Eternal Courage

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Chapter 2: White Emergence

Saku was preparing himself for the bio-duel against Jordan. The fight had attracted some attention. The audience being students watching from the upper floors, who seemed quite interested in Jordan especially. “Jordan is challenging that Stritos kid” “Stritos is so going to lose so badly” “ I bet Jordan breaks five bones” “I bet six” the only person worried about Saku was Sophie as she looked at Saku preparing himself while Jordan spoke

“Right…this duel is set for three minutes” he directed Saku’s attention to a red timer above them displaying three minutes “we’ll start on the klaxon” the two prepared themselves as they waited and then with a loud buzzer the fight began.

Saku tensed his body while Jordan tensed his arms and brought them both close to his body “now…let’s see how you do” without warning Jordan burst forward punching Saku making him stagger backwards. “Oh…too slow” he landed two cross cuts and an uppercut sending Saku in the air making him land with thump.

Saku began rubbing his chin while Jordan hopped from one leg to another “This is already going to be easy. I’m not even trying yet” Saku rushed forward and began thrusting blows but Jordan was effortlessly swaying his body and blocking them “nope, too high, too slow, not good enough” Jordan then grabbed Saku’s head and punched him three times in the gut the third one sending Saku through the air.

Saku for the second time landed with a thump while Jordan looked a bit smug “This is going to be the easiest fight ever. I’d suggest you practise bowing and kneeling” Jordan than jumped high into the air and tried smashing Saku who rolled out of the way dodging the punch. Saku looked where Jordan had punched to see a deep indent

“That one…would’ve really hurt”

“well…at least you’re nimble and somewhat sturdy” Jordan looked at the clock to see one minute gone “well…two minutes to go” Saku once more stood up “now…to turn up the heat” in a mere instant Jordan moved with blinding speed landing one blow after another punching Saku senseless before finishing with a left cross.

As Saku staggered backwards he heard three blips from his glove “well that sound means you’re now at 50% of your pain threshold” Jordan said in arrogance “Well are you going to give up?” Saku groaned

“Dam this hurts. But no I won’t quit” he prepared himself out of breath

“At least you aren’t the giving up kind” Sophie was beginning to grow more worried “well let’s resume” with that Jordan continued his assault.

Saku was being beaten in all directions, much to the entertainment of the public but the horror of Sophie. As Saku once again staggered backwards, Jordan had a wide smirk “alright folks…it’s time for the rising upper” the crowd cheered as Jordan with one fist along the ground ran at great speed. His fist was glowing brown as he rose upwards smashing Saku into the air by his chin.

Sophie watched in great worry as Saku landed hard on the ground. All the crowd were cheering with Jordan revelling in the adulation. Sophie saw a holographic red 70% Saku’s glove “he’s now at seventy percent of his threshold. Saku you’ve got to back down”

“No…I can’t” he said shaking his head “I won’t give in here! Not yet”” Jordan watched him

“This is starting to get pathetic” said Jordan carried by his ego “look at you…you’re barely standing up straight” he said with a smirk “I guess…” he then ran forward “if you won’t quit…I’ll break you”

Sophie watched as Jordan rushed towards hi “ Saku can’t take much more damage. There’s got to be something I can do.

Dam, this is really as far as I go” Sophie could hear Saku talk to himself “I guess I am a failure. I never was good at anything” Sophia clenched her hand and spoke out

“Saku…don’t think like that!” Saku turned to her “Saku, if you’re already thinking like you’ve already lost. Use everything you’ve got and don’t give in” Saku turned to Jordan as his fist glowed brown again

“What good is it going to do Sophie if I try?” Jordan was pulling his right arm back

“Time to bow my servant” said Jordan as the punch was coming towards him

“I don’t have any power…or skills” his eyes than widened “except!” his eyes narrowed and his body tensed as Jordan punched fully forward

“Saku, block him!” Sophie called out as the vibration of the Jordan’s attack landed.

