Eternal Courage

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Chapter 28: The Day To Remember

Saku, Mochi and the new addition Laura were now at the academy. It was midday…and only a day before the fated battle between Saku and the leader of the Shadow League. Saku with Laura was in Aries’ room, where oddly only Anastasia and Aries, in her uniform, were actually present. Mochi was with Sophie somewhere else in the academy. Saku had finished telling Anastasia and Aries of his exploits and the leader’s plan.

Aries had a notable look of anger “how dare that guy just toy with life just he does. For a guy looking for an equal world…he’s looking at everyone as if they’re underneath him”

“Even Mochi was almost part of his plan” said Anastasia “if it wasn’t for you two, Laura and Saku, we could’ve been fighting her”

“it was lucky really” said Laura “That Saku found her when he did”

“yeah…it is” said Saku with his arms folded “I’m giving that guy a piece of my mind tomorrow”

“Still…there’s one thing I don’t get” said Aries “You said Chloe could take the forms of others? So was she the one…in the tournament not Izanagi?”

“Yeah…” said Saku “it was actually Chloe that Anastasia fought against. That’s what felt off about it. Chloe didn’t quite get…their mannerisms down”

“still…why did she have to do that?” asked Aries “couldn’t she fight as she was. And what was the deal with Akihiko anyway?”

Saku took a moment before speaking “during the day, when I was…struggling to come to terms with my power. Kieran paid me a visit”

“That was when…he invited you to join the shadow league wasn’t it?” said Anastasia to which Saku gave a slight nod

“Kieran then…showed me what was wrong with Chloe and Akihiko” Saku took a minute before continuing “Chloe…was injured once…very badly in an aura-fight. She was in critical condition with her only option…a bio-infusion to save her life. She was…saved…but changed.. Chloe was healed…but when she fought…she took the form of the person she got the aura energy from”

“So…Chloe…couldn’t fight just how she was?” asked Aries

“Yes…that’s true” said Laura “quite horrible really, knowing you can’t even fight as yourself during a fight”

“Yeah” said Saku “And as a result she was practically labelled an identity thief. And more or less thrown out of society”

“So Saku what did it say about Akihiko?” asked Laura

Saku folded his arms and looked troubled “just…know that he was…number 1 of the project” everyone reacted “Before they made warriors…they forcefully injected people with different B.U.S. As guinea pigs. The result…was the twisted Akihiko we saw. Akihiko gained different powers depending on which negative emotion he could feel from his opponent”

“That does explain why his power grew stronger or weaker” said Aries “such as when you felt terrified or angry

“Although at the time when I read it…” said Saku “I didn’t think it had to do with the aura-warrior project”

“I feel…almost sick to my stomach” said Laura clutching her arms “to think…I was part of that cause”

“I wouldn’t consider yourself at fault Laura” said Aries smiling “it anything it was Saku here that made you” Laura then blushed

“she’s right” said Anastasia putting a hand on Laura’s shoulder “don’t let it bother you okay”

“remember it’s what you chose to be that’s important” said Saku making Laura smile.

Aries looked between the three of them, Laura in particular. “Laura shares resemblances to them both…in looks and behaviour. It’s odd looking at her really”

“Well Saku why don’t you go and see if Ivy and Jason are okay?”

“Well they should be fine” said Saku “I wanted to see if Sophie and the others are okay?” Anastasia quickly made a gesture to Aries

“Don’t worry” said Anastasia quickly “They can look after themselves, go on go see Ivy” Saku a bit bewildered went out of the room. Aries breathed out in relief “phew…that was close”

“What?” asked Laura “What is it you’re doing?” Anastasia whispered something in Laura’s ear “really?”

