Eternal Courage

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Chapter 27: Bonds Between Siblings

Saku is about to begin his second fight against the vice leader, Izanagi “Mochi, you stand back okay?” Mochi nods as Saku steps forward “Izanagi, I wouldn’t bother if I were you. I kind of…nearly made mincemeat out of you last time, and that was when I didn’t have my full power”

“Oh…I’m not worried” said Izanagi flexing and shaking his hand “now let’s begin” Izanagi thrust a hand forward, which in-turn made a large black arm appear. Saku dodged the arm and ran forward at Izanagi. Izanagi began stamping on the floor making legs of black stomp down the ground. Saku managed to dodge some but had to jump back from the last one.

Saku landed on the floor looking annoyed “tch, Izanagi has the advantage. I can’t tell when his dark extensions will arise and where”

“big brother” said Mochi “his dark…arms and legs do what he does”

“So…I had it on the mark. They are extensions…but I can’t really guess where they’ll come from. Plus being a dim room makes it difficult to see them”

“That’s why I have the advantage” said Izanagi “You might be able to anticipate what I do, but you can’t see very well”

“then let’s fix that!” said Saku clenching his hands “Ahhh….hmmm” with a minor note of concentration his red and blue aura emerged.

The area became illuminated around them with Saku looking quite satisfied “This’ll do. It covers a large enough area” Laura stared at it in wonder

“whoa…that is the true form of his B.U.S power. I wonder what kind of power he has” Izanagi looked nervous

“get him Big Brother!” said Mochi while Izanagi seemed ticked

“Big brother…don’t make me laugh. Well nice light show, but it won’t do much good”

Izanagi proceeded to punch Saku, with a dark fist but Saku promptly swerved. Izanagi kept trying to strike Saku with fists and kicks “so a upwards punch? That’ll be from below, then a stomp…being a kick from above” Saku was guessing what action to take and just watching where the dark limb would come from.

“I’d never thought he be this fast” said Izanagi seeing Saku approaching “Oh no you don’t” Izanagi swung a low kick and Saku instinctively jumped over it

“there we go…and strike” Saku landed a powerful left hook to Izanagi, then a punch to his chest and then sent Izanagi into the engine with a powerful roundhouse kick.

Izanagi skidded along the floor and got up rubbing his chest “dam you Saku! You’ve definitely got stronger…but I’ve yet to take the gloves off” Izanagi cracked his knuckles “now let’s go” Izanagi thrust a kick forward, making a dark foot hit Saku in the gut “now for a little messaging” Izanagi began rapidly thrusting dark kicks at Saku who took everyone. Then Izanagi finished with a powerful thrust “take this” Saku was sent flying off his feet “not high and mighty now” Saku however simply flipped and landed on his feet.

Izanagi looked strangely dumbfounded while Saku looked a bit perplexed himself as he flexed his arms“are you…off your game today Izanagi? That…didn’t really do much”

“What do you mean!?” said Izanagi in an irritated voice “I practically pounded the stuffing out of you”

“That’s just it. I barely feel sore, I mean I haven’t exactly become any more resistant then last time. Oh well last’s resume” Saku once more charged ahead. Izanagi began rapidly punching forward forcing Saku to evaded the rapid black arms. Saku got hit by one sending him backwards.

Saku managed to recover and jump straight back at Izanagi and as Saku thrust forward a punch, Izanagi performed an uppercut, which in turn made a black fist rise from the ground, striking Saku on the chin sending him backwards. Saku landed on his back which had Mochi worried “Big Brother, are you okay?” Saku was getting up rubbing his face

“I’m fine” Saku got to his feet “This isn’t getting anywhere. I can’t seem to get close to him”

“What will you do now?” said Izanagi smugly “You can’t hurt what you can’t reach” Saku knew this

“Big brother. Shoot him from far-away with your power”

“Okay Mochi! Nice idea”

Laura looked a bit excited “I wonder what kind of power Saku had. It must be really strong considering when I saw that aura sphere of his. So Mochi what kind of B.U.S power does Saku have?”

“erm…it’s a bit hard to explain. Just watch” said Mochi. Saku, with his hand pointed upwards began focusing. Threads of his aura, came off and started fusing together to form a swirling sphere of energy.

“That’s the form his B.U.S takes?” said Laura a bit confused “but, that’s simple aura energy” Saku pointed the sphere at Izanagi “So, he’s going to manipulate it into a element or weapon?” Saku however shot a beam out of the sphere.