Everyone stood still as Jordan’s arm was fully extended. Saku however, much to their surprise - and Jordan’s especially - had blocked it. Using his foot as an anchor he had blocked the punch with his arm bent “there’s a small surprise. You blocked my punch…oh well. I have two arms you know” Jordan was already starting to thrust his second arm

“Saku, bend his arm!” called Sophie “like I did to you” Saku used his spare arm to bend Jordan’s arm making Jordan lurch forward “now throw him!” Saku then bent down and threw Jordan, over him, making him land with a thump on the floor.

There wasn’t single sound from the audience as Jordan got up in a slightly annoyed mood “Right…I’ll give credit where it’s due. You surprised me there” said Jordan as Saku looked to see the time say 1:35 “but one lucky shot that was it” Jordan punched his hands together and burst forward “now time to end it” Saku looked nervous

“Saku, put up a defensive stance” called Sophie to which Saku did that by holding his arms up “And use what I taught you to fight Jordan”

Jordan thrust a punch forward with Saku. Saku parried his blow away while Jordan prepared another shot. Saku used his bent arm to take the second blow and deflect Jordan’s arm away which threw Jordan off balance. Saku then went on the offensive landing small but clear hits. “Remember now…to extend the arms fully” Saku said to himself as then swung a wide punch to Jordan’s face causing him to stagger backward

“This is…quite a change” said Sophie “Only a few seconds he was ready to fall…and he’s holding his against an apparent champion”

Jordan was shrugging off the attacks but he was being distracted by the murmurs emerging from the crowd “Saku is holding his own” “I can’t believe Saku is striking him back” “Jordan is having difficulty against Saku” this made Jordan particularly annoyed

“You know, I was taking pity on you but…this ends now!” Jordan rushed forward in a fury while Saku prepared himself

“Oh boy…he looks serious now” said Sophie worried “But with Jordan in such a rage he won’t be paying attention to what I say at all, alright Saku defensive stance up.”

Saku prepared himself as Sophie called out commands “Parry that one and deflect that one” Saku was now having no problem defending against Jordan “there we go and strike” he punched Jordan in the stomach and then kicked him in the chest. It didn’t cause much damage as Jordan came straight back with a right thrust but saku evaded his attack and went to strike him but Jordan, however, managed to block him by catching his attack

“Ah…got you, you little punk”

Saku tried a few more attacks but Jordan blocked them all with a satisfied smug face “No good, his defence is too strong” said Saku in worry

“Saku, Saku” called Sophie “remember, if his top is too strong” Saku realised this and looked at Jordan’s legs

“That’s means” said Saku as he then bent down and did a wide sweep with his leg “his defence is poor at his lower half” he tripped up Jordan making him fall through the air “and now for a finish” he then grabbed Jordan’s foot and with great effort swung Jordan round in a circle. Saku swung him faster and faster until letting him go sending him tumbling along the floor.

Saku then held out his arm supporting it with the other which confused Sophie “What is he doing?”

Here you go Jordan” said Saku “Have this” he shot a small beam of white which hit Jordan with a small explosion “it may not hurt much but it’s something” the audience had a small look of shock while Sophie looked surprised

“Saku, you didn’t tell me you could do that?” said Sophie

“well” he said rubbing his head “It’s all I’ve got and…it isn’t that strong” Sophie took a look at the time

“Saku, you’ve only got sixty seconds left” Saku looked relieved

“more like…” his relief was broken as he turned to Jordan getting up “sixty seconds to live”

Jordan was getting up from the floor bathed in a menacing dirty brown aura “That…is IT!!!” he shouted “I was going to let you live but…no more!!!” Jordan crossed his arms. His brown aura began surging to his hands forming a shape “You know…I’ll take back what I said” the shape looked round in appearance “I’m not going to break you” the shape was now resemblance a boxing glove “I’m going to DESTROY YOU” he uncrossed his arms to which a cape of the same colour appeared down his back, flapping from a gentle breeze.

