.

Saku was confused as he looked at it “but…I don’t…understand. It feels…nice. Before it would feel…horrible”

“This is something your father once said” said Mia “he said, emotions are power, The emotion you display, exists through your power in kind. My guess is…you felt deep regret for your actions…and that gave you the cold feeling. But this time it’s different, you helped Mia out of kindness not fear or anger”

“Saku…” said Jessamine lifting the flame towards her face “I can feel it…your warm heart in this flame. it so gentle...and kind. So come on…come back with us”

“Saku let me make this simple” said Aureline in a strong voice “You might think it’s alright to keel over…but we don’t. Because…Saku to Anastasia, Sophie, Marina, Mia” Mia nodded “Jessamine and me there's something we have to tell you" Aureline looked between everyone “from us...and Mochi” then the four of them spoke together, with Mochi replacing the last word

“You’re our friend!/Brother”

These three words…echoed through the darkness…to the deepest pit of despair. Saku, who had hid himself there, could hear these three words gently echo throughout his body. Saku within the deepest pit of despair and darkness, suddenly felt a warm and pleasant light shine on him. Before his eyes, the darkness simply show his friends gathered round him.

Saku, with clear eyes, then looked between all of the girls who each had smiling faces but Aureline seemed to go red “Saku…we’re waiting for you. Please come back, you mean so much to all of us. Don’t give up…okay?” tears formed in his eyes

“Yeah big brother” said Mochi happily “we all like you”

“And so what about your power?” said Mia as the tears began to run down his face “it just means we’ll have you teach you again. Nothing wrong with that”

“And count me in too” said Jessamine beaming “It’s only fair…I mean you saved my life. And it’s only fair I help yours”

Saku…then just let it all go, a rain of different falling down his face, gently landing on the grass around him. All his feelings out, all his years of fear and sadness just leaked out from his eyes…as tears down his skin. He made no noise…just crying still on the ground Jessamine couldn’t help but smile looking “There you go…” said Jessamine smiling sweetly “just let it all out. Aureline...I think it's time you returned the favour” Aureline nodded then propped him up and placed an arm around him hugging him

"Before you were the one, who supported m” she said happily “I think it's only fair I do the same" Saku just sobbed to which Aureline just closed her eyes and smiled resting her head on his.

Mia looked at this scene with a happy thought “Hope…A power that can lift you from the deepest darkness, and darkest despair...but the best thing about it's infinite. The person you give it too can give it to others. Each one igniting the flames of hope within those you have lost it...or yearn for it. Saku...the very hope you now have acquired...we are merely returning” Aureline then a gentle voice

"Saku...can you come back with us?" Saku nodded still crying

“Yes…” said Saku sadly “I…want to go back…please. With all of you” Jessamine nodded

“Alright can you help me Aureline” Aureline nodded. Then Jessamine and Aureline after each taking an arm helped him to his feet. As Mia followed behind them, she felt Mochi take her hand

“Oh hey Mochi” said Mia “You did really well today" Mochi smiled and nodded

"Miss Mia" said Mochi “What did Big Brother give to you?" Mia looked back at Saku

"A friend" said Mia simply with a smile as the group began to slowly make their back to the academy while Saku...for the first time...felt truly happy

It was some time later with Sophie, Anastasia and Marina still anxiously waiting but then they heard a voice “Sophie, Ana and Marina” it was Mochi jumping and waving to them “over here!” as the girls turned in her direction from the forest, there emerged Mia, Aureline and Saku supported a little by Mia. Sophie looked overjoyed

“Saku…it’s Saku!” with that Sophie and Anastasia begun running to him with Marina walking behind them.