“Aha” said Anastasia “It’s a thank you to Saku for helping us”

“then let me help too please” said Laura excitedly

“of course you can but first…let’s get you some proper clothes” said Aries looking at the samurai like outfit “to make you feel more at home”

Saku made it to the nurse’s office of the academy. Jason and Ivy were in alternate beds but a surprise for Saku was there also “Lexi…I wasn’t expecting you here” Lexi was sat on a chair by Ivy. Lexi was for once wearing the full uniform

“Oh…hey Saku” said Lexi a little quietly “I’d just thought, I’d just sit on my own for a bit” Saku sat on an alternate bed “are you okay? I heard the explosion”

“Boy…you really are down if you’re worrying about me” Lexi gave a small smile “things have been…unexpected since I came here”

“tell me about it” said Lexi “before you were a rankless nobody…and now you’re the only person stopping other’s becoming the same thing”

Saku gave a small smile but saw Lexi’s expression drop “Hey Lexi…you know I’ve already forgiven you…right?”

“yeah…I know. It’s not like you to hold a grudge anyway” said Lexi giving a small smile “I guess…I’m just wondering…where we go from here. That’s all”

“back to what we normally do. Fighting over the bathroom, squabbling who gets that chocolate, arguing over the TV and more than usual making a mess whenever we fight” at this point Lexi got up from her chair and walked to him “alright, alright I’m sorry I didn’t mean ought by it” but to Saku’s surprise Lexi kissed his forehead.

Lexi stepped back while Saku looked completely bewildered “consider that…a thank you. Just keep that to yourself…I don’t want to ruin my image” Saku nodded “and don’t take it the wrong way either”

“fine, fine I get it” said Saku smiling “Well how is Ivy and Jason anyway?” Lexi looked between

“Both have been drained of their B.U.S by a large degree. They should recuperate on their own but right now…no-one can pick them up”

“Couldn’t I give them a Bio-infusion?”

“You by all rights could” said Lexi “but if your B.U.S disagrees with them…we can’t call for help. The shadow league has cut off communications with the outside. For now it’s best they recover on their own”

“Well…at least their alright” said Saku while just then Sophie appeared who gave a thumbs up to Lexi before darting off “who was there?”

“Just a passer-by” Lexi then walked to Saku “come on anyway you” Lexi then began pushing Saku “Mush we’ve got somewhere to be”

“alright, alright stop pushing”

Lexi continued pushing Saku along until they reached a classroom. Saku was quite puzzled “why are we here?”

“just go on inside already” Saku opened the door but found the room was dark “go on get in” Lexi more or less pushed Saku inside the dark room

“alright…what’s with the dark room?” suddenly a light flashed on

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” was the sound that followed. Saku saw all of his friends and sisters all around the room. Banners trailed the wall and ceiling, all with happy birthday printed on them, and tables were set up piled with party food and drink.

Saku was left completely bewildered “What…the? What’s all this?”

“Why…it’s a birthday party…for you” said Sophie

“It is?” said Saku still bewildered

“of course it is” said Aries smiling “just think what the date is today” Saku began thinking and then came to the realisation

“I turn…sixteen today” said Saku “I can’t believe I forgot”

“don’t beat yourself up too much” said Lexi “we didn’t know either”

“We thought we throw this for you Big Brother” said Mochi

“yeah to help encourage you for tomorrow” said Mia

“We thought we’d throw this as a thank you for your help” said Aureline blowing on a party pipe.

Saku was sort of frozen with shock while Laura walked over “like Aureline said…we wanted to give you something special for helping all of us”

“And if it wasn’t your birthday…” said Anastasia happily “it would’ve been a thank you party” Saku was filled with a deep sense of happiness, which seemed to overwhelm him

“This is…really…wonderful” said Saku rubbing his eyes before beaming “I can’t believe you threw this for me” Anastasia then grabbed his hand

“well stop gawking and come and join in” Anastasia pulled Saku towards the vast assortment of food. They were crisps, chocolate logs, pork pies, sandwiches and salad.

Suddenly the room was filled with conversations over everything and nothing. It was as if the worry of the upcoming fight had just evaporated into the air. The excitement of just being able to gossip, seemed like a rare treat in the doom and gloom of constant danger. Everyone was tucking into the party which was spread out on the tables. Saku was talking to Mia “so are you prepared for your fight?” asked Mia

“as ready as I’ll ever be I suppose. Although the supreme leader has been bugging me lately”

“Why is he bugging you?