Saku was sweating as he thought “Jordan is a C-Class fighter…an aura fighter. These fighters use their aura to enhance their fighting style, taking on physical shape. Which in his case…is a large pair gloves and a cape. Making him a demonic boxer” Jordan looked menacing to him

“Okay…now as an added bonus…limiter removed!” a red warning message appeared with the same message “now, we keep going, until you are nothing but a lump of meat. Now let the destruction begin”

Before Saku could blink Jordan was already at Saku thrusting a punch forward. Saku tried to parry his strike but he was simply deflected away to the ground by Jordan’s sheer power. Saku got up only to see Jordan punching at him. Saku dodged his strike but only to be hit by a second punch, hitting him in the chest sending him tumbling hard along the ground.

Saku came to a stop but as he got up his chest throbbed almost unbearably “Ahhh…it feels like…my chest is on fire” he was breathing sharply through gritted teeth but every breath only seemed to remind him of his pain “It’s like…that one punch shattered my rib-cage” Sophie looked at Saku

“Saku…come on” said Sophie as she saw the timer on forty-five seconds “just a little longer” Saku managed to get up clutching his chest but Jordan was already rushing forward.

Without warning Jordan struck Saku over and over again until he made him stagger backward. Saku was in a lot of pain as he could barely stand “Saku…” called Sophie was Jordan was clenching his hand hard “Saku…look out!” but as Saku looked at Jordan…an intense pain spread throughout his body.

A strong and heavy blow from Jordan bore into his stomach. Paralysing Saku in place. As Jordan looked at his expressionless face he saw a message appear in-front of Saku making him very satisfied “there we go. Past the ninety mark, you shouldn’t wake up for a while…but just to make sure” Jordan then pushed Saku with great force smashing him into a wall “You won’t get up for a while”

Sophie rushed over towards him “Saku!” she was frantically shaking him “Saku, Saku” he appeared to be out cold “please…come on” she heard a mocking laugh

“I wouldn’t bother honey” he said in a mocking tone and tying the scarf around his arm “he’ll be lucky if he ever does wake up” Sophie looked angrily at him as he walked towards her “now come, drop this weak loser and go out with someone worth your beauty” as he reached a hand towards her Sophie slapped his hand away

“Get lost you creep!” she went back to Saku much to his anger

“No, NO! You did not just turn me down. What do you see in this…this…failure?”

“A much better man than you”

Jordan was absolutely livid “You know, I’m not just taking your scarf” he grabbed her arm and picked her up “I’m taking you too” Sophie was resisting

“No…get off me” something back to stir in Saku as he heard her cries “let me…go” Saku’s hand twitched

“Oh shut up. Unless someone is brave enough to fight me for her?” no-one objected as they looked at him, except the brown haired girl who remained transfixed on Saku with wide eyes “I didn’t think so…now let’s go” Sophie than heard a voice

“She said…let her go” Jordan froze in his footsteps as he stared in disbelief.

Saku was slowly and shakily standing up but that wasn’t what made everyone stare. Saku’s body was emitting a large milky aura as he slowly stood up “didn’t you hear her…she said…let her GO!” Jordan’s whole body shivered as Saku looked at him with piercing eyes. Jordan though remained staring as did the rest of the audience

“This…this is a trick isn’t it” he said trying to convince himself “yeah, yeah it is” he let go of Sophie and began walking forward “You’re just on adrenaline, yeah” he then in a breath emerged before Saku “now…drop” he thrust a punch forward “dead…”

To Jordan’s shock Saku caught his punch with ease “What?” Jordan tried pushing forward but Saku wouldn’t budge “What the hell?” Jordan then thrust more punches but Saku caught everyone “What the hell!?” he repeated out of anger “This isn’t real…yeah you’re just a big ph-” his rant was cut off as Saku punched his face sending Jordan through the air.

Jordan landed in a clump but was quickly getting up. He rubbed his sore feeling face and got up “What the heck?” he curled his index finger to see a percent mark saying 43 “he’s…got me almost to half. That little bas…” Saku just glared at him “don’t get all high and mighty with me because you hit me” Jordan again in a breath appeared in-front of Saku “now, drop dead!” Saku met Jordan’s punch head-on with his own. Then out of anger Jordan let loose a barrage of punches which Saku again met head-on.