The beam was rotating clockwise as it shot over the ground. Izanagi responded by tensing his hands and raising them up making a wall of black. The beam collided with the dark way making a small indent which seemed to amaze Laura “I…didn’t think he would actually release pure aura energy!” Laura then looked at herself and at Mochi “no wonder his B.U.S is self-sustaining us. It’s powerful but pure aura power. Even used and controlled it’s nature remains unchanged.

Izanagi saw Saku’s beam edge closer. Izanagi then increased the thickness of the wall by adding several layers between him and the beam “You’re beam might be strong but…even you should have trouble against this” mocked Izanagi but Saku looked a bit ticked

“Do you really think I’m even trying here?” said Saku somewhat puzzled “today is definitely your off day. Now have this” Saku released a sphere of energy along the beam. The swirling energy sphere, not only rode along the beam, but was absorbing it, growing in size. Then as the sphere met the dark wall it simply went through and hit Izanagi exploding with a moderate impact.

Izanagi was tumbling backwards stopping on his back. Saku was quite perplexed. Something is off…or not right. he thought. I mean before…he gave off such a cold vibe but now…nothing. Izanagi I’d suggest giving up here” Izanagi got up, staggering slightly looking quite annoyed

“You cocky git, how have you got so strong!?”

“More like the other way round. How have you got so weak?” said Saku with his arms folded “You saw my power first hand, so the fact you think you can take it lightly is odd. This is my power unrestrained, and before I more or less had you on the run”

“You wouldn’t be so high and mighty if your powers were still sealed”

“Erm…hello” said Laura “he just said he did” Mochi giggled a little “You need to work on your listening skilS”

“yeah and then your fighting skills” chirped in Mochi. Izanagi turned to Mochi looking quite annoyed

“cocky little brat! Let’s see how good your reaction is” Saku saw where Izanagi was looking

“Oh no you don’t” Izanagi began thrusting a punch forward which in turn made an arm of black emerge striking at Laura and Mochi. Saku managed to push them out of the way and block the punch. Saku however was knocked off his feet and sent into the metal door with a bang.

Saku landed limply on the floor with Mochi and Laura hurriedly going to him. Laura rolled him over “Saku…Saku come on wake up”

“is Big Brother okay?” asked Mochi worriedly

“well he’s breathing so yes” they then heard a mocking laugh

“Such a do gooder as always. It really does make me sick to my stomach”

“You coward!” said Laura angrily “You knew he’d saved us”

“so what if I did. It’s sometimes the smartest not the strongest who wins” Izanagi then cracked his knuckles “and with him out of the way I’m left with a girl and the failed experiment”

Mochi looked quite angry “You dared to hurt my big brother! I won’t let you get away with this” Mochi’s aura emerged all around her. It was pink and rising upwards in a spiky like cone. Mochi then ran at Izanagi

“so you really want to fight me do you?” Izanagi thrust a punch forward at Mochi who then seemed to just appear to the side “What the?” Izanagi thrust another punch but Mochi again just seemed to appear then reappear to her side “jeez she’s fast!” Mochi then jumped at Izanagi “Oh no you don’t” Izanagi thrust up an uppercut, making a dark arm uppercut, but Mochi then disappeared again.

Izanagi looked round “Did she…just vanish?” Izanagi then felt a presence behind him and turned round “when did she?” Mochi then punched Izanagi in the stomach “Ahhhh” Mochi then delivered a rapid barrage of light blows before hitting Izanagi hard in the face. Izanagi didn’t look too badly effected and quickly counterattacked by striking Mochi with his own arm. Izanagi then used two dark arms to hold Mochi in place “now drop and go to…sleep!” Izanagi had head-smashed Mochi hard sending her flying towards the wall.

Mochi was flying and fast through the air but then somersaulted and landed on the wall. Then using her momentum she jumped off the wall at incredible speed, at the unaware Izanagi, head-smashing him backwards to the ground. Izanagi got up and rubbed his bruised head “You little brat!” Mochi was quite annoyed with blood running down her face, from a wound at her forehead “when did you get so tough?”

“It’s not nice when someone hurts you is it?” Izanagi got up, rubbing his head “Big Brother protected me…and I’m going to make sure you don’t hurt anyone else”

“on and on with this Big Brother rubbish” said Izanagi in an annoyed tone “It’s getting old!” Izanagi immediately restarted striking at Mochi who this time was blocking the dark limbs.