“The way he spoke about equality sounded…almost noble. Like that’s what he’s truly doing”

“his words did have a strong sense of passion behind them”

“But everything else he’s done…has more or less showed us he’s nothing more than a stereotypical tyrant

“You’ll just have to ask him when you see him, in the morning”

Saku nodded to Mia as Laura walked over “hey there Saku. Are you enjoying the party?”

“yeah I am thank you” said Saku happily “and I noticed you changed your clothes” Laura was wearing the uniform, of a dark girls jumper over a white shirt. She wore a modest skirt with high white socks “it looks quite good on you” Laura blushed

“thanks. It feels weird does this, being with…friends”

“don’t worry” said Mia “You’ll get used to it”

“and next year. We’ll throw a party for you Laura” said Saku surprising her

Laura then looked a bit depressed “I…don’t remember when I was…born Saku”

“What are you talking about?” said Anastasia overhearing her “Your birthday is the same as his”

“Now that I think about it” said Saku “You Laura were just born today. Next year…when it’s my birthday…it’ll be yours too” Laura gave a sweet smile while Mia made an observation

“Whenever I look at Laura” Thought Mia. “I’m reminded of Saku and Anastasia. It’s strange really”. Aries then clapped her hands

“alright everyone…listen up. I think it’s now time for a game” Aries then had a black jar with wooden sticks poking out “come on everyone gather round”

Everyone had set up foldable chairs in a circle while Aries shook round a black jar “the game…is king” said Aries “in this jar are sticks that everyone will pick out. On one stick is a red circle while the rest have numbers from 1 to 8. Whoever picks the red stick is the king or queen. And she or he has the power to commands any of the numbers to do their bidding”

“And if you don’t do as asked” added Lexi “You will receive an embarrassing punishment” Jessamine then had an odd look on her face

“Whoever’s the king can make who they want do what they want Jessamine then had a cunning grin which Anastasia noted

“Also you can only involve two people” added Aries “So that’s only two numbers, or a number and you. Now then everyone” said Aries handing out the jar “take out a stick but keep the number or dot to yourself”

The jar took a few moments to get round with everyone having a stick in hand. Sophie looked round “so which one has the red dot?” after a few moments

“It’s me, it’s me” said Mochi excitedly waving about her stick “so…as queen, I command numbers 8…annnnnddd…6 to sing baa-baa black sheep” after a couple of moments Mia and Lexi awkwardly stood up. Saku watched with great amusement at how awkward Lexi was being

“Anytime now Lexi” said Saku cheekily “You too Mia. The Queen has commanded you to sing” after looking between each other the girls began to sing…although a little quietly and out of tune. Repressed laughter and giggles came from everyone as two sang their song.

As they finished everyone clapped, still repressing their laughter to a degree, Saku rubbing his eye “That’s brilliant” said Saku holding back his laughter “That is something I am not forgetting in a hurry” Lexi gave Saku a scary scowl while Mia embarrassed went back to her chair. Aries stood back up

“alright everyone hand me back your sticks” said Aries ”Okay shake them up…and round two” after a couple more moments everyone had a new stick “so who’s the queen for round 2?”

That would be me” said Aureline “alright…I command…number…5 to lift up number 2 off the ground” everyone looked round the room until Saku stood

“well…I’m 5” said Saku showing his stick “so which of you lucky ladies is number 2?” Sophie then raised a hand

“That…would be me my good sir”

Saku walked over to Sophie and bowed “so…you’re the lovely lady that is in need of assistance” said Saku in a posh tone “May I be of some help to you?” the other girls were snickering while Sophie just joined in the act

“You can indeed. I’m afraid I dislike the view and I need some help finding a better seat”

“Then here…” said Saku picking up Sophie by her back and legs “allow me to take you to more suitable accommodation” everyone was just giggling while Jessamine looked a bit annoyed

“does he really have to carry her like that?” said Jessamine to which Sophie replied

“the queen commanded him to lift me up. She didn’t say how though” said Sophie smirking making Jessamine scowl.