Sophie was just as transfixed on the fight as everyone else “Saku…what happened to you? I’ve…never seen anyone do this” she then paid close attention his arms “he’s not fully extending them but…at the same time not letting Jordan extend his. So if I’m right” she watched as Saku cancelled one punch and then ducked Jordan’s second “here comes the low sweep” Saku did as Sophie predicted “Saku…use the momentum from your spin, to kick him and send him flying!” Saku heard her as he spun round and kicked Jordan, in the chest sending him, skidding along the floor.

Jordan was once more getting up with slight difficulty “This…this is stupid. No-one…I repeat NO-ONE can fight like this past the ninety mark. In that condition you should be on the floor, shaking like jelly but…yet…you’re matching me blow for blow! How!?” Saku didn’t answer as he held out his arm which he supported with the other “What are you doing now?” Saku was concentrating “are you firing that measly beam at me again?”

Saku’s clothes appeared to be flapping from a fierce gust of wind but Jordan wasn’t worried “go ahead…shoot me” as if on command Saku let loose a beam of energy but, much to Jordan’s shock, the beam was large in size. The beam was as big as Jordan, as he crossed his arms trying to block it. The beam hit Jordan fiercely “What is this…power?” Jordan found he was being pushed backwards “no, no…I can’t…hold it” his grip loosened “NO” his guard was broken and the beam sent him into the wall.

Once more the whole room was in silence and shock “did you see that?” “What the heck just happened?” “I don’t know it’s like the Stritos kid completely lost it?” “wait what about Jordan?” as they all looked to the smoke they saw Jordan stuck into the wall. Jordan had formed an indent in the wall. As cracks ran in different directions and grains of rubble fell to the floor. Jordan then fell forward to the floor.

Jordan’s aura had vanished as he started stirring “dam that guy. It was like…he just exploded” as Jordan got to his knees, a warning message came up…one that made him furious “I have exceeded…70%” with gritted teeth and piercing eyes he looked at Saku who had fallen to his knees, no longer bathed in the milky white aura “You…little...GIT!!” Jordan got to his knees, and out of sheer anger, charged Saku who appeared to be exhausted “I’ll break every bone…” Jordan was in-front of Saku “in your” he then thrust a punch forward “BOD-” he was cut off as a loud klaxon sounded.

Jordan’s fist was a mere inch from Saku’s face as the klaxon echoed all throughout the hall. Jordan pulled his fist back and looked at the clock to which his face widened with shock and disbelief “No…NO!” the number had read zero. Sophie was the first to speak up out of delight

“Saku…Saku you won!” Sophie rushed to him while the audience remained silent “Saku you did it” she was down to his level “You managed to live past three minutes” Saku gave a tired smile

“I guess…I did” said Saku tiredly “I won”

“What do you mean you won!?” he said angrily “You exceeded the ninety percent mark so I won!”

“Actually no” said Sophie with a tone of irritation “when you got all high and mighty you removed the limit remember?” this made Jordan madder “so the rule doesn’t apply”

“So…on the…conditions of my victory and rules of the…bio-duel” said Saku “You have to…give me…her scarf back”

The girl with brown hair and blue tips could see the hatred in Jordan’s eyes as he untied the scarf and handed Saku the scarf. Saku then handed Sophie the scarf “well…here you go Sophie” but as he stretched out his arm he fainted. Sophie managed to catch him and rested him on her lap

“Thanks a lot…Saku. You rest” the girl watching from beyond saw Jordan clenching his fist making her ready to move

“You know” said Jordan in a mixture of hate and sarcasm “…the condition of the duel was only to give you that rag” he was preparing to strike “not to kill him!” Sophie instinctively shielded Saku but to her surprise, and Jordan’s, a torrent of water rained down between them forcing Jordan to retreat.

Jordan couldn’t get any closer to the sudden thundering waterfall that had appeared in-front of him “where the heck did this come from!?”