Mochi eventually retreated and jumped backwards “Here have some of this you big meanie!” Mochi raised an arm which she channelled her energy too. A pink, almost, electric blast appeared which she shot forwards in the form of a beam. Izanagi brought up a dark wall to block her attack. Izanagi then thrust his hands forward making all the darkness spread out and all aim at Mochi. Mochi crossed her arms “Oh no you don’t….ahhhhhh!” Mochi uncrossed her arms letting loose a shield of energy around it, which bounced back all the darkness aimed at her. Mochi then shot a plasma beam at Izanagi just managing to block it himself

Laura was watching Mochi as she quickly blocked the incoming dark punches “so…that’s the power of the aura warrior project” Mochi had been knocked backwards but quickly recovered and restarted “No…it’s something more. At the intensity she’s going…she would’ve, literally, burnt herself out by now. Yet look at her…like a real B.U.S fighter” Mochi was now shooting beam after beam forcing Izanagi to guard then with his power “Saku’s B.U.S sure is strong…speaking of which” Saku was still unconscious “come on, we need you to wake up” Saku then began stirring “Saku…”

“But…I don’t want to go to school yet”

Laura was a bit caught off guard by this comment “o…kaay? Saku come on wake up”

“No…no just five more minutes” said Saku half-asleep making Laura scratch her head

“What’s the deal here anyway? Saku…come on…wake up!” Laura saw Saku properly stirring and opening his eyes “Saku…you’re alright?” as Saku sat up he groaned and held his head

“could someone get the license plate of that car? Jeez that hurt”

“You must have hit your head really hard” said Laura helping Saku up

“tell me about it…” Saku then heard the sounds of small explosions “What’s going on?”

Saku turned to see Mochi currently dodging dark punches and kicks “wow…look at her go. She’s really giving it her all” Saku then felt his head “Right I’m getting back in the fight…I’ve got a headache and I’m not happy”

“Go get them Saku” said Laura encouragingly then Saku held out a hand to her which had an aura sphere in his hand “What’s this?”

“if Izanagi tries another cheap shot, just thrust this forwards okay?” Laura nodded and absorbed the sphere into her body “alright. Away I go” Saku then ran towards the fight. Mochi at this point was running towards Izanagi at great speed. Izanagi looked quite annoyed

“You’re getting on my nerves you little brat!” Izanagi made a dark arm grow out from the ground, grabbing Mochi by the leg, and lifting her up “You’re nothing but a little girl” Izanagi then swung Mochi round and round “now say Goodnight!” Izanagi threw Mochi as hard as could towards a wall but to his surprise Saku appeared and caught her.

Saku landed on the ground putting Mochi down who looked very happy “Big brother! You’re okay”

“yeah…just suffering from a bad headache” said Saku rubbing his head while he looked to Izanagi who looked a bit surprised “I think it’s time you gave up now. The front door did more damage than you”

“shut up!” said Izanagi quite annoyed “I’m tougher than you two will ever be”

“This coming from the guy who couldn’t beat my little sister” mocked Saku while Izanagi looked ready to blow his top

“Right that’s it! Let me clear this up once and for all. That little girl is just a collection of B.U.S badly put together. She’s just a failed experiment gone bad” Mochi looked a bit disheartened by this.

Saku placed a hand on Mochi’s shoulder and spoke with a tone of agitation to Izanagi “then let me clear something up” said Saku “the only reason she’s failed to you…is because she a kind and good girl” Mochi looked up “And personally I couldn’t care a bit what you say about her either. To me she’s my little sister” Saku looked down at Mochi who was smiling “Right?” Mochi nodded while Izanagi looked quite bewildered

“How can you just…accept her for what she is?”

“Easily” answered Saku simply

“Big Brother, can we teach this jerk a lesson in pain?”

“You’ve been talking to Lexi haven’t you?” asked Saku to which Mochi blushed “I’ll take that as a yes. Well lets go, you take the lead”

With that both Saku and Mochi ran together. Izanagi saw them both coming “well come on, I’ll take care of both of you” Izanagi began rapidly punching forward, making dark arms thrust forwards at the pair. Saku and Mochi simply evaded the dark limbs. Saku then shot a beam forward forcing Izanagi to make a dark wall. Izanagi was able to protect himself but failed to see Mochi jumping over the wall at him. Mochi began punching Izanagi left and right, not stopping until she kicked Izanagi in the face.