Saku put Sophie down in his seat “there you go my lady”

“I thank you very much kind sir” Saku and Sophie then began to laugh as the others, except Jessamine, began to clap. Aries waited until Saku sat in Sophie’s seat, between Mochi and Mia, before continuing

“alright round three. Everyone hand in your sticks…last one. Now take one again” Jessamine was closely watching everyone take their sticks “so who’s the king or Queen for round three” Saku then raised his hand

“It looks like I’m king this time round. Alright I command…number 3…to sit on number 7’s lap” another a moment Aries stood up

“Well…I’m number 3” said Aries “which one of you is number 7”

“That’ll be me” said Laura holding out her stick “well…come on then”

Aries sat on Laura’s lap, much to the amusement of others…and awkwardness of Laura. Laura could hardly see as Aries’ left breast, was almost in her face “You certainly are…well-endowed Aries” said Laura awkwardly

“I do apologize for blinding you…like this” said Aries “I’ll make sure to get Saku back later. And I plan on making him very awkward” she said quietly which made Laura grin. Aries then got off Laura “alright moving on to round four. Hand in your sticks please” Jessamine was keeping a close eye which Anastasia noted

“I get the feeling that Jessamine is planning something” Anastasia thought before she then saw Aries gave her a quick glance. “So Aries is onto her game. Then this’ll be interesting” Aries had collected all the sticks

“Okay now to hand them out” after a couple of moments of handing out the sticks

“So…who’s Queen or King this time?” asked Sophie.

After a moment Jessamine confidently raised her hand “I am the Queen of this round. As the Queen…I command number…7 to rest their head” Jessamine then held up her chest “on my soft bosom” Jessamine then turned to Saku “so Saku…is it you who’s number seven?”

“no…I’m number three” said Saku displaying his stick which startled Jessamine

“It’s me” said Mochi standing up and waving her stick “I’m number seven 7” Jessamine tried to hide her annoyance

“so…you’re seven? Well come on then” said Jessamine gesturing Mochi towards her.

Mochi proceeded to sit on Jessamine’s lap resting her head on Jessamine’s chest “Oh…these are nice and soft” remarked Mochi snuggling

“are they Mochi?” asked Anastasia “well it’s a good thing it was you” Jessamine noted her choice of words while Mochi closed her eyes

“They are as soft as Big Sister Aries” Aureline looked a bit puzzled

“So Mochi…you have rested on Aries then?” Mochi gave a nod while Saku looked a tad annoyed

“Aries…you haven’t been…switching Mochi’s…pillows in her sleep have you? I mean why else would she say that?”

Aries suddenly turned red and confessed

“only because she looked so cute. It reminded me of that one time you did it” everyone suddenly all turned to her “he was thirteen and we were watching one of those late night movies…and Saku just happened to fall asleep” Aries then folded her arms lifting up her bust “Right here”

“so…Saku actually fell asleep on…those?” said Aureline while Jessamine looked a bit sneaky

“I never pegged you as indecent Saku” remarked Jessamine

Saku then scowled while looking slightly embarrassed “for your information, I started on her shoulder. And I was sat upright, so I couldn’t even slouch over in my sleep if I wanted to” Aries then gave a guilty chuckle

“fine, fine I plead guilty for moving your head. But admit it…you did sleep peacefully though” Aries then giggled along with the others as Saku scowled. Mochi then got off Jessamine’s lap and returned to her seat.

Aries then once again collected the sticks “alright this is the final round so the rules are different. For this round Saku is automatically the king and here’s the rule. Saku will pick a number and that number has to perform an embarrassing act” Jessamine then had a thought

“Well my first plan was ruined…but I now have a second chance”

“Saku will now simply state the number before I hand them out” finished Aries “So Saku what number will you pick in advance”

“do I have too?” said Saku embarrassingly “fine…well…number 2 then” Jessamine had a glint in her eyes as Aries shook the jar

“now just to discard the King stick” Aries threw away one of the sticks “and to start handing them out” Aries started at Jessamine, who quickly pulled out a stick while ending at Anastasia.