“You defile the sport that is bio-duelling” this voice came from within the water “Bio-duelling is the sport of two fighters in combat. The Stritos boy fought bravely while you fought out of cowardice and ego”

“Who’s there…show yourself!” the water suddenly dissipated showing a girl where the water was. The girl was tall and slender, with long flowing brown hair with blue coloured tips and ocean blue eyes “You…how dare you interfere!”

“If there’s anything I hate it’s an ego-moron”

“What!?” he said clenching his fist “You’ll pay for that!” but as Jordan stepped forward the girl spread out her arms which was followed by a small but powerful tsunami which crashed into Jordan sending him backwards.

Jordan was face down on the ground, battered and wet through but was absolutely filled with anger “That does it” he got to his hands and knees “I have had it with all of you!” he got up to his feet “I’m going to kill you al-” but then a gentle grip on his shoulder, yet a dark voice, froze him dead

“do you want to repeat that?” said the chilling voice of Ms Reapa “Mister Smith” his face looked to be in pure terror as if he dared not to move “now…we are going to have…a little chat” Ms Reapa slightly increased her grip “so…take yourself to my room…understood?” Jordan only gave a weak nod “good, now go” Jordan simply turned round and walked, as if forced, a slow pace away from the room.

Ms Reapa looked round the room and addressed to all the watchers “alright there’s nothing to see here. Everyone leave now!” without being told twice all the audience left the room. Ms Reapa walked over to the girl “I must thank you Ms Marina Tyde for stepping in when you did”

“Someone had to Ma’am” said Marina “If not he would’ve defiled the sport”

“Much indeed” she then stepped to Sophie and the fainted Saku “You are Ms Brown? Can you two tell me everything that happened? I only managed to see the end of the fight”

The two told her all the details “so…that’s what happened” said Ms Reapa

“Excuse Miss” said Sophie out of worry “is Saku okay? I mean he did get beat up really badly”

“Yes” Ms Reapa said with a small smile “If anything he’s tired from the burst of energy. Give him some rest and he’ll do fine”

“Ma’am may I permit a question?” asked Marina “where did the power come from? I heard that the Stritos boy was tested and showed he didn’t have any power”

“Aura and emotion are more tied together then you think. When you are in a particular mind-set, sometimes your aura responds”

The two seemed a bit bewildered which Ms Reapa noted “anyway, Ms Brown can you help take Mister Stritos to his room?”

“yes Ma’am” as Sophie was about to move him the girl moved to his other side much to her surprise

“he looks heavy. I’ll take one arm and you take the other” said Marina

“thank you” with that the two carried off Saku away from the hall.

Ms Reapa was left alone “That power…was extraordinary indeed. It’s ironic the power emerged here. Things are going to be interesting” as she left she failed to noticed a pair were watching from the 3rd floor.

“Master” said a mature sounding male “did you witness the power?” he was talking to a younger male who had a wide but evil smile “now, now control yourself. It’s too early yet, let it mature first then I guarantee your hunger will be satisfied”

Saku was laid down on something soft in a dark place. He couldn’t see anything but heard the faint echo of a voice went gently through the darkness “my son…you have great power within you…just waiting to be brought out…all you have to do” Saku began opening his eyes “is find it” Saku opened his eyes to see the a familiar room around him “huh?” he sat up “I’m back in my homeroom” he then saw Sophie at the kitchen area “Sophie” he turned quickly to the sound of his voice.

Sophie looked at him with great relief and ran to him “Saku, you’re awake” Sophie hugged him, which brought to Saku a bout of surprises, before she then recoiled backwards “Oh…I’m sorry. I was just…relieved to see you”

“don’t worry about it” said Saku smiling “I’m just happy you feel that way.” she smiled sweetly but then looked embarrassed

“erm Saku” she presented him the yellow scarf “sorry to ask but do you mind…tying this for me again?”