Izanagi like before wasn’t too badly affected by the hit “Have this you little brat!” Izanagi tried striking back but Mochi jumped over him “What the?” Saku appeared in-front of him

“there’s two of us now…remember” Saku then began striking Izanagi with much heavier blows before finishing with a strong kick sent Izanagi hard along the ground. Izanagi managed to get back up looking pretty mad

“Right that’s it…I’ve had enough playing around!” said Izanagi raising a hand in the arm. Izanagi with great effort began making a very large fist of black appear “now have this!!!” Izanagi thrust the giant fist forward while Saku looked ready

“alright Mochi let’s go, let’s smash this thing” Mochi nodded and together they punched the dark fist head on…which had an unusual effect.

As soon as their attacks connected Izanagi immediately staggered backwards, gritting his teeth and clutching his hand. Mochi looked a bit perplexed “What’s wrong with him?”

“It’s like…what happened last time” said Saku “when I hit Izanagi’s…dark extension he was clutching his hand. I wonder…if those dark limbs…are just projections of his body”

“so…if we hit his dark…legs and arms we’ll hurt his arms and legs?” asked Mochi

“yeah…I guess so” said Saku “only one things for sure…he isn’t using that hand any time soon”

Izanagi hand was completely numb and bruised “dam…I didn’t think…I’d have the weakness as well” he then turned to the pair to see Saku preparing a sphere of blue and red energy “well…I don’t need my hand to beat you!”

“well…we’ll see about that. Hey Mochi…come here” Saku whispered something into Mochi’s ear “come you do that” Mochi happily nodded at which point their auras emerged “alright here you go Izanagi” Saku’s sphere was the size of a football “…catch!” Izanagi saw the sphere coming

“really? This’ll be a cinch” Izanagi using his other hand, made a dark arm rise up from the ground. Izanagi then punched the sphere away from him through the air.

Saku saw his sphere being reflected with Izanagi looking smug “That was rather simple for the great Stritos” Saku grinned which confused Laura

“he wanted Izanagi to do that but why?” Saku looked at Mochi

“alright Mochi ready!?” Mochi nodded serious while Saku got down to all fours. Saku then jumped up towards his deflected sphere rapidly somersaulting in the air.

Saku uncrossed his legs over the sphere, making a red appear “X…BLASTER!” a beam of red shot out from the centre of the X towards Izanagi with the sphere at the front

“What the heck is that? It looks powerful” Izanagi then jumped backward “but easy to dodge” Mochi then rapidly began running at amazing speed “What’s she doing?” Mochi was running to where the beam was aiming “she can’t be…”

“Mochi go on, show him what a Stritos can do” called Saku

“Alright” Mochi ran a little to side of the sphere striking with a sideways kick “True…Mach Wind!!” Mochi then kicked the sphere, with all the force of a hurricane. This not only changed the sphere’s course, and the beam which trailed behind it, but it added a blue wind which seemed to carry it along.

Izanagi saw the beam coming “What the? Oh no you don’t” Izanagi then spread out his arms and thrust then forward making a thick wall of black “This’ll stop it” the beam collided with Izanagi’s dark wall…with great force. Izanagi could feel it pushing “What…power. No…no this is nothing I can’t” white cracks appeared on the wall “no…it can’t be” the beam then exploded shattering his dark wall and blowing him backwards to the ground

Laura was left flabbergasted “That was…amazing. I’ve never seen an attack like before. ” Izanagi then lurched forward going down to one knee

“This is…ridiculous…I can’t be beaten!” Izanagi shakily stood up but saw Saku and Mochi already preparing an attack. Mochi had her arms to her side, and positioned her hands as if holding a ball, with Saku to the side of her with his hands over hers. Together the two began creating a pulsing sphere of pink, red and blue “no…that attack won’t work. I can’t be beaten”

“well” said Saku “there’s a first time for everything”

“Now have this. Come on Big Brother!”

“Ahhhhhh” together the two unleashed their attack.

Both Mochi and Saku thrust their hands forward together to which they shot a beam of bright colour and great power. The beam looked like two beams swirling together, one red and one pink, both aimed at Izanagi. Izanagi saw the attack coming but remained adamant “That attack means nothing to me” Izanagi once again made a dark wall appear “I’ll stop it no problem” the beam however simply went through the wall “no…no…nooooooo!” only the sound of the explosion followed.

As the smoke settled Izanagi was shown on the floor completely still. Saku and Mochi, panting a little looked at Izanagi. Mochi looked curiously at him “is it…is it over?”

“yeah…it is” said Saku walking to him “Izanagi…you’ve lost” Izanagi was aware but couldn’t move

“How did…how did I lose? I am the great Izanagi” he said bitterly

“I don’t think you are…somehow” said Saku “something has being off, from how you’ve acted and responded to the fight. Izanagi acted similar to Akihiko, as the fight would progress he would get more into the fight…while you just grew bitter” Laura walked over

“Saku…can you give me a moment?”