Saku saw them coming and stood up on his own, although shakily, with Sophie almost running into him “Saku…thank goodness you’re okay” she then stepped back with Anastasia checking him over

“Look at you, you’re wet through" said Anastasia feeling his wet pyjama's “What were you thinking?” Saku hung his head in shame but Anastasia just smiled and hugged him as well “I'm so relieved”

“I apologize for…all the trouble I’ve caused” said Saku apologetically “I…just didn’t want to hurt anyone”

“We all know that” said Mia walking to them “so…I know it’s a bit soon but…have you come to terms…with your aura power?” Saku looked unsure as he looked at his hand “not quite sure yet…then try this. Just summon your aura power” he looked at her “just release it, don’t do anything else your uncomfortable with”

Saku took a few steps away from the group and looked at his hands. Saku still felt unwary and full of worry to which Jessamine picked up on “Saku…I’m living proof that your power isn’t evil. So go on, do it” while the girls looked a bit puzzled Saku nodded. Saku tensed his arm and after only a moment an aura of white and red surrounded him.

The aura was arc-like in shape, white at the middle and red towards the outside “there you go" said Mia “You see you’re not hurting anyone” Mia then walked towards Saku and placed a hand through the red aura “Look Saku, see? Your aura is absolutely fine” Saku looked at her arm through the aura and saw that she wasn’t getting burnt but then Saku began to feel shaky as his aura simply dissipated “easy, easy” Mia caught him “Your body is still adjusting to your power” Saku nodded but then noticed someone else approaching as he stood up straight.

Aries in her uniform was walking to Saku looking very ashamed and sad. Mia stepped back as Aries approached Saku. It was an awkward moment of silence before Aries spoke “Saku…erm…I” Aries then bowed “I am…so sorry” tears were falling from her face “I had no idea of the damage we had caused to you. We thought we were doing you good…but all it did was hurt you”

“Aries…is it true? Did the whole family…seal me…because they were scared of me?” Aries gave a sad nod “well…you didn’t. That I know” Aries reacted and looked up

“What…what do you mean?”

“You…did it…to keep me safe. You just…wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be in any more danger. So…there’s nothing…to be sorry for” Aries looked so happy as tears of joy rolled down her face “You were just looking out for your little brother…right?” said Saku with a smile. Aries just simply ran to Saku and hugged him. Aureline looked at this with a smile

“his gentle nature and heart allow him to free anyone from their darkness" said Aureline "No wonder we have all grown attached to him”

Saku felt a little suffocated as Aries squeezed Saku quite hard against her large chest but he didn’t care, he felt very happy and endured the squeezing. Aries then released him wiping her eyes with a beaming face “You’ve matured so much” said Aries rubbing his hair “Your dad would be proud of you” Saku smiled “just give Lexi a bit of time” Saku looked at her “You know how proud she is. She take a while” Saku nodded and then turned to Mochi

“hey Mochi…come here a minute” Mochi nodded and ran forward to Saku as he knelt down to her “Mochi…” Saku then hugged her “thank you” Mochi looked surprised

“What’s the matter?” asked Mochi innocently

“there’s nothing wrong with hugging my little sister is there” she gasped as Saku pushed her back “Mochi Stritos, suits you rather well I think” Mochi looked ecstatic as she beamed a radiant smile and laughed.

Saku stood back up straight with Sophie walking to him “well, it looks like the lessons will be resuming Saku. We need to help you master your new power of yours”

“She has got a point you know” said Anastasia “we’re planning on pushing you hard so be ready” Saku nodded and smile while Jessamine walked forward

“And count me in too” Jessamine said confidently “Your power reminds me of my flames. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a lot to teach you” Jessamine then looked a bit angry “so now…I need to punish you. You know for before” Saku understood what she meant but the girls looked confused so here it comes” Saku then saw Jessamine approached him. Jessamine still had the look of anger, which instantly went away as she kissed him on the cheek.

All the girls, even Mia and Aureline, were taken by complete surprise by Jessamine’s action. Saku was left bewildered by her actions as she stepped back with a radiant smile “That’s for saving me life…my good friend” Aries picked up on the faces of Saku’s friends and chuckled

“So Jessamine is it? How did Saku save your life? Especially to earn that kind of reward” Saku suddenly became very nervous as Jessamine turned red

“I was…at deaths door. My aura power had been drained…almost completely. Saku had to do the only procedure to save me from my frail state” Jessamine then placed a hand on her heart “an aura infusion, where one directly flows their aura into one’s heart”