After a few moments everyone had their sticks in hand. Lexi looked at her stick to see her number 4 “well it’s not me. Thank goodness for that. So which one of us…has to do something embarrassing” Jessamine then stood up confidently

“well…I think that would be me” said Jessamine sneakily “I have the winning stick here” Jessamine then unveiled the stick which Laura looked at

“but…I thought Saku was the king for this round?” Jessamine looked surprised and saw she had the stick with the red dot

“oops” said Aries “I must have chucked out the wrong stick by mistake” Aries gave a sneaky chuckle “so which one among you is the real number 2?” Anastasia then slowly stood up showing the number 2 stick

“It’s Ana, it’s Ana” said Mochi excitedly “she’s got the number 2 stick”

Mia looked quite curious “so…what embarrassing thing are you going to do?” Anastasia looked round and saw Aries giving a quick wink

“well…it is embarrassing…but more for me” said Anastasia

“well…go on then” said Sophie “What are you going to do?”

“well first…Saku stand-up” said Anastasia to which Saku did say so “now just stand still for a moment” Anastasia stepped to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. Saku was quite nervous in-front of her “now Saku…say what you really think about me” Saku’s face turned red

“well…I think you’re a…very kind…and beautiful girl. And…I like your hair” Anastasia looked extremely happy while Jessamine looked annoyed

“That’s it? That’s more embarrassing for him than you”

“I haven’t finished yet” said Anastasia grabbing Saku’s shoulder “now for the finish” Anastasia in-front of everyone kissed Saku.

Aries quickly covered Mochi’s eyes while everyone had red faces, except Jessamine who looked livid. Anastasia’s hair turned completely red before she stepped back “there we go…now I’m done” Lexi looked impressed

“now that’s a bold move. You have some respect Anastasia”

“yes she does” said Aries “now…for the final touch” Aries got out of her chair and pulled out a large plastic tub from under a table “come on over everyone” Anastasia pushed Saku over to the table where Aries had set the tub, then lifting it up…a birthday cake greeted Saku.

“it took us four tries to get this right” said Sophie “and we actually taste-tasted this one so it’s safe” Jessamine flicked her finger lighting the candles

“Now blow out the candles birthday boy” Saku at this moment…felt a sense of happiness so strong…he never wanted it to end. He thought of all his friends…and people he held dear…and he blew out the candles.

The day was filled with laughter and joy. It started off with Lexi pushing Saku into the cake, covering him in icing. Then as Lexi laughed, Saku did the same to her covering her face in hiding.…and for the first time…the rival siblings simply laughed. The laughter could be heard carrying on till the late evening time…when everyone began to calm down and relax.

All but two were relaxing in the bath-houses…but this time the second one. The room was quite steamy with somewhat deeper water which went up to just below their necks. Sophie looked a bit nervous “are you sure it’s okay we’re in this one?”

“yes…I checked the first one” said Aries “and no-one is there. To whhich I mean, Lexi called out and no-one turned up”

“since I’m so popular among the boys” said Lexi swishing her wet blonde hair “and no-one came out…meant that it’s empty”

“well…I’m not surprised” said Mia as Mochi swam by “with the whole shadow league going down…everyone will be too worried by this whole thing”

Jessamine, who had her red hair done up, was still rather fuming “I can’t believe she did that. Princess knew that would tick me off”

“well you shouldn’t have been cheating with the stick should you” said Aries making Jessamine shiver

“Fine, fine…I might have been an eye on where the sticks where” Laura was rather quiet “What’s the matter Laura?”