Laura held out her hand over Izanagi “What Saku says is true. You’re B.U.S is very similar but not Izanagi’s. You’re not who you say you are”

“huh…the cat’s out of the bag is it? Fine…I give up” Izanagi’s body then began to glow a bright white then as the glow vanished

“What the? Chloe!?” said Saku startled as Chloe had taken Izanagi’s place “so…it was you all along”

“That’s Chloe?” said Mochi confused “but how?”

“Mistress Chloe” said Laura “can take on the form of other B.U.S fighter’s down to their looks and powers”

“Do I know you or something?” said Chloe looking at Laura “You called me Mistress as if you worked for me”

“Mistress Chloe…I am aura warrior number #97”

Chloe’s eyes widened “You’re…one of the aura warriors!? But how? You look completely normal!”

“I gave her an aura-infusion” said Saku “so she would have the chance to live a normal live…not this false hope that you’ve given to the rest of the warriors”

“That’s…impossible” said Chloe “no…you have to lying!”

“no it’s true” said Mochi adamantly “Laura looked like me but when Big Brother gave her his…power she turned normal” Laura then looked as if she realised something

“so…that’s why our leader is…so interested in you. With your B.U.S he’d would’ve created an army” Laura looked at Saku “how is it…you’re so willing to accept these two? Considering they aren’t like you or I”

Saku smiled “well like I said easily” Saku then rubbed Mochi’s head “When you haven’t got much to start with, you learn to appreciate the bond that you forge with others. When I see my friends smiling because of my actions, that makes me happy as well” Saku then turned to Laura “everyone should have the choice to live how they want. And if they don’t have one…then we give them one” Laura smiled while Chloe chuckled painfully

“if this gets any soppier…I’m going to puke. Though I’m…beginning to understand…what Kieran saw in you” Chloe reached for her pocket “alright…time to make…amends” Chloe pulled out a small remote and pressed the lone button on it.

Suddenly a loud siren echoed throughout the building “ATTENTION. ATTENTION. SELF-DESTRUCT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED” the doors began to unlock and the silver columns hummed louder “PLEASE EVACUATE FACILITY, SELF-DESTRUCT IN T-MINUS 5 MINUTES” Chloe’s arm dropped to the floor

“This will…unlock all the doors…of this…facility” said Chloe who appeared to be deteriorating which Saku saw “and…the captives…will be freed” from around the middle columns four large glass tubes began rising up from the ground. Inside the four tubes Saku saw familiar faces

“What the? Ivy…Jason…Izanagi…and Akihiko!? So…it’s as I thought. It was you who impersonated Akihiko”

“bingo…you might want to see…if they are…still alive. They’ve been in there a while”

Saku and Mochi ran first to Jason and Ivy. The tubes, just seemed to open on their own to which Ivy and Jason simply fell out. Saku caught Ivy and Mochi, somewhat, caught Jason. Laura rushed over “are those two alright?” Saku pressed a hand on Ivy’s neck

“well…she’s alive…but very weak. What about Jason Mochi…is he okay?” Mochi pressed an ear on Jason’s chest

“well…I can hear his heart beat” at that point Akihiko an Izanagi fell out and landed on the ground “What about…those two?” said Mochi nervously.

Laura could feel something missing “their B.U.S’…are gone” Laura knelt down to them “their isn’t trace left at all” Saku understood

“B.U.S is like blood, without it…they pretty much dead” he sighed “As much as I disliked those two…what a way a go. They’ve literally being drained dry” Mochi seemed to understand the situation while the computer voice spoke


“alright enough chit-chat. We have to go now” said Saku “Laura can you come and get Ivy? I’ll get Jason”

Within a couple of moments Saku had Jason on his back and Ivy was on Laura’s. Saku nodded “now we need to head to that disposal pipe”

“I know where it is” said Laura “just follow me” just as they about to run

“wait…please” said Chloe weakly “there’s something…I need to say” Chloe turned to Saku “I am…sorry Mochi…and #97…I mean Laura. Lead your life’s well. It’s not often…you get a second chance like you two have” Mochi and Laura nodded while Chloe turned to Saku “Saku…not all us…have second chances. Just don’t let our leader…ruin everyone else’s. Now go…get out of here” with a nod Saku lead Laura and Mochi out of the room.