All the girls looked between Saku and Jessamine with a red face and all looked very shocked, even Marina and Mia looked anxious. Only Mochi didn’t quite understand as she tilted her head. Sophie looked very shocked with a red face “but…to perform an aura-infusion means…you have to transfer the power through your hands to the others heart. Which mean Saku’s hands were on…” Jessamine lifted up her bust with her arms

“Saku…placed his hand…on her bosom?” said Anastasia sounding a mixture of shocked…and disappointed to which Saku looked very nervous

“look, I…didn’t have any choice. If I didn’t then…ah”

Saku felt an unnerving chill go down his back as he turned to Aries “Saku…you didn’t enjoy it…did you?” she said in a scary tone “please…tell me you didn’t”

“No…Of course not. I mean…Why would I? They did feel soft…” he said looking at his hand “but I didn’t enjoy it” Jessamine then spoke

“I believe his words were…why did it have to a beautiful and well-endowed woman? I mean what boy in his right mind wouldn’t enjoy that?” Aries then walked to Saku

“You are coming with me Saku for a little chat” Saku looked terrified as Aries with ease put Saku over her shoulder and carried him back

“Aries, Aries come on I’m innocent!”

“Don’t care” said Aries coldly “we’re still having that chat”

“No…No someone Save me! Please!?” the girls could hear cries of Help as Aries carried him away.

Jessamine gave a nervous laugh “her reputation as the blonde demon is well founded. Remind me never to tick her off” she looked back at the others and saw there dumbfounded and red faces “alright, calm down I’ve had my fun. Saku was completely unwilling to do it. And comment I made...about the well-endowed woman. That was referring to the fact I was his last choice...on his list” Jessamine then looked really happy

“well you looked like you enjoyed it the moment” said Marina in a tone of annoyance

“It’s what he said…about us. Saku said, we’re all such talented ladies that could do so much better than him. He said…If I'm not around, you all could the great aura-fighters he knows we could be” all the girls looked quite happy “he did also mention you Marina in that statement” Marina looked surprised

“he…likes me…too?”

It was then Mochi spoke “Big sister Aries told me, he likes everyone one of you for being so nice to him. She said, Big brother doesn’t care what the girl looks like, it’s how she acts that’s important to him. Big sister Aries said you’re all important to him and he won’t do anything to hurt you” Sophie felt a deep sense of happiness

“That’s why…he went so far out by himself” said Sophie “Saku wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he hurt us” Mia and Aureline looked a bit confused

“That includes me as well?” said Mia quietly folding her arms “I mean…I’m not quite as…built as some of you”

“of course!” said Jessamine “From the way he spoke, he couldn’t care less if you large or small. He holds you with great he does you Aureline”

Mia blushed and smiled as did Aureline but then suddenly a loud cry of pain echoed through the academy. Sophie recognised the sound “That was Saku” said Sophie sounding worried “What is Aries doing to him?”

“she’s punishing him” said Mochi nervously laughing . As the others were left to ponder, on the roof of the academy Kieran had watched the events transpire

“That was like watching a hot soap opera. Well it looks like Saku is back with us, I think it’s time to extend my invitation. Saku must still harbour hatred for his suffering, surely. Oh well, either way our plan is going ahead. In the next day, the candidates will be presented and we will be granted the power…” Kieran clenched his hand which seemed to light up green “needed to take our vengeance” Kieran also heard the loud calls of Saku “if you know what’s good for you, you’ll join us Saku”

In Aries room Saku was actually asleep in her bed, and hard on. The screams of his…were actually playing from a tape-recorder she had on her drawers. She was actually sat at his side “Considering what’s happened Saku…I’m willing to give you a pass this time” she said to him “I would perform…a good spanking on you” with Aura Hammer in hand “but I think you’ve been through enough punishment for today”

Aries put her hand on Saku’s cheek “I wouldn’t be too comfortable…I’m not completely sparing you from the punishment…just delaying it for a couple weeks. The next time you so much as misbehave” she then smashed the floor with her hammer, causing the whole room to quake “I’ll be giving you a good long…’session” almost on instinct Saku shivered in his sleep “but for now…rest well, and recover your strength…little Brother” she leaned in and gave Saku a kiss on his cheek, which stopped him shivering…and brought a small smile to his face.

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