“Nothing…I’m just…wondering about the future…now that I have a future” Aries smiled a bit

“Yes…about that. I’m planning on you having stay with us” Laura turned to Aries “We can help you make your own identity and can living arrangements set-up. Up until then you can stay with us. I’m sure Saku would like that”

“yeah…” said Mochi “then we can play together all the time” Laura smiled and nodded

“Speaking of Saku” said Lexi “where is he anyway? And Anastasia for that matter” Aries then looked to the ceiling

“Just…looking at the stars” said Aries “when Saku has a lot to think about…he just…watches the stars. Don’t worry though…a special lady is keeping an eye on him”

The outside was dark and strangely tranquil. The land was quiet with only the hoots of owls and chirps of crickets breaking the darkness. The sky was clear, with the many stars dotted about its black canvas. The bright belonged to the full moon which gently basked the land in its gentle glow.

Saku was sat just watching the stars when “hey there Saku” Anastasia was walking to him “Your sister said you might be here” Saku smiled while Anastasia knelt down next to him “are you star gazing?”

“hmm…sort of. I’m just trying to see…if I can see my Dad up there” Anastasia felt a small wave of sympathy “I don’t really remember much about him…he passed away when I was only six”

“Master Stritos died in an accident didn’t he?” Saku slowly shook his head

“he…he…actually died of…a disease” Saku slowly spoke as if every word hurt him “he…passed-on from…Bio-poisoning”

Anastasia turned to him, looking mildly surprised “Bio-poisoning?” Saku nodded “isn’t that…pretty much blood poisoning? I heard it happens when…you receive B.U.S your body doesn’t agree with. Didn’t your Dad have it treated?”

“No…it was…incurable” Anastasia saw Saku’s pained face “he had…a natural strain of it. His B.U.S…was a special kind, one that would often change and mutate. This gave him access to all the powers you’ve heard about. He was an aura-fighter, an element user and aura-weapon user. The drawback was…his B.U.S became foreign to his own body. And…it’s the body’s function to eradicate anything…it deems an enemy”

Anastasia moved closer to Saku “I’ve never heard of a natural strain of Bio-Poisoning before”

“neither did the doctors when they examined him” said Saku “The Bio-poisoning was progressive…and couldn’t be treated or slowed down. Over time, my Dad lost the ability to fight…and had to retire from bio-duelling all together. The only upside…is he suffered from no pain” Saku gave a small smile “so he spent the remainder of his days…as a normal parent”

“So Saku…what was your father like?”

“just…a great guy. You should’ve seen him Anastasia, he was the world’s greatest aura fighter. He could wield fire, water, earth and wind. He even could wield an aura-weapon in the shape of a bow-staff. Despite all that power…he was one of the most respectable fighters you could ever meet”

“I remember watching some of his fights when I was a little” said Anastasia “we even went to watch him once. His fight…was awe-aspiring”

Saku looked up to the stars “during his days at home…he spent them just having fun with all of us. We would play hide-and-seek in the house, Aries always being the easiest to find. Even without the assets she wasn’t very good” Anastasia chuckle a little “me and Dad would often go camping in the woods. We’d even take bags of meat to cook over a fire”

“sounds quite wonderful. What else do you do?” said Anastasia curiously

“we sometimes even had water fights. We would run around the house, spraying everything and everyone with water. Although when she came home…she wasn’t too happy”

“What your Mom?”

“no…my eldest sister” said Saku “although it was golden when my Mom got her. I didn’t stop laughing”

Saku looked back to Anastasia “Dad…just treated each day with open arms. It was always fun, eating, playing or some occasions just sleeping in a big mess in the living room rug” Saku’s expression then began drop “then…as time moved on. We began to notice…something was wrong” Anastasia put a hand on Saku’s shoulder “he…began losing energy, and day by day, he became weaker”

“the…bio-poisoning would’ve been in its final stages then. How did you find out?”