Chloe watched them disappear into the hallway “I can’t believe I actually got sentimental. To be honest…I hardly feel any regret. If I had the choice…I’d do everything all over again. Still…it’s a shame I’ll miss the big fight…oh the fireworks they will be” Chloe’s vision began to fade “Oh well…never-mind. Good luck…Mochi…and Laura” and with that…Chloe simply closed her eyes remaining still on the ground.

Saku, Mochi and Laura with Jason and Ivy in tow, were quickly down the tunnels. Laura was leading the way while the sounds of explosions began occurring in the background “ATTENTION, SELF-DESTRUCT IN T-MINUS 1 MINUTE”. Saku saw lights flashing behind him

“Laura…how much further? They are starting to get loud over here”

“just the next right Saku” said Laura taking the next right “and here we are” the same exit pipe was still there “well there it is”

“Mochi you go first” said Saku “get out when the river goes level”

“Okay” Mochi got in the pipe and slid out of it “now you Laura. Just get out where Mochi stops okay” Laura delicately sat down in the water, holding onto Ivy’s arms supporting her before letting herself go. Saku carefully sat in the water as the echoing of explosion grew larger. Saku held onto Jason’s arms as vast explosions came rushing to him

“Right that’s it I’m gone” Saku let himself go just as the flames were about to reach him. Saku went down the pipe at a considerable speed and then fell out of the pipe to the river below. Glancing back he saw the explosions and fire ring out thick black smoke rose up from the base easily viewable into the morning sky. It was…he simply said “so long…Chloe”

The water ride lastly at least ten minutes until going level to which Saku came to a stop. Mochi had just finished helping Laura out of the water “Oh Big brother there you are” with some help Mochi helped Saku out of the water “there you go”

“thanks Mochi” said Saku carrying Jason out of the water “well…that was a close one” Laura was looking round in wonder “is this your first time outside Laura?”

“yeah…it is. All my life I’ve been inside that place, it feels weird being on the outside. So where do we go now?”

“over there” said Mochi pointing at the large building “back to the academy”

“yeah…these two need some medical attention” said Saku looking at Jason and Ivy “come on let’s go back so these two can get looked at”

As the academy loomed before them, from the grounds Anastasia, Aureline and Jessamine appeared. Aureline spotted the threesome “Saku…its Saku and Mochi see”

“And one other” said Jessamine “and…two more”

“Those are Ivy and Jason!” said Anastasia shocked “come on” the three girls ran to them

“hey look” said Mochi “It’s Ana, Jessy and Aureline”

“hey girls…we just got back” said Saku

“You were starting to have us worried” said Jessamine “we heard this explosion from where you were. So we all were ready to just about to come and find you”

“well…it’s alright” said Saku “we’re all fine…but these two need medical attention now”

“let us carry them” said Jessamine pounding her chest “I’ll take the lumux from your hands, Aureline you grab Ivy” with some difficulty Saku transferred Jason to Jessamine and Laura transferred Ivy to Aureline.

“we’ll give you chance to catch your breath” said Aureline “we’ll see you inside” Aureline gave an unnoticeable wink to Anastasia before, along with Jessamine, carrying the two inside.

Anastasia then hugged Saku “You had me worried you know. When I heard that explosion, I got so scared” Anastasia then stepped back “I’m just glad you’re safe”

“Don’t worry Ana. I help kept Saku safe” said Mochi happily which prompted Anastasia to rub her head

“Sid you now?” said Anastasia happily “well…I have to thank you then. I knew it was reassuring having you with him” Mochi looked overjoyed by this comment “So Saku…who’s your new friend?” Laura looked nervous while Saku gave reassuring smile “hey’s it’s okay. I’m Anastasia…Saku’s very good friend”

“I’m…I’m Laura” said Laura bowing “Saku…saved me…from that place. He gave me a life to live and…I couldn’t be more grateful”

“That sounds rather interesting” said Anastasia “well come on, let’s go back to the academy” Saku then gestured out a hand to Laura

“let’s go home…Laura” Laura eyes widened as a tear emerged in her eye. Laura then reached out to Saku’s hand gently clasping it in her grip.

Anastasia then looked at Mochi who was smiling “What’s got you so happy?”

“I just have…a great Big Brother…that’s all” said Mochi “He…saved me and gave me a family. I just feel…really proud” Mochi then grabbed Anastasia’s hand “hey…hey is it ready yet?” Anastasia quietly shushed her

“no…not yet” she said quietly “come on…let’s go back and finish. Before your Big brother catches on” Mochi nodded taking Anastasia’s hand before heading to the academy.

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