Saku nodded and began tying the scarf while Sophie spoke rather gently “This scarf used to belong to my mother. She was a great fighter but…she’s retired now”

“Just like mine then” said Saku beginning to form a knot

“I didn’t have a lot of confidence back when I started, so she gave me this scarf and told me to fight with her suppport. When I wear it…I sort of feel her strength flow through me. You must think that’s silly” Saku shook his head as he finished the knot

“it sounds nice if you ask me. I wish I had something…like that” as he rest the scarf gently on her chest he flinched as Sophie placed a hand over his

“If you like…I could lend you my strength. For…the help you’ve given me”

Saku had turned a small shade of pink “Ahhh…what’s wrong? You’re all red?” Sophie then looked down to see she was pressing his hand, slightly, against her bust “Oh…is that’s what’s wrong?” she said with a sly smile “I thought you said these don’t bother you”

“They…don’t…it’s just…it’s just” he then detected a smell “What’s that smell?”

“Oh right” Sophie let go, to Saku’s relief, and ran to the kitchen and she came back with a plate of bacon sandwiches “here…I made these for you as a thank you” She said with a nervous smile “here you go”

Saku took a sandwich and took a bite. Sophie sat down on his bed and watched nervously but then Saku had a wide smile

“This is good” he happily tucked in to the sandwich

“really?” she said relieved “That’s a relief” Saku then offered her one

“here you go. You take one. It’s not fair if I hog them all and…this is thank you…for being my friend” he said with a sincere smile

“well…if you put it that way” she took the sandwich “let’s dig in” the two happily ate the sandwiches as the day was coming to a close.

The next morning came and the two were sat at the desk in their classroom. As normal the room was filled with noise. Everyone was all talking about the fight “did you hear yesterday? Saku beat Jordan Smith!” “I heard the same thing” “I heard he won on a technicality but he beat Jordan good” Sophie heard the murmurs

“it looks like your fight drew a lot of attention”

“Well it makes a change from insults” he said jokingly “still…what was that power? I’ve never felt anything like it”

“Don’t worry. Give it some time and you’ll work it out”

As Saku smiled he noticed the girl, referred to as Ms Tyde, standing in-front of him “Oh it’s you” said Sophie “You’re the girl who helped us yesterday”

“Oh this is who you were talking about” asked Saku which Sophie nodded “I have to thank you for saving Sophie, and me of course”

“Your gratitude is appreciated but not needed” replied Marina “I wasn’t going to let that moron ruin the sport of bio-duelling” Saku could she either had an honourable disposition or carried much confidence in herself “Your name is Saku Stritos correct?” he nodded “I am Marina Tyde. A student here from this day on”

“You’re a student?” said Sophie “but I didn’t see you yesterday?”

“I arrived late so I couldn’t make it” at that point Ms Reapa walked to the classroom

“alright everyone in your seats” everyone did as instructed

“Saku” said Marina “I wish to speak to you later okay?” Saku gave a confused nod “Good, so long for now” Saku watched her take a seat.

Ms Reapa spoke to the class “Attention class. As of today we now have two new transfer students. Young lady” she said referring to Marina “can you stand up and present yourself?” Marina stood up

“My name is Marina Tyde a rank B fighter” she sat back down

“Ms Marina will be a student in this class for the remainder of the year. Now for the second student” as she said this the door opened to show a girl emerging.

The girl walked in with a sense of grace as if she was gliding along the floor. All the men were staring at her with open eyes, and jaws, as the girl stopped next to Ms Reapa who spoke “This is your new transfer student…please introduce yourself” the girl nodded

“greetings to all my fellow classmates. I apologize for my lateness but I am most pleased to make your acquaintance” she then bowed with her light brown hair slightly bouncing “My name is Anastasia Michaels”

Anastasia then stood up straight which made her, visibly endowed bust slightly move “It’s my first day, and I hope you will look after me. I am pleased to meet you all” All the boys nearly cried out, which didn’t seem to really bother her. Anastasia then noticed that Saku wasn’t responding like she thought

“hmm…He looks…different from the rest” Saku noticed her gaze in hand and responded with a smile.

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