Saku looked a bit troubled “I…overheard my Mom and Dad talking about it. I didn’t hear everything…but managed to hear enough. From then…I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer” Anastasia put an arm around Saku “I think…my Dad worked out I overheard him. He could tell I had lost some energy. Then he told me…to always keep going…and eventually I’ll become the great aura-fighter…he knows I can be” Saku then looked up to the stars “do you think? He can hear me…from up there”

“Of course he can” said Anastasia gently making Saku turn to her “he’ll hear you…no matter where he is” Saku nodded and looked up to the stars

“well…Dad. Can you hear me up there? I’ve done it…I’m now a registered aura-fighter. A C rank. I’ve been learning all sorts of stuff since I came here…and getting better all the time”

Saku took a moments breath before continuing “if you can see…I’ve got a big fight in the morning. I’m…nervous but ready. Things look…grim but know there’s plenty of good things. I’ve made some amazing friends here…some who I owe eternal gratitude. They stuck with me…and taught all kinds of neat tricks and moves. I’ve even invented my own move…” Saku then rubbed his head “granted I did take them from a cartoon. We also have a new family member…Mochi Stritos. She’s small, and young but is a heck of a fighter. It makes a change from being the youngest sibling”

Saku took another pause but this time had a red face “I…even fell in love. Yeah I know…I didn’t expect it either” Anastasia was just smiling “if you’re wondering she’s right here” Saku then gestured to her “This is Anastasia Michaels, she’s an earth elemental user. She’s really kind, sweet and…not bad to look at either” Anastasia just had to laugh

“It’s nice to meet you master Stritos” said Anastasia to the stars “let me say it’s been a privilege to meet your son” Anastasia took his hand “he’s a bit clumsy and somewhat clueless, but he’s one the strongest people I’ve met. You never know…he might reach your rank someday” Saku felt a deep sense of pride which overflowed him with happiness “Don’t worry…I’ll take care of him…just as he’s done for me” Saku looked back to the stars

“well…that’s everything. Now you know…there’s nothing more to worry about. I hope you’re watching over me…and I hope to see you again someday”

Anastasia smiled “That sounded wonderful Saku. And I’m sure wherever he is…he’ll have heard every word” Saku smiled

“I…hope so” Saku turned to Anastasia “I don’t remember my whole childhood with Dad…but there’s one thing I will always remember as clear as day. The song…he sang for me” Saku looked back up “it was…his final days, he was bed-bound and couldn’t really move. I remember…I was just sat to him, I can’t quite remember his face…only his smile. He could tell…I was upset so he sang me a song”

“What was the song about?”

“It was about someone…in the opposite situation to me…but had the same problem. He was the strongest person in the world…by a very good and large margin. As a result…everyone just stayed away from him. And just like me…he couldn’t find the place where he belonged. I found out later that the song, it came from an animated film…Dad just changed the words a little. It still worked though. I felt…so happy”

“Saku…can you sing me the song?”

Saku nodded took a moments breath and then looked to the stars as he began to sing

You will often dream, of a far off place

Where a hero's welcome, is there for you to see

Where the crowds will cheer, when they see your face

And a voice keeps saying, this is where you're meant to be

As Saku took a breath tears began to emerge and roll down his face

You'll be there someday, I know you can do it

You can find your way, since you'll remain so strong

Tears began rapidly running down Saku’s face. They were a strange mixture of joy…and sadness. Anastasia simply smiled as she rested him on her lap gently rubbing his head

You may think every mile...won't be worth your while

If you keep going on... you can be where you belong.

As Saku finished he was just resting, on his side, on Anastasia’s lap. Just quietly crying Anastasia just smiled rubbed his head “shhh…it’s okay. Wherever he is…he’s proud of you” Anastasia wiped the tears from Saku’s face “and…I’ll always be with you”

“Anastasia…can we…just stay like this…please? For a little bit longer” Anastasia blushed while her hair turned red

“of course we can” said Anastasia as happy as can be “let’s just…enjoy the peace and quiet” as the two enjoyed the moment…elsewhere the leader was preparing.

The Leader with his arms crossed “tomorrow…the will of the world will be decided. I will create an equal world…one free of mistrust and ego. Saku…why can’t you see that? If you had just joined me…you could’ve made a happy world. Just…what have you found that I haven’t? Saku…can your will triumph over mine?” two different wills are soon ready to clash. As sure as the sun will rise…the epic fight to decide everyone’s futures…will be decided.

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